Chapter 193: Surrounding Mo Wuji

    Chapter 193: Surrounding Mo Wuji

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    Tens of meters away from Mo Wuji's position, Honest Qi had a sullen look on his face. He had searched the Thunder Fog Forest for three months. Every lightning gorge, lightning lake, lightning jungle, even the hidden vine jungles had been searched by him, but there was no sign of Mo Wuji anywhere.

    It was as though Mo Wuji had vanished into thin air after entering Thunder Fog Forest three months ago. He suspected that Mo Wuji had been killed by some strong demonic beast, but yet he believed that Mo Wuji would not meet such an end. This was simply because that guy was too cunning. He swore that if he found Mo Wuji, he would drink every single drop of Mo Wuji's blood, and not waste a single piece of Mo Wuji's flesh.

    "Rumble...Rumble..." Intense rumbling came from a distance, and Honest Qi had no choice but to leave indignantly.

    He had no other option. Back then, he did not kill that short wintermelon, and now the alien cultivators were cleaning up the area. This Thunder Fog Forest had been destroyed completely by the alien cultivators, and became a empty field. The place that he was standing on would meet the same fate soon too.

    As Honest Qi was about to leave, he suddenly sensed a strong spiritual ripple, one that seemed like someone was about to breakthrough to the next stage.

    Immediately, he scanned outwards with his spiritual will. But before he could finish inspecting his surroundings in detail, a frightening white light shot at him from far away. Leaping forward, Honest Qi moved like a large bird, and ran on top of where Mo Wuji was doing closed door cultivation, deeper into Thunder Fog Forest. He knew that the idiot alien cultivators were back, and this part of Thunder Fog Forest would cease to exist very soon.

    Mo Wuji's idea of hiding in plain sight had saved his life again, as Honest Qi ignored his current closed door cultivation location, running away almost right from beside him.

    "Bang!" All of Mo Wuji's meridians trembled together, as a strong wave of elemental energy spread out from him dantian, filling up every single one of them.

    The rich elemental energy made him want to roar uncontrollably, and burst out of the underground. Almost at the same instant, his surroundings began to tremble too, and soil around him shook and fell.

    This caused Mo Wuji to open his eyes suddenly. He had advanced to Transcending Mortality Stage, but the tremor just now was definitely not caused by his breakthrough. Instead, it came from some battle above ground, so was there someone at his hiding location?

    "Bang Bang Bang!" Another round of explosions rang out, which confirmed his suspicions: someone had arrived at his location, and was engaging in a ferocious battle...

    Wait a minute, this doesn't sound like a large battle.

    Mo Wuji quickly kept everything, placing the half used Heaven grade spirit stone back in the jade box. The joy from opening his 101th meridian was temporarily thrown to a side, and he put on the self disguising mask once again, turning into a black scarred monk.

    "Whoosh!" A large piece of earth fell down, and Mo Wuji laid in ambush, not daring to make a move. A good half a day later, he could feel that the commotion outside had died down, so only then did he climb up by a few meters, before using his spiritual will to scan his surroundings.

    At this point, everything happening above ground was clearly seen by Mo Wuji. If he did not remember that he did closed door cultivation underground for over three months, he might have thought that a century had passed.

    The lightning lake, forest, and fog that were initially there had all disappeared completely. What replaced them was a barren wasteland, and only a small lightning lake continued to have some lightning bolts striking down above it.

    Seeing thousands of cultivators hacking away at the remaining trees, Mo Wuji couldn't believe his eyes. Were they going to destroy the Thunder Fog Forest?

    Those alien cultivators were indeed a brutish bunch, to actually use such forceful methods to search for people? From another perspective, they were using clumsy methods to clear the area.

    I can't go out now. Mo Wuji was immediately aware of his current situation. If he went out now, he would definitely be discovered.

    "Roar...Roar...Roar..." Waves of roaring sounds could be heard, followed by intense strikes and elemental energy explosions' sounds/

    In a mere 10 breaths' time, a large black mass of demonic beasts came rushing out wildly.

    A giant muscular ape and a bald monk were locked in battle, and Mo Wuji quickly retracted his spiritual will. He had a feeling that the bald monk was even stronger than the short wintermelon.

    Half an incense's time later, sounds of a massacre spread to Mo Wuji's ears, which prompted him to extend his spiritual will out again. This time, Mo Wuji dared not observe the two experts' fight, instead focusing on the lower level cultivators.

    Thousands of low level cultivators were battling countless demonic beasts, causing a murderous aura to hang in the sky.

    Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air. He knew that there were demonic beasts in Thunder Fog Forest, but he didn't expect there to be so many.

    Tens of thousands of demonic beasts leapt at the cultivators that destroyed their homeland, and each of them displayed all the skills they had on hand.

    Every moment there were demonic beasts and cultivators falling like flies.

    The monk that was battling the giant ape saw the situation around him, and shouted in panic, "Quickly request for reinforcements..."

    However, only half of his sentence left his mouth, as a murderous roar sounded out from a faraway place. It was obvious that while they were fighting the demonic beasts of Thunder Fog Forest, the Five Great Empire's cultivators had fully mobilised.

    "Idiot, didn't I tell you not to touch Thunder Fog Forest..." The bald monk shouted in anger, but it was very difficult for him to retreat now. Every attack the giant ape dished out was full of power. Once he backed off, he would likely be killed instantly by it.

