Chapter 181: The Deal with Cen Shuyin

    Chapter 181: The Deal with Cen Shuyin

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    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to take his leave, Cen Shuyin had already stood in front of him to prevent him from leaving, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, why have I not seen you around recently?"

    Mo Wuji gave an awkward smile, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, aren't you seeing me now? I have actually been wandering around this area all this time."

    "Really? But I've heard from the others that you only just returned to the sect? Fortunately, I was quick to arrive here or else I might miss you again," Cen Shuyin said it with a sarcastic tone.

    By now, if Mo Wuji could not tell that Cen Shuyin had deliberately followed him from the sect to the Heaven Seeking City, he must be an idiot, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, I agree that my magic skill for the lightning body tempering was a little odd. I did warn you when I gave you the technique that this method of cultivating would likely result in death. If senior apprentice sister Cen ran into trouble while cultivating and had to find trouble with me, there is really nothing I can do."

    Mo Wuji extended his arms and thought to himself, now that things ended up bad, she can do whatever she wants with me.

    Cen Shuyin said coldly, "Oh, how did you know something went wrong in my cultivation and I'm here to find trouble with you? Could it be that you already knew there was problem with this technique?"

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, your face was evidently pale. Your cultivation attribute was obviously ice yet you choose to cultivate the skill which would result in a fire burning within a person. I should really leave the world of cultivation if I could not tell that this clash of elements would lead to a problem when cultivating and hence, your visit.

    Even though that was what Mo Wuji thought, he replied with a stern face, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, I've told you previously that the martial technique was not safe and that cultivating it would put your life at risk. However, you insisted to have it."

    Cen Shuyin took a deep breath as she tried her best to calm down, "I'll just ask you one question now. Did you successfully manage to cultivate it?"

    Mo Wuji answered honestly, "Yes, I succeeded but during cultivation, I faced some problems and amended some of the circulation routes on my own."

    He could not lie to Cen Shuyin about this because she had witnessed him spending two days in the Lightning Tempering Room. She was not an idiot to not have already guessed that he succeeded.

    "You amended some of the circulation routes?" Cen Shuyin widened her eyes as she stared at Mo Wuji.

    This woman was really too beautiful. Seeing Cen Shuyin widened her eyes, Mo Wuji could not help but compliment her in his heart.

    Cen Shuyin had no idea that Mo Wuji was not thinking about the same thing as her. She thought to herself, how dare a mere Channel Opening Stage cultivator amend the circulation route on his own? Is he really sick of living?

    "How did you amend it?" Cen Shuyin blurted out this question.

    Mo Wuji did not answer as this was his secret and Cen Shuyin had one too many question.

    "Why don't you try and show it to me?" Noticing that Mo Wuji refused to answer her question, Cen Shuyin asked once more.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, the Seven Style Lightning Sky's first style is my life saving technique. Why should I show it to you in this crowded city when I am not related to you?"

    As long as this woman was not here to find trouble with him, he had nothing to worry about.

    It was only after Mo Wuji's words that Cen Shuyin realised how unrelated the two of them were.

    For this lightning affinity magic skill, Cen Shuyin waited in the Heaven Seeking Palace for a total of nine months and she could no longer care about anything else as she said with a serious face, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, how would I know if your Seven Style Lightning Sky is real if you don't show it to me?"

    "I am sure you know it is real but the only drawback is that it was an incomplete magic skill," Seeing how Cen Shuyin was caught in a tangle, Mo Wuji knew that it would be very difficult to resolve this matter today. In terms of strength, Mo Wuji was still far behind Cen Shuyin.

    "I've heard that you wanted to follow senior apprentice brother Ren to the battlefield but was rejected because Elder Zhu had no intentions to bring an outer disciple out right?" Cen Shuyin suddenly changed the topic.

    "And so?" Mo Wuji answered calmly. With his average cultivation level, Mo Wuji did have intentions to enter the battlefield to make himself stronger. After arriving here, Mo Wuji was aware that depending on closed door cultivation alone would never make him a top expert.

    "I have a mini flying spiritual item with me and if you are able to make sure I master the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, I am willing to gift this mini flying magic treasure to you. As long as you have this flying magic treasure, you need not depend on a sect to go over to the battlefield," Cen Shuyin took a deep breath and stared at Mo Wuji. She did not believe that even this flying magic treasure could not tempt Mo Wuji.

    "What?" Mo Wuji suddenly became exuberant as he heard this. He had always dreamt of having a flying spiritual item but could never afford it because most flying spiritual items could not be bought with spirit stones. Even if it could be bought with spirit stones, the lowest quality flying spiritual item would cause at least a million Earth grade spirit stones.

    Even with his few hundred thousand of Earth grade spirit stones, he really could not afford it.

    "Is this true?" Mo Wuji asked once more.

    Cen Shuyin gave a convincing answer, "My words are even truer than true gold."

    "Deal!" Mo Wuji subconsciously extended his hand to shake Cen Shuyin's hand but he realised the inappropriateness of his action when he saw that Cen Shuyin's hand did not even move an inch.

    Seeing how Mo Wuji withdrew his awkward hand, Cen Shuyin finally said, "Let's return to the sect's Immortal Training Tower immediately."

    As she was speaking, Cen Shuyin drew out her flying magic treasure in the street which was actually a flying car.

