Chapter 175: Celestial Sunflower

    Chapter 175: Celestial Sunflower

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    After a long time, Mo Wuji finally calmed his emotions. At this moment, he was no longer anxious. Even if those three fellas returned, he had nothing to fear.

    When he was in Channel Opening Stage Level 10, he could already deal with two Spirit Building Middle Stage cultivators. Now that he had successfully built his spirit upon his Channel Opening Stage Level 12, why would he still fear those in the Spirit Building Stage?

    Mo Wuji retrieved his Tian Ji Pole and smashed downwards. He was different from those three fellas; those three fellas still had the intentions of returning, thus, they were especially careful and discrete when opening the spirit stone quarry. On the other hand, Mo Wuji wouldn't return again. With his pole, he crashed open a huge hole into the spirit stone quarry.

    This was a Earth grade spirit stone quarry. Inside, there were Earth grade spirit stones of all shapes and sizes. Mo Wuji casually threw the spirit stones in his storage bag and sighed in his heart. In this entire continent, processing spirit stones was a f*cking good job.

    The spirit stones which were commonly used were all of fixed sizes; these spirit stones were specially processed after they were extracted from the quarries.

    As Mo Wuji's storage bag was close to full, he suddenly discovered an extremely clear spirit stone. This spirit stone did not undergo any sort of processing, but it had a perfect hexagonal shape, which was simply unbelievable.

    Mo Wuji grabbed and held this thumbsized spirit stone in his hand, as compared to an Earth grade spirit stone, a richer and purer spiritual energy seeped into his palm. This feeling of purity seemed to encompass some cultivation dao, which made Mo Wuji feel as though he could easily advance to Spirit Building Stage Level 2 with this stone alone.

    Was this a Heaven grade spirit stone? Mo Wuji was sure that this was a Heaven grade spirit stone in his hands. He immediately retrieved a jade box and carefully placed the spirit stone inside before placing it in his storage bag.

    Mo Wuji wasn't very clear on the functions of a Heaven grade spirit stone but he was sure that using it to cultivate was a sinful waste of such a treasure. Mo Wuji started digging with greater fervour, however, he gave up on the idea after an hour. It seemed like there was only this one Heaven grade spirit stone here. There was no point in digging further.

    What a pity. If no one else knew of this location, Mo Wuji would have truly wanted to cultivating here. This was definitely the most optimal place for cultivation.

    As he recalled about the many days he spent cooped up here, Mo Wuji did not dare dawdle any further. He decided to change locations; when he had depleted his spirit stones, he could always return.

    In whatever he did, Mo Wuji had a good mentality; he wasn't greedy. If it was someone else, he would have continued to furiously dig after discovering the Heaven grade spirit stone. Mo Wuji was different; he believed that time was the most valuable thing. Instead of wasting his time digging here, he could spend his time searching for a place to cultivate. Of course, this was also due to his limited understanding towards the Heaven grade spirit stone.

    As he slowly retreated out of the quarry, Mo Wuji walked to the entrance and slammed his Tian Ji Pole on the ground, borrowing the momentum to rush upwards. After advancing into the Spirit Building Stage, he had the ability to leap great distances.

    "Dang!" The sound of metal clashing could be heard. Mo Wuji, who had already jumped out, jumped back down.

    This definitely wasn't the sound of the Tian Ji Pole hitting the sand and rock; his Tian Ji Pole seemed to have hit some sort of metal. As Mo Wuji descended, he discoered that the soil he was standing on was rather fresh; it seemed as though it had been dug out and recovered.

    Mo Wuji immediately used his Tian Ji Pole to start digging, and in the next instant, a 3 meter wide black gold which resembled a sunflower was in front of him.

    Even though Mo Wuji had never interacted with smithing materials, he knew that this thing definitely wasn't simple.


    In the desert thousands of miles from Mo Wuji, two man and one woman were currently examining a map.

    "It doesn't look like there's anything here. Why did that booklet write that there are Dark Soul Crystals here?" The tall man said quizzically as he examined the map.

    It was the girl who rebutted him, "I don't think the manual is wrong. This place is rich in Yin energy, which is the optimal location for the Dark Soul Crystal to form. Moreover, the landmarks we passed along the way matched with what's in the map, which proves that this map is real. Naturally, the treasures on the manual wouldn't be wrong."

    "Hehe, you're right. The map is real, and so is that manual. However, there's something which surprises me, how did my thing end up in your hands?" A sudden chucke appeared beside the three of them. The three of them jolted back, only to discover that there were two others who had appeared beside them, one man and one woman.

    The man had a mouth full of black teeth, and looked more wretched than a wretch. On the other hand, the woman's entire head was covered in a black cloth, and only her two eyes could be seen.

    "Who are you?" The thin man who wanted to forcefully rob Mo Wuji's storage bag exclaimed. At the same time, he fetched his weapon.

