Chapter 186: Rogue Cultivator Contribution Point Jade Token

    Chapter 186: Rogue Cultivator Contribution Point Jade Token

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    The moment he heard the Xing Han Emperor's words, Situ Qian's forehead instantly dripped with cold sweat. At this moment, he only had regret in his heart; it wasn't regret for robbing the Mo Clan's throne, but regret for not killing Mo Wuji that ant. Not pulling a weed by its roots truly led to disaster. He was too careless and thought that this Mo Clan b*stsrd wouldn't be able to achieve much.

    But that's not right ah, didn't they say that Mo Tiancheng's grandson didn't have spiritual roots? How did he end up as Heaven Seeking Palace disciple?

    "Keke, Mo Wuji, you're merely a outer disciple at the Heaven Seeking Palace, what rights do you have to meddle in state affairs? State Lord Situ must naturally have his own reasons for removing your Mo Clan from the throne. Furthermore, a key rule of the Heaven Seeking Palace is non-interference in state and empire affairs. Not just an outer disciple like you, but even if it was an inner disciple, it would not be right to criticize and gesticulate a state lord," A derisive voice could be heard from the back.

    Mo Wuji turned to take a look at the fella who just entered the hall; it was his old nemesis, the other person who entered the Heaven Seeking Palace from the Formless Blade Sect, Ju Qijian.

    Cen Shuyin's brow slightly knitted; even though the Heaven Seeking Palace did indeed have such a rule of non-interference, it was a small rule. In reality, which person from the Heaven Seeking Palace would even care about such a rule? Even the Heaven Seeking Palace itself knew that as long as the disciple was not excessive in his state affairs, they wouldn't enforce upon that rule. Moreover, Mo Wuji was a Heaven Seeking Palace disciple, Ju Qijian was clearly turning on him by undermining Mo Wuji's words.

    Ju Qijian saw killing intent flash across Mo Wuji's eyes, but he still turned and bowed towards Cen Shuyin was a face full of smiles, "Ju Qijian greets senior apprentice sister Cen."

    Seemingly cognizant that Cen Shuyin would ignore him, Ju Qijian immediately turned and clasped his fists towards the Xing Han Emperor, "Heaven Seeking Palace Dao Gate inner disciple Ju Qijian greets the Xing Han Emperor."

    As Mo Wuji heard the way Ju Qijian reported his name, he immediately reacted. Previously, Cen Shuyin didn't announce what kind of disciple she was; it seemed like she was trying to protect his face. Otherwise, if he had to announce his position as a Heaven Seeking Palace outer disciple, he would only be throwing away his face and reputation.

    The Heaven Seeking Palace was the number one cultivation holy land in the five empires, but an outer disciple still wouldn't be viewed highly.

    Cui Qianjun immediately came to an understanding; if Mo Wuji was an inner disciple or legacy disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace, he wouldn't have mind giving Mo Wuji a hand to deal with Situ Qian and return the Northern Qin Prefecture to the Mo Clan.

    However, Mo Wuji was just an outer disciple; he got to know a legacy disciple like Cen Shuyin with some unknown method and he was currently flaunting her reputation, Cui Qianjun almost got duped by him. Seeing how Cen Shuyin didn't open her mouth to help Mo Wuji, Cui Qianjun could tell that Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin weren't as close as he had expected. Moreover, an outer disciple actually dared to offend a inner disciple, this Mo Wuji was clearly looking for death.

    "Man! Come bring a chair for Dao Friend Ju, " Cui Qianjun ordered.

    As for Mo Wuji, he wouldn't really act against him. He could treat Mo Wuji's suggestions as trash but he definitely couldn't act against this outer disciple. Even if he was merely an outer disciple, he was still a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Mo Wuji stared coldly at Ju Qijian and said, "Your surname is Ju, the trash that colluded with Situ Qian to steal the Northern Qin Prefecture are also surnamed Ju. You rats can't be from the same nest right?"

