Chapter 184: Alliances Contribution Points

    Chapter 184: Alliance's Contribution Points

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    "That's right! It is the ," Mo Wuji said with a lot of conviction. He had no reason to hide because this technique was already being sold all over the streets.

    Only after a long while, Cen Shuyin garnered her courage to ask, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, is it the ?"

    Mo Wuji replied feeling slightly awkward, "I guess you can say so but there is another name for this technique called the ."

    Cen Shuyin rolled her eyes at Mo Wuji, what do you mean by I guess you can say so? is the . It was only named as for better sales. From this, she was even more confident that Mo Wuji was only at Channel Opening Stage because the was only for basic cultivation and did not include techniques to build spiritual walls.

    Mo Wuji naturally didn't know what was on Cen Shuyin's mind. He had no mentor and had minimal knowledge about spirit building. He only managed to successfully break into the Spirit Building Stage after he opened his 100th meridian and advanced into Channel Opening Stage Level 12. He built his spirit without chasing after any spiritual walls because all he formed was surges after surges of spiritual waves.

    After building his spirit, Mo Wuji continued to cultivate his circulation routes according to the all the way till he reached Spirit Building Stage Level 9. Up till now, he had not face any cultivation bottleneck. In fact, after he advanced past the Channel Opening Stage, he didn't face any bottleneck at all.

    "I don't think that Junior apprentice brother Mo would be lacking in spirit stones to purchase the other techniques right? Why are you cultivating based on a mortal grade ?" Cen Shuyin still had some doubts about Mo Wuji. If you take into consideration the amount of time that Mo Wuji spent at the Lightning Tempering Room, one could tell that Mo Wuji was not that poor to not be able to afford a proper cultivation technique manual. Furthermore, if he really couldn't afford, he could use the Heaven Seeking Palace's contribution points to purchase the manual at a very low price. One could safely say that as long as you're a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace, you would be able to afford the Heaven Seeking Palace's cultivation technique manual.

    Mo Wuji said honestly, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, I was really lacking in spirit stones back when I purchased this manual. In other words, I couldn't afford it. After I've earned enough spirit stones, I eventually realised that this is rather decent hence, I did not bother replacing it."

    Cen Shuyin's face grew serious as she said, "I advise junior apprentice Mo to replace it for a better cultivation technique manual if you have the opportunity..."

    She initially wanted to advise Mo Wuji to not address the as anymore but she forcefully swallowed her words when she recalled how she wasn't close to Mo Wuji at all. Additionally, she had long gave up on the idea that Mo Wuji would be able to create the second style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky and ultimately exchanged it with her.

    It was probably due to a huge stroke of luck that Mo Wuji was able to cultivate the Lightning Flash based on the . As for the remaining six styles, let's just forget about it.

    As Cen Shuyin didn't continue speaking, Mo Wuji naturally had nothing to say too.

    There was still quite a bit of distance between the Heaven Seeking Palace and the frontline of the battlefield therefore, it would be a waste of time for them to just sit there staring at each other. Mo Wuji took the initiative to ask, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, since we could divide this flying magic treasure, why don't I carry on with my closed door cultivation for now?"

    "Of course! Please carry on with your closed door cultivation, I will inform you when we arrive," Cen Shuyin replied almost instantly as she was very impressed by Mo Wuji's diligence. Even though Mo Wuji had an average cultivation level, his level of diligence was really uncomparable.

    After saying her piece, Cen Shuyin pressed a button on the flying car and the whole car was immediately divided into two. Cen Shuyin pointed to the entrance of the other half as she said,"Junior apprentice brother Mo, please go ahead. We will probably reach the battlefield in about slightly more than a month's time."

    "Many thanks then," Mo Wuji expressed his gratitude.

    Now that he was even more thirsty than ever for power, idling for a month's time would definitely not be something he would even consider doing.


    When he was finally alone in a small room, Mo Wuji took out a bunch of spirit stones and immediately sat on it. Mo Wuji was aware of his own state of cultivation and knew that normal spiritual energy would not be of much help for his cultivation.

    In about 10 breaths' time, the spiritual energy around Mo Wuji formed a spiritual whirlpool as it started to engulf every single one of his meridians.

    Cen Shuyin stared astonishingly at Mo Wuji's cultivation room as she could clearly feel the surge of spiritual energy overflowing the room. Didn't this Mo Wuji have poor aptitude? How is he able to generate such strong waves of spiritual energy?

    In actuality, such waves of spiritual energy were considered nothing incredible for Mo Wuji. Even so, in just a few days' time, Mo Wuji exhausted every single spirit stones he took out into fine powder. This proved how insane Mo Wuji's rate of absorbing the spiritual energy was.

    The pity was that Mo Wuji was still stuck at Spirit Building Stage Level 9 and was unable to break into the intermediate stage of level 9.

    Mo Wuji felt helpless as he predicted that after experiencing the dense concentration of spiritual energy in the spiritual tempering room as well as the Heaven grade spirit stone, it would be much harder for him to advance further in the future. This certainly seemed like the case now.

    He did not wish to resign to this fate as he took out yet another pile of spirit stones. Half a month later, this pile of spirit stones disintegrated into fine powder yet again as Mo Wuji was still a distance away from intermediate stage of the Spirit Building Stage Level 9.

    The slightly disappointed Mo Wuji did not continue cultivating even though he was still progressing. To Mo Wuji, this way of cultivating was far too slow and he wasn't feeling carefree at all.

