Chapter 203: I Am Back For Revenge

    Chapter 203: I Am Back For Revenge

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    Mo Wuji saw more than 10 guys appearing from the ground and after these men emerged, they immediately bowed to show their respect for the man whom the woman addressed as Brother Qi.

    "I'm sorry Brother Qi, it is all my fault," The woman who pulled Mo Wuji back had already lost her initial excitement and joyfulness as she regained her composure.

    "Lan He, please don't say that. You're a straightforward person who is unwilling to think about such dirty things. It was really remarkable for you to think of bringing young prefecture lord back," Brother Qi walked to the side of the woman and patted the back of her hand.

    Mo Wuji suddenly said, "Why not Lan He and I leave this place? At worst, we would be the only two that will be spotted."

    The man who was addressed as the young lord, Brother Qi, laughed as he said, "Young prefecture lord, I, Mo Qi, may be an offshoot but I still have the roots of the Mo Clan. Abandoning my young prefecture lord to escape on my own is definitely not something I would do."

    Finishing, Mo Qi bowed to Mo Wuji as a form of respect, "Mo Clan's offshoot Mo Qi greets young prefecture lord and even though we would be exterminated by the Ju Clan very soon, I have to pay my respects."

    Almost immediately after he finished his sentence, Mo Qi turned and said to the men behind him, "Everyone! In the future, there will no longer be a young lord anymore, only a young prefecture lord."

    "Yes," After these over 10 men answered in unison, they bowed to Mo Wuji shouting, "Greetings, young prefecture lord."

    After Mo Qi bowed together with them, he said in a soft voice, "Young prefecture lord, I was initially planning to secretly assassinate Ju Hui to avenge the Mo Clan. However, now that we are spotted, let's kill as many as we can."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he knew that Ju Hui was the new prefecture lord of the Northern Qin Prefecture so it was perfectly normal for Mo Qi to plan his assassination against Ju Hui to avenge for the Mo Clan.

    Mo Wuji's original plan was to leave Luo An City immediately after he avenged the Mo Clan. As for the throne of the Northern Qin Prefecture, he really did not care much about it. However, after witnessing Mo Qi's words and actions, he did seem to Mo Wuji like a fitting person for the throne. After appearing so abruptly in Luo An, Mo Wuji not only exposed his own identity but Mo Qi's identity too. Despite so, Mo Qi had no complaints at all as he decided to fight together with him.

    "Mo Qi, how are you so certain that I am indeed the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord? Is it just because I said so?" Mo Wuji questioned curiously.

    Mo Qi heard Mo Wuji's question and dazed momentarily before saying, "Would there be anyone who would pose as a member of the Mo Clan? In Luo An, even if they didn't belong to the Mo Clan, people would change their surname as long as they have the surname Mo. Not just those with the surname Mo but even those with a surname that sounds similar to Mo like Mu would change their surname too."

    "People from the Ju Clan are so overbearing?" After Mo Wuji said this, his spiritual will managed to sense that there were a few experts at his door. Further away, there was even an army of soldiers approaching in droves.

    "Bang!" The door was kicked open as sunlight radiated in, lighting up the originally dark house.

    Mo Qi's face turned pale and one could tell that he had lived underground for a long period of time.

    "You are right. People from my Ju Clan are indeed so overbearing." An extremely arrogant voice could be heard.

    The one speaking was a young man wearing a brocade robe and Mo Wuji could tell in one look that he was a cultivator. Noticing the spirituality surrounding him, Mo Wuji's guess was that he could be in the intermediate Channel Opening Stage. The few men behind the brocade robed man had similar spirituality around them too.

    "His name is Ju Han, the son of that old ignorant man, Ju Hui," Mo Qi lashed out at the sight of Ju Han.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as he could applaud Mo Qi for his courage but he knew that it would not be possible for him to kill Ju Hui. If Ju Han was at the intermediate stage of the Channel Opening Stage, then Ju Hui should not be any weaker than him. Furthermore, there were no obvious spirituality surrounding Mo Qi so it was evident that he had only mortal roots. For a mortal to assassinate a cultivator with spiritual roots like Ju Hui, would simply be like throwing an egg against a rock.

    "I've always thought that my Ju Clan had killed every single member of the Mo Clan. I've never imagine that there would still be a few fishes who managed to escape the net. What's your name?" Ju Han looked at Mo Wuji and asked loftily.

    Mo Wuji replied coldly, "My name is Mo Wuji and I'm sure you should have heard of me before. According to what you've said, was Mo Clan really exterminated by your Ju Clan?"

    Ju Han sneered as he replied, "You are right. Members of the Mo Clan were indeed all killed by my Ju Clan. However, not all have been killed as aren't the few of you still standing right in front of me? As for you, ah, there isn't a person in the Mo Clan who is worthy of me knowing him..."

    Suddenly, Ju Han's words were stuck in his throat as he recalled something. A few months ago, his father did warn him about a prefecture lord from the Mo Clan who survived and his name was Mo Wuji and he was actually Mo Tiancheng's grandson. Not only this, this Mo Wuji got f*cking lucky and managed to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace as an outer disciple.

    Could this Mo Wuji who was in front of him be the Mo Wuji from the Heaven Seeking Palace? How is this possible? It would take at least a few months for him to travel from the Heaven Seeking Palace to this place even if he took a flying beast carriage.

