Chapter 180: I Will Always Be Your Big Brother

    Chapter 180: I Will Always Be Your Big Brother

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    "Ah..." The twin stammered before she continued apologetically, "I wasn't able to do it in time, Yan'Er had always been behind closed doors."

    Mo Wuji's face turned cold; this was clearly an excuse. He did not believe that Granny Linglong was lying to him previously, even if he did not have the time and opportunity to visit Yan'Er, Granny Linglong should have told her about him.

    "Yan'Er, I'm Mo Wuji. You really can't remember me?" This time, Mo Wuji did not chase after her, but shouted out loud.

    Everyone's eyes landed on Mo Wuji; Mo Wuji had left the sect for nearly a year and didn't know Yan'Er's place in the sect. But no one else in the Heaven Seeking Palace didn't know who Yan'Er was.

    She was the Heaven Seeking Palace's only mutant penta-elemental spiritual root, and was also the disciple with the fastest cultivating speed. In a single year, she had leaped past the Channel Opening Stage; not only did she open 100 spirit channels, she had cultivated to Channel Opening Stage Level 10 before she successfully built her spirit. At this moment, Yan'Er was already an expert at Spirit Building Stage Level 7. Many could clearly imagine, in the foreseeable future, Lady Yan'Er could be the Heaven Seeking Palace junior generation's first True God Stage expert.

    If not for the alien flying ship event, Yan'Er's name would shake the entire Lost Continent, much less the proud geniuses of the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Because of this incident with the alien cultivators, Granny Linglong assigned Shi Jinwen to stay by Yan'Er's side. Not only was Shi Jinwen a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner, her strength was also reputable within the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    "Mo Wuji? You were the one who sent me to master and pleaded her to save me?" After Yan'Er heard that name, she immediately turned her head.

    Mo Wuji was ecstatic; he didn't expect for someone to really tell Yan'Er about him. It was probably Granny Linglong herself.

    "Yes, it's me. Yan'Er, you really don't remember the past?" Mo Wuji said hastily.

    Seeing Yan'Er take the initiative to speak with Mo Wuji, Shi Jinwen was discontented but she didn't say anything. Yan'Er wasn't only the treasure of the Pill Pagoda, but the treasure of the entire Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Yan'Er softly said, "Brother Mo, I may not remember the past but master had told me about you. She told me to remember your kindness; if you didn't save me, I would have died a long time ago."

    Even though Mo Wuji could hear a rich sense of gratitude in Yan'Er's voice, there was no hint of joy and glee. Yan'Er was no longer the girl who stuck close to him; who did everything for him. She finally had her own opinions and her own thoughts.

    Mo Wuji really wanted to continue to talk about the Northern Qin Prefecture and the Cheng Yu State. Granny Linglong did not know about those matters, and it would require him to personally tell her.

    But after seeing Yan'Er's independence and gratitude, Mo Wuji suddenly lost all urges to do so. Let the past remain in the past; didn't he also wished for Yan'Er to have her own opinions and ideas? Now, Yan'Er had all that, and she even had a strong and dependable master. He should be happy for her.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo. I had long wanted to pay you a visit, but I had always been in closed door cultivations. This time, master isn't around and I pestered senior apprentice sister to bring me to the alien cultivator battlefield, that's why we had the chance to meet..." As she spoke, Yan'Er retrieved a storage bag and passed it to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, this is a little token of appreciation. I know that it is nothing compared to your saving grace... but please don't be unhappy with the things inside..."

    Mo Wuji subconsciously accepted the gift. In reality, a storage bag itself was already an extravagant gift. What about a storage bag with things inside?

    "Yan'Er, if you wish to know about the past, I'll always tell it to you," A sudden sense of loss overcame him, causing you to unknowing say the words he did not intend to say.

    Yan'Er shook her head, "Brother Mo, senior apprentice sister told me that my rapid pace of cultivation is due to the purity of my heart; it's clear and free of distractions. If I know too much of my past, my cultivation might not be as fast. But I am still extremely grateful towards Brother Mo. Thank you."

    With that, Yan'Er bowed to Mo Wuji, "Perhaps after I achieve success in my cultivation, I can come find Brother Mo. I hope that when that time comes, Brother Mo could tell me many interesting stories of the past."

    The past was interesting? Mo Wuji lifted his head to see the barely familiar Yan'Er and suddenly felt dispirited. Yan'Er was able to achieve such stellar results was not simply due to her spiritual roots quality, but her pure and clear heart was also an important reason. No other cultivator was like Yan'Er, to be free from the shackles of the outside world and have a heart free of distractions.

    "Many thanks Lady Yan'Er for your gift. I will keep it gratefully." Mo Wuji kept the storage bag and suddenly laughed, "Actually, there aren't really many stories, I've also forgotten many of them. How about this, if Lady Yan'Er has anything that troubles you in the future, you can come find me, Mo Wuji. In my heart, I will always be your big brother."

    "Ahem!" Shi Jinwen snorted, "A mere outer disciple speaks such big words. Yan'Er, let's go."

