Chapter 167: I Told You Not To Disturb Me

    Chapter 167: I Told You Not To Disturb Me

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    The excruciating pain from his heart crushing sheeted through his body as Jian Wei was no longer able to muster any elemental energy, directly crashing heavily into the ground.

    At the same time, blood splurted out of Mo Wuji's mouth. He had used his Tian Ji Pole to defend his back from Jian Wei's ring blade, but the strength of a Spirit Building Middle Stage's elemental energy was truly too much. Even after using the Revolving Star Passage Technique to transfer some of the force into the ground, the shock still quaked into his internal organs.

    This caused Mo Wuji to have some lingering fear; he was initially intending to simply use the Heaven Crow natural silk armour to defend against the attack, while he used the Tian Ji Pole to ambush Lu Ping. Luckily, he did not do so. If he did, he might have ended up like Jian Wei, lying lifelessly on the ground.

    "Ha ha..." the luxurious robed youth's unrestrained laughter stopped abruptly. He saw Jian Wei spitting blood and falling onto the ground, the light disappearing from his eyes. What the f*ck happened? Before the luxurious robed youth could make sense of the situation, the pole in Mo Wuji's hand had already gone smashing towards Lu Ping's waist.

    Lu Ping was also scared senseless as he saw Jian Wei crash onto the ground. He was only jolted alway when Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole came swinging over. The long whip in his hand turned into a steel spear which met with Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole in midair.

    Elemental energy erupted; Mo Wuji was sent flying, he crashed into a huge tree and slid down slowly, as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

    "That's not possible, you're not even in the Spirit Building Stage, how could you..." With another confrontation, Lu Ping could clearly feel that Mo Wuji had yet to reach the Spirit Building Stage. That's because Mo Wuji's elemental energy did not have structure of Spirit Building elemental energy

    What shocked him more was that Mo Wuji's Channel Opening elemental energy was no weaker than Spirit Building elemental energy.

    How could the Channel Opening Stage be so strong? Even the Heaven Seeking Palace's peerless disciples did not have such terrifying strength at the Channel Opening Stage.

    "Hurry, kill him, kill him..." The luxurious robed youth saw Mo Wuji get sent flying by Lu Ping and immediately started to cheer frantically.

    Lu Ping immediately came to his senses; he knew that now was not a time to be shocked and impressed, but a time to restrain Mo Wuji. However, he was truly afraid and did not dare approach Mo Wuji; the long whip in his hand swirled towards Mo Wuji.

    The coalition between Jian Wei and him would even cause Spirit Building Late Stage cultivators to suffer. It wasn't because the sum of their individual powers was higher than Spirit Building Stage Level 7 cultivators, but because of their strategies and schemes. Simply put, they were more cunning than their opponent. But in the two's single clash with Mo Wuji, Jian Wei had already been injured heavily, and his current condition was undeterminable. That was far too scary.

    Ostensibly, this outer disciple was no less cunning than the two of them, he might even be more. He was willing to accept Jian Wei's blow just to eliminate one of them. In actuality, Mo Wuji had succeeded.

    If Lu Ping had known that this fella was so scheming, he and Jian Wei would not have been so careless. They would have fought more cautiously and stably; this outer disciple definitely would not be able to escape from their grasps.

    Facing such a scheming outer disciple who also had such peculiar strength, Lu Ping truly did not dare to approach Mo Wuji.

    As Lu Ping's long whip came looping over, Mo Wuji could only barely lift his Tian Ji Pole to defend against Lu Ping's whip.

    "Peng!" Lu Ping's long whip easily sent Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole flying, and slapped Mo Wuji's body.

    "Kacha!" A stinging pain shot through Mo Wuji's body. The huge tree at Mo Wuji's back was also ripped apart by Lu Ping's whip. Mo Wuji was wrapped within Lu Ping's whip and was lifted up into the air.

