Chapter 178: Unable to be Proud

    Chapter 178: Unable to be Proud

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    "I wish to make a trip back to the sect before deciding on my next move..." Mo Wuji answered as his intention was to secretly visit Yan'Er before leaving the Heaven Seeking Palace for good.

    Ren Tianxing replied instantly, "Brother Mo, I've found a good place and I've heard that there would be a top grade earth fire there. Previously, Shao Guangjing attempted to murder me because I knew of this place. How about Brother Mo and I work together to scan the place before returning to our sect?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "Presently, my ability is way too low which is why I need to return to the sect secretly. The moment I return, I will leave the Heaven Seeking Palace after doing what needs to be done. Therefore, I am not in the mood to search for the top grade earth fire."

    Mo Wuji knew how valuable this earth fire Ren Tianxing mentioned would be because if it was not, Shao Guangjing would not have tried to murder Ren Tianxing for it. However, Mo Wuji really had no mood for it now as all he wanted to do was to visit Yan'Er before concentrating on increasing his strength.

    Ren Tianxing nodded, "Brother Mo is right as I agree that we are both still not strong enough. I have left the sect for over a year now, how about both of us head back together..."

    The moment he talked about this, Ren Tianxing seemed to remember something, "Brother Mo, why do you have to secretly return to the sect?"

    Ren Tianxing did not look like the type of person to betray his trust because if he was, he wouldn't have shared the location of the earth fire with Mo Wuji. Therefore, Mo Wuji decided to tell him the truth. "This is because someone in the Heaven Seeking Palace wants me dead. If an outer disciple like me returned openly, there would be a high probability of me getting slaughtered very quickly.

    "How is that possible? Even if junior apprentice brother Mo is an outer disciple, the Heaven Seeking Palace would definitely not kill a fellow sect disciple without any reason," Ren Tianxing said astonishingly.

    Mo Wuji explained further, "This was because Jin Jiuzhen's backer suspected me for killing Jin Jiuzhen. Hence, putting up a wanted poster of me. He would probably be waiting for me to walk right back to him at the Heaven Seeking Palace. If not for the one relative I left behind at the Heaven Seeking Palace, I would definitely not return."

    "Jin Jiuzhen was murdered? Elder Jin Yu suspects you and put you on a wanted poster?" Ren Tianxing could not help but blurt everything out. Jin Jiuzhen's backer in the Heaven Seeking Palace was Elder Jin Yu therefore, Ren Tianxing understood the situation very quickly.

    "Is it Elder Jin Yu? I had no idea," Mo Wuji said as he rubbed his nose.

    Ren Tianxing answered, "Elder Jin Yu is the fifth elder of our sect who is incredibly strong. He is also Jin Jiuzhen's senior, who in fact, was the one who personally brought Jin Jiuzhen into the Heaven Seeking Palace. If Jin Jiuzhen was murdered, it was no wonder he will go berserk. However, I am never too worried for such disciples."

    In other words, even though Jin Jiuzhen had excellent top grade spiritual roots, Ren Tianxing held no regards for disciples like him.

    "Right, why did Elder Jin Yu want to suspect you?" Ren Tianxing sensed something was amiss because Jin Yu was an expert in the sect and he naturally would not suspect anyone without sufficient proof.

    Mo Wuji replied helplessly, "This was because I did kill Jin Jiuzhen. There was this time when I was sitting in the first row of the lecture I attended and I somehow managed to offend that fella. As I was leaving the Heaven Seeking Palace, he brought along two Spirit Building Stage cultivators to try and assassinate me discreetly..."

    Ren Tianxing stared blankly at Mo Wuji as he knew that Elder Jin Yu would never accuse Mo Wuji without any valid reasoning. For an outer disciple to have the guts to kill Jin Jiuzhen, Mo Wuji was really something else.

    However, Jin Jiuzhen was also an idiot for bringing just two Spirit Building Stage cultivators to get rid of a capable cultivator like Mo Wuji. Ren Tianxing had no idea that Mo Wuji's tremendous increase in strength only occurred a few months ago. At that point of time when Jin Jiuzhen ambushed Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was only in the Channel Opening Stage.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you are not entirely at fault for this incident. More importantly, does Jin Yu have any evidence to prove that you are the one who killed Jin Jiuzhen?" Even though Ren Tianxing and Jin Jiuzhen belonged to the same sect, he could not be bothered about a dandy disciple like Jin Jiuzhen.

    Mo Wuji pondered for a moment before saying, "He will definitely not have any evidence because his assumption was made based on the fact that I clashed with Jin Jiuzhen before."

    He dared to make such a statement because Mo Wuji did not take anything from Jin Jiuzhen. Moreover, he used his spiritual will to scan the surrounding to make sure nobody was around to witness that incident.

    Ren Tianxing laughed out loud before clapping, "Since this was the case, junior apprentice brother Mo can walk by my side as we return to the Heaven Seeking Palace openly. I promise you that even if Elder Jin Yu was standing in front of you, he would not dare to touch even half a strand of your hair. My worry is that the moment you leave the Heaven Seeking Palace, he might find opportunities to assassinate you."

    "Many thanks senior apprentice brother Ren. I would naturally find my own way to leave the Heaven Seeking Palace when the time is right," Mo Wuji explained the whole incident to Ren Tianxing hoping that he could help him out. Even if Ren Tianxing had no means to help him, it wouldn't be too huge a problem too.

    Knowing that Ren Tianxing was capable enough to be ranked third in the standings, Mo Wuji suspected that he must have held a notable status in the Heaven Seeking Palace. Evidently, Mo Wuji's guess was right.

