Chapter 188: The Great War Of Cultivators

    Chapter 188: The Great War Of Cultivators

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    After hastily taking some healing pills, Mo Wuji walked to the two corpses and retrieved their storage bags.

    Thereafter, he threw their magic treasures into his own storage bag before digging a hole and burying the two corpses.

    If this was elsewhere, he could have neglected this. However, Mo Wuji suspected this might be the lair of the alien cultivators, so he dared not casually leave these two bodies here.

    Mo Wuji was suddenly reminded of his jake token and he hurriedly fetched it from his waist. As expected, the words on the jade token were updated. Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points: 22, Ranking: NIL

    Mo Wuji lamented; he had killed two fellas with a higher cultivation than him but he only got 22 points. Then exactly how many alien cultivators did those freaks with 10,000 over points kill?

    It looks like these contribution points wasn't easy to obtain. Mo Wuji sighed and speedily left the location. Regardless of whether this was the alien cultivators territory or not, it would not be good to stay here.

    This whole area of the Thunder Fog Forest had been completely destroyed and the surroundings were barren. It was unclear whether this had been caused by the war or whether this was deliberately done by the alien cultivators.

    It took four hours for Mo Wuji to finally walk out from this barren wasteland and return to the dense, thick forests.

    As he entered the Thunder Fog Forest, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Even if this was the alien cultivators' territory, they wouldn't be able to set up camp within the forest.

    Mo Wuji had entered the Thunder Fog Forest before, and that was only at the peripheries. But he had learnt that if one were to get lost within the Thunder Fog Forest, it was very likely that he would lose his little life.

    Not even supreme Earth Realm experts would dare to enter this forest. Thus, this would be a good place for him to conceal himself and make sense of the situation.

    The moment he entered the Thunder Fog Forest, Mo Wuji could hear the unceasing sounds of lightning and thunder. Perhaps it might be the huge wars between the alien cultivators and the five empires' cultivators, but Mo Wuji did not see a single demonic beast since he entered the Thunder Fog Forest.

    One reason why the Thunder Fog Forest was so threatening, besides the demonic beasts, would be the various kinds of poison fogs. Of course, the most terrifying thing was still the lightning; if you were to accidentally fall into a lightning lake, or if lightning were to suddenly strike down on you, then it might be would be difficult for you to emerge alive from this forest.

    However, Mo Wuji had no hints of worry; after entering the Thunder Fog Forest, he started running into the depths at a rapid pace.

    He was a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner, so he didn't really care about the poison fog and the venomous bugs. At the same time, the most deadly and fatal lightning bolts were simply sources of lightning essence for his Lightning Flash cultivation.

    In a single day, Mo Wuji had been struck with more than ten bolts of lightning of varying thicknesses. If it was an average cultivator, even if he was in the Transcending Mortality Stage, would have been struck to the ground. Not only wasn't Mo Wuji sprawling on the ground, the lightning bolts didn't even injure Mo Wuji, with the exception of one exceptionally thick bolt. Moreover, he started running into the depths at a faster speed.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji stopped. He had finally seen some demonic beasts. The presence of demonic beasts meant that this place was safe. Demonic beasts bad a higher sensitivity towards danger than human beings, and since demonic beasts had appeared in the surroundings, it would mean that the vicinity was not too dangerous.

    After carefully lurking around for two hours, Mo Wuji finally found a safe place to conceal himself; it was by a cliff within a lightning valley.

    In the Thunder Fog Forest, besides the lightning lakes, there were lightning valleys, lightning pools, lightning forests, etc.

    A lightning lake was okay. If an average person encountered a lightning lake, he would immediately raise his caution and skirt around carefully. On the other hand, the lightning forests were especially dangerous. It looked like an ordinary forest, but the moment a person entered it, he would immediately be surrounded by countless amounts of lightning bolts, and would get struck till he dies. A majority of the cultivators who died in the Thunder Fog Forest died due to the lightning forests.

    The lightning valley was also a common sight in the Thunder Fog Forest. It was a narrow valley which was constantly being struck by lightning. In contrast to the lightning forests, the number of cultivators who perished in the lightning valleys were little. After all, the lightning valley were far too conspicuous. From afar, one could see the convergence of thunder clouds above the valley; only a fool would enter the lightning valley.

    It was precisely due to this danger of entering the lightning valley that Mo Wuji chose to dig his immortal cave by a cliff within a lightning valley. The lightning valley he was in was extremely narrow; the gap between the the two sides of the valley was not even a meter long with occasional powerful lightning bolts appearing.

    In this lightning valley, Mo Wuji was struck by at least ten bolts of lightning before he barely managed to dig an immortal cave to conceal himself.

    Mo Wuji finally relaxed when he installed an elementary defensive array at the entrance of his immortal cave. For the time being, he was safe.

    Mo Wuji wasn't really worried about getting lost within the Thunder Fog Forest? So what if he couldn't get out? He was a pill refiner, and he could absorb lightning to cultivate his skill, it didn't really matter to him if he squandered his time here in the Thunder Fog Forest.

    Mo Wuji had this line of thought, simply because he truly had no ties.