    Hearing the crackling sounds of Mo Wuji's breaking bones, Lu Ping faintly heaved a sigh of relief. Not bad. This fella is just a little **, it's just that he was a little tough at the start. Maybe Jian Wei's strike caused some serious internal damage. Otherwise, he might not have been so easy to deal with.

    As Mo Wuji was brought up into the air with Lu Ping's whip, the luxurious robed youth's lips curved into a devious smile. He pulled out his sword, awaiting for Mo Wuji to fall in front of him. That's when he would slowly use his sword to cut Mo Wuji's limbs off one at a time.

    Mo Wuji did suffer some heavy damage from Jian Wei's attack. However, it was not to a degree where he could not even defend from Lu Ping's whip. After all, he still had the Heaven Crow natural silk armour.

    He wanted Lu Ping to pick him up. Even if Lu Ping's guard was up, if Lu Ping were to pick him up and hear the sounds of his bones breaking, Lu Ping would come to believe that he was in full control of the situation.

    Raging elemental energy came surging along the whip, attempting to break Mo Wuji's waist apart.

    As Mo Wuji's already fractured bones got subjected to this formidable pressure, the torturous pain he experienced was over 9000. However, Mo Wuji could endure it; he had experienced worse pains before, and didn't he still have the Heaven Crow natural silk armour protecting him?

    With the Heaven Crow natural silk armour bearing the brunt of the elemental energy, Mo Wuji's two hands formed some complex hand seals and he punched forward with his fists.

    "Ha Ha Ha..." Seeing Mo Wuji still attempt to punch Lu Ping despite being wrapped by Lu Ping's whip, the luxurious robed youth could not help but chortle.

    Even though Lu Ping did not know what Mo Wuji was up to, he had a foreboding sense of impending doom. He subconsciously released his whip and started to retreat backwards. Mo Wuji's previous performance was far too shocking; even as Lu Ping worked together with Jian Wei, Mo Wuji still managed to turn the tables and struck Jian Wei. Lu Ping's reaction speed could not be considered slow, but he was still a step late. A deep, inundating fear completely overwhelmed his entire body.

    Not good...

    Lu Ping no longer cared about his whip and immediately retreated.

    "Hong!" A bolt of blue lightning exploded on his chest. As the smells of his burnt clothes and fresh blood mixed, the air turned a little cold.

    Lu Ping was sent flying by this lightning bolt. He also crashed against a huge tree. He lowered his head to see a fist-sized hole in his chest, fresh blood endlessly flowed out from it.

    Run away, run away. This was the only thought which ran through Lu Ping's mind. At this moment, Mo Wuji wasn't some outer sect mountain trash, but a demon which was lurking within the shadows. He had never seen such a horrifying Channel Opening Stage disciple; this Channel Opening Stage disciple was far too cunning and resilient. This sort of battle method was simply at the risk of losing his own life.

    On a one on one battle, he wouldn't have imagined losing to a Channel Opening Stage opponent. With him and Jian Wei joining hands, the probability of losing should have gone to zero. But now, Jian Wei might already be dead, and if he did not run away now, he would end up like Jian Wei. At this instant, his heart only contained intense fear.

    "Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!" Lu Ping's heart turned cold, and his previous courage disappeared without a trace. Just as he turned his back, five bolts of lightning exploded by his side. It was as though his intentions of running away were revealed, this five lightning bolts locked all his escape routes down.

    These five lightning bolts were not as thick and strong as the previous one. But Lu Ping was heavily injured, and was anxiously trying to escape, how could he care about determining the lightning bolts' strength.

    He raised his hand to produce a talisman; instantly, the surroundings started turning hazy. This was a Grade 5 Fog Talisman, it was mainly used to escape.

    Lu Ping was sure that with this talisman, Mo Wuji would no longer be able to see him. By the time the surroundings cleared, he already be miles away. The next time he met Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't be so passive.


    "Kacha... Ah..."

