Chapter 206: Extreme Mortal Versus The Yuan Dan

    Chapter 206: Extreme Mortal Versus The Yuan Dan

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    "I heard it's called the Invisible Sword, I inherited this sword art by chance. I was bored, so I decided to play around with it," After Mo Wuji answered, he wielded his Tian Ji Pole and released floods of elemental energy which covered the sky, surging towards Ju Qijian.

    At this moment, why would Ju Qijian even bother about Mo Wuji's sword art? With a twist of his longsword, his entire body plunged down from the sky, his sword cleaved towards Mo Wuji.

    The reason why cultivating the sword was so popular was because the sword was ethereal and agile. The moment a sword art was developed, it would trump even the greatest of magic treasures.

    Be it the sword radiance, sword screen, sword rain or sword qi, extremely few people would use the sword to cleave the enemy.

    Mo Wuji had met quite a number of experts of the sword and experienced various forms of the sword, be it the sword radiance, sword screen, sword rain or sword qi. However, he met few who would treat the sword like an axe and used the sword to cleave the enemy. Extreme measures were sure to have extreme power.

    Mo Wuji became even more serious.

    "Hong..." Ju Qijian's longsword cleaved through the air, forming an incredibly life-like and immense sword shadow.

    The sword shadow crashed against Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, exploding into a sky-covering sword radiance.

    What left Mo Wuji stunned was that after his Tian Ji Pole blew the sword shadow up into this boundless sword radiance, the sword radiance's might did not diminish a single bit as it sailed through the sky towards Mo Wuji.

    The sword shadow's raging elemental energy had already caused Mo Wuji to constantly take steps back, but as this omnipresent sword radiance expanded to cover the sky, Mo Wuji was unable to avoid the blows.

    In his urgency, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole sent out one pole shadow after another; the boundless sword radiance crashed against Mo Wuji's pole shadow. However, as the sword radiance sailed by, its power did not seem to wane. Mo Wuji knew, this sword radiance would soon get past his Tian Ji Pole and strike against his body.

    This sword art of Ju Qijian was extremely strong, and especially peculiar. It was like a loach, relentlessly homing onto Mo Wuji.

    Ju Qijian saw the flustering Mo Wuji and his lips curved into a smirk. The longsword in his hand sent out more slashes of sword radiance. Together with his sword, he charged towards Mo Wuji. His previous sword act was called the Inextinguishable Sword Radiance. Besides bearing the brunt of the attack, there was no other way for Mo Wuji to deal with that sword art. The Inextinguishable Sword Radiance could not be blocked, unless Mo Wuji's power was far above his.

    From Mo Wuji's appearance, he could tell that Mo Wuji was unable to defend against his Inextinguishable Sword Radiance. As long as Mo Wuji was injured by his Inextinguishable Sword Radiance, his following move would be fatal.

    Mo Wuji, with his trashy spiritual roots, actually advanced into the Earth Realm. This was simply hitherto unheard of. Thus, he used his most powerful technique so as to get rid of Mo Wuji in the shortest time possible. Thereafter, he would search Mo Wuji's body for what secrets lay within.

    "Honghonghong..." Explosion after explosion boomed underneath Mo Wuji's feet, countless of sword radiance shot into the ground. As the sword radiance were sent into the ground, they burst into lines of sword intent, completely shredding Mo Wuji's pants. At the same time, lacerating Mo Wuji's legs, forming intersecting grooves of blood.

    Using the Revolving Star Passage Technique to shift Ju Qijian's Inextinguishable Sword Radiance to the ground, Mo Wuji no longer retreated, and even started to move towards the oncoming charge of Ju Qijian.

    "Dangdang! Pu Pu..." The Tian Ji Pole landed on the sword radiance; a few streams of sword radiance were not dispersed and shot through Mo Wuji's chest. At the same time, a sudden electroball crashed against Ju Qijian's lower body.

    "Hong!" The electroball violently exploded, Ju Qijian's entire body was lifted off the ground, some of his guts and fresh blood landed on the ground.

    "Katong!" Ju Qijian collapsed onto the ground. His lower body and a good half of his right leg was blasted off, even his intestines were exposed and left flailing out of his abdomen.

    The bloodied Ju Qijian trembled and pointed towards Mo Wuji. He thought that Mo Wuji was sure to die, but not only didn't Mo Wuji die, Mo Wuji even counter attacked and maimed him. He was truly intrigued, how did Mo Wuji avoid his Inextinguishable Sword Radiance? Even if it was someone with a higher cultivation than him, they might not be able to dodge it.

    Mo Wuji's chest was also stained red with blood. He left traces of blood as he walked one step at a time towards Ju Qijian. Using the Revolving Star Passage Technique to luckily avoid Ju Qijian's Inextinguishable Sword Radiance, Mo Wuji knew how impressive this sword art of Ju Qijian was. If he did not grasp the opportunity that Ju Qijian was fixed on him to surprise Ju Qijian with an electroball, he have been able to kill Ju Qijian today.

    "I understand, you're Rogue Cultivator 2705... That's right, you are that 2705..." As he lay on the ground, Ju Qijian finally came to realise who Mo Wuji was as he thought: Isn't that pole in his hands the symbol of Rogue Cultivator 2705?

    "That's right, I am Rogue Cultivator 2705. And as I've said before, today, you shall be buried here," Mo Wuji raised the Tian Ji Pole in his hands.

    "Exactly how did you advance into the Yuan Dan Stage?" As he faced his impending doom, Ju Qijian was thoroughly unwilling to accept it.

    Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole stopped in midair; with his other hand, he wiped off a trail of blood from his lips as he said, "I appreciate the question. I'm a person who loves learning. As a cultivator, one should also learn and ask from others when they don't understand something. So I will answer your question, I have not entered the Yuan Dan Stage."

    "That's impossible..." Ju Qijian cried out hoarsely, he refused to believe that Mo Wuji had yet to enter the Yuan Dan Stage, "No Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator is able to kill me..."

    Ju Qijian had a savage expression on his face; the longsword was still in his hands. As long as Mo Wuji comes closer, he would pull Mo Wuji down to hell with him.

    However, his previous sentence was truly what he thought in his heart. The difference between the Mortal Realm and the Earth Realm is a different as the Heaven and the Earth. He absolutely could not believe that someone at the Transcending Mortality Stage could heavily injure, and even almost kill him. Even among other cultivators in the same stage, he, Ju Qijian, was confident that he was above average.

    The pole descended and Mo Wuji's voice followed, "Because I'm an Extreme Mortal at Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12..."

    Ju Qijian was astounded by the phrase "Extreme Mortal". Deep in his heart, he believed Mo Wuji's words; Mo Wuji was very likely to be in the Extreme Mortal Stage. But since when was there a Level 12?

    Tian Ji Pole descended; the sword radiance was about to explode. Before he died, Ju Qijian struck out with one final move. He was waiting for Mo Wuji's pole. At that instant, he burned his life force to form countless sword radiance which would wrap around Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole, before invading into Mo Wuji's body.

    The Tian Ji Pole suddenly stopped in midair.

    "Hong!" A bolt of lightning exploded against Ju Qijian's chest. Ju Qijian coughed out mouthfuls of blood; this blood wasn't due to Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash but his anger. He pointed towards Mo Wuji. How could there be such a despicable person?

    His sword radiance had yet to fully condense and immediately dispersed by Mo Wuji's side. At the next instant, Ju Qijian fully collapsed onto the ground, without a hint of life.

    "I never trust a living enemy..." Mo Wuji properly swung his Tian Ji Pole this time, shattering Ju Qijian's skull. Finally, Mo Wuji could take a light breath. He had never liked talking nonsense when facing his enemies. The reason why he stopped and talked those crap, was because he sensed an intense danger from Ju Qijian.

    Ju Qijian was too hard to deal with. Ostensibly, when an Extreme Mortal Stage cultivator fights against a Yuan Dan Stage Level 1 cultivator, he was not able to overwhelm the enemy, and could only barely manage to defeat him.

    Mo Wuji walked over and collected Ju Qijian's storage bag and longsword. He suddenly felt his insufficiencies; his only impressive move was his Lightning Flash. His proficiency over the Tian Ji Pole was only elementary, he did not even have a complete set of pole techniques.

    This time around, he needed to properly learn the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's second style. And at the same time, he had to find some ways to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage. Of course, the best solution was to find some powerful skills to improve his power. The Revolving Star Passage Technique was not bad, it was able to save him at the critical moment. According to Yan Qianyin, it was a sacred technique. It looks like he should continue with this technique and get to the second level.


    Outside the Cheng Yu State Royal Palace, the soldiers had started to clear the ruins up. Situ Qian stood atop his destroyed palace, his heart uneasy.

    "State Protector, Immortal Master Qijian is from the Heaven Seeking Palace inner sect..." Situ Qian's words were cut short. When he turned back, how could State Protector Zhu Kaifu still be there?

    Situ Qian's face turned pale white; his face was originally white, but it became an even wretched shade of white. He definitely did not believe that Zhu Kaifu would go to help Ju Qijian, and now that Zhu Kaifu had disappeared without a sound. He did not even bid farewell. There was only one possibility: the State Protector did not believe that Ju Qijian was able to kill Mo Wuji, so he stealthily sneaked away.

    "Quick, call Duke Han..." Situ Qian screamed hoarsely. Even if his last possession was a piece of straw, he would hold it tightly in his hand.

    Han Chengan had previously saved Mo Wuji from his hands. Then, he felt extremely dissatisfied towards Mo Wuji, but now, he could only beg Han Chengan to help him.

    "Lord, the old duke is here." Han Chengan's voice came over; the Cheng Yu State Royal Palace had been destroyed, how could he not come? He wasn't the only one who came, many of the other dukes and officials of Cheng Yu State had also arrived.

    "Situ Qian, that fly has been driven off. We can finally have a good talk," The voice of the devil had arrived.

    Situ Qian's knees instantly went weak as he collapsed onto the ground.

    Seeing Han Chengan, Mo Wuji hurried to bow towards him, "Mo Wuji greets Old Duke Han."

    "You are?" Han Chengan felt that Mo Wuji looked a little familiar, but Mo Wuji was currently covered in blood, so he wasn't able to recognise him immediately. Furthermore, his heart was still shaken at the face that this man dared to call out the state lord's great name,

    If not for Han Chengan speaking up for him, Mo Wuji would have long been killed by Situ Qian. At the same time, if Han Chengan didn't take him in, he would have been killed by Ju Clan's men. It was because of this, he tried his best to help Han Ning despite the poor treatment he received from her.

    "You're the Northern Qin Mo Tiancheng's grandson, that Mo Wuji..." Han Chengan finally recognised Mo Wuji, and he continued to ask with greater astonishment, "Didn't you follow my Ning'Er to Chang Luo's Spring Immortal's Gate Conference? Ning'Er tells me she is doing well, do you know where she is now?"

    Even though Han Ning said she was an inner disciple at an Earth sect, it was impossible to casually leave the sect to return to Cheng Yu State. Even if she reached the Spirit Building Stage, it was extremely difficult for her to make trips back with this extremely long journey.
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