Chapter 189: The Great Battle in the Thunder Fog Forest

    Chapter 189: The Great Battle in the Thunder Fog Forest

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    The moment Ren Tianxing heard about this, he became silent too. Given his pride, there were very few people whom he admired and even though Mo Wuji was an outer disciple with a rather low aptitude, Ren Tianxing enjoyed interacting with him. Furthermore, Mo Wuji never looked down on himself even though he was only an outer disciple.

    Ren Tianxing was willing to befriend Mo Wuji, give up on searching for the earth fire in the Lost Sky Ruins, accompany him back to the sect and even gift him a self-disguising spiritual item precisely because he truly admired a person like Mo Wuji.

    Now that he realised that Mo Wuji might have fallen, he would naturally be feeling slightly dejected. It definitely wasn't easy for a cultivator to meet a true friend in this world.

    There were two black scarfed cultivators bending down to clean up the victory goods on the floor not too far away from where Ren Tianxing and Cen Shuyin were conversing at. The two cultivators only stood up after Ren Tianxing and Cen Shuyin left.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would have recognised one of them. He was Honest Qi from the Honest Provision Shop.

    "That Cen Shuyin came over with Mo Wuji yet had no idea where Mo Wuji went. She is really a dumb woman," Honest Qi badmouthed Cen Shuyin as he watched her back.

    The black scarfed woman beside him grunted, "You are the dumb one. The woman and Mo Wuji were clearly not that close so why would she know where Mo Wuji went?"

    "So what should we do now?" Honest Qi changed the topic the moment he heard this woman reprimanding him.

    The black scarfed woman saw the fog shrouded Thunder Fog Forest from away as she pondered for while before replying, "We have gotten rid of the three people who have seen the Celestial Sunflower Gold and Mo Wuji was the only one to have seen them before. We have to find that Mo Wuji kid by hook or by crook."

    "Aren't we overestimating this kid?" Honest Qi said while laughing.

    The black scarfed woman grunted yet again, "If that kid was actually capable of noticing your spiritual imprint and then pass the misfortune onto somebody else, he could very likely follow your spiritual imprint to find that spirit stone quarry. This is our only clue. From what we found out, Mo Wuji was likely to be in the Thunder Fog Forest after arriving in An Yang and this was confirmed by the words of Cen Shuyin earlier. Where do you think he would have went if he wasn't here?"

    Honest Qi did not continue talking as the woman had already made her intentions clear. They have to find Mo Wuji even if he did not have the Celestial Sunflower Gold.

    "He could have been killed too," Honest Qi sighed. Previously, he thought he had Mo Wuji under his observation only to realise that Mo Wuji was not fooled by him. The one who was truly fooled was Honest Qi and he even lost a Solitary Dark Pill to him.

    The black scarfed woman gave Honest Qi a cold look before ranting at him, "You really think a scheming, crafty person like him would fall so easily in the war of cultivators? Only an idiot like you would die so easily here."

    Seeing how Honest Qi wanted to ask for instructions again, the black scarfed woman raised her hand to slap him. Honest Qi did not dare to dodge it as her slap landed heavily on him.

    After slapping Honest Qi, the black scarfed woman said, "If you are Mo Wuji who has offended many people in the sect, where would you hide after arriving here?"

    "I wouldn't be hiding because I would be rushing to get out of this place," Honest Qi said exactly what was in his heart.

    "So you are still a coward after all? Even an outer disciple like him had the guts to scold a lord straight in his face. Seems like you will never make it as an outer disciple in your entire life. Let me tell you now, if that Mo Wuji dared to fool you and even come to this war of cultivators voluntarily, he would not leave so easily. He must have had his own plans..." The black scarfed woman lashed out at him restlessly.

    "I understand now, he would go to the Thunder Fog Forest..." Honest Qi blurted out energetically.

    The black scarfed woman's eyes lit up, "That's right, he could only go to the Thunder Fog Forest. Let's go to the Thunder Fog Forest immediately. If we still couldn't find the Celestial Sunflower this time round, we would have to leave the Lost Sky City's underground market.

    To investigate Mo Wuji, they had asked a lot of people for his whereabouts. Even though this was nothing significant, they had already revealed their own identity.


    "Ah, this Thunder Fog Forest has too many lightning bolts. That kid must be insane to come here..."yet another lightning bolt struck Honest Qi's shoulder before he had the time to avoid it as he could only curse. Within a day in the Thunder Fog Forest, he had been struck by over 10 lightning bolts.

    Before Honest Qi could finish his sentence, he paused all of a sudden as he saw two men blocking their path.

    "Idiot, how many times have I told you to keep your mouth shut?" The black scarfed woman raged at Honest Qi the moment she saw the two men in front of them.

    "I must admit that both of you are quite gutsy so why do you have to be so sneaky? If you want to go to our Floating Star's encampment, you could go there directly without making a detour through the Thunder Fog Forest," the one speaking was a short and plump man.

    The man, who had a head of golden hair, big wide ears and a little squarish eyes, was holding a pitched black steel ball. On the first glance, he looked just like a laughable short wintermelon. Both Honest Qi and the black scarfed woman grew suspicious as they would definitely not take this short wintermelon lightly. This short wintermelon's spiritual aura was well reserved within him as if he was an immortal master.