    Lu Ping just changed his direction and ran for a few meters before a steel pole crashed against his ribs. With the surging elemental energy, his waist was directly ripped apart. Lu Ping could not help but mournfully cry aloud.

    How is that possible, how is that possible? How did this fella know that I changed directions. This is a Grade 5 Fog Talisman ah. This was not some trash you could find by the side of the street.

    Before his thoughts could continue to wander, an icy cold feeling slit past his neck. Lu Ping's mind went black, never to think again. He would never have thought that his life would end here, nor would he have thought that it would end by the hands of a Channel Opening Stage outer disciple. The last thing he would have thought was that his Fog Talisman ended helping Mo Wuji and not him. Mo Wuji had spiritual will; what he could not see could be seen clearly by Mo WUji.

    Mo Wuji walked out of Lu Ping's Fog Talisman area, and dragged his Tian Ji Pole towards the luxurious robed youth.

    "You can't touch me. I'm the Heaven Seeking Palace Dao Gate's Jin Jiuzhen. I'm a genius with supreme grade spiritual roots. And.. and..."

    "Ai!" Without waiting for Jin Jiuzhen to finish speaking, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole crushed Jin Jiuzhen's skull. Before Jin Jiuzhen's life ended, he heard Mo Wuji's words, "I told you not to disturb me. Since you chose not to listen to me, you can stop listening..."

    Killing three people at one go, Mo Wuji knew that he needed to get out of here as soon as possible. Multiple bones at his waist had been ruptured by Lu Ping's whip. Fortunately, he was especially pain-tolerant, and he was a pill refiner. He had more than enough pills on him, so there was nothing to fear.

    After swallowing some pills, Mo Wuji chucked the bodies of Lu Ping, Jian Wei and Jin Jiuzhen into a forest. At the same time, he started a fire.

    Even though the Heaven Seeking Palace could trace this back to him, he still had to destroy the corpses.

    Mo Wuji did not take anything from Jin Jiuzhen's storage bag. He did not even search what was inside.

    It wasn't because he didn't want those things, but because his cultivation was too low. What if an expert left an imprint on it? He might get tracked without even knowing it.


    It was two hours time when Mo Wuji reappeared within Heaven Seeking City.

    The Heaven Seeking Station was like Earth's airports and train stations. There were an eclectic range of flying ships, flying beast carriages, and ordinary beast carriages. From here, you could head off to anywhere you wanted.

    "Friend, where are you going? I have all kinds of flying beast carriages here. They're cheaper than ordinary beast carriages, and they're fast and cheap." As Mo Wuji stepped foot onto the station's ticket counter, a cultivator eagerly introduced him to their services.

    He saw the lack of spiritual ripples around Mo Wuji, and knew that Mo Wuji would not be able to afford flying ships. Thus, he directly Mo Wuji to the various flying beast carriages.

    This cultivator had worked in this station for several years, and his judgement was usually right. Most of the time, he would make the best and accurate introductions.

    Unfortunately, his judgement was wrong today as Mo Wuji laughed, "May I ask, what's the fastest way to get to the Lost Sky Ruins?"

    Lost Sky Ruins? This cultivator was soon to react, and said hastily, "You can only get to the Lost Sky Ruins on a major flying ship, and it would take at least one month. However, the price of a flying ship is extremely high. It would require approximately 10,000 Earth grade spirit stones."

    Mo Wuji retrieved his spirit stone card and said, "I want to buy a ticket to the fastest flying ship to the Lost Sky Continent."

    Straightforward! This cultivator was still thinking that Mo Wuji was simply asking around. He did not expect that Mo Wuji would really pay the spirit stones, and when he paid, he did not even ask for the price.

    "An hour later, the Wen Luohao Flying Ship will be heading to the Lost Sky Ruins. Friend, you can use this ticket to start boarding the ship," The cultivator efficiently picked up a jade ship ticket and passed it to Mo Wuji.
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