Chapter 187: Entering the Enemys Lair

    Chapter 187: Entering the Enemy's Lair

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    Cen Shuyin apologetically said to Mo Wuji, "I'm sorry I didn't manage to help you get an identity jade token..."

    But Mo Wuji just laughed that off, "If it weren't for senior apprentice sister's help, I wouldn't have been able to obtain this contribution point jade token. This is good enough. Who knows, maybe I'll get bitten in the back by some b*stard, so I'll still have to thank senior apprentice sister Cen."

    Hearing that, Cen Shuyin smiled sweetly. She had interacted with Mo Wuji for such a long period of time, and knew that he was a good person. He also seemed quite childish when he was trying to take away the flying car from her. Of course, the prerequisite was that you did not provoke him.

    As one of the most beautiful women in the Five Great Empires, Cen Shuyin was naturally aware of her unparalleled beauty. Many male cultivators that spent time with her, often tried very hard to impress her. However, every time Mo Wuji had the chance to interact with her alone, he chose to enter closed door cultivation. This made Cen Shuyin understand Mo Wuji from another angle, which was that in his eyes, there was only cultivating, and everything else was unimportant.

    "I'm going to the Thunder Fog Forest battlefield, do you want to join me?" Cen Shuyin extended an invitation once again.

    When she was with Mo Wuji, she felt much more at ease, without the need to be on guard as much, which was a feeling that she enjoyed.

    To that, Mo Wuji simply laughed, "Senior apprentice sister Cen, let's say our goodbyes here. See you again in the future."

    Mo Wuji naturally would not choose to travel alongside Cen Shuyin, as her cultivation level was much higher than his. Both of them had helped each other quite a lot, hence no one owed anyone anything. If he had followed Cen Shuyin, he would require her protection, which completely did not fit his personality.

    More importantly, once Cen Shuyin reached the battlefield, she would definitely team up with strong experts. What would a Spirit Building Stage cultivator like himself do in such a group? Beg for contribution points?

    "If that's the case, then I'll see you again when I see you," Cen Shuyin bade Mo Wuji farewell, then left the Alliance Tower, and very quickly faded out of sight.

    The direction Mo Wuji chose was completely different, and he entered a quiet path. The first thing he did was to change his clothes, and put on the self disguising mask that Ren Tianxing gave him.

    When he was with Cen Shuyin, no one dared to lay a hand on him. But now that he was travelling along, once someone discovered any traces of him, the number of people that would attack him was simply too many.

    Regardless of whether it was Heaven Seeking Palace's Elder Jin Yu, Ju Qijian, or Supreme Sword City's Dong Mingzi. These people were all out to kill him, but he couldn't even match up to a single one of them.


    An hour later, Mo Wuji openly left An Yang City. The self-disguising spiritual item that Ren Tianxing gave him was pretty good, as Mo Wuji had turned into a black faced monk with a blade scar across his face. Once he twitched his face, the scar would give off a frightening aura, which made people unwilling to look at it for long.

    Only after a few kilometres outside of An Yang City did Mo Wuji see another person. It was obvious how large an impact the alien cultivators had on the Five Great Empires. Most of the mortals there either moved away, or lost their lives due to the battles.

    After locating a safe place, Mo Wuji began refining the flying car, and within half a day, he had succeeded. The flying car was thrown out, and in an instant, it returned to its original size. He was rather satisfied with this flying car, just like how a car-lover had obtained the car of his dreams.

    Once inside the flying car, the first thing that Mo Wuji did was to gather all of the decorations that Cen Shuyin had put up, and threw them into a corner of his storage bag. As a man, he was not quite used to the feminine vibes that filled the flying car.

    Thankfully Cen Shuyin was not like other girls, and only had a few feminine decorations around, which saved a lot of Mo Wuji's time.

    Mo Wuji sat at the front of the flying car, driving it at fast speeds through the clouds. Seeing the white clouds around him being left behind, a sense of satisfaction welled up in him

    Back on Earth, he had thought of the possibility of inventing such a flying car, which would be much faster and safer than aeroplanes. However, after considering the amount of specialised knowledge that he had to pick up, and the chaos that would ensue with countless flying cars in the sky, he gave up on this idea.

    Who would have known that something that did not become reality on Earth would have somehow appeared on this continent. Moreover, he did not invent the flying cars here, and even did not have to control it in midair.

    The flying car had a much higher speed than flying beast carriages and ships, on top of the greater stability it gave.

    Mo Wuji had been to the Thunder Fog Forest once, and while it was outside of Cheng Yu State borders, the general direction was still roughly the same.

    In only three days, fog appeared on the Mo Wuji's horizon. Hence he quickly stopped the flying car. However, as the flying car was going too fast, and it was his first time steering it, without knowing it, he had arrived right on top of the Thunder Fog Forest.

    This low grade spiritual item, flying car, had no instruments for fine direction control, and could only point in a general direction. It was a mystery how Cen Shuyin had travelled to An Yang City on it previously.

