Chapter 191: The Safest Place

    Chapter 191: The Safest Place

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    Mo Wuji bolted. Previously, he still exercised caution when he entered the Thunder Fog Forest and made sure that he did not delve too deep for fear of encountering terrifying demonic beasts. But now, Mo Wuji did not give a sh*t; even if there was a strong demonic beast in front of him, he would not hesitate to charge forward.

    Albeit Honest Qi, or that short wintermelon, their powers were far beyond what Mo Wuji could match. If the two discovered a slightest trace of him, he would die horribly.

    Mo Wuji ran for close to four days before he finally stopped. It wasn't because he didn't want to run any further, but because he truly didn't dare to do so.

    As he arrived, he heard the sounds of a ferocious roar. He had heard such a beast roar before; back in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, the cry of a demonic beast undergoing heavenly tribulation was equally terrifying.

    If he were to continue running, he might just run straight into the demonic beast's mouth. With this pause, Mo Wuji finally had the time to look at the two storage rings in his hand. His heart was filled with anticipation; these two rings were his greatest spoils of war. These two rings alone made it all worthwhile.

    He was in no rush to erase the imprints on the rings, it was more important to find a place to conceal himself.

    Keeping the rings close to himself, Mo Wuji started cautiously searching for a hiding place. Even though he had ran for four whole days in the Thunder Fog Forest, it was still not safe.

    Naturally, the safest place for him would be the lightning valleys. But unfortunately, he did not dare enter a lightning valley for now; he was afraid that Honest Qi would specially search for him within lightning valleys. After all, he had stayed in a lightning valley before and he was still discovered by Honest Qi.

    A lightning lake might also be a good alternative. Mo Wuji turned to look at a nearby lightning lake but his heart was still filled with apprehension.

    Minutes later, Mo Wuji gave up on the idea of hiding in the lightning lake. If Honest Qi had not discovered him hiding within a lightning valley, then the lightning lake might be a good choice. But for now, the lightning lake might not be the best of options.

    Mo Wuji gazed towards the unfathomably deep and boundless Thunder Fog Forest and sighed inwardly. At this moment, leaving the Thunder Fog Forest was the best option.

    However, it was easy to enter the Thunder Fog Forest, but it was difficult to exit it.

    Where exactly can I hide? Mo Wuji grabbed his hair in desperation. Suddenly, he turned to look at the ground beneath his feet. Due to his footsteps, the ground had been trampled and flattened. If a person passed by and saw this scene, they would definitely deduce that someone had passed by. It was as jarring as and as open as the center of a highway road.

    What was that phrase again? The most dangerous place was also the safest. There's also this other word called blindspot.

    It's decided, this open area would be his hiding spot, just that he wouldn't be above the ground, but underneath it.

    Mo Wuji's gaze turned towards the lightning lake; it wasn't easy to dig his way under the ground from the lightning lake. After all, he didn't know any earth type skills.

    But regardless of the difficulty, Mo Wuji was resolute on this decision. Honest Qi definitely wouldn't expect for him to hide underneath this open ground. This was because Spirit Building cultivators wouldn't be able to form an inner breath, thus, they would need air to survive. It was due to this reason that cultivators did not confine themselves in spaces devoid of air. Even Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to stay underground without air.

    However, Mo Wuji had an advantage which others didn't: he was a practitioner of the Array Dao. He would be able to install an elementary life array which would be able to provide him with vitality and air. Thus, he wouldn't suffocate to death while he was underground, and would be able to stay there for as long as he liked. Of course, this was on the premise that he could successfully install the elementary life array.

    Mo Wuji walked towards the lightning lake and picked the safest spot for him to enter. There was another advantage in digging from the lightning lake; the constant descending of lightning would cause soil to splatter and quickly cover the hole.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji grudgingly stopped after filling all his storage bags with soil. He was truly unable to endure any further. Even though he had compressed the soil, and had dug many storage bags of soil, the area he obtained was not more than 1 square meter. With such a small space, he wouldn't even be able to sleep.

    Even though the space was small, Mo Wuji did not wish to dig any further. He suspected that if he were to continue boring through the ground, he would get bored to death. In the past two days, his circulation had even gotten erratic.

    Mo Wuji immediately installed an elementary life array and some illumination stones for light. It was only then did he have some time to take in some proper breaths of air. If he had the chance in the future, he would definitely learn some five element skills. With such skills, he wouldn't need to struggle underground.

    At this moment, his spiritual will wasn't able to scan the ground above, nor did he have the need to. Even though he had spiritual will, he was still a Spirit Building Stage cultivator. Furthermore, if his spiritual will could reach above, then others' might also reach down below.

    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji gradually regained his former countenance, but he was too lazy to change his clothes. He immediately retrieved those two rings.

    Eh, the instant Mo Wuji's eyes swept across the jade token hung at his waist, he noticed that there was an additional row of words on it.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly grabbed it. Previously, he had been constantly running for his life and didn't have the time to look at his contribution points. Thereafter, he was busy preparing a hiding spot so he didn't have the opportunity to look at it.

