Chapter 183: Mo Wujis Pride

    Chapter 183: Mo Wuji's Pride

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    "Ah, junior apprentice brother Mo..." Cen Shuyin saw Mo Wuji standing by the door and an awkward expression appeared on her face.

    Mo Wuji chuckled as he clasped his fists, "Congratulations senior apprentice sister Cen, I believe you should have already learnt Lightning Flash?"

    Cen Shuyin became more embarrassed; she had indeed learnt Lightning Flash. She had a perfectly good reason as to why she didn't find Mo Wuji. It wasn't because Mo Wuji was behind closed doors and she couldn't find him, nor was it because she was unwilling to let go of her flying magic treasure. Instead, it was because she was overly obsessed in her cultivation of Sudden Lightning. On the first day she learnt Lightning Flash, she immediately went to the elementary grade Lightning Tempering Room. It was exactly as Mo Wuji said; Lightning Flash wasn't simply a lightning-based attack, but also a magic skill which could absorb lightning essence.

    In a short half a month, she upgraded from the elementary grade to intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room. Even though she was not fully adapted to the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room, due to her higher cultivation and her unique ice affinity spiritual roots, she was able to barely sustain her training.

    In her obsession, she even forgot what her name was. Naturally, her deal with Mo Wuji was chucked into a deep corner of her mind. When she saw Mo Wuji waiting for her at the door, she thought that Mo Wuji had located her and had specially come to ask for the flying magic treasure.

    Cen Shuyin hurriedly retrieved her flying magic treasure. Even though she was a little reluctant, she still passed the flying magic treasure to Mo Wuji, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, this is a pretty good spiritual item. I only managed to refine this spiritual item under the help of my master. If you are unable to use it, you can wait till you cultivate to Yuan Dan Stage..."

    As Cen Shuyin said this, she subconsciously paused and a hand unknowingly returned to her side. Mo Wuji was clearly someone with low talent, would he even be able to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage in his lifetime? A cultivator who could not advance into the Yuan Dan Stage, possessing a flying spiritual item... this... this was simply wasting it.

    Even without the need for Cen Shuyin to explain, Mo Wuji knew what a flying spiritual item was. Previously, the flying ship he returned in with Ren Tianxing was a flying spiritual item activated by Ren Tianxing. A month ago, he had also seen Ren Tianxing utilise a flying spiritual item.

    Don't underestimate Cen Shuyin's flying car because it was small and exquisite. Once it was activated, it was as good as a solid Lincoln. [1]

    However, now that Cen Shuyin took the flying car back, Mo Wuji couldn't simply take it from her hands.

    "Right, I have to thank junior apprentice brother Mo. If you didn't remind me to go the advanced grade Ice Tempering Room to cultivate the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, I would probably have died. I only became more impressed at how junior apprentice brother Mo was able to create this amazing lightning skill, it's simply shocking..." As Cen Shuyin recalled the danger when she first cultivated the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, she could not help but tremble.

    Mo Wuji said that there would be dangers, and there truly were dangers. Even in the advanced grade Ice Tempering Room, that horrifying fire almost burnt all the organs in her body.

    She truly admired how Mo Wuji was able to previously cultivate the skill successfully, and even improved on it to become a cultivation technique. One must know that she had recently broke through from Transcending Mortality Level 7 and advanced into Transcending Mortality Level 8, and at this point, she was only a few steps away from Transcending Mortality Level 9. On the other hand, Mo Wuji's cultivation was clearly very low; his entire body did not emanate a single ripple of spirituality, and she estimated that Mo Wuji had yet to build his spirits. However, not only did he successfully cultivate the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, he even improved on it.

    Just from this point alone, despite his poor talent, he would leave a thick brushstroke in the pages of cultivation history.

    Mo Wuji waved his hands, "It's nothing much, I just got lucky..."

    As his mouth was speaking, his mind was thinking: I didn't come here to get praised ah. He eyed the flying car in Cen Shuyin's hands: Can't you be more straightforward and quickly pass me this flying car magic treasure?

    As she noticed Mo Wuji's glances, Cen Shuyin clearly understood Mo Wuji's intentions. She said with a slightly apologetically said, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, I also want to visit the battlefield. How about I..."

    "Sure, sure..." Mo Wuji instantly understood what was on Cen Shuyin's mind, "I will bring you with me."

    As he completed that sentence, Mo Wuji intended to take a step forward and proactively take the flying car.

    Before Mo Wuji could take that step, Cen Shuyin ecstatically said, "Many thanks junior apprentice brother Mo. I will return to wash up and immediately come back. Rest assured, after we reach the alien cultivator battlefield, I will immediately pass this flying car magic treasure to junior apprentice brother Mo..."

    With that, Cen Shuyin turned and left, and in the next instant, she was already downstairs.

    Mo Wuji saw his lifted feet and he really thought it was laughable. He understood Cen Shuyin's words, Cen Shuyin believed that he wasn't able to refine and bind the flying car, which was why she would only pass him the flying car when they reached the alien cultivator battlefield. In actuality, it was really a simple matter for him to refine this flying car spiritual item.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji could not chase after Cen Shuyin, pull her and tell her: I have spiritual will, just pass me the flying car. Spiritual will was his trump card, he definitely couldn't easily reveal it to others.


    Mo Wuji walked back to the first floor of the Immortal Training Tower dispiritedly. He hoped that the battlefield wasn't very far away, then he would be able to reach there quickly and get Cen Shuyin to pass him the flying car. Then he can finally tell her: Bye bye!