    Standing beside this short wintermelon was an average built man with a face as straight as a coffin board. He was lifeless with his eyelids almost shut as if he was thinking about something else. However, the killing intent in him was no lesser than the short wintermelon.

    "Keke..." Honest Qi coughed twice before cupping his fist to say, "My two Dao friends have misunderstood, it is really a big misunderstanding. We have nothing to do with the sh*tty Hundred Sect Alliance of the Five Big Empires as we will be here in the Thunder Fog Forest purely to find some spiritual herbs and nothing more."

    "I am sorry to say that the Thunder Fog Forest is now our territory," That short wintermelon said as he swinged his steel ball around.

    "Since this is the case, we shall leave immediately," The black scarfed woman responded instantaneously as she could feel that these two men were definitely not weaker than them.

    "Don't leave since you're already here..." This time, it was the coffin face man who spoke and after this sentence, he bombarded over tens of strands of thin silk towards the black scarfed woman.

    Almost simultaneously, the short wintermelon made his move too. The steel ball which he was swinging around previously suddenly became a dark, black hole-like ball as it swung towards Honest Qi.

    Inevitably, Honest Qi drew out a steel hammer which ripped open the surrounding air before clashing with the black hole-like ball.


    An intense blast of elemental energy coupled with the sound of metals clashing caused a few inches deep gulley to explode out of thin air.

    A great recoil of elemental energy hit Honest Qi as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before being sent flying backwards. The short wintermelon didn't have it easy either as he only barely managed to forcefully swallow the mouthful of fresh blood instead.

    As compared to Honest Qi and the short wintermelon's moves, the black scarfed woman and the coffin man's moves were relentless.

    The coffin man's over 10 silk thread was mostly fended off by the black scarfed woman's crescent blade. However, the enormous amount of elemental energy in the tens of strands of thin silk eventually broke through the black scarfed woman's wall of defense. Just like an invisible iron claw, the coffin man tore apart the black scarfed on the woman.

    The woman eventually revealed a pale face with a thin lips.

    "Let's leave quickly!" After just a single round of exchanging blows, the black scarfed woman knew that it would be impossible for Honest Qi and herself to kill these two because they were definitely not any weaker than themselves.

    Even before the woman's prompt, Honest Qi had already started escaping into the depth of the Thunder Fog Forest. The black scarfed woman drew a semicircular arc in the air before following closely behind Honest Qi into the depth of the Thunder Fog Forest.

    Without any hesitation, the two cultivators battling Honest Qi and the black scarfed woman immediately chased after them.

    Other than a huge gulley and a ground of complete disorder, there was nothing left behind at the place where the four of them fought.


    "Pa!" Mo Wuji swept away the spirit stones powder on his body before standing up. Ever since he started cultivating, this was the greatest difficulty he had faced.

    Who knows how many spirit stones he had exhausted within this three months worth of cultivation yet he only managed to advance from Spirit Building Stage Level 9 to the later stage of the same level. He was still very far off his short term goal: Spirit Building Stage Level 10.

    Mo Wuji saw the floor full of spirit stones' shreds as he sighed helplessly. Perhaps, he had to cultivate behind closed doors for over one and a half year before being able to advance to Spirit Building Stage Level 10.

    No way, I have to continue cultivating. He had the experience of Channel Opening Stage Level 10 and previously, he was only able to kill the two Spirit Building Stage cultivators because he was in Channel Opening Stage Level 10. This proved that the vast difference between level 9 and level 10 was almost as great as an entire realm.

    After tidying up the immortal cave, Mo Wuji made up his mind to not give up until he managed to reach Spirit Building Stage Level 10.

    "Hong!" A spine-chilling explosion of elemental energy shocked Mo Wuji. He quickly put away the spirit stones which he took out as he cautiously turned his elementary monitor rune on. His monitor rune was placed beside the defensive array so as to prevent anybody from entering. Previously, Mo Wuji offed his monitor rune because he was cultivating. However, as that there was such an intense explosion outside, he naturally had to take a look.

    From his monitor rune, he could see four blurry figures engaging in a hot-blooded battle. The battle between the man and woman resulted in sand and stones flying all around as Mo Wuji could not see anything at all. There was another head-on duel between two men as every time the two magic treasure clashed, a huge pile of gravel slag would be flying around because of it.

    No way. Mo Wuji was able to recognise one of the man as Honest Qi of the Lost Sky Ruins very swiftly.

    The more Mo Wuji witnessed the fight, the more frightened he felt. He previously did suspect that Honest Qi was acting as a pig to eat a tiger, however, after witnessing Honest Qi's true strength, he felt even more unsettled. Mo Wuji was sure that out of everyone he met before, he had never seen a person as strong as Honest Qi.

    Seeing how huge rocks and trees were being destroyed by the four of them, he even witnessed the gully expanding. Mo Wuji could only curse in his heart about how unlucky he was because back when he first dug an immortal cave in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he was immediately met with an ambush by a high grade demonic beast.

    Now that he was in the Thunder Fog Forest, he was met with such incident yet again. This time it wasn't just one but four high grade experts fighting right in front of his entrance. Noticing how the rocks outside of the lightning valley were collapsing one after the other, Mo Wuji knew that it wouldn't be long before his immortal cave fell apart too. If that happened, he would have nowhere else to hide.
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