    After he settled down, Mo Wuji fetched the two storage bags. He was truly curious whether alien cultivators would have any good stuff. As he opened the first storage bag, the first thing he saw was a pile of spirit stones. Mo Wuji really wasn't lacking in spirit stones, so it didn't really matter to him. Putting them aside, he found three jade boxes, a few vases of pills and some technique manuals. Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to open those pill vases and went straight for the three jade boxes. Disappointingly, the three jade boxes all only contained some slightly high quality spiritual herbs. As he slipped through those manuals, nothing really caught his eye.

    Dejectedly throwing these stuff aside, Mo Wuji opened the second storage bag. He was able to quickly erase the storage bag's imprint and see what was inside. Yet another pile of spirit stones and pills. But this storage bag was a little better than the first one; within this storage bag, Mo Wuji found a spiritual item. The other things also didn't really catch his eye. The only good thing was that he now had two more storage bags.

    After packing these sh*t, Mo Wuji poured out a pile of spirit stones; he had decided to undergo closed door cultivation here, and at least get to Spirit Building Stage Level 10. If he was previously at Spirit Building Stage Level 10, those two cultivators' ambush wouldn't even have injured him.


    Within the Xing Han Empire Thunder Fog Forest, tens of thousands of cultivators were at war.

    Magic items were clashing, skills were colliding, the engagement of opposing elemental energy was causing explosions in the air. Dazzling lights filled the sky, and at every instant, there would be a cultivator killed or maimed.

    The war between cultivators and soldiers were different; here, everyone used different skills and techniques, and each individual skill had their own sphere and area of power. It was more accurate to call this war of cultivators an individual war.

    Perhaps the cultivators could also gather their forces into an army, but this was no cultivator army. The Five Great Empires were always controlled by mortals, and the various sects had their own differences, so naturally there wouldn't be a cultivator army. The alien forces also did not seem to have formed a cultivator army.

    The two sides were evenly matched, and this battle soon became a tangled mess.

    However, the alien cultivators were able to detect this problem earlier, and they were slowly forming a cultivator army to concentrate their power. Thus, in the recent few battles, the number of cultivators from the Five Great Empires who fell in battle increased.

    Cen Shuyin's hands rapidly formed intricate hand seals, and when she released them, a bolt of lightning would be shot out. With every lightning bolt, a cultivator would be heavily injured or even killed.

    Ever since she had reached the Xing Han Empire encampment, she had participated in five great wars.

    She was especially grateful to Mo Wuji. If not for Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash, the battles wouldn't have been so easy. Every time she met with danger, Lightning Flash would save her. She had her own ice type skills but the attack power of those skills were incomparable to Lightning Flash. Moreover, Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash had an even better plus point: it could endlessly absorb lightning for power. And in the Thunder Fog Forest, there was no lack of lightning.

    She really wanted to find Mo Wuji and thank him. But ever since she separated from Mo Wuji three months ago, she did not hear any news of him.

    Cen Shuyin condensed another bolt of lightning and turned a Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1 cultivator to dust.

    At this moment, a long whistle could be heard across the battlefield.

    Cen Shuyin stopped; she had participated in many battles before and she was clear of the procedures. This battle had just ended, and the next battle would come soon. She would need to quickly collect her spoils of war and recuperate her energy.

    Even though there were tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of cultivators, the ones leading were those peak experts. Cen Shuyin collected her spoils of war and looked at the jade token hung on her waist. She had already accumulated 781 points and her ranking was 1563 on the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Point Board.

    However, this was not what delighted Cen Shuyin the most; Cen Shuyin was especially contented that after these three months of life and death battles, she had broke through to the Yuan Dan Stage. Now, she lacked some closed door cultivation to stabilise her condition.

    "Junior apprentice sister Shuyin," A slightly husky voice called out to her.

    Cen Shuyin turned to see Ren Tianxing; Ren Tianxing had called out to her when they were still quite a distance apart.

    "Shuyin greets senior apprentice brother Ren. Congratulations on transcending the Mortal Realm and advancing into the Yuan Dan Stage. I believe that with senior apprentice brother Ren's talents, you would soon transcend the Earth Realm and become a True God." Cen Shuyin stopped in her tracks and paid respects to Ren Tianxing.

    Ren Tianxing had also just advanced into the Yuan Dan Stage; his spirituality was surging and he had not fully stabilized his cultivation.

    Ren Tianxing laughed ruefully, "Previously, I was a little proud of my talent, but I can no longer feel proud about it. I'm sure you've heard of the Pill Pagoda's junior apprentice sister Yan'Er? She did not enter the Pill Pagoda for long but she is already in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 5. Compared to her, I'm like sh*t. Let's not talk about that, I heard that you came together with junior apprentice brother Mo Wuji. Do you know where junior apprentice brother Mo went off to?"

    Cen Shuyin went silent; she only spoke after some time, "Junior apprentice brother Mo and I separated in An Yang. He said that he would come to the battlefield, but I did not see him. I'm afraid..."

    Cen Shuyin did not finish her words but Ren Tianxing could understand what she was implying. Things did not seem to bode well for Mo Wuji.
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