Chapter 200: The Techniques Prerequisite

    Chapter 200: The Technique's Prerequisite

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    After shutting the door of the high grade spiritual energy tempering room, the first thing Mo Wuji took out was that book of Immortal Mortal Technique. Because he was in the Heaven Seeking Palace's Immortal Training Tower's spiritual energy tempering room, he was confident that there was absolutely no way anyone could spy on him.

    Mo Wuji had no intentions of flipping to the last few pages of the book as he chose to start from page 1 instead.

    As he flipped through every page of this manual, Mo Wuji's face turned slightly ugly. It wasn't because there was a problem with this manual but because there was a problem with the Immortal Mortal Technique that he bought at Luo Hai Merchant House.

    When he flipped through the first 10 pages, he expected that this 10 pages would cover about 90% of the content of the manual he bought at Luo Hai Merchant House. However, Mo Wuji realised that the Luo Hai Merchant House's Immortal Mortal Technique added some more content to the real Immortal Mortal Technique. This extra content allowed those who don't understand it to read it more smoothly and logically.

    Now that this manual removed these extra informations, Mo Wuji realised that he made a lot of mistakes in his spiritual circulation routes when cultivating using his previous manual.

    The main reason was because the added content Immortal Mortal Technique was like taking off your pants to fart: an extra move.

    The good thing was that these added content did not affect the cultivation in any way. Mo Wuji decided to refer to this manual's spiritual circulation technique and scrapped any extra content added to the Luo Hai Merchant House's manual.

    After these 10 pages should be the Transcending Mortality Stage's cultivation technique and even though Mo Wuji was extremely excited to flip to page 11, he managed to control himself to start from the first page instead. He did not dare to flip to page 11 of the book back at the storeroom because he was afraid that the old man might be using his spiritual will to track his actions. On the road, he was afraid he could not concentrate.

    Only until now did Mo Wuji truly flipped open page 11.

    Seeing the content or rather lack of content in page 11, Mo Wuji was momentarily dumbfounded. He was deceived as page 11 was just a blank page.

    Mo Wuji stared blankly for a few seconds before bursting out cursing and swearing as he continued flipping impulsively...

    "Darn it!" Mo Wuji could not help but curse at the Tian Ji Sect's head.

    This book only contained 11 pages and he already had the content of the first 10 pages in a modified manual. Page 11 was actually just a blank piece of white paper.

    Page 12...

    There was no page 12, or rather, after page 11 was a thick back cover of the book. This back cover was at least 10 times thicker than the thickness of the first 10 pages. When the book was sealed up, he could still see the individual page marks of this thick cover. However, without the seal now, all Mo Wuji saw was a thick back cover.

    There should naturally be no writings on the back cover of a book.

    I can't believe I just spent over 10,000 contribution points to purchase this piece of sh*t.

    After a round of cursing, Mo Wuji could only put down this Immortal Mortal Technique helplessly. He pulled out the ring hanging around his neck as there was another book of Earth grade technique that was found on the alien cultivator's body.

    Tian Ji Sect was after all still a Xuan grade sect. How dare they commit such acts? After he got out of his closed door cultivation session, he was determined to personally bring this book to the sect to lodge a complain. Do you think it was that easy to earn those contribution points? He actually exchanged his small life for these points.

    Something's not right. Mo Wuji suddenly thought that Tian Ji Sect's actions would only earn them some contribution points. However, if he were to bring this matter up and lodge a complain, wouldn't it ruin the entire Tian Ji Sect? Furthermore, the sect leader of Tian Ji Sect was also not an idiot to charge such a high price on one average quality good like this one just to earn that extra 10,000 over points.

    After coming to this realisation, Mo Wuji quickly let go of the storage ring and picked up the Immortal Mortal Technique which he cursed at for half a day.

    This time, he used his spiritual will to scan page 11 only to realise it was still a blank page. Following which, he tried his spiritual will on page 12 too but it was to no avail as well.

    Using his spiritual will, he managed to sense that there were a few lines on the back of the book cover. Could this be a seal?

    No way, Mo Wuji thought to himself as he quickly realised that it was not a seal. Because of his recent research on Chu Xingzi's Array Dao, he knew quite a fair bit about seals. These lines did not look anything like seals but they looked more like the streams of spirit channels in one's body.

    Mo Wuji cautiously placed his hand on these invisible lines as he shut his eyes to feel it. After half a day, he still could not feel anything special about these lines.

    He decided to transfer some elemental energy into the lines and to Mo Wuji's pleasant surprise, his elementary energy could actually enter these faint lines.

    After a short while, Mo Wuji had a new discovery. His elementary energy could only be mobilised in one of the lines and not split up to enter two lines. However, no matter how hard he tried to transfer and mobilise the elemental energy in the line, the book remained in its original state.

    Mo Wuji then started directing his spiritual energy on the remaining lines. When he used his second meridian to transfer a stream of elemental energy into one of the lines, it was exactly like his prediction where the second stream of elemental energy could only flow in the second line.

    Just as the two spirit channels started flowing simultaneously, it was forming a simple spiritual circuit. However, Mo Wuji could only cultivate such spiritual circuit in his body and not on the book itself.

