Chapter 207: Granny Linglong On The Run

    Chapter 207: Granny Linglong On The Run

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    "I believe Miss Ning is probably very tight on her schedule for cultivation. Hence, unable to find time to come back," Mo Wuji could only find a reason to answer.

    "Immortal Master Mo, the other time at An Yang, I really wanted to speak to you. Oh yes, regarding the Northern Qin matter, I did intend to return the throne to Mo Clan when I return however, that Ju Qijian was too rude..." Situ Qian hurried over with a flattery face when he saw Mo Wuji conversing with Han Chengan.

    Han Chengan, who was initially still hung up over his daughter, had a sudden realisation. The Mo Wuji in front of him addressed Situ Qian by his name the moment he saw Situ Qian yet Situ Qian did not lash out and him and even took the initiative to flatter him. Additionally, Situ Qian addressed him as an immortal master. Could it be that Mo Wuji really possessed the qualities to cultivate and had become a true immortal master?

    "Shut your trap," Mo Wuji grunted coldly before interrupting Situ Qian's words.

    Han Chengan would have wasted his entire life if he still didn't know what was happening. The situation was very explicit: Mo Clan's descendant is back for revenge. Very quickly, he understood why Situ Qian was rushing to find him. This was because Han Chengan was the only one who Mo Wuji held gratitude towards and Situ Qian would naturally plead him to save himself.

    This put Han Chengan in a very difficult spot because Mo Wuji was indeed indebted to him but that was only because it was done at his own convenience. Now that the Mo Clan had such animosity towards Situ Qian, how should he help?

    Simultaneously, Han Chengan understood why the Cheng Yu State Royal Palace was in such a mess as it was evidently destroyed by Mo Wuji himself.

    This was indeed the classic case of staying on the good side of people because you'll never know when you need them. No one could be sure of the future so one should never be too vicious in whatever they do.

    A few dukes standing beside Han Chengan also realised what was happening and that Mo Wuji was a descendant of the Northern Qin Prefecture's Lord, Mo Tiancheng. Now that Mo Wuji became an immortal master, he had to seek this revenge himself.

    "Situ Qian, where did my grandfather go and why did he disappear the moment he reach Rao Zhou?" Mo Wuji glared at Situ Qian and questioned him directly.

    Situ Qian glanced at Han Chengan for a moment before bowing and said, "Immortal Master Mo, Lord Tiancheng had indeed visited Rao Zhou once but he only came to show his face before leaving. It was only after a period of time that I found out he didn't return to Luo An and as for his whereabouts afterwards, I really had no idea at all."

    He wasn't lying when he said this. Even though he managed to prevent Mo Guangyuan from ascending to the Northern Qin Prefecture's throne, he really did not directly harm any members of the Mo Clan.

    Mo Guangyuan was not allowed to leave Rao Zhou City because of Ju Caiyun and all he did was observed.

    Looking at the killing intent in Mo Wuji's eyes, Han Chengan knew that he was definitely not satisfied with Situ Qian's answer and was about to do something to him. He hurried to say, "Pill Master Mo, I can guarantee his honesty in this case as Lord Situ really had no idea where Lord Tiancheng went after leaving Rao Zhou. He also did not restrict Lord Tiancheng's movements and as for the fact that he was trapped in Rao Zhou, Ju Caiyun was fully responsible for it."

    "Ju Caiyun had already left for Luo An and is no longer here at Rao Zhou City," Situ Qian added as he heard Han Chengan helping him.

    Han Chengan bowed respectfully, "I do hope Pill Master Mo could let Situ Qian off this time for my sake."

    He didn't address Situ Qian as the lord as he was afraid he might trigger Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji frowned momentarily as he actually did believe that Han Chengan could not possibly be lying to him. He wasn't worried about Ju Caiyun leaving for Luo An because he knew that she was destined for death anyway. Previously, Han Chengan spoke up for Mo Wuji to save his life from Situ Qian. Presently, Han Chengan was speaking up for Situ Qian to save his life from Mo Wuji and this made Mo Wuji a little troubled. In his views, the best move was to get rid of Situ Qian to kick the Situ Clan off the throne.

    "Pill Master Mo, as long as I'm still in Cheng Yu State, I promise to make the Northern Qin Prefecture great again..."

    Situ Qian, who was standing by the side, noticed that Mo Wuji was frowning so he said that in a hurry. He was worried Mo Wuji might suddenly make his move and kill him. Even though it would be illegal for an immortal master to kill a country's lord, the punishment that he would face would neither hurt nor itch. Furthermore, Mo Wuji was a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace hence, he might not even get punished.

    While Mo Wuji was still hesitating, something broke the silence above everyone's head. As the crowd lifted their head, they saw a swift flying magic treasure flying past. As the flying magic treasure flew at a low altitude, everyone could clearly recognise it as a flying ship.

    Mo Wuji could see things even clearer because of his spiritual will. There was a woman, who was severely injured with blood stains on her body, leaning on the front of the ship's deck. Mo Wuji not only recognised this woman but was extremely grateful towards her as well. She was the Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda's Granny Linglong but how did she end up like that?

