Chapter 168: Lost Sky Ruins Underground Transaction

    Chapter 168: Lost Sky Ruins' Underground Transaction

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    Mo Wuji easily spotted the Wen Luohao flying ship on the square the moment he walked out of the ticketing station.

    The gigantic words 'Wen Luohao' were very conspicuous, coupled with the fact that the flying ship was the biggest of all the flying ships there.

    Mo Wuji only realised that he needed to show the ticket to enter his allocated room after he boarded the flying ship. This was because he was not given an allocated room number for his previous two experiences on board a flying ship. The first time he boarded a transfer ship with Zhen Shaoke and Co. The second time was when he was headed towards the Heaven Seeking Palace and because that ship was bigger with lesser people on board, they were not very particular about the allocation of rooms.

    His room number was 121 and it was located on a lower level. Room 121 was neither the worst nor the best room available but it could be considered to be of a slightly below average quality. Mo Wuji was extremely relieved that he was staying alone. It seemed as though the cultivator did not think Mo Wuji would actually stay in that room when he had quoted such a high price for it.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered his room, he shut the door and put up the 'Do Not Disturb' sign. No matter what happened for the time being, he would not go back to the Heaven Seeking Palace and wanted to avoid being seen by people he knew.

    The Wen Luohao flying ship was very punctual as it set off into the clouds exactly one hour later.

    Mo Wuji could finally relax after the flying ship left the Heaven Seeking City. At least it was not like the previous time when he was chased by Second Elder Xu up until the Fringe City.

    Mo Wuji decided to spend this one month cultivating until he reached Channel Opening Stage Level 10 as he retrieved a bunch of spirit stones and piled it up beside him.

    After he opened 99 meridians, Mo Wuji was capable of absorbing spiritual energy like a whale consuming water, swift and explosive.

    As a Channel Opening Stage cultivator being able to absorb spiritual energy at such incredible speeds, it would be impossible for his cultivation to be slow, especially with this many spirit stones available for him to used.

    Within a few days, Mo Wuji managed to advance into the later stage of Channel Opening Stage Level 10. On the tenth day on board this ship, Mo Wuji managed to advance to the Great Circle of Channel Opening Stage Level 10 without facing any difficulties.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he believed that he probably wouldn't need to cultivate anymore before he reached the Spirit Building Stage, as he was already at the Great Circle of the Channel Opening Stage Level 10.

    Just as Mo Wuji was keeping the excess spirit stones, his cultivation level increased yet again. This made Mo Wuji so frightened that he stood up.

    He was frightened because what he wanted was not to enter the Spirit Building Stage. Even if he wanted to, he did not want to enter it now. Why would he want to enter the Spirit Building Stage before finding the Sky Channel Flower? If he were to break through now, it would mean that he would be giving up the opportunity to open the 100th meridian.

    However, whether or not he would break through to the next stage was not something Mo Wuji could control. After reaching Channel Opening Stage Level 10, strong vigorous elemental energy ripped open a whole new realm. Just at the moment the new realm was being ripped open, Mo Wuji threw away his previous thoughts to concentrate solely on absorbing the spiritual energy.

    Since heaven decided that he would not be able to open his 100th meridian, he would continue cultivating and settle for the Spirit Building Stage.

    The moment he broke into the new realm, the surge of vigorous elemental energy made Mo Wuji incredibly excited. However, he still felt that something was amiss. This was not the Spirit Building Stage. Instead, it was Channel Opening Stage Level 11.

    Mo Wuji was dumbfounded as he heard that only after reaching Channel Opening Stage Level 10, Spirit Building Stage Level 10 and Transcending Mortality Stage Level 10 would one be able to break into the Extreme Mortal Stage.

    However, he had never heard of a level 11 for the Channel Opening Stage. What was going on?

    While his Immortal Mortal Technique was still absorbing the spiritual energy, his cultivation level was continuously on the rise too. Mo Wuji bit his tongue as he took out a bunch of spirit stones and continued cultivating. Since he did not know anything, he decided to just continue his mindless cultivation.

    Just like that another half a month passed and as Mo Wuji was feeling at the pinnacle of the realm, he broke into yet another realm unsurprisingly.

    Channel Opening Stage Level 12...

    As his strength continued to soar up, Mo Wuji was not as excited as he was the first time round because he was already numb to excitement. Advance then advance, I don't believe I will keep advancing at the Channel Opening Stage.

    If not for the fact that he had exhausted all of the spirit stones available, Mo Wuji was intending to continue cultivating. He was very interested to see just how many levels he could break into within the Channel Opening Stage.

    Since he first entered his room on the flying ship, Mo Wuji had not left his room. Mo Wuji estimated that they would reach the Lost Sky Ruins in just a few days' time.

    Even though he could use his spirit stone card to exchange for spirit stones on board the flying ship, Mo Wuji was not intending on doing so as he had no intentions of showing himself. There were still over 20 days and Mo Wuji made up his mind to research on Chu Xingzi's knowledge of the Array Dao. Mo Wuji had seen how a Sky Channel Flower looked like from the . As for this  book, Mo Wuji had no intention on spending time to look through it yet.

    After copying Chu Xingzi's work at the icy mountain, he hadn't had the time to read up on it.

    Mo Wuji was a person who learned things very quickly. Regardless of what it was, if he were serious about it, he would be able to absorb everything easily. This was the same whether he was on earth or here.

