Chapter 205: I’m Already Here

    Chapter 205: I'm Already Here

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    "Many thanks Senior Ju." Zhu Kaifu hurried to express his thanks. In all honesty, he was not afraid of Mo Wuji's abilities exceeding his. The only thing he was worried about was Mo Wuji's identity as a Heaven Seeking Palace disciple. As a rogue cultivator at the Yuan Dan Stage, the Heaven Seeking Palace could casually issue a bounty mission and he wouldn't even last a month.

    "Come, everyone drink up. This is the best wine in my Cheng Yu State..." Situ Qian lifted his wine cup up relaxedly; he could finally be at ease.

    "Lord, there's an urgent message..." A woman hastily walked in and passed a letter to Situ Qian.

    When Situ Qian saw the red seal on the letter, his hand started to tremble, almost dropping his wine cup onto the ground. A letter sealed in red represented a state's most urgent news. It was only with such a letter, that his underlings would rush in without even greeting him.

    "I understand, you can take your leave." Situ Qian immediately regained his calm. He thought about how he had the Heaven Seeking Palace inner disciple, Ju Qijian, here. What was there to worry?

    Ju Qijian and Zhu Kaifu had very calm expressions on their face. To cultivators like them, even Cheng Yu State's most important state affair did not mean much to them. Even if an army had marched right outside Rao Zhou, it wasn't even worth mentioning in front of them.

    Situ Qian opened the letter; when he saw the contents inside, his hand trembled agitatedly, causing the filled wine cup which he just placed on the table to flip onto the ground.

    "Dingdang!" The wine cup shattered. Wine spilled everywhere.

    "State Lord Situ, as the lord of a state, you should have an unmovable and indifferent countenance," Ju Qijian said with a frown. In all honesty, he really did not put a state lord in his eyes. The reason why he was here, wasn't because of Situ Qian's face, but because his Ju Clan was in Situ Qian's territory. But when he saw how Situ Qian couldn't even retain his composure, he suspected whether it was too much to even give this bit of face.

    Situ Qian hurriedly passed the letter in his hand to Ju Qijian as he quivered, "Immortal Master Qijian... That Mo Clan's leftover evil has killed his way to Northern Qin's Luo An City. The Luo An Ju Clan has been exterminated, and the Northern Qin has returned back to the Mo..."

    "What?" Ju Qijian's brows twitched, he suddenly stood up and slapped the table in front of him. The exquisite white jade table, under his slap, directly turned into the dust. He did not even bother to look at the letter Situ Qian passed to him.

    "Mo fella, just you wait..." Ju Qijian said through gritted teeth, Thereafter, he glared at Situ Qian, "How long did it take for this letter to come from Luo An?"

    With the Ju Clan destroyed, Ju Qijian did not continue showing face to Situ Qian.

    Facing Ju Qijian, this pugnacious person, Situ Qian did not dare dawdle and said hastily, "This letter was sent on a flying beast carriage, it only took half a day to arrive."

    Ju Qijian said said coldly, "Looks like he has yet to leave Luo An. I will head to Luo An right now. If he dares to leave, I will exterminate each and every single person in Luo An."

    "Ah..." Hearing Ju Qijian's intention to kill a city of people, Situ Qian's heart started pounding heavily, but he did not dare refute Ju Qijian's words.

    Zhu Kaifu originally intended to please Ju Qijian and follow Ju Qijian to Luo An, but when he heard of Ju Qijian's intended massacre of the Luo An citizens, he immediately shut his mouth.

    Ju Qijian might do such foolish things in his frustrations, but Zhu Kaifu did not have any intentions to follow him to his death. Cultivators might seem like a lofty existence in the mortal world, but if one truly rampaged within the mortal world, there would definitely be consequences. Zhu Kaifu was sure that even if Ju Qijian was from the Heaven Seeking Palace, he would not come to a good end.

    Seeing that Zhu Kaifu did not express any intentions to follow Ju Qijian to Luo An, Situ Qian inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. He was worried that with both Ju Qijian and Zhu Kaifu gone, Mo Wuji might take the opportunity to come over. Then, he would be dead.

    "Boom!" A violent sound of an explosion could be heard. Even the floors started trembling. Ju Qijian and the others hurried to stick to the side.

    "Hualala..." Countless building dregs and destroyed wood blocks came coming down. A huge hole appeared on the Cheng Yu State's magnificent royal palace. Following the earth shaking tremble, the palace came crashing down.

    Countless calls for help could be heard as many guards rushed to run out of the palace.

    A young man donned in blue linen robes stood on top of a large pillar in front of the state lord's residences, staring at Ju Qijian and co. His hands were empty, and it was unknown what he used to destroy the palace.

    "Ju Qijian, what a small world ah. I believe that you should have already heard the news? Were you on your way to Luo An? You see, you don't need to make that trip. I'm already here." The young man stared at Ju Qijian, his hands were behind his back, and his voice sounded especially sarcastic.

    "Mo Wuji..." The dust covered Situ Qian blurted out. His entire body was trembling, it was unknown whether it was out of anger, or out of fear.

    When Zhu Kaifu heard "Mo Wuji" those three words, he immediately knew who had arrived. Mo Wuji's did not exude any form of spirituality, but as he stood atop that large cylindrical pillar, he gave Zhu Kaifu the feeling that he should not be offended.

    The blue robed youth was Mo Wuji. After getting news that Ju Qijian was here, he did not stop and immediately rushed over. Only by killing Ju Qijian, that he could leave this place at ease.

