Chapter 190: Surviving A Deadly Situation

    Chapter 190: Surviving A Deadly Situation

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    "Hong! Hua!" Mo Wuji's worries eventually turned into reality; his lightning valley was torn apart. The cliffs on both sides of the valley started to collapse, and as the cliffs collapsed, his immortal cave naturally wouldn't be spared.

    As for his defensive array, under the powerful clashes of elemental energy, it was simply like a joke. It couldn't even take a single hit.

    Mo Wuji rushed out with ash and dirt all over his face and landed by the edge of a hole outside the lightning valley.

    Before the four could speak, Mo Wuji waved his hands and said, "You guy's continue, I'm just passing by to get some soy sauce [1]..." As he spoke, Mo Wuji was constantly retreating backwards.

    The moment Mo Wuji rushed out from the valley, the four were instantly shocked. But after seeing how the young-looking Mo Wuji didn't exude any ripples of spirituality, that short wintermelon and coffin man decided to treat him like air. They did not continue to care about Mo Wuji and continued to attack the black scarfed woman and Honest Qi.

    On the other hand, Honest Qi and that black scarfed woman were ecstatic. They had always been finding Mo Wuji, they never would have expected that Mo Wuji would actually hide within a lightning valley.

    If not for their encounter with these two, even if they ransacked the entire Thunder Fog Forest, they wouldn't have been able to find this crafty kid. Honest Qi snorted in his heart, Buy soy sauce? Even if you were here to buy petrol, I wouldn't let you go.

    Since Mo Wuji had appeared, Honest Qi and the black scarfed woman did not continue to retreat as they defended themselves. They gave each other knowing glances, and could see the glee in the other's eyes. Their attacks started to get more crazed and relentless. They even threw out some of their most desperate moves.

    Mo Wuji could tell that Honest Qi and the black scarfed woman were in one team, while the other two guys were in another team. The two guys seemed to be alien cultivators.

    With the four's power, regardless of who emerged victorious, a small Spirit Building Stage cultivator like him die with a single glance.

    Mo Wuji stealthily took a few steps back; he needed to make use of the opportunity that there were no clear victors to leave this battlefield. He felt some regret that he didn't put on his mask during his cultivation, which caused him to be recognised by Honest Qi.

    3 meters, 6 meters...

    As Mo Wuji slowly retreated, he kept his guards up and attention on the battle. He decided that the moment he reached the 15 meters mark, he would turn and bolt.

    9 meters... 12 meters...

    An icy cold energy pounced towards him, Mo Wuji's entire body seemed to be locked in place, unable to extricate himself. He desperately wanted to fetch his Tian Ji Pole and break this apart, but unfortunately, he was far too weak.

    "Pu!" A long spear stabbed Mo Wuji's shoulder, and pinned him to the ground.

    Honest Qi, this bast*rd is truly a black-bellied old man. Mo Wuji cursed in his heart but there was nothing he could do.

    At this moment, Honest Qi's back was towards him; Mo Wuji really wanted to give Honest Qi a taste of his Lightning Flash. That would give that short wintermelon a chance to eliminate him. Unfortunately, that was just a fleeting thought. If Honest Qi died, he wouldn't have anywhere to go.

    Mo Wuji slowly climbed back up, and at the same time, he gritted his teeth and slowly pulled the spear out of his shoulder. Thereafter, he took some healing pills. He knew that as long as he didn't move, Honest Qi would not act against him.

    As expected, seeing that Mo Wuji no longer retreated, Honest Qi became more 'honest' and did not attack him. However, the hammer in his hand became even more ruthless.

    "Ah..." Just as Mo Wuji was contemplating on how he planned to escape, a mournful scream could be heard. Mo Wuji subconsciously turned over to see the the woman being wrapped in tens of strands of glowing, thin silk; blood seeped out from where the silk met her flesh.

    If this woman was unable to break these thin silk apart, she could very well be sliced alive.

    Honest Qi instantly became anxious; the hammer in his hand transformed into countless of huge hammer shadows which were hurled towards the short wintermelon. From the looks of it, he wanted to force the short wintermelon into retreat to save the girl.

    However, the short wintermelon also knew that this was a critical moment in their battle, and acted with similar frenzy. He used his steel ball to wildly crash against Honest Qi, not giving Honest Qi the opportunity to retreat by even half a step. With every hurl of his steel ball, there seemed to be the vacuum suction of a black hole. Facing this kind of power, even Honest Qi was completely unable to extricate himself.

    Seeing that Honest Qi was unable to lend a hand, Mo Wuji's gaze shifted from Honest Qi to the woman. The woman was wrapped in countless strands of thin silk as blood slowly oozed out of her body. Terror filled her eyes...

    Mo Wuji once again shifted his eyes back to Honest Qi. He wanted to see how Honest Qi intended to save this woman. The moment this woman was killed, he would be alone and he would definitely die.

    Soon, Mo Wuji was able to notice that something was amiss; Honest Qi was anxious, but that anxiousness only appeared on his face. In actuality, his attacks were matched against the short wintermelon's, and they were no bit impatient. Most importantly, Mo Wuji did not see the anxious and scared expression within Honest Qi's eyes.

    This woman had met with danger, but why is Honest Qi's eyes and attacks the same? This woman must be planning something.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji diverted his eyes back on the woman. The woman was truly terrified and anxious, she did not look like she was faking it.

    Mo Wuji was truly unable to make sense of this situation, how was this woman going to turn the tables around? Both her hands were tied; unless she could use her spiritual will to attack her opponent? However, that coffin man wasn't an easy opponent, using spiritual will alone, or using spiritual will to control a magic treasure to attack him might not be able to faze him.

