Chapter 198: Were Teammates

    Chapter 198: We're Teammates

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    Looking at the Tian Ji Pole in his hand, Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of short hair. It seems like he really was the Da Shixiong. [1]

    Seeing Lei Chenghe and his men stealthily sneaking away, Mo Wuji did not call out to him but formed some hand seals with his hands. An electroball was formed and was sent flying over. The electroball did not leave a trace as it exploded right below Lei Chenghe's feet.

    Lei Chenghe and co. had been suddenly attacked out of nowhere; many thought that a cultivator within the crowd was secretly helping Mo Wuji. Since someone had started the ball rolling, more cultivators secretly shot out their own skills. With so many cultivators attacking simultaneously, the entire ten floors of the Immortal Jade Tower Trembled. In all that confusion, a black nail pierced through Lei Chenghe's forehead in between his brows. He had ceased to live. The other four members of the Lei Clan could only crazily try their best to run away from the skills bombarding on them.

    "Stop!" A thick voice sounded, and a strong pressure came pressing over. A red robed man descended on the half destroyed Immortal Jade House.

    This person's cultivation was definitely higher than than True Lake Stage hook nose. Not just Mo Wuji, everyone else in the hall halted their actions.

    "My Immortal Jade Tower is the number one inn in Yan City. Fighting within my Immortal Jade House is a little out of hand." After the red robed man descended, he spoke with a dissatisfied tone but he did not explode in anger.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly stood forward, "Greetings senior. I did not take this matter into account. Please forgive me. The damages that the Immortal Jade Tower had suffered today, please put it under my account."

    That Lei Chenghe had been killed, and Mo Wuji clearly knew what that black nail which pierced through Lei Chenghe's head came from. It was exactly Hou Yucheng. Now that he had met his goal, but destroyed a person's Immortal Jade House, he had to pay for it. But it was just some spirit stones which he could easily afford.

    "No, we are all responsible. We will settle the damage together." The moment Mo Wuji's words were uttered, many cultivators came to voice out their disagreements.

    The red robed man's gaze landed on Mo Wuji, "You're Rogue Cultivator 2705?"

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Yes."

    The red robed man revealed a rare smile on his face, "You're a great role model in the entire Five Great Empires. Countless of cultivators in the younger generation set you as their target. Not bad. My Immortal Jade Tower can accept this bit of loss. Regarding the reimbursement, you don't need to think about it."

    With that, the red robed man waved his hand and said, "Everyone, please temporarily leave the Immortal Jade Tower. Wait till the Immortal Jade Tower is repaired, then you can come and have a drink."

    From the start to the end, the red robed man did not mention anything about the Lei Clan. It was as though Lei Chenghe's death was an insignificant thing.

    "Ok..." The crowd of cultivators expressed their agreement as they slowly left the Immortal Jade Tower.

    Mo Wuji secretly praised that man. Regardless of the sincerity behind the red robed man's words, he had undoubtedly made use of Mo Wuji's name to advertise his Immortal Jade Tower. Definitely, when the Immortal Jade Tower has been repaired, it will be more popular.

    "Oh right, you just killed a cultivator in Yan City. According to Yan City's law, you are to be punished. But I already helped put in a word for you, so you don't have to worry..." Mo Wuji just walked out of the Immortal Jade Tower and that red robed man's voice sounded in his ear.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded as he immediately turned and bowed towards the Immortal Jade Tower. He did not say anything but that red robed man should know that he has earned a favour from Mo Wuji.

    "Friends, many thanks for your support. I will have to bid my farewells for now. I hope to meet all of you again." Mo Wuji faced the crowd with his fists clasped, expressing his gratitude for their support.

    "Take care Da Shixiong..."

    "Da Shixiong, Yan'Er hopes to have the chance to thanks you personally..." Xue Tongsi hurriedly added.

    "Da Shixiong..."


    Various farewells were said. Mo Wuji could not help but expressed his gratitude again before leaving the Yan City Plaza with Hou Yucheng.

    Half an hour later, Mo Wuji and Hou Yucheng arrived at the Hundred Sect Alliance's contribution point exchange office.

    "Brother Mo, many thanks for your help. Otherwise, I would definitely have died under that Lei Chenghe's hands today." Up till now, Hou Yucheng finally had the chance to express offer his thanks to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji smiled lightly and patted Hou Yucheng's shoulders, "Brother Hou, we're teammates."

    This were the exact words Hou Yucheng used to help him previously. But now, the one saying it was Mo Wuji.

    Hou Yucheng was slightly startled before he chuckled, "We're not just teammates, we're friends."

    Some things need not be said too much. When Mo Wuji's cultivation was low and seemed to bleak without a bright future, Hou Yucheng did not look down on him, but even helped him out multiple times.

    When Hou Yucheng was pursued by the Lei Clan, and was even bombarded by words of derision, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to step forward. He chose to believe in Hou Yucheng.

    Sometimes, friends are really simple. There's no need for words, there's also no need for favours. You just need to be there beside him when he needs you the most.

    "Brother Mo, this is got you." Hou Yucheng fetched a torn leather scroll and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji accepted the leather scroll and asked subconsciously, "What's this?"

    "This is the reason why Lei Chenghe wanted to kill me..." Hou Yucheng chuckled.

