Chapter 185: A Familiar Face from Xing Han Empire

    Chapter 185: A Familiar Face from Xing Han Empire

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    "Why don't we go to the encampment to obtain the alliance's contribution points token before going our separate ways?" Cen Shuyin recalled that Mo Wuji was an outer disciple, which made her a little worried about whether he would be able to obtain a contribution points token. After all, outer disciples were forbidden from going to Greater Heights Mountain, which was why she suggested to go with Mo Wuji.

    "Ok," Mo Wuji agreed without hesitation. Even if Cen Shuyin did not invite him, he would have taken the initiative to ask her to make the contribution points token together.

    Although he was a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, he knew that an outer disciple might not have the rights to speak, while a direct disciple such as Cen Shuyin would be treated almost like an elder of the sect.

    "That's right, this is yours," Cen Shuyin said as she handed the flying car to Mo Wuji, "This flying car was given to me by my master. If you decide to sell it one day, please approach me first."

    "Ok, thank you senior apprentice sister Cen. If I do sell it one day, I'll definitely return it to you." Mo Wuji replied as he kept the flying car.

    This flying car was what he obtained by trading a technique, so there was no need to stand on ceremony. In some sense, the price of the first style of Seven Styles Lightning Sky, was definitely much more than a low grade flying car magic treasure.


    According to Cen Shuyin, in Xing Han Empire, An Yang was only second to Chang Luo's capital. After Mo Wuji entered An Yang, he felt this place was much worse than Chang Luo. In terms of prosperity and historical richness, it could not match up to Chang Luo at all.

    The first thing he saw after going into An Yang City, was a gigantic plaza.

    Under normal circumstances, cities would rarely build a large plaza in front of their city gates. The plaza in An Yang was not only big, but also quite new.

    The people who walked about and around the plaza were all cultivators, with very little mortals.

    Right in the centre of the plaza, two large stone slabs were erected. The foundation stone of the left stone slab had "Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Ranking" written on it. The stone slab was full of names, and subconsciously Mo Wuji's gaze landed on number one , a man called Xi Yixuan, who had 12251 points written behind his name.

    The person in second place was someone Mo Wuji knew, Feng Luojian, with 9921 points. He seemingly saw this name on Heaven Seeking Palace's Heaven Seeking Staircase ranking before, possibly also at second place.

    In third place was also another person Mo Wuji knew, Gou Zihan, with 8672 points. This guy was first place for Heaven Seeking Palace's Heaven Seeking Staircase, but yet relegated to third place here.

    Where was this Xi Yixuan from? If he was from Heaven Seeking Palace, why hadn't he seen this guy at the Heaven Seeking Heaven Seeking Staircase before?

    "I know this Xi Yixuan, he's the legacy disciple of Han Yang Empire's Great Evolution Sect. Back then Heaven Seeking Palace even invited him to join us, but he declined, saying that Heaven Seeking Palace had nothing to teach him, so there was no reason to join us." Cen Shuyin sighed as she saw the rankings.

    Perhaps she thought that Xi Yixuan had some ability to back up his arrogance. Who cared if he didn't join Heaven Seeking Paace, he was still number one on the Hundred Sect Alliance's rankings.

    "Seems like this Great Evolution Sect is rather impressive," Mo Wuji added on.

    Cen Shuyin explained, "All of the genius disciples in the Five Great Empires will definitely join the Heaven Seeking Palace. But one sect is the exception: the Great Evolution Sect. It is rumored that the Great Evolution Sect had about the same amount of True God Stage experts as Heaven Seeking Sect. I'm not sure if that's true or not."

    In his mind, Mo Wuji thought that this was probably true. It couldn't have been a coincidence that Xi Yixuan became first place, even surpassing second place by that many points.

    His gaze shifted to the stone slab on the right, which had "Five Great Empire's sect's contribution ranking" written on its foundation stone.

    When Mo Wuji saw this contribution ranking, he was sure that Heaven seeking Palace would take first place. But he was shocked to see that it was Great Evolution Sect instead, not Heaven Seeking Palace. Heaven Seeking Palace only placed second. This Great Evolution Sect seems to be quite good. To be able to dominate both rankings to obtain first place.

    Naturally Cen Shuyin could hear Mo Wuji's soft gasp, and said, "The Great Evolution Sect is perhaps the next strongest sect after Heaven Seeking Palace, but it would take much more than that to overtake us. The only reason why they were ranked first, was because for the initial period, Heaven Seeking Palace did not send out more legacy and inner disciples. Within a month, this ranking will change."

    However, Mo Wuji did not fully believe her, but he did not openly oppose Cen Shuyin on the spot. After all he was a member of Heaven Seeking Palace, so how could he badmouth his own sect?

    "Senior apprentice sister Cen, how are the contribution points calculated? Over 10,000 contribution points, did he kill that many alien cultivators?" Mo Wuji casually asked

    With a nod, Cen Shuyin replied, "After that alien cultivators set up camp in the Five Great Empire, there have been countless flying ships sending people over, and I even heard that there was a transfer array being built too. I think there should be even more people of the Five Great Empires that have died."

    Upon hearing that, Mo Wuji became solemn. In his quest for contribution points, he might turn into other people's contribution points.

    "May I inquire if both of you are immortal masters from Heaven Seeking Palace?" Just as Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin were still looking at the contribution points rankings, a middle aged man wearing red official clothes approached them, asking in a courteous manner.

