Chapter 172: Disgusting Worms

    Chapter 172: Disgusting Worms

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    Mo Wuji's heart sank. Wasn't it a robbery if they wanted his storage bag?

    His hands covered his storage bag immediately. When he was at Channel Opening Stage Level 10 initially, he killed two Spirit Building Stage guys. Now that he had reached Channel Opening Stage Level 12, these three guys shouldn't be much tougher to deal with than those two Spirit Building Stage guys.

    "Second brother, let's not be so brutish. Wanting to buy other people's storage bag gives him the wrong impression that we're trying to rob him." The other man said as he walked over. This man was rather tall, with an obvious scar on his face.

    After speaking, the man bowed respectfully to Mo Wuji, "Friend, we're in urgent need for storage bags because we found some smithing minerals. We don't intend to rob anyone, so be assured that we'll definitely give you a good price for it."

    When he head this man's words, Mo Wuji knew that these guys must have found some treasure somewhere, and their storage bags were full already, but they could not bear to leave the treasure behind, so they wanted to get his storage bag to go back for it.

    Mo Wuji replied, "My storage bag is also full."

    "It's ok, you can take your things out, we only need the storage bag." The tall man continued smiling as he spoke. But Mo Wuji's tone became cold, "Since you need the storage bag to store things, so should I just carry all my items in my hands after selling my storage bag to you?"

    "You can carry them in a bag." The first man that spoke opened his mouth again.

    To such a reply, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to respond. He raised his hand, and the Tian Ji Poke appeared. If they wanted to rob him, then let them try it. It would be a good opportunity for him to test how strong he had become after reaching Channel Opening Stage Level 12.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji took out a weapon without hesitation, the two men furrowed their brows and dared not make any abrupt moves.

    Just like when facing a ferocious dog, if one turned to escape, the dog would bite even fiercely, and still chase behind the person. If one was about to get bitten, and you did not run, but instead get ready to battle, the dog would be frightened and back off instead.

    Once the two men were under control, Mo Wuji suddenly said, "You guys found this place by coincidence right? I knew that there was a lake here before I even arrived. If both of you are willing to stop, I can hand over the map."

    After speaking, Mo Wuji did not wait for them to respond, and immediately threw a package containing the map to the tall man.

    Instinctively, the man dodged to the side, and only picked the package up to look inside after confirming that there was nothing wrong with it.

    Following which, a scream of surprise rang out, and the other two people looked at each other. The other man and woman quickly walked beside the man, and inspected the map and where the treasures of the Lost Sky Ruins were.

    Mo Wuji took this chance to turn and leave.

    "Elder brother, should we catch and eliminate him?" Seeing that Mo Wuji left, the slightly skinny man that received the map asked.

    The taller man gazed towards the direction that Mo Wuji disappeared and chuckled, "There's no need, this map of his is worth much more than a storage bag. Look at this, the place that we're looking for is on the map too. We're rich now, this is a treasure trove."

    "Then won't it be more secure if we eliminated him?" The woman that didn't speak so far finally said something.

    "Of course." The taller man shook his head, "But don't just take this guy on the surface level. For someone to dare to enter the Lost Sky Ruins alone, he must not be someone simple, despite the lack of spiritual ripples around him. Just from his speed of drawing his weapon you can see that he's not an ordinary person. I suspect that he has some method of disguising his cultivation level, and if I guess correctly, none of the three of us will be able to force him to stay. We have treasures with us, so there's no need to make such a risk. Hence, why don't we go treasure hunting instead? Even if he dares to go too, it'll save us the time and effort of chasing him down."

    Both the man and woman nodded in agreement. What he said was correct. If Mo Wuji was indeed weak, how would he dare to roam around the Lost Sky Ruins solo? Someone who could use special methods to hide one's spiritual ripples was definitely not simple too.


    Once he observed that the three did not chase after him, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. While he did not fear them, it would still be better if they did not engage in combat. After all, he had not built his spirit, and Channel Opening Stage Level 12 was still in the Channel Opening Stage.

    Now that the bomb in his hands was given away, he was very satisfied. The original plan was to throw the items into a sand crocodile's mouth. Since these three guys had appeared, it saved him the effort of doing so.

    The three items from Honest Qi definitely was nothing good, so since those three wanted to take advantage of him, then they'ld have to face the music from Honest Qi. He'll just carry on finding the Sky Channel Flower.

    As for whether those three guys would go after the Sky Channel Flower too, Mo Wuji did not worry. Because the possibility of that happening was pitifully small. As compared to other treasures, the Sky Channel Flower was nothing special. Not everyone was like him, wanting to open the 100th spirit channel.