    When the flying car was about to land, Mo Wuji's spiritual will had swept out already. This was the Thunder Fog Forest, and was probably very close to the battlefield with alien cultivators. Thus, he had to be very careful.

    However, he soon realised that he was still too careless. Two men were hidden behind some rocks a few tens of meters behind him. Those two guys obviously saw his flying car, and were waiting for him to disembark before taking action.

    If he could, Mo Wuji really wanted to start the flying car and fly away. But he did not dare to do so, as he was already being marked by. The reason behind this was very simple, he was too conspicuous. It seemed like having a flying car wasn't that good after all.

    According to the observations made with his spiritual will, the two people tracking him were slightly higher in cultivation level than him. If he flew off again, and got marked by really strong experts, not even his bones would be left over. Moreover, he suspected that he had landed in a lair of alien cultivators, which made it even more dangerous to liftoff.

    The flying car landed on the ground faced his back at the particular rock. The moment that he kept the flying car, two hands quickly formed multiple complex hand techniques, then hit at the top of the rock behind him.

    Ambushing was something that Mo Wuji was familiar with. He was sure that the two of them wanted to get him by surprise, as the best moment to strike was the instant he kept the flying car, in particular the point in time when he put the flying car into his storage bag.

    Just as expected, when Mo Wuji kept the magic treasure, the two cultivators behind the rock made their move. Two beams of light shot towards him, and two men leapt out.

    "Bang! Bang!"

    Two electroballs exploded, and both of the cultivators got blown to a standstill.


    Two screams rang out, and at that moment Mo Wuji just dodged one light beam, while the other pierced through his shoulder. But he disregarded his wounded state, leaping straight at the top of the rocks, and swinging the Tian Ji Pole at the same time. Even though he knew that two people were going to ambush him, he was still hit by one of the light beams, which meant that these two people were much stronger than he was. As the weaker party, he had to strike decisively from now on.

    One of the cultivators was more unlucky than the other, being hit directly on the neck. No matter how strong his neck was, it would not be able to withstand the electroball strike. He fell to the ground, body spasming uncontrollable. Likely, he would die soon.

    The other cultivator seemed to be rather battle hardened, and while he was still in the air, he knew that the ambush had failed, and his target had set up a counter ambush. Hence, he sent his snakehead mace towards Mo Wuji before he had reached the ground.

    Mo Wuji was also in the air, and he only had one option: to retract his Tian Ji Pole to block the snakehead mace.

    In reality, this cultivator did think of letting Mo Wuji escape, so that he could catch his breath before carrying on.

    However, the person he met was Mo Wuji. Once Mo Wuji knew that he had landed in the enemy's lair, the thought of escaping never entered his mind. Neither did he plan to be tangled in battle for long. Moreover, he was sure that his opponents would lose in this exchange.

    Not only did he head straight for the snakehead mace, but he swung his Tian Ji Pole down with even wilder elemental energy than before.

    The expression of the cultivator changed instantly. Never did he think that Mo Wuji was a lunatic. It's important to point out that anyone else would have avoided his mace, as it was aimed straight at Mo Wuji's heart and vitals.

    But now his opponent did not avoid the strike, and on top of that, wanted to trade lives with him. There was no time to change his attack, so the eyes of the cultivator grew cold. If you're not afraid of death, then why should I be? I'll just trade my life for yours. Moreover, this strike of the pole might not kill him, but his strike of the mace would definitely kill Mo Wuji.

    Before the mace could pierce Mo Wuji's body, he could feel the great deathly aura enveloping him. The snake's mouth on the mace spat out many beams of light, which broke Mo Wuji's elemental energy protective barrier, and directly hit his body.

    "Bang! Bang!" Two dull sounds rang out.

    Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole smashed into the cultivators hipbone, and a sharp pain spread through his body at the same time. Mo Wuji could feel his strength leaving his body rapidly.

    Simultaneously, the sound of bone cracking and flesh tearing could be heard from the area below the Tian Ji Pole. The cultivator's heart sank as he realised that he had made a miscalculation. His opponent had started his attack first, while he started later. In this exchange, he had no advantage at all.

    Indeed, as he thought till this point, he saw the lower half of his body. His hip originally had been hit by Mo Wuji's lightning strike, and the swing of the Tian Ji Pole had taken his hip clean off.

    While Mo Wuji fell to the ground, he pulled at the snakehead mace lodged in his chest as hard as he could, and with fear in his heart. This was a gamble, and he had won. He had calculated that his Tian Ji Pole would kill his opponent first, and as long as that happened, the strength behind the snakehead mace would disappear.

    Adding on the Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armor that he was wearing, which could defend against some of the elemental energy, he should have been able to survive. Just like that, his heart almost got destroyed by his opponent. A hole was torn in the Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armor too. It was apparent that the battle he just fought was very dangerous.
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