    Even without the spirit tempering room or the Heaven grade spirit stones, a spirit stone quarry should do just fine.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji shook his head as he knew he was thinking too much. All the different sects fought hard to gain control of every spirit stone quarry available therefore, he should be extremely thankful to have came across one in the Lost Sky Ruins.

    After cleaning up all the fine spirit stones powder, Mo Wuji casually took out the explanation of Chu Xingzi's Array Dao. Ever since he copied this down in the ice mountain, he couldn't find time to analyse this thoroughly.

    As compared to cultivation, Mo Wuji found himself completely immersed in the Array Dao in a shorter period of time. After another 20 plus days had passed, Mo Wuji didn't feel as though time was moving as he only subconsciously swallowed an Inedia pill whenever he was feeling hungry.

    One day as Mo Wuji was analysing Chu Xingzi's elementary defensive array, he heard Cen Shuyin knocking on the door while calling out for him.

    We've reached the battlefield? Mo Wuji hurried to pack up before exiting his room.

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, are we here already?" Mo Wuji asked Cen Shuyin who was standing at the entrance of his door.

    Cen Shuyin nodded, "Even though we had not reach the battlefield, we've arrived at an encampment of the Heaven Seeking Palace. This territory belonged to the Xing Han Empire and it was located very near to the Thunder Fog Forest. This region of the battlefield will be the responsibility of the many big sects of the Heaven Seeking Palace and the Xing Han Empire. For us to fight for the alliance contribution points, we have to head towards the Hundred Sect Alliance's encampment to register for the alliance contribution points token.

    "Is this Chang Luo City?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    Cen Shuyin shook her head, "Chang Luo has been obliterated and it is nothing more than a wasteland now. We are heading towards a place called An Yang and I've heard that it was only second to Chang Luo City in the entire Xing Han Empire. After your closed door cultivation for a month, I believe that your cultivation level should have increased by quite a bit?"

    Mo Wuji replied awkwardly, "I am ashamed for my cultivation level did not improve at all."

    Cen Shuyin's heart felt sorry for Mo Wuji because she knew that with such poor aptitude, there was going to be a limit to how much he could achieve through hard work. Mo Wuji must have exhausted a lot of spirit stones without being able to make the full use of it. What a pity. If a person with top grade spiritual roots was as diligent as Mo Wuji, he would have surpassed majority of the Heaven Seeking Palace's inner disciples.

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, what is the alliance contribution points token all about?" Mo Wuji did not actually feel that it was a pity.

    "To fight against the alien cultivators, all the sects in the Five Big Empires including the Heaven Seeking Palace collaborated to form the Hundred Sect Alliance. Of course, the Hundred Sect Alliance was not limited to just hundred sects. Any cultivator in the Five Big Empires could register to fight against the alien cultivators for the Hundred Sect Alliance. One would earn contribution points for every alien cultivator that he killed. The contribution points would be recorded in each person's identity jade token in which the cultivator would be able to use the contribution points to ultimately exchange for all sorts of treasure at the Hundred Sect Alliance. Furthermore, cultivators could exchange for a wide variety of treasures at any of the big sects including the Heaven Seeking Palace," Cen Shuyi explained.

    Mo Wuji was momentarily startled as he did not expect here to have the contribution points system. His intention of coming here was solely to train and then find ways to advance into the next realm.

    It would be perfect if he could train and earn contribution points simultaneously.

    "But senior apprentice sister Cen, how does the Hundred Sect Alliance track how many alien cultivators we kill? And how do they calculate how much contribution points to award?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Cen Shuyin answered, "These jade tokens were cultivated by True God Stage experts to record the contribution points. I've heard that the points will be allocated according to the state of the soul imprint. The moment you kill an alien cultivator, the information of the soul imprint from the dying alien cultivator would be recorded by the identity jade token which would then display the contribution points awarded. The stronger the opponent that you've killed, the stronger the soul imprint and hence, the higher the contribution points awarded.

    Mo Wuji dusted his hand and thought to himself, what a great place. To advance, he would need to use the best spirit tempering room in the Heaven Seeking Palace and to use the best tempering room without paying with spirit stones, he needed contribution points.

    Seeing how eager Mo Wuji was to try, Cen Shuyin forcefully managed to control her laughter. Does he really think it is easy to kill an alien cultivator and earn contribution points? If it was that easy, the Five Big Empires would not have ended up in such a mess.


    The moment the flying car landed in An Yang City, two cultivators came over to question them. As the two cultivators saw Cen Shuyin's gorgeous face, they almost forgot their purpose there.

    Cen Shuyin took out her jade token and asked, "Heaven Seeking Palace's disciple reporting. May I know where is the alliance's encampment?"

    The two cultivators suddenly realised that this was a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace. If she were to be angered, they might not even know how they would end up dead.

    "Seniors, the alliance's encampment is at the An Yang Palace. Senior Yin Ku, who was ranked number 23 on the Contribution Point Board today, was passing by An Yang therefore, Xing He's emperor as well as Distant Fire Sect's leader, Qian Zhenyan are all currently accompanying him..." One of the cultivator explained in detail to get into the good books of Cen Shuyin.

    Cen Shuyin continued to ask, "Which senior is in charge of my Heaven Seeking Palace?"

    The same cultivator hurried to answer, "The one in charge of the Heaven Seeking Palace would be senior Ni Nan and he should be back at the encampment researching on Array Dao."

    Cen Shuyin nodded her head and thought, this is normal. She had no idea who was Yin Ku but just because he was passing by An Yang, he should not qualified enough for Heaven Seeking Palace's person in charge to entertain him.
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