Chapter 192: Rogue Cultivator 2705

    Chapter 192: Rogue Cultivator 2705

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    Mo Wuji quickly opened the other two jade boxes, and discovered a Heaven grade spirit stone in each of them. Three Heaven grade spirit stones, what would happen if he used them all to cultivate?

    It was indeed a blessing in disguise. As a person near death, because he had clinched a crucial opportunity, not only did he avoid death, but also hit the jackpot.

    Seeing the looks on Honest Qi and that woman's faces, they probably came specially for him.

    At this point Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that he had given Honest Qi's items to those three unlucky fellas, so those three must have fallen into Honest Qi's hands. If that was the case, Honest Qi should have been aware of the Celestial Sunflower Gold in his hands by now.

    The reason that Honest Qi and that woman were here for him likely was the Celestial Sunflower Gold. After all, this sort of thing was a smithing treasure. Who wouldn't want a material that can be forged into flying magic treasures?

    Finally he understood why this woman had three Heaven grade spirit stones in her possession. These three Heaven grade spirit stones were obviously from a spirit stone mine. Those three unlucky fellas had likely dug up these Heaven grade spirit stones, but in the end got eliminated by Honest Qi and that woman. So their things naturally ended up in the hands of the woman.

    Cold sweat dripped down his back, as he became a little scared. If he did not meet Ren Tianxing mid-journey, he would have probably went back to the spirit stone quarry below that swamp after depleting the spirit stones he had on him. If he really did that, then he would have landed straight in Honest Qi's hands.

    Carefully refining the spacious storage ring, then imprinting his own spiritual will on it, Mo Wuji threw everything that belonged to him into the storage ting. In the end, he dared not wear the storage ring on his hands, instead using a thin piece of string to hang in around his neck.

    As for the other storage ring, he took out all of the items within it and kept it on him. If there was a chance in the future, he would give it to Ren Tianxing.

    Only after he finished all these preparations did Mo Wuji take out another pile of Earth grade spirit stones, then a Heaven grade spirit stones, in preparation to breakthrough to Spirit Building Stage Level 10.


    Tian Shang Empire capital, Yan City.

    This was the largest capital of all the Five Great Empires, and no other could compare to it. Xing Han Empire's largest city, Chang Luo, would only fit into a section of Yan City.

    Not only was Yan City the largest capital, but even in terms of pure cultivation cities, not many could compare to it. This was because Yan City as a place where cultivators and mortals lived together. With its strict laws, cultivators and mortals did not have conflicts while coexisting together, and this also caused the whole city to become even more exciting.

    On the largest plaza in Yan City, the Yan City Plaza, there were two stone slabs erected too. Those two stone slabs were the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board and the Five Great Empire's Sect's Contribution Points Board. However those two stone slabs were many times larger than those in An Yang City's plaza. Both of them were like two gigantic towers at the center of the plaza.

    At this moment, many cultivators were gathered at the center of the plaza, and everyone seemed to be discussing the Hundred Sect Alliance contribution points ranking.

    The reason for all the chatter was the unfamiliar name that appeared on the ranking: Rogue Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points: 9022, Ranking: 13.

    "Who is this? How could a rogue cultivator get over 9000 points, and place at 13th?

    "I heard that a rogue cultivator's contribution points token has no name on it, and could malfunction, which means that this rogue cultivator's points is most likely not only over 9000 points..."

    "I know this rogue cultivator, a few days ago, he was even at 10th place, only dropping three positions these few days."

    "I'm not sure who this guy is, to be able to overtake Great Evolution Sect's Liu Mang..."


    The cultivators on Yan City Plaza were not the only people engaged in intense discussion, even in the Hundred Sect Alliance encampment, many sect elders and sect heads were also asking who this Rogue Cultivator 2705 was. How could someone with so much strength be a rogue cultivator?

    In any sect, he would be considered a legacy disciple.

    At this moment a slightly tubby man stood up, bowing respectfully to the people locked in debate, and said "Fellow dao friends, I don't think there's a need to find out who Rogue Cultivator 2705 is. After all, we gave out about 10 to 20 thousand rogue cultivator jade tokens, so when he returns to exchange his contribution points, we'll naturally know who he is. I have a new suggestion though."

    "Elder Feng, please speak." Most of the people in the hall said in unison as they saw this slightly fat man stand up to speak.

    Even Feng Zhenqiu of Heaven Seeking Palace gave his approval.

    This guy might have appeared like a person who wouldn't hurt a fly, but in reality, he was a legitimate True God Stage expert. One of the sect protection elders, Feng Zhe.