    As Mo Wuji carried on observing the battle from underground, his heart was pounding really hard. In this sort of messy cultivator war, sometimes it didn't matter how strong you were, the chances of falling in battle was very high.

    The large scale battle lasted for a whole two hours, and had no signs of ending. At a faraway location, a bright light shot into the clouds. This caused the bald monk to panic even further, and he suddenly ripped the buddha beads off his neck, then hurled them at the giant ape.

    The giant ape responded with a roar of rage, at the same time opening his mouth to shoot out ten lightning bolts. Each lightning bolt met with a buddha bead, exploding in a burst of bright light.

    "Boom!" While the giant ape had counterattacked in time, a buddha bead still landed between his eyes. The giant ape let out a blood curdling scream, seemingly seeking out the bald monk to fight to the death. But just as this moment, the bald monk turned around and rushed out of Thunder Fog Forest.

    A murderous look appeared in the giant ape's eyes, as though as it knew that there were even more cultivators on the battlefield far away. In the end it dared not give chase, instead with a loud roar, it turned to escape into the depths of Thunder Fog Forest.

    Following the giant ape's roar, the big black mass of demonic beasts also retreated, vanishing completely in a short period of time. In his mind, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Since the battle had ended here, those guys should retreat soon. Once they left, he would have the chance to leave this accursed place.

    As expected, after the demonic beasts backed off, most of the alien cultivators charged out of Thunder Fog Forest. Obviously, they knew that there was an even larger battlefield awaiting them outside.

    However, before Mo Wuji had the time to relax, the soil above his head collapsed. Instinctively, he tried to avoid it, but to no avail. He was not standing with dirt on his face, facing the clear blue sky, and muttering to himself that he was screwed.

    "There's an earth brute here..." After Mo Wuji got revealed, he was immediately discovered by an alien cultivator.

    "Kill him!" Countless cultivators began charging at Mo Wuji. This made Mo Wuji panic. He quickly jumped out of the hole, and tried to escape deeper into Thunder Fog Forest. But after travelling a few hundred meters away, tens of cultivators blocked his way.

    There was no way out, and Mo Wuji stopped on the spot, both hands quickly forming hand seals, which released bolt after bolt of lightning.

    A while later, he was pleasantly surprised.

    He was standing over the lightning lake that he had tunneled into previously, and while the surroundings had been destroyed, there were still lightning arc flashing out of the lightning lake. Once he attacked on the lightning lake, and his lightning bolts landed on the lightning lake, they initiated the lightning essence within the lake to form even more lightning bolts which burst out at the enemy.

    "Crackle crackle crackle..." In a short half day's time, the area surrounding Mo Wuji had turned into a forest of lightning. The cultivators that encircled Mo Wuji immediately got surrounded by the lightning bolts. How could Mo Wuji had given up such a good opportunity? Lightning bolts were continuously released from his hands, and once he saw a severely injured cultivator, an additional lightning bolt would be sent in that direction without hesitation.

    Over a short period of time, the cultivators that were killed by Mo Wuji numbered in the tens.

    "This guy is at most at Transcending Mortality Stage, everyone attack!" Seeing that Mo Wuji fought so brutally, taking advantage of the lightning lake to kill that many cultivators so quickly, the ferocity in the alien cultivators were ignited.

    As much as he held the location advantage, the alien cultivators; numbers were simply too great. While a good part of them had left, there were still hundreds left behind. If they could not kill a single Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator, it would be a joke.

    No matter which direction Mo Wuji went in, he would be blocked by some alien cultivators. Eventually, he decided not to move anymore, and just kept firing off lightning bolts at them.

    He possessed spiritual will and the Revolving Star Passage Technique, so those fatal strikes could easily be avoided. On top of that, fighting in a lightning lake was to his advantage, hence as long as there were no cultivators of a higher stage than him, there was nothing for him to be afraid of either.

    The Tian Ji Pole had been taken out by him too. It was sent swinging in the direction of anyone that got slowed down by the incoming lightning bolts.

    "Everyone let's wear him down." Observing that Mo Wuji's area of movement had increased, an alien cultivator immediately shouted out.

    Two hours later, the alien cultivators surrounding Mo Wuji began to cool down their heads. While Mo Wuji was wounded all over, with bloodied wounds and even two large dents in his head, he was simply not exhausted.

    Not only was he not exhausted, but a couple of hundreds of cultivators had died in his hands. Although there were no Yuan Dan Stage cultivators among those that died, but the number of Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators was definitely not small.

    "This guy is not at Transcending Mortality Stage, he's at Yuan Dan Stage..." Once an alien cultivator declared that Mo Wuji was of Yuan Dan Stage, the remaining cultivators finally understood what was going on. How could a Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator have such stamina for his elemental energy?

    When they understood this fact, most of the remaining alien cultivators left. Mo Wuji remained standing in the middle of the lightning lake, propped up with his Tian ji Pole, and spitting blood out non-stop. At this moment there was no visible part of his body that was unharmed; they were all drenched in blood. Even though he had two elemental storage channels, he was close to hitting his limit.

    Rays of sunlight broke through the fog and fell on Mo Wuji's battered body, creating the scene of a lonely figure standing amongst a sea of dead bodies. It seemed as though nature was reminding him what kind of path he had chosen.
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