Chapter 173: Sky Channel Flower

    Chapter 173: Sky Channel Flower

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    During the short period of time when these worms were stunned, Mo Wuji transferred all his elemental energy to below his feet before throwing his entire body away from the worms.

    These worms were only momentarily stunned by Mo Wuji's lightning attack and they continued their mad pursuit for Mo Wuji once they recovered. Mo Wuji released a few more lightnings to scare them as he saw their unrelentless pursuit. When faced with death, he exerted all his energy to escape.

    "Peng!" Mo Wuji tried his best to escape but ultimately fell on a hard rocky ground.

    Ignoring the pain of the fall, Mo Wuji crawled up before continuing his escape. The fact was that this hard rocky ground was already out of the region containing the barren wasteland.

    Mo Wuji continued running for over 10 metres before finally stopping. He used his spiritual energy to scan his back to make sure that no worms were following him. These worms seemed to only appear within the wasteland and not anything further beyond it.

    Something feels wrong! Mo Wuji turned his head to look cautiously at the broken wall within the wasteland. Even after using his spiritual energy to scan for almost half a day, he concluded that it was not by chance that these worms were not coming out. If it was not by chance, this meant that someone prevented them from coming out.

    The only way to prevent these worms from coming out would be to use an array. It was a pity that the quality of Mo Wuji's Array Dao was too low to recognise what array it was.

    Mo Wuji might have low attainments in the Array Dao, but he certainly did not have slow reaction.

    For someone to set up a form of trap array to farm so many disgusting worms here, there was either a very valuable treasure around or it was simply some kind of plot.

    Mo Wuji shook his head at the thought of this because he realised he could do nothing about it even if he knew. Given his ability and strength, he had no ways to search for the answers. Therefore, no matter how good the object was, it would definitely not fall onto his hands.

    Thinking about strength, Mo Wuji did not wish to waste any more time as he turned and sped off.


    Back at the Honest Qi Provision Shop, Honest Qi returned to his honest, sloppy look, sitting by the corner after completing Mo Wuji's business. He was back at his corner hammering who knows what.

    Without any warning, he suddenly stood up while throwing everything he had on his hands.

    Just as Honest Qi stood up, a ghost-like woman suddenly appeared, "What is the problem?"

    Honest Qi pointed excitedly in the direction of the Lost Sky Ruins, "That kid...He was actually looking for the Celestial Sunflower Gold and he found it!"

    "Are you sure?" The woman's voice was trembling with excitement as she grabbed onto Honest Qi, "But the booklet we gave him did not mention anything about the Celestial Sunflower Gold right?"

    Honest Qi's hand was still trembling as he said, "I am sure, I am 100% confident. I could clearly sense the aura of the Celestial Sunflower Gold from the spiritual will imprint that I left on him. There were only these few Celestial Sunflower Gold in the entire Zhen Mo Continent and back in the days, I've seen it with my very own eyes. I would forever not be able to forget such a strong aura and I would never have expected it to appear in the Lost Sky Ruins..."

    "It's true, it's true..." The woman murmured repeatedly before saying, "Qi Sang, let's hurry to the Lost Sky Ruins. As long as I can find a Celestial Sunflower Gold, we would never have to be afraid of them..."

    In fact, just as this woman mentioned about heading towards the Lost Sky Ruins, Honest Qi had already started packing his things. The reason he had the map and the booklet depicting the general location of the treasures of the Lost Sky Ruins in the first place was precisely because he wanted to search for the Celestial Sunflower Gold. However, he knew it was simply impossible to find the Celestial Sunflower Gold in the Lost Sky Ruins.

    The impossible just turned possible! Contrary to what they believed, the thing they never expected would appear actually appeared here in the Lost Sky Ruins.


    The trio, who previously retrieved the map and the booklet from Mo Wuji, were now gathered at the depth of the mud swamp.

    Directly in front of them was a big piece of shiny ore which looked like a sunflower. However, the size of the ore was evidently a few times bigger than a sunflower with a radius of at least three metres.

    "What is this? It feels a little cooling and extremely hard," The woman used her hand to feel this sunflower looking ore before asking curiously.

    The other two extended their hands to feel it but shook their head as they were equally clueless about it.

    "This item grows in the middle of the spiritual veins and seeing how sturdy it looks, I believe it's quality would not be too poor. It could even be a top grade treasure for all we know," said the skinnier man.

    "But we are not capable of bringing it along with us. Even if we emptied everything in our storage bag, this would still not be able to fit," the woman said. The remaining two turned silent as they knew that it was true that their storage bag was not capable of fitting this huge sunflower looking ore.

    Finally, the taller male cultivator suggested, "How about we cut off part of it and hide the rest somewhere . After we found out what this truly is, if it is a good thing we could always come back again."

    This tall cultivator must be the most outspoken of the trio because the moment he suggested the idea, the remaining two agreed to his plan without any shred of hesitation.

