Chapter 202: Tian Ji Sects Teaching

    Chapter 202: Tian Ji Sect's Teaching

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    Yan City Tian Ji Sect encampment.

    Many people were sitted together with solemn expressions on their faces. Besides the Tian Ji Sect First Elder Wen Zhanwai, there was also Sect Head Du Shiqing's first disciple, Fan Qiuji, and Du Shiqing's last disciple, as well as adopted daughter, Sang Yiping.

    "The sect head has left Yan City for six months already, and there has been no news of him. I guess, Sect Head Du might have fallen." The First Elder looked a little younger than Du Shiqing, but in reality, his age was much higher than Du Shiqing. At this moment, his voice was filled with melancholy.

    "That's impossible." Sang Yiping suddenly stood up and said, "A few months back, master sent a letter over, saying that he had received an invitation from Rogue Cultivator 2705. I think, master and 2705 might be engrossed in their research of the manual, and they forgot about everything else..."

    Wen Zhanwai said seriously, "2705 has not been seen for close to a year. Moreover, he did not even need to meet our Tian Ji Sect's sect head. If it was someone else, who had obtained the secrets behind the Immortal Mortal Technique, would he tell our Tian Ji Sect? If he didn't unlock the secrets, wouldn't it be less likely for him to find our Tian Ji Sect? If our Tian Ji Sect could discover the secrets behind the manual, we wouldn't have offered it up already."

    "Could it be that 2705 has some parts he does not understand, so he invited our Tian Ji Sect's sect head to resolve his misunderstandings? Or, after unlocking this manual, he might even have evil intentions?" Another elder interjected.

    Wen Zhanwai shook his head, "I have investigated on this 2705. He risked his life to save a Heaven Seeking Palace disciple, in the Immortal Jade House, he stood out alone against the crowd to speak up for Hou Yucheng. Additionally, he killed so many alien cultivators. From this, this person should be a honorable and morally upright young man. This kind of man definitely wouldn't do something as despicable as killing our Tian Ji Sect's sect head. Furthermore, his cultivation doesn't even make him a position to deal with Shiqing.

    With his irreconcilable dispute with the Lei Clan, I'm sure that he temporarily go to Yan City. The Yan Clan had always been searching for him, and now, our sect head has disappeared. It's very likely that the Lei Clan noticed the ties between our Tian Ji Sect's and 2705's contribution points. Then, they used 2705's name to arrange a meeting with Shiqing."

    "Uncle-master Wen, you're saying the Lei Clan..." Du Shiqing's first disciple, Fan Qiuji, asked urgently.

    He did not manage to finish his words before he was interrupted by Wen Zhanwai, "Things are still unclear, so we just need to keep this matter within our hearts. If it was really them, and something bad happens to Shiqing, our Tian Ji Sect wouldn't be any better. I know this family clan, this clan was built upon a history of blood and killing. If they insist on knowing what our Tian Ji Sect had exchanged for more than ten thousand contribution points, they will definitely will not rest and pursue it relentlessly. But even so, we will not compromise on our sect's teachings."

    "What should we do?" Another elder asked anxiously.

    Wen Zhanwai's voice unexpectedly became softer, "The sect's matters will be left under Qiuji's hands. Ping'Er and a few legacy disciples would disguise themselves and leave the sect. If nothing happens to the sect, then they would return after three years. If something does happen to the sect, then those disciples will carry on the Tian Ji Sect's teachings and legacy, passing on the promise to the future generations of Tian Ji disciples, to destroy the Lei Clan. Our Tian Ji Sect's teaching is: Our disciples will stand till their death, they will never kneel while they're alive. Whoever it is, if they fall into the Lei Clan's hands, they would never reveal our sect's secrets."

    "Yes!" Everyone in the hall stood up and resounded loudly, their voice carried a hint of despondency.

    "Also, if our Tian Ji Sect starts to get destroyed, our survivors are to find that Rogue Cultivator 2705 and tell him our story. I believe, with 2705's hot blooded personality, as long as he had obtained the Immortal Mortal Technique's legacy, he definitely wouldn't sit by and watch as our Tian Ji Sect gets destroyed." As Wen Zhanwai said this, his voice also carried a tinge of fatigue and unwillingness.

    Even though the Tian Ji Sect was merely a Xuan sect, it had countless of years of history. Suddenly, someone had appeared and wanted to destroy the sect. Any one of Tian Ji Sect's disciples would be sure to be unwilling.


    "Hong!" Mo Wuji's entire body was flushed by the searing hot waves of spirituality. He opened his eyes which revealed a glaring gleam of brightness. Even though this bright light was just a brief flash, it illuminated the entire spiritual energy tempering room.

    Lifting his hand to throw the dusts of the depleted Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji's entire body was filled with unrestrained grandness.

    He had broke through Transcending Mortality Stage Level 11 and advanced into Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12. Even though he yet to open his 102th meridian, Mo Wuji believed, as long as he had another Heaven grade spirit stone, opening his 102th meridian and stepping into the Earth Realm's Yuan Dan Stage would not be a pipe dream.

    In his body, the hidden spirit ring had become thicker and clearer; this was the power of the Extreme Mortal.

    After cultivating for a few days to stabilise his cultivation, Mo Wuji stood up. He was very clear that without a Heaven grade spirit stone, it was highly unlikely to break through Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12 and enter the Yuan Dan Stage in a short period of time.