    "I'm an honest man..." The wretched looking black teethed man suddenly took a step forward and sent a slap flying towards the thin man. If Mo Wuji was here, he could easily recognise this black teethed man as Honest Qi.

    The thin man clearly saw the slap coming, but he did not seem to be able to avoid it. He could only stare with shock in his eyes as the palm came descending down towards his skull.

    "Pu!" Brain juice splattered. This man couldn't even move an inch as he was slapped to death by the black teethed man. There was no reason, nor was there a fight.

    "Senior, what is your reason for this?" The tall man immediately retreated and asked in a trembling voice.

    They had no means of defending against the black teeth's power. He did not even dare take out his weapon. At the same time, the female cultivator stood rooted to the ground, her face pale white and blank. What did such strong experts want with them?

    Honest Qi snickered, "No reason. I want to ask you, how did that map and manual end up on you?"

    The tall man finally understood why these two experts had come looking for them; so it was because of the map and the manual. He immediately placed the map and manual into Honest Qi's hands, "Senior, a young man sold it to us at a high price. I didn't know that you were looking for this. If I did, I wouldn't have dared..."

    Dared what? Dared to buy it? Or dared to keep it? Regardless, he came to understand why that fella kindly gave them the map and the manual. Turns out it wasn't a blessing, but a curse."

    "Yi!" As Honest Yi flipped the manual open, he instantly cried out in surprise.

    "What?" The silent, veiled woman walked over and asked softly.

    Honest Qi turned to the first page of the manual and said, "The Solitary Dark Pill has been broken down. The part which has my will imprint was left behind in this manual."

    "What a solid fella, even this old lady misjudged him. I never expected that he was actually a Nihility God expert..." The veiled woman said seriously.

    However, Honest Qi shook his head, "He might not necessarily be a Nihility God expert. In the Zhen Mo Continent, there are far too many cultivators who developed their spiritual will before the Nihility God Stage."

    "This isn't the Zhen Mo Continent." The woman grunted.

    Honest Qi maintained his smile, "But there's the Celestial Sunflower."

    The implied meaning behind his words was that the Celestial Sunflower was extremely rare in the Zhen Mo Continent, but it did not appear in small amounts here. His words also implied that the cultivators in the Lost Continent were worse than in the Zhen Mo Continent, but because of the appearances of such rare treasures, Mo Wuji could develop his spiritual will before reaching the Nihility God Stage.

    As the woman heard the two words 'Celestial Sunflower', she immediately turned to stare at the tall cultivator and said in a cold tone, "Where did you hide the Celestial Sunflower Gold?"

    "What's a Celestial Sunflower Gold?" The tall man asked hesitantly.

    Honest Qi chuckled and sent his palm over. The tall man felt as though the surrounding space had been locked in place, a sense of impending doom flooded his entire body.

    He was truly wronged; up till now, he really did not know what was going on.

    "Pa!" Honest Qi's hand was blocked by the veiled woman. "Wait."

    The tall man's entire body was drenched in sweat, like he had just taken a swim. He knew that he had just took a trip to the gates of Hell and back.

    "You don't know about this?" The woman flicked her hand and a black and white picture appeared in her hand.

    The tall man saw what was on the image and said immediately, "I know this thing! Senior, we previously found a spirit stone quarry and discovered this within..."

    "Where is is?" Honest Qi took a step forward, grabbed the tall man's waist and lifted him up.

    Even though Honest Qi picked him up from the waist, the man was so much taller than Honest Qi, and his two feet remained on the ground.

    Embarrassedly, Honest Qi threw the tall man onto the ground.

    "That thing is in the spirit stone quarry. I buried it in the soil." The tall man said with a voice full of fear.

    "Hurry and lead the way." Honest Qi grunted.

    Seeing that Honest Qi and that veiled woman did not continue their killing, the tall cultivator heaved a sigh of relief. If Honest Qi killed his last companion, he would not hesitate to commit suicide. After all, even after he guided the way, he would be killed in the end.

    Now that Honest Qi had stopped killing, there was a bit of hope in his heart. Perhaps after acquiring that Celestial Sunflower thing from the spirit stone quarry, Honest Qi would not be bothered to kill them.

    Half a day later, the tall man and his companion brought the Honest Qi pair to the quarry.

    "This is it." The tall man pointed.

    "Go down." Honest Qi snorted. He was different from Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji wasn't used to using his spiritual will; when Honest Qi arrived, he immediately scanned the depths with his spiritual will. However, the scans were a little hazy towards the bottom.

    The tall man examined some water grass and stopped suddenly.

    "What is it?" The veiled woman asked coldly.

    The tall man hurriedly said, "Two seniors, it seems like someone else has been here. When we left, this place..."

    "Hurry and go down." Honest Qi had a sense of foreboding. It was like the greatest treasure was about to end up in his hands but it suddenly grew wings and flew away.

    "Yes." The tall man did not dare hesitate. He pulled the water grass apart and immediately discovered that someone else had truly been here. Why was the entrance so much bigger?
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