Chapter 194: Risking Ones Self To Save Others

    Chapter 194: Risking One's Self To Save Others

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    Putting a few healing pills into his mouth, Mo Wuji limped out of the lightning lake. The cultivators he killed in the lightning lake were all noobs, they were at the most in the Transcending Mortality Stage. Most of them didn't even have storage bags so Mo Wuji really couldn't be bothered to spend his time and risk getting struck by lightning to collect his spoils of war. What he needed now was to get recovered, and not get rich.

    The moment he emerged from the lightning lake, Mo Wuji immediately sat down and started to recuperate his energy. This wasn't because he didn't wish to leave as soon as possible, but he was overdraft, and even if he departed now, he would not be able to get far.

    This patch of the Thunder Fog Forest had been razed to the ground, and it wouldn't be safe for him to loiter here for long. Wait till he managed to recover some energy, he would immediately get out of here, and take the risk to escape with his flying car.

    Half an incense of time later, as Mo Wuji was intending to stand up, he suddenly heard a slight crashing sound. He hastily ran to the side and strained to see what was happen.

    An ignited flame talisman came flying over; Mo Wuji used his fastest speed to take a step forward and dodge this flying talisman.

    "Hong!" The flame talisman exploded and Mo Wuji was struck by the spreading fire; his tattered clothes and his hair were all burnt.

    As he extinguished the fire on his body, Mo Wuji finally had a good look at the fella who sneak attacked him. This fella had a face as black as charcoal, it was blacker than his mask's black face, and his big mouth was panting heavily for air. This fella was clearly heavily injured; from the looks of it, he seemed to be struck by a demonic beast's wind blade on his chest and his legs.

    Seeing this fella staring at him with his mouth wide open, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to grab his Tian Ji Pole and swung it downwards.

    Even though the cultivator who ambushed Mo Wuji was immobilised, he still strained himself to lift his hand to block Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole.

    "Peng!" A profound sound could be heard as an immense energy sent both Mo Wuji and his pole flying.

    Mo Wuji was still in midair but he sent a bolt of Lightning Flash crashing towards that man. That cultivator was so heavily injured but he was still easily able to send Mo Wuji flying, his cultivation must at least be in the late levels of the Yuan Dan Stage.

    Mo Wuji's skill came flying over, and the surrounding air started to get distorted. This black faced cultivator's eyes revealed an expression of despair. He was not able to move, and no matter how impressive he was, he wouldn't be able to defend against Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash. Moreover, when he sent Mo Wuji flying, his arm did not manage to avoid the strike by Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, and was ripped apart.

    "Hong!" The lightning exploded and drilled a blood hole in this black faced cultivator's chest.

    Mo Wuji walked over to the cultivator's corpse with some lingering fear, and collected the storage bag.

    Swallowing two healing pills, Mo Wuji decided that this was the time to leave.

    "Hong!" The clash of two bouts of elemental energy could be heard. Mo Wuji did not even have the time to react before a figure came crashing over.

    Mo Wuji hastily dodged to the side and was prepared to give this person a taste of his Lightning Flash. However, the moment he saw that person's face, he immediately gave up on that idea.

    He recognised this person, this person wasn't pouncing towards him; she was Yan'Er's senior apprentice sister, the Pill Pagoda'a Shi Jinwen. Shi Jinwen clearly wasn't targeting him, but was sent flying over by her opponent.

    As expected, before Shi Jinwen could even land on the ground, a figure came rushing towards her. It was a hooked nose man; he was definitely an alien cultivator.

    Mo Wuji had battled with more than hundreds of alien cultivators and had developed a rough understanding towards the alien cultivators. The alien cultivators' cultivation method seemed to be different from here. When they attacked, there was a clear difference in their spirituality flow.

    The hooked nose man's power was ostensibly inferior to that short wintermelon and the coffin man, but his attacks were much stronger than those alien cultivators he dealt with. When he was pouncing towards Shi Jinwen, the flow of spirituality around his body was more pronounced.

    As this alien cultivator's magic treasure was about to trap Shi Jinwen, Shi Jinwen had already steadied her footings and lifted a pill cauldron. The pill cauldron clashed against the hooked nose man's magic treasure, sending waves of elemental energy which filled the sky. When the two battled, it was like a huge plow was being dragged across the land; it was incomparably messy.

    This is not a battle I can poke my nose in, hurry and go. As Mo Wuji was prepared to leave, he heard Yan'Er's voice.

    Mo Wuji's heart went into a fluster as he saw Yan'Er and two other ladies charging over. Mo Wuji was already in the Transcending Mortality Stage and he could tell that all three of were in the same stage with a single glance. With their level, any attempts to help Shi Jinwen would be futile.

    Seeing Yan'Er rush over, the expression on Shi Jinwen's face changed drastically. Mo Wuji, who was originally intending to bolt, gave up on that idea and charged towards Yan'Er.

    As long as that hook nose wasn't an idiot, he could definitely ascertain that Yan'Er and Shi Jinwen did not have a merely ordinary relationship. If he was that hook nose, he would not hesitate to sneak an attack on Yan'Er and destroy her.

    Yan'Er's and that hook nose's cultivation were as different as heaven and earth; that hook nose only needed to lift his pinky and Yan'Er would definitely be killed. He would not be doing much, but Shi Jinwen would definitely be heavily impacted.

    Yan'Er was clearly lacking in battle prowess; her intentions to help Shi Jinwen were understandable but with her power, on the premise that she wasn't able to use any ranged attacks, she was truly unable to help Shi Jinwen.

    Mo Wuji's estimations was truly without error; at almost the instant Yan'Er appeared, a beam of black light shot towards her.