    As the trio wanted to cut a piece of the huge ore, they were met with difficulties because this ore could not be cut at all.

    "Forget it, let's just bury it here as we have to hurry to find the Dark Soul Crystal. For a few Heaven grade spirit stones, we have wasted about seven to eight days here. That kid had the map and booklet before us, he might have found it already," the tall cultivator said as he clapped his hands to urge the others on.

    The trio started work immediately as they decided to dig a gigantic hole beneath this spiritual ore to hide it. The trio had no idea that the item they were about to hide was worth multiple times more than the thing they were about to look for.


    Mo Wuji naturally did not know of all these and even if he knew, he could not do anything about it. To be able to divert Honest Qi's attention away from himself, it was already a huge success for him.

    This was already the fourth day after Mo Wuji escaped the disgusting worms region as he stood outside a gorge filled with fog. There were still all sorts of broken buildings in the gorge which proved that it was previously habitable where people actually stayed in. Perhaps after experiencing countless years of drastic changes, these broken buildings became one with the scenery of the gorge. Mo Wuji could only vaguely tell from the shapes of these buildings that they were once constructed by human.

    He took out his Tian Ji pole as he cautiously approached the gorge filled with fog. The map that was bought from Honest Qi did mentioned about a fog-filled gorge in this region too. The map even introduced this gorge's origins as a place that came about only because of many years of disintegration of both the buildings and the chlorite. In actual fact, the description was quite accurate.

    This proved that the general location of the treasures by Honest Qi were very accurate. Hence, since that booklet mentioned the location of a Sky Channel Flower, Mo Wuji could not be any more confident about finding one here. The only worry was that people might have come across here before him.

    After all, there were endless number of cultivators who headed towards the Lost Sky Ruins year after year. Therefore, it would not be surprising even if someone had been here before.

    Mo Wuji entered the gorge cautiously as this gorge was formed from the disintegrations of many antique buildings. Mo Wuji could even spot a chair looking statue. After half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji stopped as he could no longer see anything.

    His eyes felt uncomfortable as all he could see was fog.

    Honest Qi was indeed right about the poison almost everywhere in the Lost Sky Ruins. Even this fog contained poison which made his eye unable to see anything at all.

    Mo Wuji did not over-react when he found out about the poison in the fog. He casually took out and swallowed a few Poison Cleansing Pills before shutting his eyes.

    If this fog contained poison, this would mean that normal cultivators would definitely not appear here. Even for a True Lake Stage cultivator, his spiritual will would merely be at the level of a magic treasure. Only a Nihility God Stage cultivator would be able to use their spiritual will like himself to scan through things in the surrounding.

    Nihility God Stage cultivators' spiritual will made use of spiritual life which made it much stronger than his own spiritual will. However, Mo Wuji did not bother about matching the power of his spiritual will with that of a Nihility God Stage cultivator as this was not what he longed for. All he wanted was that his spiritual will would be able to allow him to scan all four directions.

    Perhaps because of the origins of the gorge, there was almost zero straight route of advancement forward and that there were at least seven or eight twisted paths.

    A few hours passed and Mo Wuji still had not seen any sign of the Sky Channel Flower. The booklet only briefly introduced the Sky Channel Flower and the existence of it here but he had no idea where it was hidden.

    Mo Wuji kept his patience as he continued searching. This was his one purpose when he came into the Lost Sky Ruins and even if he had to look for it for a year, he would continue searching for it.

    A shadow suddenly appeared in front of Mo Wuji, frightening him. Fortunately, it only took Mo Wuji a while to realise that this was a statue formed after years of endless disintegrations just like everything else around the gorge.

    Mo Wuji walked towards the shadow of this statue and watched it attentively only to realise that it was at least half a head taller than Mo Wuji with a ring on his hand. Mo Wuji was suspecting that the ring could be a storage ring.

    However, this storage ring would be useless to him because both the human and the ring had already turned into stone.

    Wrong! Mo Wuji suddenly thought of something as he hurried back to find a few pillar-like objects. Soon after, Mo Wuji realised that these were not pillars but humans turned into statues.

    In other places, dead people would be disintegrated into ashes and as time passed, gradually disappeared from this world. People who died here were either turned into stone pillars or a full sized body shaped statue. The only possible cause for this would be the fog here.

    Maybe it was a psychological effect that Mo Wuji suddenly felt pain all over his body.

    The effects of the poison fog? Mo Wuji felt anxious and his first reaction would be to rush out. What is the point of having the Sky Channel Flower if he lost his life?

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to run away, his spiritual will sensed a purple flower. The purple flower blossomed like a rose in the midst of the fog without any rhizome or leaves. It was growing while suspended in the air.

    Sky Channel Flower! Mo Wuji could immediately recognised that as the Sky Channel Flower.
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