    It was only with that cursory sweep that he discovered that new row of words that he was abruptly reminded of something: Perhaps that coffin man might have died in his hands! The Hundred Sect Alliance's jade tokens would only record the contribution points from the fleeting soul of an alien cultivator who was personally killed by an alliance member.

    When Mo Wuji was tossing and turning the coffin man, that fella still had a few breaths left in him. Thereafter, he stuffed two pills into the coffin man's mouth. He might have just choked that coffin fella with that act.

    But that doesn't seem likely. Don't tell me that when I was carrying that fella away, I really killed him?

    Aiya, let's not bother about that. Since I have the contribution points, it means that that coffin man was killed by me.

    Mo Wuji lifted the contribution point jade token and the line of words instantly shocked him still. Rogue Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points: 9022, Ranking: 10.

    What insane level was that coffin man at? He was actually worth 9000 points? Mo Wuji knew that that all these 9000 points must have come from killing that coffin man. After all, the woman that he killed wasn't an alien cultivator, so she definitely wouldn't have given him any points.

    After a brief moment of astonishment, Mo Wuji exhaled a long breath of air and kept his contribution point jade token with great caution. He guessed that there would definitely be a commotion back at the Hundred Sect Alliance; a rogue cultivator suddenly rushed right into the top 10, who wouldn't take notice of that? These kind of points were the points that the top three had three months ago.

    Mo Wuji could not help but chuckle. He did not care about the ranking but those contribution points could be exchanged for many great things. How could he not be excited?

    But naturally, what made Mo Wuji the most contented wasn't the contribution points but those two storage rings. Even legacy disciples like Cen Shuyin and Ren Tianxing didn't have such things, but he actually obtained two of them.

    When the time comes, he might give one to Ren Tianxing. He was a person who was worth befriending.

    The first ring he took out was the coffin man's ring. Mo Wuji was about to use his spiritual will to remove his imprint when his heart skipped a beat. Thereafter, he immediately laughed out loud. He finally understood how that coffin man died; that fella wasn't killed because Mo Wuji carelessly moved him, nor was that fella killed because of his pills.

    That fella was angered to death by Mo Wuji. He only had a few breaths left, and he thought that Mo Wuji was there to save him. He never expected that he would be made use of by Mo Wuji to obtain the short wintermelon's protection. Not only that, his ring was robbed in front of his eyes by Mo Wuji. It would be weird if he wasn't angered to death.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will barged into the storage ring; he finally managed to erase the spiritual will imprint within the ring after half a day.

    An area of several square meters appeared in front of Mo Wuji's eyes. Mo Wuji exhaled a short breath of air, this storage ring was a huge room! The storage bag simply couldn't compare to it.

    In the meters wide space, there were many piles of spirit stones, spiritual ingredients and smithing materials. There even more piles of pill vases, and there was even a pile of jade boxes, jade letters and cultivation manuals.

    All these good stuff nearly blinded Mo Wuji's eyes.

    He hurriedly grabbed and opened each and every one of those jade boxes. The worst he found was a Tier 6 spiritual herb. The others were either Tier 7 spiritual grass or spiritual fruits. Mo Wuji even found two strains of Tier 8 spiritual herbs.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji wasn't even familiar with many of the smithing materials.

    Mo Wuji didn't know that the jade letters were so he didn't touch them. Instead, he started flipping the manuals; there were all at least at the Treasured Mortal Grade, and there was even one at the Treasure Earth Grade.

    So many good things! Unfortunately, the only thing he could use now was the storage ring and those piles of spirit stones.

    After placing this ring aside, he fetched the second ring.

    This was that woman's storage ring. Mo Wuji directly sent his spiritual will into the ring. That woman had already perished, but her spiritual will imprint was actually much stronger than that coffin man.

    Mo Wuji had to spend a whole day in order to break that imprint apart.

    A space multiple times bigger than that coffin man's ring appeared in front of Mo Wuji's eyes. The area was at least in the tens of square meters. Where exactly did that woman come from?

    Besides the space of the ring, the things within it left Mo Wuji a little speechless.

    There were a few boxes filled with clothes, and the number of spirit stones did not exceed ten thousand. It was far from the number that the coffin man had.

    However, there was a pill furnace which caught Mo Wuji's attention. It was dull and inconspicuous, with a faint crimson trace by its side. If he did not look at it carefully, he would not have noticed it.

    This pill furnace did not look special but its grade should be not bad. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to declare this furnace as his own. Just right, he was lacking a furnace for him to concoct pills.

    The black scarfed woman's ring did not have those random manuals but there were three jade boxes placed at the cornet.

    Mo Wuji opened one of the jade boxes; a crystal clear thing exuding dense and pure spiritual energy lay within the jade box.

    "Heaven grade spirit stone?" Mo Wuji had obtained a Heaven grade spirit stone before. In one glance, he could tell that this was a Heaven grade spirit stone.

    Mo Wuji instantly got emotional, this was a great thing ah.

    Compared to that Treasured Earth Grade manual, this Heaven grade spirit stone was the thing he needed the most.
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