    The flying car magic treasure was extremely exquisite which looked very beautiful on the outside.

    "Come on in," Cen Shuyin got into her flying car first before calling out for Mo Wuji.

    After Mo Wuji got on the flying car, he could smell a faint scent. The flying car magic treasure was decorated by Cen Shuyin into a lady's chamber making Mo Wuji slightly awkward. If he were to successfully help Cen Shuyin cultivate the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, would she be giving this flying car to him? This looked more like a lady's flying magic treasure.

    Cen Shuyin did not say anything while Mo Wuji felt as though he was tricking a small princess for her flying magic treasure. He then coughed and said, "I've heard that the alien flying ship would be able to move across space therefore, I was wondering what grade of flying magic treasure would it be."

    "Rumours were spreading that only those with a Celestial Sunflower Gold would be able to cultivate a flying magic treasure which can transverse across space. It should be considered at least a supreme grade spiritual item." Cen Shuyin actually replied as she chose not to ignore Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji knew from the start that Cen Shuyin was very knowledgeable, however, he never expected Cen Shuyin to even know about the material for building a flying ship that can transverse across space. He was looking forward to having more of his questions answered as he asked yet again, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, do you have any idea where something like the Celestial Sunflower Gold would normally appear?"

    Cen Shuyin gave Mo Wuji a faint look before taking her time to reply, "According to what I know, there are no Celestial Sunflower Gold within the Lost Continent. This is an alien treasure which is considered to be extremely valuable so please don't think too much about it."

    "What does the Celestial Sunflower Gold look like?" Mo Wuji was actually surprisingly interested in the flying magic treasure. He might not have the opportunity now, but who knows if he will ever return to Earth? Understanding some of these would not affect him negatively.

    "The true Celestial Sunflower Gold looked like a sunflower with a pitched black body which feels sturdy and cooling..."

    Before Cen Shuyin could finish her sentence, Mo Wuji was dumbfounded.

    Sunflower looking, pitched black body, sturdy and cooling...Isn't it describing the huge sunflower shaped black iron in my storage bag?

    Could I have accidentally found a huge Celestial Sunflower Gold? The more Mo Wuji thought about it, the more he believed that it was possible. Mo Wuji completely neglected the part where Cen Shuyin mentioned that there was no Celestial Sunflower Gold in the entire Lost Continent. Let's not talk about how huge the Lost Continent was and focus on how it would even be impossible for normal people to search the entire Lost Sky Ruins.

    No matter how much Cen Shuyin's master knew, it would be impossible for him to confirm that there was no Celestial Sunflower Gold in the Lost Continent.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji could only burst out laughing. Now that he obtained a rather complete piece of the Celestial Sunflower Gold, did this mean that he could one day return to Earth?

    Mo Wuji had to increase his speed of cultivation quickly before finding a spiritual item refiner to make use of his Celestial Sunflower Gold to make a spaceship.

    Mo Wuji was originally intending to pass his amended Lightning Flash cultivation technique to Cen Shuyin only when they returned to the sect. However, now that he found out from Cen Shuyin that he most possibly obtained a Celestial Sunflower Gold, he was feeling exhilarated. Retrieving a pen and paper, Mo Wuji wrote out the Lightning Flash cultivation technique neatly and quickly before passing the paper to Cen Shuyin, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, this is my amended version of the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky. As to whether you will succeed in cultivating it, I am really not sure."

    Cen Shuyin grabbed the cultivation technique from Mo Wuji and after one glance, she stared suspiciously at Mo Wuji, "Why do I feel that the back portion of your amended version of the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky is the same cultivation technique for spiritual circulation?"

    Cen Shuyin had analysed the incomplete first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky countless of times therefore, she could immediately tell which part was amended in one glance.

    Mo Wuji blushed because he only knew the . If he don't amend according to that technique, what else could he refer to?

    "This was indeed the technique I used to cultivate so if you choose not to believe, forget it. I will not want your flying magic treasure either..."

    "No need, I will follow this technique while I'm in the Ice Tempering Room. You can alight now and wait for me outside the Immortal Training Tower," Cen Shuyin stood up the moment she finished what she had to say.

    This was when Mo Wuji realised that the flying car had already arrived at the Heaven Seeking Palace. As he descended the flying car, he was so envious of her having a flying magic treasure.

    If he had a flying magic treasure back then, he would have avoided the clash with Jin Jiuzhen and ultimately not start a feud with Jin Yu.

    Seeing Cen Shuyin turned her back in a hurry, Mo Wuji suddenly mentioned, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, I know my words may sound ridiculous but I would suggest you not use the intermediate grade Ice Tempering Room to cultivate the technique I gave you. If you trust me, use the highest grade Ice Tempering Room to cultivate."

    Mo Wuji was unsure if she heard his advice as her silhouette disappeared in a jiffy.

    Mo Wuji wanted to leave immediately but felt frustrated at the thought of Cen Shuyin's flying magic treasure. A flying magic treasure simply meant too much to him.

    Now that he was at Spirit Building Stage 4 with a lot of spirit stones with him, Mo Wuji decided to head towards the Immortal Training Tower for closed door training too. He could cultivate while he wait for Cen Shuyin but what if Cen Shuyin succeeded?
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