    Five days went by and Mo Wuji did not feel anything. When the alarm in his room sounded off and his door opened on its own, Mo Wuji knew that they had reached the Lost Sky Ruins.

    As Mo Wuji walked out of his room, he saw a crowd of people walking down from the flying ship. Just how many spirit stones is this flying ship earning from a single trip like this?

    As he followed the crowd out of the flying ship, Mo Wuji was amazed at the size of the Lost Sky City. Or rather, the Lost Sky meeting place.

    There were many multistoreys buildings as well as roadside stalls. Mo Wuji even noticed some people who took a furnace to set up a stall and established their services to help people to refine their equipments.

    As Mo Wuji walked through this Lost Sky City, he realised that this was just like a provision market. They literally sold everything here that you could or could not think of.

    Mo Wuji chose to enter a shop that was not too big because the bigger the building, the more conspicuous it would be. What he needed now was not to look conspicuous.

    "This lord, may I ask if you need anything? Our prices are very affordable given the fact that all the things we sell are genuine," the shop assistant looked really young with a sharp tongue. Mo Wuji guessed that he should at most be in the later stages of the Channel Opening Stage.

    Mo Wuji immediate ignored the shop assistant's second part of his sentence, "I am looking for the updated map of the Lost Sky Ruins. I would also need the general location of the place where the production of spiritual objects are."

    The shop assistant hurried to reply, "So this lord wants to head towards the Lost Sky Ruins. Would you want to purchase the better ones or the average ones?"

    Mo Wuji replied with a puzzled look, "Of course I would want to purchase the better ones."

    The shop assistant said in a softer voice, "Not trying to hide from you, but lord, all the maps sold by the stalls or even the commercial buildings here are all of fairly average quality. If you want to purchase the best maps and even the general location of the rarest spiritual objects, you have to go to the underground market here at the Lost Sky Ruins!"

    "Underground market?" Mo Wuji had no clue what this was about.

    The shop assistant softened his voice even further, "The underground market is Lord Mang's turf, while the market you are in now belongs to Tian Xumeng. Because of the lesser crowds in the underground market, Lord Mang sells only top grade items. Poorer quality items are not allowed into that market as only the best quality items could be brought in to be transacted there. Without saying, the items at the underground market would be slightly more expensive."

    Mo Wuji sighed as this was indeed someone's turf. He reached out his hand to pass the shop assistant a jade vase, "It must be tough for you working here. There are six Earth Yuan Pills inside. Would it be possible for you to bring me to the underground market?"

    The moment the shop assistant saw Mo Wuji's offer of six Earth Yuan Pills, his hand was trembling and he nearly dropped the jade vase. All he needed to do was to lead the way and even half an Earth Yuan Pill would be too much of a tip. However, this unknown customer actually offered six Tier 4 Earth Yuan Pills right from the beginning.

    This could not be fake right? The shop assistant opened the jade vase the moment he thought of it. Almost instantaneously, he could tell that the pills inside the jade vase were genuine. As a shop assistant, he could easily tell the difference between a genuine and a fake pill.

    "This, this..." the six genuine Earth Yuan Pills muddled the shop assistant. Initially he knew that selling a simple map would not earn him much spirit stones, so he wanted to make use of the opportunity to lead the way to earn extra spirit stones. However, to get such a reward, it was simply a little too unbelievable.

    As a Tier 4 Pill Refiner himself, these six pills meant nothing to Mo Wuji. He was not acting generous because after entering the Lost Sky Ruins, he had to protect his own life wherever he went. By giving this shop assistant something that meant nothing to himself, he could be rest assured that this shop assistant would not go against him. As long as this shop assistant could bring him to purchase the authentic map, he could very possibly save this small life of his.

    This fella struck his chest as he said, "Lord, don't you worry. I will bring you to the best shop to purchase the most valued items,"

    The shop assistant was experienced enough to know the meaning behind Mo Wuji's offer of six healing pills.


    Mo Wuji naturally understood the underground market. It was not literally underground but very few people knew of it because anything not transacted on the surface would be considered as an underground transaction.

    It was only when the shop assistant brought Mo Wuji to the actual underground

    market that he realised that his understanding was off the mark. The underground market here was literally underground.

    Under the guidance of this shop assistant, Mo Wuji entered the underground market from a hidden place.

    This market was located about over 60 metres underneath the surface and Mo Wuji could tell that there were quite a number of people here. As for the actual size of the area, Mo Wuji could not tell because the surroundings were only illuminated by dim lights, even with the illumination stones, it seemed like the lights were set up to hide something.

    As for the Illumination Array on the illumination stones, Mo Wuji did not even notice any of it.

    There was an endless stream of cultivators transacting here without causing any noise or commotion. It was as though everyone was abiding to a rule to transact and leave quietly.

    The shop assistant brought Mo Wuji to a shop whose lights were dimmer than the lights of the surrounding shops and then whispered to Mo Wuji, "This is Honest Qi's shop and the things he sell are definitely authentic. If lord were to purchase what you need from here, you will definitely not lose out."

    "Thank you, please carry on with what you need to do," Mo Wuji patted his shoulder as he thanked the shop assistant.

    "Great," The shop assistant saw how satisfied Mo Wuji was with his guidance hence, he replied ecstatically and then disappeared into the darkness.
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