    Mo Wuji stood up and cleaned himself up, changing into a fresh set of clothes. He had taken Inedia Pills repeatedly for an entire year, so he decided that he would have a feast at Heaven Seeking City. At the time, he would check whether Zhen Shaoke had arrived. If Zhen Shaoke hadn't arrived, then he would take a trip to Cheng Yu State.

    Some debts need to be paid. Since he had become the final inheritor of the Mo Clan, then he would take up the matters of the Mo Clan.

    Whatever Situ Qian owed his Mo Clan, he would take it back one at a time. The Northern Qin Prefecture belonged to his Mo Clan. That Ju Clan killed so many of his Mo Clan members, they would have to pay him back with an equal number of their Ju Clan lives. He had promised Mo Xiangtong before, when he had the ability, he would help settle the Mo Clan's debts.

    Now that he was at the Great Circle of Transcending Mortality, attained the Extreme Mortal Stage, and just half a step into the Yuan Dan Stage, he believed that the time had come.

    At the same time, he wanted to find Mo Xiangtong. Besides him, Mo Xiangtong was his only living relative from the Mo Clan.


    Half a month later, Mo Wuji arrived at a new city, Luo An. He had inquired about Zhen Shaoke in the Heaven Seeking City to no avail. Thus, he would first settle the Mo Clan's debts.

    Luo An was the capital of the Northern Qin Prefecture. Even though Mo Wuji was the young prefecture lord of the Northern Qin Prefecture, this was his first time visiting this place.

    "Show your identity token." Just as Mo Wuji walked to the entrance of Luo An's city gates, he was stopped by two soldiers.

    Mo Wuji patted the bag on his back and clasped his fists, "I'm from Luo An's Mo Clan. Because of my many years abroad, I only just returned to Luo An, and I don't have any sort of identity token."

    Mo Xiangtong had told Mo Wuji, the Luo An Mo Clan had been exterminated by the Ju Clan. However, before Mo Wuji acted, he wanted to verify whether the Ju Clan had completely destroyed the Mo Clan. The simplest way to do so, was to report his Mo Clan's name.

    When the two soldiers heard that Mo Wuji was from the Mo Clan who had not returned for many years, they immediately gave each other knowing glances. Mo Wuji could see the pity in these soldiers eyes. This pity wasn't only in the soldiers' eyes but in many of the people in the surrounding. There were even some looks of impatience in some of their eyes, seemingly wanting to tell Mo Wuji the bad news. However, no one came forward to tell him that he couldn't enter Luo An.

    "Since that's the case, you can enter," One of the soldiers said while nodding towards Mo WUji.

    After entering Luo An, his spiritual will detected someone running urgently into the city behind those two soldiers.

    "May I ask, what's the address of the Luo An Mo Clan?" Mo Wuji turned to see a woman with a scarf on her head walking to him so he asked hurriedly. He wanted to see the ruins of the Mo Clan.

    What Mo Wuji never expected was that the woman immediately grabbed his hand, "Don't talk, follow closely behind me."

    Sensing that the other party did not have any evil intentions, Mo Wuji followed her to leave the main streets, and with a series of turns, they entered a small alley.

    "This big sister, why did you pull me here?" Seeing that there was no one in the surroundings, Mo Wuji shook off the woman's hand.

    "What branch of the Mo Clan are you?" The woman did not mind Mo Wuji's actions but asked anxiously.

    "My grandfather is Mo Tiancheng, my father is Mo Guangyuan, I'm Mo Xinghe." Mo Wuji answered.

    "You're the young prefecture lord..." The woman was momentarily shocked still before shouting in an emotional shriek. However, she only said a few words before urgently covering her own mouth. This caused her voice to sound a little weird.

    Thereafter, she pulled Mo Wuji to enter one of the houses by the side. After the two entered, the doors were closed, causing the insides to look a little dark.

    Mo Wuji scanned the room with his spiritual will, he saw a man hiding behind a screen, staring at him. Behind that man, was the entrance of a hole dug into the ground. If anything were to happen, that man would immediately rush into that hole.

    With a "Click", the woman turned on the lights, and she called out, "Brother Qi, quickly come out. The young prefecture lord has returned."

    The man behind the screen seemed to leap out, landing in front of Mo Wuji and that woman, with his voice trembling as he said, "What? You said young prefecture lord?"

    At the same time, his gaze landed on Mo Wuji as he sized Mo Wuji up.

    The woman nodded, "Yes, it's him. Our Mo Clan's last Northern Qin Prefecture Lord, Lord Tiancheng's grandson, Mo Xinghe."

    "You're Lord Tiancheng's descendant?" Not only was the man's voice trembling, it was incredibly emotional.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "That's right, I'm Mo Xinghe. Now, I've changed my name to Mo Wuji, I'm the heir to the Northern Qin throne."

    "Just now, he reported himself as a Mo Clan member, so I hurriedly pulled him back..." The woman explained by the side.

    "What?" The man's face instantly turned pale white and his entire body started trembling.

    Mo Wuji knew that this wasn't the previous tremble of excitement and emotion, but one of fear and terror.

    After some time, the man calmed himself down, and exhaled deeply, "Since the heavens wish for my Mo Clan to be destroyed, then so be it."

    With that, the man turned back and called out, "Mo Qian, Mo Li, Mo Jian... Hurry on out. Our last and final opportunity is here."

    Hearing the man's words, the woman who pulled Mo Wuji came to a sudden realisation. The entire Luo An was the Ju Clan's. If she didn't expose anything, the Ju Clan might not discover this place. But now, she had exposed things, the Ju Clan could find this place at any moment.
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