    As for the Cheng Yu State's royal palace, naturally, it was destroyed by his Tian Ji Pole. Previously, when he was almost killed by Situ Qian here, he swore that he would return and destroy this palace. Today, he finally got this desire out of his chest.

    He did not wish to reveal his Tian Ji Pole, so after destroying the palace, he kept his Tian Ji Pole.

    "Mo fella, see who will save you from me today..." Ju Qijian striked out with his long sword. A sword flower emerged which slashed through the pillar Mo Wuji was standing on.

    Mo Wuji had long landed far away. He did say anything and immediately started to rush out of Rao Zhou. With Ju Qijian's pride, he would definitely come chasing after.

    He was not willing to fight in Rao Zhou. Firstly, if the two of them fought here, countless of innocent lives would be lost. Secondly, his Tian Ji Pole must not be revealed in Rao Zhou. If it was seen, everyone would know that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705. He had the Yu Lin Lei Clan as an additional enemy, so he didn't want to let everyone know that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    As expected, after Mo Wuji left the city, Ju Qijian did not hesitate to chase after him.

    Zhu Kaifu's face was calm; he did not follow Ju Qijian. Even though he was a rogue cultivator whose qualifications would never match up to Ju Qijian, the things he experienced far exceeded Ju Qijian. The moment he saw Mo Wuji, he had a sense of dread in his heart. Even though Mo Wuji's entire body did not exude any spirituality, he did not believe that Mo Wuji was merely at the Spirit Building Stage.

    A Spirit Building Stage cultivator dared to call Ju Qijian out of the city. Was he mad?

    Turning to face Situ Qian's unstable face, Zhu Kaifu suddenly said, "Lord, there's no need to worry. Senior Ju is an expert from the Heaven Seeking Palace's inner sect. Killing a mere outer disciple is as easy as flipping his palm. I will stay here to protect the lord, so that fella wouldn't be able to sneak back and do anything to you."

    Situ Qian's expression turned for the better, "Many thanks State Protector."

    Zhu Kaifu smiled faintly. He made a decision in his heart, if he did not see Ju Qijian in an hour, he would immediately leave Rao Zhou and Cheng Yu State. He would go as far as he needed to.

    With his experience and foresight, if Mo Wuji was truly as weak as they say, then Ju Qijian would definitely be able to kill Mo Wuji within an hour. If Mo Wuji wasn't killed in an hour,it would mean that Mo Wuji was not weaker than Ju Qijian. If that were the case, it didn't matter who was victorious. He did not wish to tread on this muddy water and would rather go as far as possible. As a State Protector, he only got to experience some mortal pleasures and a few rare cultivation resources. A mere Situ Qian was not worth his life.


    Mo Wuji finally stopped in a forest outside of Rao Zhou. After being plotted against on Earth, this was the hill he appeared at when he woke up.

    The hill was still here, but the Yan'Er who called him "King" and protected him was not.

    "So you chose this place as your grave?" Ju Qijian landed not far from Mo Wuji, his tone was cold.

    Mo Wuji stared at Ju Qijian and said calmly, "This won't be my grave, but yours. Ever since I left this place, I always thought that this place would be nicer if something was buried under it. Today, that would finally happen."

    "Ha ha...." Ju Qijian laughed hysterically. Thereafter, his entire body beamed with energy, a huge pressure came bounding towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji felt this immense energy and his brows furrowed, "I didn't expect that you actually advanced into the Earth Realm and cultivated into Yuan Dan Stage Level 1."

    The longsword on Ju Qijian's back flew in the air in an arc and landed in his hand, "You guessed correctly. Is this out of your calculations? Are you scared? I guessed that with your balls to lure me here, you must have advanced into the Transcending Mortality Stage? A trashy spiritual roots like you actually advanced into the Transcending Mortality Stage, you must have obtained something that's not simple ah. You don't have to tell me anything, I will find it myself...

    from your corpse..." With that, the sword in Ju Qijian's hands formed sheet after sheet of sword screens which were sent flying towards Mo Wuji.

    Ju Qijian's entire body seemed to rise together with the sword screen, soaring into the sky. "After you're dead, I will find someone to join you in your fate. He's a state protector, so you don't have to be worried that no one will join you on your road to the Yellow Springs [1]..."

    Ever since Zhu Kaifu didn't follow over, Ju Qijian developed a killing intent towards him. Zhu Kaifu dared to play this kind of tricks behind his back? A trivial Yuan Dan Stage cultivator was nothing in the eyes of him - an inner disciple at the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    "Sword art? I know one too." Mo Wuji raised his hand; Mo Wuji clearly didn't have any sword in his hand, but he shot out trails of sword light. These sword light slashed against Ju Qijian's sword screen, shredding the flawless sword screen, directly dispersing it.

    "What sword art is that?" Ju Qijian saw the empty-handed Mo Wuji and he was left aghast. His sword screen was part of a sword art, and the sword screen was merely a feint. He didn't expect that before his sword art was fully exhibited, it was destroyed by Mo Wuji's empty hands.

    That's not right! Ju Qijian suddenly thought of another matter. Mo Wuji should have just advanced into the Transcending Mortality Stage, and should only be at Level 1. Even if he specially trained in the sword, he shouldn't be strong enough to display it in front of me.

    [1] The Yellow Springs are the Underworld of Chinese Mythology
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