Chapter 204: Situ Qians Banquet

    Chapter 204: Situ Qian's Banquet

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    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and shot out tens of Lightning Flash. The lightning bolts exploded within the army battalion; any soldier touched by that lightning did not even have any chance of living.

    "Immortal master, that's an exalted immortal master..." The soldiers at the front started getting agitated, the formations were disordered and some soldiers even secretly retreated backwards.

    Ju Hui saw Mo Wuji's fatal move and his heart went cold. He knew who had come. [1] Not long ago, he had received the invitation to Situ Qian's banquet. To pull their relations closer, Situ Qian had been especially courteous and thoughtful towards Ju Hui. This was because the Ju Clan had produced a Heaven Seeking Palace inner disciple, Ju Qijian.

    It was also because of Ju Qijian, that Ju Hui found out from Situ Qian that there was still a loose fish from the Mo Clan, Mo Wuji. This Mo Wuji had some good luck and actually ended up as an outer disciple in the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Seeing the person in front of him sending bolts after bolts of lightning, Ju Hui was definite that this was the Mo Clan's remnant, Mo Wuji.

    "Brave man of the Northern Qin, there's no need to fear him, my Ju Clan also has an immortal master..." Ju Hui cried out hoarsely. He wanted to control his army formations. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he would be temporarily trapped if he was surrounded by thousands of soldiers. This would give Ju Hui some time to escape.

    Before he could finish his words, a lightning bolt exploded upon his chest.

    Ju Hui words came to an abrupt stop, he lowered his head to stare blankly at the huge hole of blood on his chest. Seconds later, he collapsed onto the ground.

    "Boom boom boom boom..." Consecutive shots of lightning bombarded the area around Ju Hui. No one around Ju Hui were spared, they were all killed by Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash.

    Following the deaths of Ju Hui and the experts around him, the soldiers were instantly filled with an unrestrained restlessness.

    Mo Wuji suddenly called out loudly, "From now on, the Northern Qin throne will be succeeded by the Mo Clan's Mo Qi. Anyone willing to work hard with the Mo Clan for Northern Qin, please move to behind Mo Qi, and wait for the change of the throne. Those unwilling to work with the Mo Clan, leave Luo An City, or be killed without mercy. Mo Qi, step forward!"

    "Yes!" Ever since Mo Qi discovered that Mo Wuji was an immortal master, he had a feeling that the young prefecture lord wouldn't continue to stay on as the Northern Qin Prefecture Lord. Now that Mo Wuji had called for him, he immediately stood forward.

    "Northern Qin's Bright Tiger Soldiers, Ju Hui stole my Mo Clan's throne, and now, he has been dealt with by my Mo Clan's immortal master. I, Mo Qi, will uphold upon the words of the Mo Clan's immortal master, to accept the Northern Qin throne. Anyone willing to follow me to march to the Northern Qin Palace, stand behind me. After the Northern Qin Prefecture restores, you will be the greatest followers of our prefecture, the heroes who will bring back the glory to Northern Qin..."

    Mo Qi spoke with fervour and passion, clearly, this wasn't a hastily cobbled speech. Ostensibly, when he chose to conceal himself within the Northern Qin Prefecture, he had the intentions of regaining the Northern Qin throne. Ten well-built men stood behind him, adding on to his imposing aura.

    Mo Wuji nodded. Aggressiveness is good. A king without aggression, that was the bad thing.

    Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the Northern Qin returning to the Mo Clan was already set in stone. Even an expert like Ju Hui was like an ant in front of the Mo Clan's immortal master. Furthermore, many of soldiers here originally served under the Mo Clan. Now, they were simply returning back; no one expressed any form of dissent.

    One could say that the Mo Clan had already wrested back the Northern Qin Prefecture, all that's left was to occupy the Northern Qin Palace.

    "Ding Chengsheng from the Right Army, is willing to serve with the Mo Clan..."

    "The City Protecting Barrack's Fu Chang will serve with the Mo Clan to regain the Northern Qin Prefecture..."

    The various generals leading their armies all came one after another to pledge their allegiance. With the generals showing their support, the soldiers under them also came to stand behind Mo Qi.

    "Young prefecture lord, I will now bring the man to accept the Northern Qin Palace." Mo Qi bowed respectfully towards Mo Wuji, his pale white face was flushed with a red tinge of emotion. Ostensibly, he didn't expect to restore the Northern Qin throne back to the Mo Clan in just a single day.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "From now on, don't call me young prefecture lord. I'm no longer the Northern Qin's young prefecture lord. You will lead Northern Qin, you are now the prefecture lord. You will now accept the Northern Qin throne, and pull those Ju weeds out from their roots. I will soon leave the Northern Qin Prefecture, I only hope that you can do one thing: Treat every citizen of the Northern Qin kindly, lower their taxes. If one day I come back and I discover that the lives of the Northern Qin citizens are worse than it is now, your head will be hanging outside the Luo An city gates."

    "Yes," Mo Qi responded, with a little fear in his heart. At the same time, he swore to govern Northern Qin better than it was now. The young prefecture lord had entrusted him with the throne, he definitely wouldn't let the young prefecture lord down.

    "Carry on." Mo Wuji didn't only see the wildness in Mo Qi, but also a dignified attitude.

    Mo Qi waved his hand, leading the army to charge towards Northern Qin Palace. With Mo Wuji, this immortal master, he did not need to occupy the various palace gates. He would just take the most direct method and charge straight to the palace.