    Following this method, Mo Wuji continuously transferred elemental energy into the lines of the book and since he possessed 101 meridians, he might as well transfer all elemental energy into 101 independent lines of the book.

    The 101 streams of elemental energy on the back cover of this book started to collide against each other unexpectedly and spontaneously forming a massive spiritual circuit.

    "Hua..." Sounds of paper flipping were heard and Mo Wuji swiftly withdrew his elemental energy as he was worried he might ruin the book. Then, he was momentarily stunned at what was in front of him.

    What used to a thick back cover of a book was ultimately split into more than 10 pages in front of him. As Mo Wuji hurried to flip open page 12, his eyes were filled with tears when he saw real content inside.

    There were clear descriptions of the spiritual circulation techniques after the Transcending Mortality Stage as well as the the various spiritual circulation paths. Additionally, there were even pictures and explanations within this book. As compared to the first 10 pages, the explanation on the pages behind were far more detailed.

    Holding this Immortal Mortal Technique, Mo Wuji apologised to that Tian Ji Sect's head in his heart as he wrongly accused and cursed at him previously.

    The saying 'Without proper investigation, one should not have the right of speech' should instead be altered to 'Without proper investigation, one should not be chirping away'.

    After flipping through a few pages, Mo Wuji came to understand something.

    The reason why Tian Ji Sect took this book out to sell was because they knew that the back of the book was sealed up. They also knew that the seal could only be broken by someone with 101 meridians or rather a person with 101 spirit channels.

    A Tian Ji Sect's expert must have tried and realised that without a person capable of transferring so many individual streams of elemental energy into the lines, the sealed pages would never appear. Even if an expert were to rely on brute force to try and open this Immortal Mortal Technique, he might accidentally destroy this manual eventually.

    Tian Ji Sect's experts quoted such a high price of 10,008 contribution points only because they were aware that this book was truly valuable. The truth was that Mo Wuji knew that this quoted price would never be enough to purchase this book. Perhaps Tian Ji Sect was afraid that nobody would buy the book even if they were to sell it at a price of 100 contribution points hence, they quoted it at over 10,000 contribution points to try their luck and see who would actually purchase this book.

    Mo Wuji was almost certain that the Tian Ji Sect would be investigating on the person who bought this book. They knew that this book contained secrets and would naturally want to know where this book would eventually end up.

    Concurrently when he was thanking Tian Ji Sect, Mo Wuji sighed at the fact that there were too many experts in ancient times. His Wordless Pill Manual was an example of an inheritance and perhaps the reason why others could not open his Wordless Pill Manual was related to mortals who managed to open meridians. He was only a mortal without spiritual roots yet, he was able to open meridians which he could eventually cultivate.

    Seeing that there were many more back covers that appeared on the book, Mo Wuji became extraordinarily elated. This meant that even after he reached the Yuan Dan Stage, he could still open new pages and continue further cultivation.


    Yan Empire, Yan City Plaza.

    There were a few cultivators watching and discussing about the rankings of Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board. Other than the top 3 experts of the rankings, the cultivators there were also discussing about Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    Half a year ago, Rogue Cultivator 2705 contributed 12076 points and was ranked 6th. However, half a year later, it was as if Rogue Cultivator 2705 disappeared as his total points stagnated at 12076 but was ranked 15th now.

    "There is a growing number of alien cultivators so how is it possible that Shixiong 2705's points did not rise at all?"

    "I've longed notice that Shixiong 2705 is definitely not the type to be afraid of death. As long as he is alive, he would for sure be at the battlefront against the alien cultivators. Now that he did not appear, there is only one possibility..."

    "I suspect Shixiong Xinghe has been assassinated too. I was there at the Immortal Jade House six months ago when the incident happened. Even though Shixiong Xinghe is not afraid of death, he was limited to his cultivation level. If he was marked by other clan's experts, it would be futile even if he was not afraid of dying."

    "What other clan? It has to be that Yu Lin Lei Clan! Just look at how how they accused others of their own crime. I believe we should report this incident to the Hundred Sect Alliance and find out whether our Rogue Cultivator was really assassinated."

    "Right, we should report to the alliance!"

    More people grew into the discussions as a majority of people started to gather as they were preparing to head towards the Hundred Sect Alliance to report and find out the truth.

    At this moment, Yu Lin Lei Clan should be the most troubled clan. After Lei Chenghe was killed, the Yu Lin Lei Clan was constantly being cursed and swore at. Even presently as they still couldn't find the Rogue Cultivator 2705 who killed Lei Chenghe, they had to face the wrath of so many cultivators.

    There was an elder joining in the crowd at the plaza. He sighed loudly as he saw the Five Big Empire Sects' Contribution Board. This elder was Tian Ji Sect's head, Du Shiqing. He was feeling troubled not because he felt that Tian Ji Sect's ranking was too low but because their ranking was too high.

    After Rogue Cultivator 2705 bought the Immortal Mortal Technique, Tian Ji Sect advanced straight into the top 50. Many Quasi-Sky grade sects did not even obtain this ranking therefore what would people be thinking if a Xuan grade sect managed to be in the top 50?

    After half a year, Tian Ji Sect was still ranked within the top 100 and this made him worried that people might investigate further about this.
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