    "Seven Styles Lightning Sky's second style..." Mo Wuji finally had a clear look at contents of the torn scroll. He lifted his head to stare at the smiling Hou Yucheng in shock.

    Hou Yucheng said a little awkwardly, "I some connections to the people who held the auction back at Five Elements Desolate Domain so I knew that you were the one who purchased the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style. So after I obtained the second style, I intended to keep it for you. I never expected Lei Chenghe to get wind of this and he wanted to kill me to steal this second style.

    Back in that inn, your guess should be right. Lei Chenghe was originally the number one genius of the Lei Clan. But in one of the Lei Clan's branch family, a Lei Hongji appeared with the unique lightning attribute spiritual roots. This number one spot had been wrested away by Lei Hongji, so Lei Chenghe was naturally unhappy. If he obtains this second style, coupled with his aggressive personality, it would not be impossible for him to obtain some support from the Lei Clan."

    "So he accused you of raping Lei Hongji's fiancée?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Hou Yucheng's became softer, "Lei Hongji's fiancée was indeed raped, and the person who raped her wasn't some random person. It was Lei Chenghe. Lin Xiujie's sister and mother were also killed by Lei Chenghe. And this second style I obtained was actually from Lin Xiujie."

    Mo Wuji noticed that Hou Yucheng's expression had turned ugly so he could guess that there were some secrets behind this story. However, Hou Yucheng did not seem to have the intentions to continue speaking, so Mo Wuji didn't continue to ask.

    Indeed, Hou Yucheng changed the topic, "Brother Mo, to fight against the alien cultivators, the Hundred Sect Alliance really put in a lot of blood and effort. All the sects which entered the Hundred Sect Alliance all offered their best things. This includes their manuals, magic treasures, ingredients, materials, etc. You have relatively high amounts of contribution points, when you go in and take your pick, you need to take a closer look. Don't get dazzled but what you see inside.

    I need to hurry and leave this god forsaken place. Remember, you need to disguise yourself after you leave this city. That Yu Lin Lei Clan definitely wouldn't let go of us. It would be dangerous for us to leave together. If you aren't able to find something suitable after a day, then immediately leave Yan City. The Yu Lin Lei Clan experts would take roughly two days to reach here, so you'll have a full day to escape."

    "I know, take care." Mo Wuji nodded.

    "Good, I'll leave first. Oh right, that expert in the Yan City Immortal Jade Tower is called Lian Hezhou." With that, Hou Yucheng turned and bolted.


    "1000 points and below are not allowed here." Mo Wuji had not even gotten to the entrance of the contribution point exchange office when the old man sitting at the entrance said without even lifting his head.

    Mo Wuji fetched his jade token and handed it over as he said, "Junior's contribution points are more than 1000." The old man lifted his head to see Mo Wuji before receiving the jade token in Mo Wuji's hand. He immediately returned the jade token to Mo Wuji as he nodded his head, "Not bad. You can enter."

    "Many thanks senior." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully.

    The old man looked kind and innocuous but Mo Wuji detected a danger from him that even exceeded Feng Zhenqiu.

    What kind of man was Feng Zhenqiu? He was the Second Dean of the Heaven Seeking Palace, an expert at the True God Stage. This old man was more terrifying than Dean Feng, what level was that?

    The door behind the old man had already begun to gradually open. It looked pitch black inside. Mo Wuji hurried to enter the door. Not only was this old man a little terrifying, Mo Wuji also did not wish to waste even a minute of time with his current predicament.

    After Mo Wuji entered, the doors closed. Inside, it was a huge hall the size of seven to eight soccer courts.

    It clearly looked pitch black from the outside, but it was bright and gleaming when he entered.

    The enormous space was divided into many domains and each domain had a label. The one right at the front was for cultivation techniques.

    Sweeping his eyes across the entire domain, he could see clustered shelves of books, various leather scrolls, jade letters and mountains of manuals. However, there were not many skill transfer crystal balls which left Mo Wuji a little disappointed.

    It wasn't because Mo Wuji was set on obtaining a skill transfer crystal ball. Actually, he did not even have that intention. After all, the skill transfer crystal ball could only be used once. After it was used, it would become useless.

    Since there are few skill transfer crystal balls here, it would mean that the various sects didn't really put their best things out here. It seems like Hou Yucheng's claim that the sects had offered their best things wasn't entirely true.

    Mo Wuji entered the domain for cultivation techniques and he immediately discovered that the cultivation manuals were not randomly piled together. Instead, they were separated according to sects; a sect's manuals would be placed in the same location and it would be labelled with the sect's name.

    Mo Wuji had a clear aim: to find the continuation to his Immortal Mortal Technique. If that wasn't possible, then he would find the very best cultivation manual. Scanning around, he discovered that the better manuals did not cost more than hundreds of contribution points. As for the manuals above 1000 points, they were simply too rare.

    With so many manuals, if it was any other cultivator, even if they simply flipped through each book once they would still take days to complete that. But Mo Wuji had an advantage. He did not need to flip through every single book; he would use his spiritual will to scan the entire area. As long as it had Immortal Mortal on it's name, it would be cultivation manual he wanted.

    [1] Sun Wukong wields the Jin Gu Staff/Pole. They were using similar weapons HAHA
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