    Feng Zhe's eyes formed a thin line, "Fellow dao friends, the rogue cultivator jade tokens that were distributed, are actually the defective products after our refining, and they only have the function of recording contribution points. Because this kind of jade token cannot have one's sect and identity written on it, so we're unable to count them under any of the sects. Normally, we would distribute these to rogue cultivators below Transcending Mortality Stage. It's much easier to make such jade tokens, and we originally didn't think much of it. After all, rogue cultivators below Transcending Mortality Stage usually are not really strong at fighting. "

    Then, he carried on, "However, I think that we've done it wrongly now. Rogue Cultivator 2705 must have been a rogue cultivator below Transcending Mortality Stage to be able to obtain the rogue cultivator jade token. But he alone obtained over 9000 points, even breaking into the top 10 of the rankings. It is obvious how much he has contributed to the Five Great Empires. I suggest that we should make a batch of rogue cultivator jade tokens, with no minimum level set, that anyone can obtain."

    "I agree with Elder Feng's suggestion." This time it was Heaven Seeking Palace's Feng Zhenqiu that spoke.

    While the Great Evolution Sect was ahead of Heaven Seeking Palace on both rankings, but Feng Zhe's suggestion was beneficial to the entire Five Great Empires, so as the Second Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace, he wouldn't object to it.

    "I also agree!"

    "I agree!"

    Many sect elders and sect heads began to stand up one by one to express their support for this plan.


    Mo Wuji did not know that because he obtained over 9000 points as a rogue cultivator, it had caused such a large commotion. At the moment, he was absorbing a Heaven grade spirit stone fervently.

    Previously, he only went from basic Spirit Building Stage Level 9 to advanced Level 9 after months of gruelling cultivation. But now that he had Heaven grade spirit stones, he could once again enjoy the comfortable feeling of cultivation. Using a Heaven grade spirit stone and a pile of Earth grade spirit stones, was just as comfortable as soaking in a pool of spiritual energy. This comfort caused all of the pores on Mo Wuji's body to open up, and all 100 meridians went through spiritual energy circulation wildly.

    The originally difficult cultivation level, finally began to rise steadily.

    In only a day's time, Mo Wuji had reached the Great Circle of Spirit Building Stage Level 9. The Heaven grade spirit stone's rich spiritual energy with a hint of cultivation dao continued to form waves, which crashed one by one into every meridian in his body.

    As the second day passed, his whole body suddenly trembled, and the feeling of breaking out of a cocoon came into his mind. At that moment, he had broken through to Spirit Building Stage Level 10.

    Forcibly, Mo Wuji suppressed the joy within him, and carried on absorbing spiritual energy. Based on his experience, when absorbing spiritual energy, it would be mainly absorbing the Earth grade spirit stones beneath him, followed by the spiritual energy from the Heaven grade spirit stone in between.

    This cultivation method's benefit was that he could prolong the duration of cultivation with the Heaven grade spirit stone, otherwise, a Heaven grade spirit stone would be depleted by him very quickly.

    Of course, there were bad points of absorbing spiritual energy this way, which was that his speed of cultivation slowed down somewhat. But no matter how much slower, it would still be faster than the five months he initially used to advance from basic Spirit Building Stage Level 9 to advanced Spirit Building Stage Level 9.

    Never did he want to return to that snail-crawling pace of cultivation ever again, so he had to use Heaven grade spirit stones conservatively.

    Something like Heaven grade spirit stones, could not be bought even if he wanted to.

    Pile after pile of spirit stones were sucked dry by Mo Wuji, and he gathered the remnants, before producing another pile of them. Cultivating underground made him slowly forget about everything else.

    A month later, Mo Wuji broke through Spirit Building Stage Level 10, and as expected, to Spirit Building Stage Level 11. Two months later, he broke through again, this time to Spirit Building Stage Level 12.

    After reaching Level 12, Mo Wuji muttered to himself. Now that I've opened 100 meridians, will I have to cultivate to level 12 for every stage? Or does the Immortal Mortal Technique require me to cultivate to level 12?

    Regardless of what was going on, Mo Wuji had experience in this area already. Once he hit Spirit Building Stage Level 12, it meant that he was about to enter Transcend Mortality. After making necessary preparations, he circulated his spiritual energy according to the Immortal Mortal Technique, and tried to break through to Transcending Mortality Stage.

    As his cultivation level grew higher, the rate that he absorbed spiritual energy became faster and faster. The area that he affected became larger too, with an area of radius one meter around him being covered in a spiritual energy fog.

    "Bang!" A body shattering vibration caused Mo Wuji to open his eyes abruptly, and he looked at the Heaven grade spirit stone that had become ashes in his hands.

    He had not broken through to Transcending Mortality Stage, but rather, while he was ready to do so, his 101th meridian suddenly opened up.

    Naturally Mo Wuji knew what every meridian opening from now on entailed. It meant that his strength would increase many folds, and on top of that, his potential would increase by many times too.

    This was the reality. The instant that his 101th meridian was opened, the Heaven grade spirit stone in his hand was sucked dry, and the pile of Earth grade spirit stones on the ground had not many left in it.

    A feeling of immense strength flowed through his body, and Mo Wuji clenched his fight tightly. Even though he had not battled any strong opponents of the same level as him, he was very confident that he was unrivalled at his cultivation level.

    Once again throwing out a pile of Earth grade spirit stones, and taking out a second Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji was determined to breakthrough the Spirit Building Stage to Transcending Mortality Stage this time.
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