    Yan'Er turned to bow once more to Mo Wuji, "Many thanks Brother Mo. Yan'Er will definitely remember your words.

    With that, Yan'Er did not dawdle any further as she turned and walked to Shi Jinwen's side.

    Mo Wuji looked at the distant Yan'Er and deep feelings flooded into his heart. He had transmigrated into this world for a little over a year, but he had yet to truly see himself as a cultivator. He had done many things, which had evoked many feelings within him.

    His insistence on returning to visit Yan'Er; his remembrance of Fei Bingzhu and the Tao Ao couple; his guilt towards Aunt Eleven who gave up her chance to enter the Spring Immortal's Gate to help send Mo Xiangtong away...

    On the other hand, Yan'Er was able to quickly integrate into her identity as a cultivator; she repaid her debts of gratitude and pursued the Dao of Cultivation with an earnest heart. She did not waste her grand path because of these feelings, and she clearly separated her personal and business matters.

    Was this what he needed to do too?

    Mo Wuji shook his head; this was not necessary. He had his own path, and he will carve his own path. To him, things which had to be remembered, must be remembered.

    At this moment, a barefooted man with a sheathless longsword on his back landed at the front of the hall. This barefooted man swept his gaze across the hall. Mo Wuji suddenly felt as though a sword had ripped his clothes apart and his whole body was being examined.

    "Greetings Elder Zhu!" As soon as this barefooted man appeared, the disciples in the hall bowed and greeted him.

    The barefooted man nodded and quickly said, "This trip to the battlefield will be led and Elder Shi Jinwen from the Pill Pagoda. Disciples below the Transcending Mortality Stage, outer disciples, and service disciples, leave the hall now.

    Mo Wuji jolted, what's going on? He was still intending to follow the crowd to the alien battlefield, and it would also be a good way to protect Yan'Er. Even though Yan'Er had a higher cultivation level than him, she had always been in closed door cultivations. She did not know about the dangers of other cultivators and the schemes that they could come out with.

    Unexpectedly, the Sword Lake leader, Zhu Yueshan actually decided that outer disciples did not have the right to take part in battle.

    Mo Wuji was soon to react, he said to Ren Tianxing, "Senior apprentice brother Ren, we will meet again in the future."

    He guessed that Ren Tianxing would definitely take part in the battle. Since he didn't have the rights, he would first visit the Heaven Seeking City.

    Yan'Er had a decent cultivation, and she had Shi Jinwen by her side. He actually didn't need to worry much about her safety

    Ren Tianxing understood the hidden meaning behind Mo Wuji's words; he retrieved a wooden box and passed it to Mo Wuji, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, I believe that we will meet very soon. You don't have to worry about that matter, I believe that he will also be going to the battlefield. This box contains something which will be useful to you. Take it."

    "Alright, many thanks senior apprentice brother Ren." Mo Wuji accepted it, turned and left. Since this place did not welcome an outer disciple like him, he did not need to continue staying here.

    He understood the meaning behind Ren Tianxing's words; he did not need to worry about Jin Yu. With such a major event in the five empires, Jin Yu was sure to have gone to the battlefield.

    As he left the hall, Mo Wuji opened the box Ren Tianxing gave him; there was a mask-type spiritual item inside. Mo Wuji's heart was filled with gratitude, he naturally understood why Ren Tianxing gave him this mask. Even if Jin Yu was no longer in the Heaven Seeking Palace, this thing was really like coal in winter.

    Mo Wuji was intending to return to his immortal cave, but he remembered that the outer sect mountain had nothing much for him. Moreover, Chao Buheng could be considered his friend; now that he had offended Jin Yu, this was not a good time to find Chao Buheng.

    After a slight deliberation, Mo Wuji decided to visit the Heaven Seeking City. Zhen Shaoke might have arrived at the Heaven Seeking City.


    As he reached Heaven Seeking City, Mo Wuji felt that the solemnity from the alien cultivators' invasion was much more pronounced. He had visited the Heaven Seeking City several times before, but it had never been like it was now. There were very little people on the streets and even the shophouses were completely deserted.

    Mo Wuji specially visited the Luohai Merchant House to inquire about the Nine Moons Pill House, but unfortunately, he didn't get any news of the Nine Moons Pill House entering the Heaving Seeking City.

    Mo Wuji wasn't worried of this fact. It was difficult to obtain land in the Heaven Seeking City. As a late incumbent shop, it was perfectly normal for it to be able to purchase a shophouse.

    He did not want to return the Heaven Seeking Palace, and he had nothing left for him at the Heaven Seeking City. Mo Wuji was still deliberating over whether he should go to the battlefield alone when suddenly someone called him, "Junior apprentice brother Mo."

    What a familiar voice. Mo Wuji turned to see someone familiar, Cen Shuyin. Compared to their previous encounters, Cen Shuyin's face was paler, and she had a haggard expression. Still, it could not hide her beauty.

    Not good, Cen Shuyin must be like this because of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky. Mo Wuji's first thought was to immediately run away.
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