    Ju Qijian's horse face turned solemn, "Mo Wuji, you saw a senior apprentice brother of your Heaven Seeking Palace, but not only didn't you pay compliments, you've acted so rampantly. Let me tell you the truth, the Northern Qin Prefecture is indeed taken by my Ju Clan. If you have balls, come find me. Keke, but that's only if you could even build your spirits in this lifetime."

    In actuality, it was because Ju Qijian had looked up on Mo Wuji that he discovered that a branch of his Ju Clan had actually taken the Northern Qin Prefecture throne. This filled his heart with satisfaction and he even sent people to reward that Ju Clan branch.

    As Mo Wuji's strength increased, he looked increasingly ordinary. Moreover, he was an outer disciple so Qu Qijian had no way of noticing that Mo Wuji was already in the Spirit Building Stage, even more so at level 9.

    It wasn't only Ju Qijian who wasn't able to determine Mo Wuji's level; no one here could see that Mo Wuji had already built his spirits.

    The hall went silent; this was an internal dispute within the Heaven Seeking Palace and no one was foolish enough to interfere. Situ Qian, on the other hand, had a face full of smiles. He did not expect the Northern Qin's Ju Clan to actually have a clan member in the inner sect of the Heaven Seeking Palace; this was a thick leg he needed to hug tight. On the other hand, Mo Wuji, a mere outer disciple dared to threaten him; this was an enmity he would always remember.

    "Rest assured, whether you're called Qijian [Seven cheap] or Xiajian [Degrading] [1], I will definitely find your Ju Clan," Mo Wuji stared at Ju Qijian [Seven Sword] and said mockingly, with no care of Ju Qijian's face.

    Now, he had no ties and was working solo, a mere Ju Qijian wasn't worth his worry. From his estimates, Ju Qijian had yet to break through to the Yuan Dan Stage while he was now at Spirit Building Stage Level 9. The moment he advanced into the Transcending Mortality Stage, he would be able to annihilate this Ju Qijian. Of course, he could not let this Ju Qijian have the chance to eliminate him before that happened.

    With that, he also glared at Situ Qian and said, "The Mo Clan's Northern Qin Prefecture isn't so easy. Be careful of biting off more than you can chew, you might choke yourself."

    Ju Qijian trembled in rage; if this wasn't the Xing Han Empire's temporary capital, and if Cen Shuyin wasn't here, he would have immediately destroyed this Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji could no longer be bothered with this Ju Qijian as he turned and left. He did not say another word, with a cheap man like Ju Qijian here, there wasn't any point in him staying. The Mo Clan had already been exterminated, and he couldn't take his revenge now. At the very least, he would throw some threats out, so this old ass, Situ Qian, would not be able to have any good sleep.

    Seeing Mo Wuji leave, Cui Qianjun immediately broke the silence, "Let me introduce everyone to Dao Friend Yin Ku. Dao Friend Yin Ku is ranked 23rd in the Hundred Sect Alliance's Contribution Point Board..."

    Before Cui Qianjun could finish, Cen Shuyin also walked out of the hall. In front of outsiders, Ju Qijian betrayed a fellow Heaven Seeking Palace disciple which made her feel uncomfortable.

    Cui Qianjun had an ugly expression on his face; if it was any other person, he would have long destroyed him. Unfortunately, the two were Heaven Seeking Palace's disciples, and one of them was even a legacy disciple. If he dared to act, his Xing Han Empire might just disappear from the face of the Lost Continent.


    The Hundred Sect Alliance's encampment was a six-leveled tower next to the An Yang Palace. When Mo Wuji and Cen Shiyin arrived, there were already seven to eight people registering for the alliance's identity jade token.

    "Heaven Seeking Palace's Cen Shuyin and Mo Wuji registering for the alliance's identity jade token," Cen Shuyin said as she passed her own sect's identity jade token.

    The person handling the jade tokens was an elder who looked extremely capable; after examining Cen Shuyin's jade token, he continued, "Please pass Mo Wuji's sect identity jade token as well."

