Chapter 177: Joining Forces to Kill a Yuan Dan Stage Expert

    Chapter 177: Joining Forces to Kill a Yuan Dan Stage Expert

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    "Clang!" The sound of another clash exploded. The dragon claw's speed totally dropped, but Mo Wuji found that it still made a u-turn, before picking up speed on the way back.

    Is this a spiritual item? Mo Wuji had never used a real spiritual item, as the pill furnace he had could only barely be considered one. However, not using spiritual items did not mean that he did not know about them. He knew that spiritual items possessed the will imprint of a cultivator.

    Even though Shao Guangjing could form a will imprint in the spiritual item, he was still only a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator whose spiritual would have not fully developed. At the very least his spiritual will would definitely not be stronger than that of Mo Wuji.

    As he understood this point, Mo Wuji's spiritual will suddenly entangled the dragon claw and began to destroy the will imprint in it. What he had was no spiritual will technique, but only some spiritual will obtained by chance through the Spirit Strengthening Pill. If he were to truly meet Shao Guangjing face to face, even if his spiritual will was stronger, there was no way that he would be able to break the will imprint on the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator's weapon while its owner was present.

    However, Shao Guangjing underestimated Mo Wuji. While fighting a battle with someone else, he was trying to kill Mo Wuji who was tens of meters away.

    Soon, Mo Wuji's spiritual will enveloped the dragon claw, and instantly found Shao Guangjing's will imprint. Although he had destroyed Honest Qi's will imprint before, that was while taking apart the pill. Because Honest Qi was too strong, he dared not use his spiritual will to directly attack the will imprint then.

    Yet for Shao Guangjing's will imprint, Mo Wuji had nothing holding him back. A strong strike by his spiritual will landed on it, and after three hits, a large tear opened up. Following which, he found the trick behind it, and began to rip the will imprint apart as fast as he could.

    The dragon claw that was ravaging through the air was no more. After Mo Wuji destroyed the will imprint, it stopped dead in its tracks, falling out of the sky. As this item almost took his life, once the dragon claw hit the ground, he swung his pole straight at it.


    Shao Guangjing discovered Mo Wuji, and Ren Tianxing could also sense that there was someone nearby. Although Ren Tianxing could not detect how strong Mo Wuji was, but since Shao Guangjing both could sense and wanted to kill Mo Wuji, he knew that the strength that Mo Wuji possessed was not that great.

    He chose to attack at the moment that Shao Guangjing attacked Mo Wuji. Since he did escape from the grasp of Shao Guangjing to this location, he had experienced firsthand how deadly the dragon claw was. Ren Tianxing had even made preparations in case Shao Guangjing retracted the dragon claw to attack him. But to the surprise of both of them, Shao Guangjing's dragon claw would never return.

    Not only would they never return, but before Ren Tianxing's blade reached Shao Guangjing, Shao Guangjing spurt out a mouthful of vital blood and halted to a stop for a moment.

    As the pride of Heaven Seeking Palace, Ren Tianxing's insight and experience in battle was definitely not something a rogue cultivator could match up to. The moment that Shao Guangjing coughed up blood, he knew that Shao Guangjing's will imprint had been broken. This was a great opportunity for him, as at the instance that one's will imprint in a spiritual item gets destroyed, one would enter a state of extreme weakness for a short period of time.

    Originally, Ren Tianxing had planned to hold back in preparation to run away, but not any more. At full force, he swung his blade down multiple times, all of which landed on Shao Guangjing's body.

    Seven to eight arrows of blood burst out of the parts of Shao Guangjing's body that were slashed, and a blood-curdling scream rang out. He was thrown back, as a sense of fear arose within him. Now it was no longer about whether he could kill these two ants, but rather if could escape with his life.

    "Die!" While Shao Guangjing was still in the air, a pole swung down at him. The instant that Ren Tianxing's attack hit Shao Guangjing, Mo Wuji leapt out of the hole, and wielded the Tian Ji Pole in midair.

    When you're not strong enough, you must make the best of all opportunities. If you're weak, and can't do so, it would be very difficult to stay alive. This was what Mo Wuji felt after arriving at this continent.

    He could previously dispatch two Spirit Building Stage cultivators while he was at Channel Opening Stage Level 10, not because he was stronger than them, but as he dared to fight with his life on the line, and grab any opportunities that came his way.

    Ambushing with a hit of the pole, this was grabbing the best opportunity in front of him.

    While Shao Guangjing was severely injured, he could feel the killing intent behind this swing of the pole, and got a great shock. If he could redo everything, he definitely would not have agitated Mo Wuji. Even if he did, it would wait until after he had killed Ren Tianxing.

    The timing of Mo Wuji's attack was impeccable, and Shao Guangjing also seriously wounded. However, there was too large a gap in cultivation levels between Mo Wuji and Shao Guangjing. As the Tian ji Pole was about to hit Shao Guangjing's hip, he unexpectedly flew up into the air once again.

    "Crack!" In the end the Tian Ji Pole stuck Shao Guangjing's ankle, shattering it immediately.

    Deep inside, Mo Wuji was surprised that even after being injured to such an extent, Shao Guangjing could still raise his energy levels in midair. If he did not interfere in this fight, perhaps Ren Tianxing might not have been able to defeat Shao Guangjing.