    Mo Wuji did not follow after; Ju Clan's Ju Hui had already been killed, the Northern Qin returning to the Mo Clan was already an unalterable fact. There definitely wouldn't be any form of resistance. He was also sure that the entire Ju Clan would be destroyed. He was no longer that hothead he once was; he had already got used to things here. Here, blood must be repaid with blood. There were no morals in such matters.

    Mo Wuji also didn't leave Luo An immediately; this matter had not been settled. If he didn't kill Ju Qijian, Mo Qi's reign over the throne wouldn't last. He did not know where Ju Qijian was, but Mo Wuji was sure that with the extermination of the Ju Clan, Ju Qijian was sure to come.

    Just as Mo Wuji was considering where he could undergo some closed door cultivation as he awaited Ju Qijian's arrival, Mo Qi hastily brought a team of people to find him.

    Mo Wuji stared quizzically at Mo Qi's urgency, "You're a prefecture lord, and now's the key moment to regain the Northern Qin throne. Why did you come find me?"

    "Reporting to Supreme Emperor. I'm sure that will be no problems encountered to regain the Northern Qin throne. But I just received some important news, the Ju Clan has an immortal master who had received Situ Qian's invitation. He is currently in Rao Zhou," Mo Qi said reverently.

    I've actually become the Supreme Emperor? As Mo Wuji thought about how Mo Qi's age was bigger than his, his mouth could not help but twitch a few times.

    This question was immediately cast aside, "You're sure Ju Clan's immortal master is in Rao Zhou?"

    "Yes, he is definitely in Rao Zhou. I believe that Rao Zhou will soon receive the news about Luo An," Mo Qi said resolutely.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head in approval; Mo Qi had temporarily given up on his most important manner to deliver this report to Mo Wuji. One, was because of his humble attitude. Two, Mo Qi was also very sure that once Ju Qijian comes to Northern Qin, if Mo Wuji wasn't here, everything he was doing was simply constructing buildings in the air.

    "I understand. You don't need to worry about the revival of the Ju Clan. Accept the Northern Qin with a peace of mind, and govern Northern Qin well." Mo Wuji answered, He estimated that he would not take to long to get to Rao Zhou with his flying car.

    "Yes, does the Supreme Emperor have anything else?" Mo Qi's eyes flashed with glee, and he bowed down even lower.

    After a brief moment of silence, Mo Wuji said, "As I said previously, lower the taxes. The citizens' happiness is the real happiness. Also, if I must give another bit of advice, I would advice the advancement of technology. Other states do not value technological talent, so you can use some effort to pull them over. At the same time, revamp the education system. Teach children to learn about technology starting from preschool."

    "Mo Qi understands." Mo Qi hurriedly replied.

    Originally, he was intending to be like many other prefectures in Cheng Yu State. Expand the production of ores and herbs, thereafter, use the gold to purchase large scale arrays, flying beast carriages, etc.

    Now, Mo Wuji had suggested the advancement of technology, so he decided to listen to the Supreme Emperor. This prefecture lord position was given to him by Mo Wuji, so he would leave the Supreme Emperor's position to Mo Wuji. If the Supreme Emperor's descendants were to return, he would immediately hand over the throne.


    Ever since the meeting with the Xing Han Emperor, Situ Qian was always filled with worry. He never expected for Mo Tiancheng's grandson to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace. The Heaven Seeking Palace, to a state lord like him, was simply something from legends.

    Fortunately, there was also some good news. The Ju Clan, which he supported, also had someone in the Heaven Seeking Palace, and an inner disciple at that. According to Ju Qijian, that Mo Wuji should be merely a Spirit Building cultivator, there was no need for him to worry.

    Even so, Situ Qian's heart was restless. Ever since he returned, he was especially courteous towards the State Protector. The Cheng Yu State Protector was an Yuan Dan Stage expert. He shouldn't face any difficulty with that Spirit Building Mo Wuji, right?


    Rao Zhou City, Cheng Yu State, the Royal Palace.

    At this moment, Situ Qian was hosting the State Protector, Zhu Kaifu, as well as Ju Qijian, who had received his invitation to Rao Zhou.

    With Ju Qijian's arrival, Situ Qian could finally be at ease. As long as Ju Qijian states his identity, his Cheng Yu State Protector, Zhu Kaifu, would not need to be afraid of Mo Wuji's position as a Heaven Seeking Palace disciple.

    "The Heaven Seeking Palace has always been an existence of my reverence. To be able to sit together and drink with a Heaven Seeking Palace inner disciple, is my, Zhu Kaifu's, honour. Let me give a toast to Senior Ju!" Zhu Kaifu stood up and lifted his cup, speaking with a formal tone.

    Don't see him merely as an Yuan Dan Level 1, Earth Realm cultivator. He was an existence which was even above the state lord. But in front of a Heaven Seeking Palace disciple, he had to be courteous.

    Ju Qijian laughed, "Master Zhu, please take a seat. Talking about it, a branch of my Ju Clan is in the Northern Qin Prefecture, so there are things I will need to rely on Master Zhu. Let's not be overly formal."

    Zhu Kaifu patted his chest, "Rest assured Senior Ju. The Northern Qin Ju Clan's business, will be my, Zhu Kaifu's, business."

    Even though Ju Qijian's age was much smaller than his, and he heard from Situ Qian that Ju Qijian's cultivation was also lower than his, Zhu Kaifu still chose to call him "Senior Ju".

    "Good." Ju Qijian downed his cup of wine. Thereafter, he continued, "Master Zhu doesn't need to worry about that measly outer disciple. He is merely an ant at the Spirit Building Stage. If he does come over, Master Zhu can just go ahead and kill him. I, Ju Qijian, will take responsibility."

    [1] The Grim Reaper has arrived HAHA
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