    Without anything to worry about anymore, Mo Wuji changed directions once again. This time, he really headed towards the location of the Sky Channel Flower.

    No matter how dishonest Honest Qi was, the locations of various treasures on the thin booklet was still rather accurate.

    Days passed, and Mo Wuji finally stopped before a large patch of dried up grass. There were broken walls everywhere, and dust covered all of them. Many different weeds grew within them, just like an ancient battleground, which had experienced the long passage of time.

    Occasional whistling of the wind could be heard from the weeds, and as Mo Wuji's spiritual will seeped into them, he discovered some skeletons amongst the grass and stone. There was nothing other than that. The brushing noises were probably caused by some passing wind.

    At that moment, the sky had darkened already, and Mo Wuji looked towards a farther place. The location was almost completely covered with incomplete ruins and weeds, and the only way to pass through this area was to walk over the weeks and broken buildings. Going around them was not an option.

    Only would he be able to find the Sky Channel Flower to advance to Spirit Building Stage by crossing over. After weighing the pros and cons, he decided to cross over this area of weeds and ruins. His desire for strength was simply too strong.

    Something's not right. The instant Mo Wuji took his first step, he could sense that something was up.

    There were so many skeletons amongst the grass, and they were likely not the product of some coincidental battle. If it was not that, there was only one other reason, that the cultivators that tried to pass through the weeds all turned into skeletons.

    Mo Wuji quickly retracted his leg, and reinspected the whole area in greater detail, from the weeds, to the broken walls, to the skeletons spread around.

    Half an incense's time later, he could see the full picture before him. The skeletons were not pale white, but had a tinge of grey in it, and in the grey colour, small black spots could be observed. Every skeleton was the same. There were no exceptions.

    Grey skeletons were normal, but the black spots were definitely not normal. Every skeleton having the same black spots made it even more abnormal.

    Was it poison?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will spread down even further. Before it went down, a sense of danger rose in him. After all, there were no living things here, only skeletons.

    As his spiritual will seeped beneath the ground, goosebumps rose up all over his body, and he became nauseated, almost vomiting instantly.

    The stationary black and grey areas was not the ground at all, but layers of unknown worms. The topmost layer of worms appeared as though they were dirt from the ground, and they were linked up together densely, without making any movements. However, the worms below the surface were wriggling around furiously. It was really disgusting to the max.

    This was too close a shave. If he did not have spiritual will, the moment he set foot on the ground, it would have meant his death.

    What was Honest Qi doing? Since he made a map, why weren't such dangers demarcated out? Wasn't his intention to get others to find treasures for him?

    Regardless of what Honest Qi's intentions were, Mo Wuji could not bother. He immediately left the area, and traced the broken walls around the weeds for a good hour. As he moved, his spiritual will continued to scan the scary worms in within the weeds.

    An hour later, a safe haven was finally located. This area seemed to be absent of worms, and there were some broken walls protruding out of the ground, which served as good footholds to prevent any contact with the ground.

    This was where he would cross over from.

    After making his decision, Mo Wuji leapt up, and landed on one of the broken walls. The ancient wall was so old, that it gave a 'crack' under his feet. As he left this piece of broken wall, it crumbled into dust behind him.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had landed on the second piece of broken wall, and before he could jump to the third one, a rustling sound broke the silence of the night.

    When he spread his spiritual will out to search for the source of the sound, goosebumps appeared all over him once more. The worms that were stationary before were now charging at him ferociously. As one could imagine, if he were to get surrounded by these worms, even a hundred Mo Wujis would die on the spot. On top of that, they would die unceremoniously.

    Hence, Mo Wuji did not dare to remain at that spot for a second longer, raising his elemental energy, and kicked back with both legs. He sped towards the other side as though as he was flying through the air.

    A few breaths later, Mo Wuji knew that he would not be able to make it before the worms would trap him. By then, there was nothing he could do but fight for his life. The Mo Wuji in midair began firing off lightning bolt after lightning bolt at the mass of worms.

    "Crackle...crackle..." Countless of the worms were blown apart by the lightning, and a thick burnt smell emanated through the air.

    The worms seemed to be stunned by the explosive lightning, and stopped in their tracks.

    When he saw this, joy filled Mo Wuji's heart. The thing he was afraid of was that these worms lacked any consciousness. But from his observation, these worms indeed had a little consciousness, and with that, they would know fear. After all, how would worms without consciousness know to attack him only after he had entered the area of the weeds?
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