    At this moment, Yan'Er was like Mo Wuji when he encountered Mo Wuji. The surrounding space around her was locked in place, and her movements became exaggeratedly slow. Even if Shi Jinwen wanted to save Yan'Er, she wouldn't be able to do it in time.

    In her indignance, Shi Jinwen hurled her pill cauldron towards the hook nose with all her strength. At the same time, she grabbed some pills which she sent booming towards hook nose.

    Using pills to attack the enemy, this was something Mo Wuji had never seen before. However, at this time, he was not able to split his concentration to examine how the pills could attack the enemy.

    At the instant the black light reached, Mo Wuji had also arrived by Yan'Er's side. He immediately pulled Yan'Er away, and at the same time, swung the Tian Ji Pole towards the black light.

    "Hong!" Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole was sent flying while that black light exploded into a finer trail of light. Its trajectory was only shifted slightly as it shot through Mo Wuji's chest.

    This black light was originally going to perforate through Yan'Er's throat but Mo Wuji had arrived just in time to pull Yan'Er away. Since Mo Wuji was taller than Yan'Er that black light did not hit his throat but only pierced through his chest.

    The burning sensation from the attack instantly spread throughout Mo Wuji's entire body. Mo Wuji felt as though his entire body was dipped in boiling water, and his entire body was charred with hints of red.

    A minute blood hole appeared on Mo Wuji's chest. No blood gushed out from that injury, but instead, there was a slight fog.

    "Peng!" Mo Wuji shot through the air and crashed against a huge rock.

    The entire process happened in an instant. It was only when Mo Wuji was sent flying that Yan'Er came to the sudden realisation that she would have lost her life if no one risked his life to save her.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had risked his life to save Yan'Er, that hook nose knew that he wouldn't have another chance. With that failed sneak attack, the tables between him and Shi Jinwen had turned.

    "I have some healing pill..." Yan'Er finally reacted; she hurriedly ran to Mo Wuji's side and handed some pills to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji waved his hands as he struggled to take a few pills from his bag. Yan'Er's healing pills could not compare to his, so naturally he would eat his own pills.

    "Move to the side..." Mo Wuji spoke with a hoarse voice as he struggled to stand up. He felt as though all the blood in his body had dried up. Shi Jinwen saw that Yan'Er was fine and started to attack that hook nose with even greater madness and fervour.

    Mo Wuji staggered over to his Tian Ji Pole and picked it up. He did not leave; that hook nose tried to kill Yan'Er, and even added injuries to his plethora of injuries. If he did not shift that black light's trajectory slightly, it would have pierced through his heart, and he would have lost his little life. If he didn't attempt to take revenge, it would not really sit well in his heart.

    "Honghonghong!" That hook nose's power might be a little stronger than Shi Jinwen, but there was a limit to that difference. The two battled fiercely. Sand flew, rocks scattered. Their battlefield was a complete mess.

    At this moment, Yan'Er and those two ladies couldn't even stand straight and see the two's battle, much less help Shi Jinwen out.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji could clearly see the changing attacks and defenses of the two. Mo Wuji really appreciated Shi Jinwen's fighting style. Fighting was irrespective of cultivation or power. It was about exerting your utmost best and pitting your life. Shi Jinwen was doing just that.

    At this moment, Shi Jinwen's entire body was riddled with wounds. Two blood holes had nearly pierced through her heart and her throat. Still, her methods did not tone down, but became increasingly crazed.

    The hook nose wasn't anywhere better. With some unknown method, Shi Jinwen actually managed to tear apart half of his neck, and his meat was a tangled mess. There was also a huge hole on the left side of his waist which was constantly leaking fresh blood.

    Even though the two were still fighting desperately, Mo Wuji could tell that the two's battle would end soon. The final outcome would most likely be Shi Jinwen's demise while that hook nose ended up heavily injured.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously took a few steps forward. With his spiritual will, he could see that the hook nose had taken out a huge net. Was this fella trying to trap Shi Jinwen?

    Shi Jinwen would immediately lose the upper hand and end up at a disadvantage. However, Mo Wuji did not think that she would be that stupid to fall for that trap.

    As expected, when that huge net was thrown, Shi Jinwen's pill cauldron was thrown out. The net trapped the pill cauldron but was unable to confine Shi Jinwen. At the same time, Shi Jinwen threw out a few pills.

    Countering Shi Jinwen's pills were the hook nose's beams of black light.

    Two pills exploded against the hook nose's body. Mo Wuji saw two clumps of blood light exploded from the hook nose's body. At the same time, Shi Jinwen's body had an additional two blood holes formed from the two beams of black light.

    Shi Jinwen seemed to have gone crazy. With no heed of the injuries on her body, she pounced towards hook nose and formed some hand seals.

    An inundating elemental energy same surging out. Hook nose could not help but take a step back and put in all his energy to deal with Shi Jinwen's final crazy strike.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji lifted the Tian Ji Pole and threw it towards hook nose's back.

    Hook nose laughed coldly, a little ant dared to sneak attack him. Even if he was fully engaged in his battle with Shi Jinwen, he was not someone an ant could plot against. His body was like a spring as he twisted and contorted his body. Ostensibly, according to the trajectory of Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, it would not hit him.

    The hook nose increased his speed, he wanted to force Shi Jinwen away before poking five holes into Mo Wuji's brain. Shi Jinwen's attack had reached its peak, there was nothing left for him to worry.

    But that hook nose could not laugh coldly any further. A terrifying electroball came flying towards the blood hole at his waist. Just now, Shi Jinwen had caused a huge disturbance in space with her elemental energy that he actually didn't see this electroball sneaking to his side.
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