    Because of the alien flying ship, the Heaven Seeking Palace's Immortal Training Tower looked a little desolate. Mo Wuji waited at the entrance for quite some time but he did not see anyone else.

    Mo Wuji roughly estimated that Cen Shuyin should be returning soon, but as this moment, a tall man walked out from the Immortal Training Tower.

    This man had a sinister expression in his eyes, and his entire body was wrapped in thick spirituality. It looked like he had just broke through the Transcending Mortality Stage.

    Dong Mingzi, the moment Mo Wuji saw this man, his eyes subconsciously twitched and a killing intent rose in his heart. This was the second time he saw this fella, Dong Lun's brother, Dong Mingzi. He also came from the Supreme Sword City, and the family clan that Mo Wuji had a deep rooted hatred for.

    Dong Mingzi also saw Mo Wuji; he originally intended to leave the Immortal Training Tower, but his footsteps stopped in front of Mo Wuji, "Who are you?"

    Mo Wuji replied flatly, "How is that your business?"

    Dong Mingzi's sinister eyes flashed with coldness as he spoke in an icy cold tone, "At first, there wasn't any business, but now there is. When you first saw me, there was a trace of killing intent in your eyes."

    Mo Wuji's heart started pounding, This b*stard actually saw it so clearly. He did indeed express killing intent for a brief moment, but this fella actually caught that quick flash.

    "Ha ha..." Mo Wuji chortled, "I don't even know you. If you want to find an excuse to deal with me, don't use such exaggerated ones."

    Dong Mingzi's sinister gaze swept Mo Wuji's entire body, "Tell me where you come from. Otherwise, the moment you leave the Heaven Seeking Palace, I won't even allow you to live for half an incense."

    Mo Wuji was infuriated; he had yet to find the Supreme Sword City but this little kid from the Supreme Sword City found him instead.

    Mo Wuji estimated that this fella had just advanced into the Yuan Dan Stage, but it was not as though he had never killed a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator before, it was not something impressive.

    "What if we live more an half an incense?" A clear cold voice could be heard; Mo Wuji could easily recognise it to be Cen Shuyin's. From the way Cen Shuyin spoke to Dong Mingzi, Mo Wuji could tell how courteous and gentle she was when she spoke to him.

    Cen Shuyin had regained her look of absolute beauty. Even though there were scars in her hair, she did not look as haggard as before.

    "Junior apprentice sister Cen..." Dong Mingzi had also seen Cen Shuyin and he hastily clasped his fists. In the Heaven Seeking Palace, there was no one who didn't know Cen Shuyin. She was simply too gorgeous.

    He was a mere inner disciple of the Dao Gate. In terms of status, his grade wasn't simply one step lower than Cen Shuyin. She was a direct disciple, albeit in the Sword Lake or the Heaven Seeking Palace, she was a far higher existence.

    If not for the fact that he just advanced into the Yuan Dan Stage, he would not have qualified to stand in front of Cen Shuyin. In the Dao Gate, there were countless other inner disciples like him. On the other hand, not only was Cen Shuyin a direct disciple, she was an existence within the top 50 of the Heaven Seeking Staircase.

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, let's go. For no reason, I got bitten and I can't bite back. Staying here really makes me unhappy." Seeing how Cen Shuyin's words intimidate Dong Mingzi, Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't hesitate to throw one more stab in.

    How could Dong Mingzi be unable to make sense of Mo Wuji's words? Mo Wuji had likened him to a mad dog who randomly bit people.

    However, he could only laugh towards Cen Shuyin, "Junior apprentice sister Shuyin, I was merely joking with this junior apprentice brother."

    Cen Shuyin did not respond, she only nodded to Mo Wuji and activated her flying car magic treasure, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, hop on."

    Naturally, Mo Wuji did not have anything further to say to Dong Mingzi. Dong Mingzi's advancement into the Yuan Dan only motivated him to improve himself and his cultivation. As be thought about how he used his Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji became extremely vexed. In the future, what would he depend on?

    Seeing Cen Shuyin's car fly out of the Heaven Seeking Palace, Dong Mingzi's expression turned sinisterly cold. He was helpless against Cen Shuyin, but he would remember Mo Wuji that ant.


    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you developed the Lightning Flash based on your cultivation technique, erm, can I ask what's your cultivation technique?" As they sat in the driving car, Cen Shuyin could not resist the urge to ask this burning question.

    She was truly curious about the phenomenal cultivation technique which Mo Wuji practises, to think it could even improve the Seven Styles Lightning Sky. Even though the cultivation of the first style was a little terrifying, it still succeeded.

    Initially, she understood that asking such a question wasn't polite. After all, a cultivation technique was an individual's secret. But as she continued to cultivate Mo Wuji's Seven Styles Lightning Sky, she became increasingly curious of Mo Wuji's technique.

    The moment he heard Cen Shuyin asking about his cultivation technique, Mo Wuji was instantly enlivened. The thing he was most proud of actually wasn't the great creation of meridian cultivation, but his successful cultivation of the Immortal Mortal Technique.

    "I practise the Immortal Mortal Technique," Mo Wuji replied with a hint of pride. He was truly proud of himself, others couldn't cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique. But with his open meridians and the Immortal Mortal Technique's circulation technique, he was able to step on a completely new path of cultivation.

    "Ah..." Cen Shuyin's big beautiful eyes stared at Mo Wuji. After some time, she stammered, "Immortal Mortal Technique?"

    [1] Lincoln is a brand of motor cars. Check it out! http:/// Just kidding, it's just another random car brand.
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