    Cen Shuyin answered, "Yes, we're disciples from Heaven Seeking Palace."

    "Thank you for coming to Xing Han Empire, our king of Xing Han is holding a banquet for all immortal masters. Once we knew that immortal masters from Heaven Seeking Palace were coming, I was sent to invite the both of you," The red clothed man was an ordinary mortal, and spoke with great deference.

    Nodding her head, Cen Shuyin said, "Please lead the way."

    While she was a cold person, she was not someone who did not know how the world worked. The king of Xing Han Empire was a good leader of an empire, and she possibly had to frequent this area in the future, so giving this much face was required.

    Mo Wuji naturally did not say much. He only wanted to apply for an identity token after Cen Shuyin did, in order to accumulate contribution points.

    After the two of them followed this red clothed official across the plaza, they then walked through a wide bluestone path, before finally reaching a grand hall.

    Even though this was only Xing Han Empire's temporary palace, compared to Cheng Yu State's palace, it was much more majestic.

    "Both immortal masters please enter," After the red clothed official ushered Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin to the hall's door, he bowed and gestured for them to enter.

    Cen Shuyin entered without hesitation. As a legacy disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, wherever she went, being treated with the highest regard was the norm, and she had become accustomed to it already.

    Both sides of the hall were seated full of people, and in front of everyone there was a table of food.

    'Ha ha, genius disciples of Heaven Seeking Palace, welcome to the Xing Han Empire alliance encampment," A hearty laugh echoed through the hall, following which, Mo Wuji saw a yellow robed muscular man stand up at the end of the hall.

    As Mo Wuji thought to himself, this must be the king of Xing Han Empire, Cen Shuyin had already bowed respectfully to greet him, "Heaven Seeking Palace disciple Cen Shuyin pays her respect to the king."

    This act gave the king a shock. Logically speaking, a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace should greatly lack any form of etiquette. The normal practice was for a disciple to automatically report which dao and what kind of disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace one was upon being asked.

    However, Cen Shuyin actually just said that she was a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, which seemed to be rather rude. Thankfully the king already knew who she was. This was one of the most beautiful women of the Five Great Empires, and a legacy disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace's Sword Lake. She was a frightening existence.

    Mo Wuji followed suit, " Heaven Seeking Palace's Mo Wuji pays his respects to the king..."

    Just as he finished his sentence, his gaze fell on one person. In the whole hall of people, he actually recognised one of them

    "Both of you, please don't stand on ceremony. Take a seat. Come men, add on to the banquet," Cui Qianjun enthusiastically waved his hands while ordering the men around. The voice of this king was especially loud.

    In reality, for the Heaven Seeking Palace, this was nothing much. As for Cen Shuyin and Mo Wuji's simplistic introductions, he dared not voice any opinions on that either.

    Two tables were quickly added, and their positions were very close to the front, seemingly within the top three. As one could observe, Heaven Seeking Palace was held in high regard.

    Cen Shuyin was about to ask about Ni Nan, Heaven Seeking Palace's in charge of this area, but she saw Mo Wuji walking straight to one of the seats at the back.

    "My king, we meet again." Mo Wuji chuckled as he stood in front of an unenergetic man.

    As the man saw Mo Wuji walk over, it was like he saw a ghost. Actually, once Mo Wuji set foot in the hall, his disposition was as such.

    "Drug refiner Mo, I really didn't expect...that I'd be able to meet you here..." The pale beardless man quickly stood up, and stuttered his way through the sentence.

    Chuckling once more, Mo Wuji replied, "We would have met sooner or later. Even if we didn't meet here, I would have gone to Rao Zhou City's mayor's house to look for you."

    When Cui Qianjun saw Mo Wuji speak to one of the lord, he also laughed, "So dao friend Mo and Cheng Yu State Lord Situ Qian are acquainted. This is a good thing, a good thing..."

    Towards Cui Qianjun, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, "My king's judgement is not wrong, I am indeed acquainted with State Lord Situ. My ancestor was originally Xing Han Empire's next prefecture lord, the prefecture being Northern Qin Prefecture. However, many years ago, my grandfather, Lord of Northern Qin Prefecture Mo Tiancheng, travelled to Rao Zhou, and went missing. After that, my father Mo Guangqian travelled to Rao Zhou in search for the Lord of Northern Qin Prefecture, and at the same time, pleaded for State Lord Situ to transfer the Northern Qin Prefecture to the Mo clan..."

    At this point, Mo Wuji made an intentional pause, before carrying on, "All you dao friends, all you kings, is it too much for my Mo clan to ask for this?"

    Most of the people present could infer that Mo Wuji's intention was to look for trouble from Situ Qian. But since Mo Wuji was now a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, no one dared to say a word in defense of Situ Qian.

    Xing Han Empire's king, Cui Qianjun could also understand the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words, and his expression turned slightly black, "The position of prefecture lord has always been passed down from father to son, so how would this be unreasonable?"

    "Thank you my king for being direct. However, State Lord Situ simply does not care about Mo clan's request, and directly passed the title of Northern Qin Prefecture Lord to someone else. On top of that, he wiped out everyone in my clan, imprisoned my father and me in Rao Zhou City, until my father died of illness, and I went crazy.

    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he stared coldly at Situ Qian. He knew that the Mo Clan was not directly eradicated by Situ Qian, but for now, the blame would be put on him. Once he was finished with Situ Qian, he would move on to the guy that occupied Northern Qin Prefecture.
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