    With his spiritual will, why would he need to worry about not being able to find ways to leave the Heaven Seeking Palace?

    "Alright, let us head back now," Ren Tianxing was very straightforward about this.

    En route to the Heaven Seeking Palace, Ren Tianxing was able to tell that even though Mo Wuji was almost as fast as him, he was only in the Spirit Building Stage. It was really impressive for a Spirit Building Stage cultivator to be able to fend off Shao Guangjing's dragon claw.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you are actually pretty strong. Why are you still in the outer sect?" Ren Tianxing asked as the two of them became much closer after spending two days travelling together.

    Mo Wuji had no choice but to answer, "I possessed very poor quality spiritual roots but fortunately, I am a very savvy person with a lot of good luck resulting in my achievements thus far.

    "No wonder!" Ren Tianxing nodded his head as he knew how hard it would be for a person with poor spiritual roots to become an inner disciple at the Heaven Seeking Palace. It was definitely much tougher for Mo Wuji to become an authentic disciple like himself. The fact that Mo Wuji's spiritual aura was not very evident proved that Mo Wuji was not lying when he said he had poor roots. It was already extremely impressive for a person with such poor spiritual roots to end up being an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    "Right, so how were you able to block Shao Guangjing's dragon claw? Do you know that that is actually a spiritual item?" Ren Tianxing had more than one query in his heart.

    Mo Wuji refused to reveal the fact that he had spiritual will. So, he paused for a while before saying, "Senior apprentice brother Ren should be aware that every spiritual item had to have the cultivator's will imprint on it. Nobody, even myself, knows the location of the imprint on the spiritual item itself. My skills were rather decent hence, when Shao Guangjing attacked me with the dragon claw, I continuously attacked that dragon claw because I was determined not to let the dragon claw get away from me. The fact that the Shao Guangjing was a little full of himself together with a little luck on my side, after over 10 strikes on the dragon claw, I managed to destroy the imprint on the dragon claw..."

    Mo Wuji was definitely not b*ll**ting about this as it was indeed possible to destroy the cultivator's will imprint by continuously attacking the imprinted spiritual item. That Shao Guangjing was after all only a cultivator at the Yuan Dan Stage, not the Nihility God Stage. Of course, such probability was extremely low and could be considered negligible.

    Ren Tianxing replied, "So that's what happened..."

    He finally understood why Mo Wuji was able to take down the dragon claw and was even able to remove the will imprint on it. Additionally, it seemed as though Mo Wuji had a bit of luck on his side too.

    Ren Tianxing was the type of cultivator who looked calm and approachable on the surface. However, in his heart, he was extremely prideful because it would be impossible to befriend him unless one was capable enough. One could be talking to him politely but Ren Tianxing would never treat him as a friend or even a competitor on an equal footing as him.

    As for outer disciples like Mo Wuji, he definitely would not be bother to befriend them.

    Mo Wuji was different from the rest as he did not regard Ren Tianxing as an incredible person. To Mo Wuji, even if Feng Zhenqiu was standing in front of him, he would treat him the way he would treat a normal person.

    Originally, Ren Tianxing wanted to help Mo Wuji out because Mo Wuji helped him once plus the fact that Mo Wuji looked like a rather decent person to him. After two days of travelling with him, Ren Tianxing realised that Mo Wuji was extremely different from the other outer sect disciples.

    The pride inside Ren Tianxing was built on the fact that he had an extraordinary talent to begin with. He realised that the thing in Mo Wuji's heart was not pride but a type of natural calmness. It was just like how Mo Wuji viewed the two incidents where he killed the two Spirit Building Stage cultivators as well as fending off Shao Guangjing's dragon claw as a natural event.

    This would mean that if there was a day when Mo Wuji surpassed Ren Tianxing, others would view it as an amazing feat. However, Mo Wuji would just view it as something that was natural, nothing to be amazed about.

    Mo Wuji's natural calmness was simply too overwhelming for Ren Tianxing's pride. In front of Mo Wuji, he was never prideful at all or rather, he simply could not be proud of anything. Even though Mo Wuji was only an outer disciple, he had a confidence that was so much higher than Ren Tianxing's.

    To be able to befriend him, Mo Wuji did not view it as something incredible. In his eyes, it was the same as making friends with anybody.

    Ren Tianxing felt astonished, then gained admiration for him and in the end, as he felt that being friends with Mo Wuji would probably mean nothing at all to Mo Wuji.

    As the two conversed more, Ren Tianxing found out the many secrets of the universe from Mo Wuji. He agreed with Mo Wuji that this continent was just a planet and outside this planet, there were still the vast universe and many other planets like the Lost Continent.

    According to Mo Wuji, there were countless of planets like the Lost Continent in the entire vast universe. This meant that there were also a countless number of geniuses like Ren Tianxing himself hence, he really had nothing worth being proud of.

    Mo Wuji heard a lot about the mysteries of cultivation from Ren Tianxing as well as some classical stories of the Five Elements Desolate Domain and the Lost Continent.

    It turned out that this Lost Continent used to be an ancient battleground. Cultivators from different clans battled and fought for resources and territories here in the Lost Continent. Even Ren Tianxing had no idea how and why the battle ultimately ended.

    Other than these, Ren Tianxing answered many questions that Mo Wuji had about cultivation. Mo Wuji never had a mentor and depended solely on his as well as his hard work to open 100 meridians. Even if there was a mistake in his cultivation method, his 100 meridians would not force him to go down the wrong path mindlessly.

    Mo Wuji benefitted a lot from every sentence that Ren Tianxing said. Mo Wuji believed that if he could just go back and cultivate for another two days, he would definitely be able to advance to Spirit Building Stage Level 5.
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