    At the same time, two instances of a blade also pierced through Shao Guangjing's chest, before Ren Tianxing landed beside Shao Guangjing, holding a broken sword in hand.

    "Who are you? To be able to destroy my will imprint in my spiritual item..." Shao Guangjing knew that it would be difficult to survive, and asked as he stared at Mo Wuji indignantly.

    Only Nihility God Stage cultivators should be able to destroy his will imprint that quickly in battle. So how did Mo Wuji do it despite obviously not being in the Nihility God Stage?

    Landing on the ground, and planting his pole on the ground, Mo Wuji replied, "Who I am is not important. What's important is that you shouldn't have angered me."

    If Shao Guangjing did not provoke him, Mo Wuji would not have stuck out of the blue, even though he did not have much of a good impression of Shao Guangjing. The first thing he would have done was to leave the area, not come over to take a look or help anyone. But since Shao Guangjing took the initiative to attack him, with such a chance presented to him, how could he let Shao Guangjing go?

    "That's right, I should not have provoked you indeed..." After Shao Guangjing finished speaking, he spat out a blob of bloody saliva.

    The sword in Ren Tianxing's hands went down once again, this time slicing a line through Shao Guangjing's forehead.

    "I am Heaven Seeking Palace's Dao Gate's direct disciple. Thank you for your help." Once Ren Tianxing killed Shao Guangjing, he respectfully bowed to Mo Wuji after sheathing his broken sword on his back.

    As for Shao Guangjing's storage bag, he did not touch it at all.

    When Mo Wuji saw that Ren Tianxing had no intention to act against him, he kept his Tian Ji Pole. After all, Ren Tianxing was a direct disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace too, so even if Jade Net Sect knew that he killed Shao Guangjing, what could they do? No matter how impressive Jade Net Sect was, they were not even on the radar of Heaven Seeking Palace. Hence, Ren Tianxing did not have to kill him.

    "I am Mo Wuji, an outer disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace. It's a pleasure to meet senior apprentice brother Ren." Mo Wuji returned the respectful greeting.

    Only then did he have the chance to size Ren Tianxing up. Ren Tianxing had a well bronzed body, a distinctly formed face, with only slightly smaller eyes.

    Upon hearing Mo WUji's reply, Ren Tianxing showed an expression of joy, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you're also from Heaven Seeking Palace?"

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, and answered without a hint of shyness, "Of course, because I heard that senior apprentice brother was from Heaven Seeking Palace, so I naturally had to lend a helping hand."

    "Good, good..." Ren Tianxing repeated those words a few times, then pointed at Shao Guangjing's storage bag, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, everything inside this storage bag shall belong to you now."

    Mo Wuji fervently declined the offer, "Senior apprentice brother put in the most effort in dealing with Shao Guangjing, and I only offered a little help, so how would I dare to take these things?"

    To this, Ren Tianxing simply laughed, "I'm directly under the Heaven Seeking Palace's Dao Gate, so I have a lot of resources for cultivation. My reason for coming here is more to test out my skills. To me, this storage bag doesn't mean much. Junior apprentice brother Mo, there's no need to be so courteous. If you can't bear to take everything, I'll just keep this dragon claw."

    Mo Wuji was rather sure that Ren Tianxing did not intentionally say that, but instead meant it from the bottom of his heart, hence he replied with thanks, "Since that's the case, I'll help myself to it."

    "There's nothing wrong. Please keep the storage bag. I'll have to borrow you previous hiding place to do some closed door cultivation and heal my wounds first too." After he finished speaking, Ren Tianxing leapt straight into the cave in front of Mo Wuji.

    From the way that Ren Tianxing's body trembled, Mo Wuji could infer that he had sustained rather serious injuries.

    Following that, Mo Wuji walked to the side of SHao Guangjing's limp body, and grabbed the storage bag.

    Shao Guangjing was only in the Yuan Dan Stage, and had not formed his spiritual will, so Mo Wuji could easily destroy the imprint left that Shao Guangjing left on his storage bag, then left his own on it.

    Once he scanned through the contents of Shao Guangjing's storage bag with his spiritual will, Mo Wuji instantly went over the moon. There were tens of thousands of Earth grade spirit stones in Shao Guangjing's storage bag, but that's not the most important part. The greatest thing about it was that it had a size many times greater than the storage bag that Mo Wuji had. The gigantic thing that his storage bag could not hold, could fit into this one.

    Other than that, there was also a longsword in the storage bag. When his spiritual will landed on it, he knew that it was a spiritual item. As for pills and ingredients, they were of secondary importance this time. Mo Wuji himself was an earth pill refiner, so he did not care about the pills at all.

    With a wave of his hand, a large crater appeared in the dry riverbed , and in went Shao Guangjing's limp body, before a pile of soil buried him inside. Since Shao Guangjing had given him such a great gift, Mo Wuji would help him to conduct a burial.

    While Ren Tianxing was still recuperating, Mo Wuji quickly left the area, dug up the piece of buried Celestial Sunflower Gold, and kept it into his new storage bag.

    After all that, when Mo Wuji returned, Ren Tianxing had already left the cave. Other than the broken blade on his back, there was no other signs of a battle occurring on his body at all.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, what are your plans after this?" As he saw Mo Wuji walking over, Ren Tianxing
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