    Before everyone could react to the first flying ship, another flying ship as it flew above the crowd with a 'whoosh'.

    Mo Wuji instantaneously had a sense that Granny Linglong was being chased down. How strong must this guy be to be able to chase after Granny Linglong?

    Seeing Granny Linglong escaping with someone hot on her heels, Mo Wuji no longer had the mood to rattle on with Situ Qian as he said with a serious tone, "Immediately send a message to the Heaven Seeking Palace to inform them that the Pill Pagoda's Granny Linglong is severely wounded and being chased after for her life. If you can do this well, it is not impossible for me to let you go this time round..."

    Mo Wuji said this in a hurry as he immediately retrieved his flying car and rushed into the clouds before disappearing in the direction where the two flying ships were headed for.

    After Mo Wuji left, Situ Qian finally managed to wipe his sweat on his forehead in this state of panic as he expressed his gratitude, "Old duke, if it was not for you this time, my life would..."

    Han Chenghan interrupted impatiently, "Lord, now is not the time to discuss about all these. Your first priority should be completing the task Pill Master Mo assigned you."

    "Yes, yes..." Situ Qian finally came to his sense.

    A national crisis was ultimately resolved unexpectedly by two flying ships flying past which made all the dukes secretly afraid.

    A plump man standing behind the crowd lowered his head as he slowly retreated but was recognised very quickly, "Rao Xianhou, you made such a huge mistake back then. If you didn't look down on the Mo Clan for being down and out, you could have been the father in law of pill master Mo."

    This fatty was Wen Manzhu's father, Rao Xianhou. Back then because the Mo Clan was living in poverty, he broke all ties and severed any relationship he had with his once good friend, Mo Guangyuan and the Mo Clan.

    Even though nothing in this world was impermanence, he would never have expected an upset young lord back then to appear as an immortal master now.

    One who knows nothing, fears nothing. This could very well be a fitting sentence to describe Rao Xianhou.


    Mo Wuji's flying car was a lot slower than the two flying magic treasures earlier on. Fortunately for his spiritual will, he was able to sense the changes and movements in the air. As long as he continued this method of following them, he would never lose them.

    Mo Wuji knew that he might not be of any help to Granny Linglong even if he did manage to catch up with them but after witnessing such incident, he simply couldn't just sit and watch the show.

    Granny Linglong was nothing like what people rumoured her to be: a person who had no regard for people's feelings. In fact, Mo Wuji even thought of her as a very reasonable person. Even though he had already exchanged an Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower for her to save Yan'Er and a chance to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace, Mo Wuji would never forget Granny Linglong's kindness.

    Now that Granny Linglong was in trouble, how could he sit back and relax?

    Mo Wuji had to sense the changes in the surrounding air and then simultaneously follow these changes to chase after the faster flying ships in front of him. Initially, Mo Wuji barely managed to find the correct direction but after a few days, he was no longer capable of following them. Furthermore, after continuously using his spiritual will to sense the changes in air movements for a few days, he started to feel extremely fatigue.

    After losing track of Granny Linglong, Mo Wuji continued searching for a couple of days before confirming that he lost her and eventually, had no choice but to give up.

    If that Situ Qian was afraid of dying, the message Mo Wuji sent out via him should have already been on its way to the Heaven Seeking Palace. Mo Wuji could only hope that the aid from the Heaven Seeking Palace would not be too late to save Granny Linglong.

    Whether it was for the sect or personal reasons, Mo Wuji hoped that Granny Linglong would be able to emerge safely out of danger. The moment something happened to Granny Linglong, Yan'Er would lose both a mentor and a dependable friend.

    As for Yan'Er's big senior apprentice sister, she still did not seem like a dependable person to Mo Wuji. Both her character and her strength were not something you could depend your life on. Back then in the Thunder Fog Forest, that big senior apprentice sister would have been dead if not for his appearance.

    Only after coming to a halt, Mo Wuji realised that he lost his directions. During the past few days of pursuit, he only cared about finding traces of the flying ships in front of him and didn't bother remembering his position. Now that he lost his directions without a map, he could only find and seek help from people.

    His surroundings were all wilderness but luckily, there was still a small path in this wilderness. As long as there was a path, Mo Wuji was not worried he could not find anyone.

    Following the small path, Mo Wuji walked for about half a day and still didn't meet a single soul. Just as Mo Wuji started having doubts on whether there was actually anybody around this region, he saw faint smoke rising into the clouds from far away.

    Mo Wuji sped up in a hurry, heading towards the direction of the smoke.

    After a full half an hour, Mo Wuji could finally see the position where the smoke was coming from. Before he could actually get close to it, there were around five to six men holding their weapons pointing at him from afar.

    These few people were wearing torn shirts stained with blood. Moreover, there were even a deep scar on the faces of two people. Mo Wuji guessed that this should be a squad of adventurers or a small group of mercenaries.

    "You guys don't have to be hostile as I'm just a passer-by. I just happened to lose my way so I was wondering if you guys could tell me where I am now? It would be fantastic if you all had a map which I could purchase from you," Mo Wuji tried his best to speak politely.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words and then noticing how Mo Wuji didn't appear frightened, the armed men became slightly more relaxed.
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