    "Looks like you've guessed it right. I am indeed the Mo Wuji from the Heaven Seeking Palace," Mo Wuji said with a sarcastic tone.

    Even though Ju Han knew about the Heaven Seeking Palace, Mo Qi and Co. had no idea what it was. They had no clue why Mo Wuji and Ju Han had been conversing for the whole day and not fought yet.

    Mo Wuji was the young prefecture lord and they would not act if their young prefecture lord chose not to act yet.

    "Uncle Qijian from my Ju Clan is a Heaven Seeking Palace's inner disciple and you are only an outer disciple. If you dare to touch me..." Ju Han finally confirmed that this was indeed the Mo Wuji from the Heaven Seeking Palace. Even though Mo Wuji was only an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace, Ju Han didn't dare to push his luck any further. It was simply too easy for a Heaven Seeking Palace's outer disciple to kill him.

    As he spoke, Ju Han had already drew out a flying blade and the flying blade was morphed into a red light which disappeared in the sky far away from here.

    Mo Wuji acted as if he did not see the flying blade's signals as he did not reached out to block it. All he did was smile and said, "I won't dare to touch you..."

    Ju Han heaved a sigh of relief and before he could regain his composure and collect his thoughts, a long blade with a blue tip sliced right through both his thighs.

    "Blergh!" Ju Han fell on his knees as he spat out two mouthful of blood. Everything below his knee were all severed off evenly leaving only fresh streams of blood flowing out.

    "You..." Ju Han, who had lost both his legs, could only muttered out one word as he pointed at Mo Wuji.

    Being at Channel Opening Stage Level 4, Ju Han could clearly see Mo Wuji's blade flying over but he just couldn't defend against it.

    Mo Wuji took a step forward before stepping on the top of Ju Han's head, "I don't dare to touch you but I dare to kill you."

    "Don't kill me..." Ju Han could sense that death was almost upon him and he was really frightened. He still had a bright future ahead of him hence, what a pity it would truly be if he was killed now. If he could tell that the future of his Ju Clan was actually not very bright, he would perhaps die a little happier.

    "I won't kill you, I will step on you till you die..." Mo Wuji exerted more strength on his leg as the sound of cracking bones could be heard. Ju Han's skull was crushed to its brain was exposed by Mo Wuji's stomp.

    Having lived here for such a long time, Mo Wuji was already numbed to all these bloodsheds and killings.

    After witnessing all these, the few cultivators who were previously following closely behind Ju Han all took a step back in fear. They realised that Mo Wuji's strength was far greater than what they could possibly deal with. Even if all of them were to attack simultaneously, they would simply be courting death.

    However, just as they took half a step back, a saber light flashed across them and all four of them fell head first before being sent flying away.

    Mo Qi and co. watched dazedly at Mo Wuji and it was only up till now that they came to their senses. The reason why Mo Wuji reported his clan at the entrance of the city was not because he was foolish and clueless but because he came back for revenge.

    A Mo Clan's descendant came back for revenge. Mo Qi, who just came back to his senses, was so excited he couldn't stop trembling. There was finally someone other than himself to help avenge the Mo Clan and it wasn't just anyone but the young prefecture lord himself who managed to easily wipe out a number of the enemies.

    "Come out with me," Mo Wuji waved and said to the few people behind Mo Qi.

    Mo Qi and Co. subconsciously followed Mo Wuji out of the house. As they had been living underground for a long time, the sunlight outside of the house made them extremely uncomfortable.

    After witnessing Mo Wuji use his lightning bolt technique to kill an expert like Ju Han so easily, the soldiers outside were so dumbstruck that they momentarily forgot to surround and kill Mo Wuji. Or rather, they knew that an immortal master like Mo Wuji was not someone they were capable of killing.

    Mo Wuji flew and landed on the ruins of the door that Ju Han destroyed as he scanned across all the soldiers before saying, "My name is Mo Wuji, a descendant of the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord, Mo Tiancheng. The main intention of my trip back this time round was to avenge the Mo Clan. Soldiers, all of you were originally the Bright Tigers of my Northern Qin and will be the Bright Tigers of my Northern Qin in the future so why risk your life for a foreigner like that Ju guy?"

    After Mo Wuji's speech, the soldiers were even more resolute to not fight against Mo Wuji. Mo's Clan had been around in the Northern Qin for countless of years and was bound to still have some influence in this region.

    "Haha...The remnants of Mo Clan dare to subvert the Ju Clan's Northern Qin?" Sound of horses galloping could be heard as the one leading the pack was a huge red horse.

    "Young prefecture lord, that guy is Ju Hui," Mo Qi reacted the quickest as he warned Mo Wuji. He couldn't help but feel excited after witnessing how Mo Wuji easily killed Ju Han as well as hearing how strong an immortal master his young prefecture lord actually was.

    Ju Hui stop speaking abruptly as his face turned livid, "B*astard, how dare you kill my..."

    Before he could finish his sentence, Ju Hui stopped as he was feeling so infuriated his whole body started to quiver. Up till now, he only had two sons and one of them was slightly incapable. He only had Ju Han, who not only had spiritual roots, but was also extremely decisive when doing work. He was the hope and future of the Ju Clan.

    He would never have expected himself to see the headless corpse of the future of Ju Clan here. Wrong, not headless but a head smashed to its core.

    "Chop him up into minced meat..." Ju Hui clenched his teeth as he shouted. The army of soldiers behind him immediately took out their spears and started surrounding Mo Wuji.
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