    "Pu!" More blood spilled out from the woman's body, she seemed to be on the verge of death.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji became more sure that his judgement was not wrong; this woman definitely had some killing ace. He suddenly fetched his Tian Ji Pole and rushed for this woman's neck.

    If he retreated, he would die. If he did nothing, he would also die. He might as well play this gamble. This might be his only chance, so how could he just let it go?

    The instant Mo Wuji moved, a claw suddenly formed from the woman's abdomen. The claw was like a shadow and reached the coffin man in the shortest time possible, piercing through his chest. A heart dripping with fresh blood was ripped out by this claw, the heart seemed to still be beating.

    The coffin man seemed to be filled with confusion; he lowered his head and stared at the gaping hole in his chest, seemingly unable to understand what had just happened.

    "Peng! Kacha!" At the instant the woman made her sudden move to grab the coffin man's heart, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole smashed against her neck.

    The woman was already tangled by the coffin man's thin silk, and was heavily injured. Now, Mo Wuji had used his Tian Ji Pole to strike at her neck. Her neck was instantly torn apart, and only a layer of skin remained. No matter how strong she was, she wasn't able to train her neck to be as hard as steel.

    If she wasn't injured, she might have been able to use elemental energy to defend herself from Mo Wuji's pole. But for now, she could only die bafflingly under Mo Wuji's strike.

    "Peng! Peng!" Two consecutive sounds. The coffin man and the woman fell to the ground at the same time.

    Mo Wuji secretly celebrated in his heart, he had truly grasped the right opportunity. If his pole was a little later, he might not have hit this woman. If he was earlier, then the coffin man would not have suffered any damage. These were two undesirable circumstances. This result where his one pole resulted in both parties suffering was exactly what he wanted.

    The sudden change shocked both Honest Qi and that short wintermelon; Honest Qi naturally knew of the woman's methods, but he could not have expected for Mo Wuji to dare use this chance to sneak an attack on her.

    The short wintermelon was also shocked still; not only was it shocking for an ant like Mo Wuji to suddenly strike a much higher existence, it was more astounding for a hand to emerge from that woman's abdomen. Cold sweat trickled down his back. If not for Mo Wuji's sneak attack, that woman would have killed his companion and join forces with his opponent to deal with him. No matter how strong he was, he would eventually die under the hands of this baffling abdomen hand.

    As Mo Wuji saw the two perish together, he immediately cried loud, "So what if you're from the Hundred Sect Alliance? The Thunder Fog Forest is our territory. An old thing like you dares intrude in our territory, you're simply looking for death."

    "Lord, let me see whether this senior can be saved..." As he spoke, Mo Wuji already retrieved some fragrant healing pills and stuffed it in the coffin man's mouth. Thereafter, he carefully hugged the coffin man, seeming as though he was going to shift the coffin man to the side for treatment.

    The reason for Mo Wuji's actions was because he was afraid that Honest Qi would attack him again. Now, he was acting as though he was on the same side as the short wintermelon, and if Honest Qi were to act against him, the attack would be blocked by that short wintermelon.

    Mo Wuji's series of actions caused that short wintermelon to believe that Mo Wuji wasn't a cultivator from the Lost Continent, but was like him, a cultivator from the Floating Star.

    Mo Wuji's prediction did not go wrong; the instant he eliminated that woman, Honest Qi shot out another beam of light.

    However, this time, the short wintermelon did not standby as he also sent out a beam of light to strike against Honest Qi's. At the same time, his steel ball continued to form black holes which were hurled towards Honest Qi.

    The first time Honest Qi struck Mo Wuji, the short wintermelon didn't do anything. But this time around, Honest Qi wasn't so lucky. With one sneak attack, the tables had turned.

    Even though Honest Qi desperately wanted to deal with Mo Wuji, he had to deal this with the short wintermelon's killer attacks.

    As Mo Wuji carried the coffin man, he saw the ring on the woman's hands. He did not hesitate to retrieve that storage ring before retreating with the coffin man.

    Knowing that this coffin man was on his final breaths, Mo Wuji took out another aromatic pill and stuffed it in the coffin man's mouth before saying mournfully, "Senior, you must hold on, you have to hold on. Our side definitely cannot go without senior..."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji secretly took the storage ring off the coffin man's finger.

    "Oh right, the Thunder Fog Forest has a spiritual ingredient called the Heart Protecting Flower. Senior, hold on ah. I will help you find the Heart Protecting Flower..."

    Finishing this sentence, Mo Wuji turned and charged into the Thunder Fog Forest. He disappeared in the blink of an eye; he did not even give that short wintermelon the time to react.

    It was only now that the short wintermelon find that something was amiss. When Mo Wuji was saving his companion, why didn't Mo Wuji help retrieve his companion's heart and stuff it back in? If Mo Wuji didn't do that, then why would there be any point in getting the Heart Protecting Flower? However, Mo Wuji ran away too quickly, and he was being tied down by Honest Qi.

    "Idiot, barbaric morons..." Honest Qi saw that Mo Wuji had escaped and became even more crazed in his attacks against the short wintermelon. He was more clear of Mo Wuji's craftiness than the short wintermelon. If Mo Wuji really returned with a Heart Protecting Flower, he would willingly commit suicide.

    The short wintermelon was enraged by Honest Qi's ruthless attacks, and could no longer be bothered to care about Mo Wuji. The steel ball in his hands were shrouded in killing intent as he threw it towards Honese Qi.

    [1] It's a joke-like phrase HAHA
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