    Mo Wuji had already retrieved his jade token and handed it over. After examining Mo Wuji's identity jade token, the elder said apologetically, "I'm only able to help Dao Friend Cen Shuyin obtain an alliance identity jade token. I'm unable to do so for Dao Friend Mo."

    "Why?" Cen Shuyin slightly knitted her brows. Even though she had expected such an outcome, she was still unhappy. In her perspective, anyone who was willing to help the five empires fight the alien cultivators should be entitled his own identity jade token.

    Without a jade token, then there wouldn't be any contribution points. Then no matter how many alien cultivators he killed, he wouldn't be able to get anything in return. This was truly unfair for those without the identity jade token.

    If it was an average person, the elder would have directly sent him flying out. But this was a legacy disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace so he grudgingly explained, "This jade token which could record contribution points is extremely valuable. Each and every one of them was refined by a True God Stage expert. Only inner disciples and legacy disciples of Earth sects and above, as well as rogue cultivators who have reached the Transcending Mortality Stage could register for it. Dao Friend Mo is an outer disciple, and his cultivation doesn't look like it's in the Transcending Mortality Stage."

    Cen Shuyin had never asked Mo Wuji about his level, so she didn't even think that Mo Wuji was in the Spirit Building Stage, much less the Transcending Mortality Stage. Previously, she was willing to help Mo Wuji register for the jade token because Mo Wuji could wield a powerful lightning skill, Lightning Flash. With this skill, Mo Wuji was definitely able to obtain some contribution points in the battlefield.

    "Is there no other way?" Seeing Cen Shuyin turn silent, Mo Wuji took the initiative to ask. He definitely couldn't give up on these contribution points. After all, they could be exchanged for wonderful things. As an outer disciple, he was not much different from a rogue cultivator. To obtain resources and opportunities, he would need large amounts of contribution points.

    The elder glanced at Cen Shuyin; he could ignore Mo Wuji's words, but he had to care about Cen Shuyin. Mo Wuji came together with Cen Shuyin, and it looked like their relationship wasn't shallow. The elder was also secretly impressed with Mo Wuji. A cultivator with inferior spiritual roots like him was actually close to a proud child of the heavens like Cen Shuyin.

    "It's not impossible. There are some defective jade tokens, these jade tokens cannot record identities, so they couldn't be counted as identity jade tokens. It's only function is to record contribution points, so you could consider it a point jade token..."

    "No problem, this jade token is fine. I will apply for this kind of jade token," Before the elder could finish, Mo Wuji unhesitantly said. He did not care about an identity, he only wanted contribution points.

    The elder said helplessly, "Wait for me to finish. Even though this jade token could record contribution points, there might be cases of malfunction. That is to say, after you kill an alien cultivator, this jade token might not be able to detect the alien cultivator's soul imprint. If that happens, you wouldn't be able to get any contribution points."

    Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly. Is he screwing with me? Isn't he telling me to catch a fish with a net with a huge hole in it?

    Cen Shuyin was also helpless. When Elder Zhu Yueshen announced that no outer disciples were allowed to join the expedition, she had already expected for Mo Wuji's registration for a jadet token to be difficult. From the looks of it, it was as expected.

    "This defective jade token is also in small amounts..."

    The elder only said half of his sentence but Mo Wuji had already made up his mind, "I want this defective jade token. Help me register for one."

    "Dao Friend Cen's jade token is free. Dao Friend Mo's jade token requires a payment of 50,000 Earth grade spirit stones," The elder said as he retrieved the two jade tokens.

    Mo Wuji was secretly cursing in his heart. A perfect jade token did not require any fees while his defective one actually needed 50,000 Earth grade spirit stones.

    Despite his frustrations, Mo Wuji could only pay the 50,000 Earth grade spirit stones and accepted his jade token.

    There were a few words on the jade token: Rogue Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points 0. There wasn't even a name at the back.

    [1] The author is playing with the pronunciations here. Ju Qijian's name means seven swords, but there is another jian which means cheap/bitch.
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