Chapter 209: The Space Within the Sick Woods

    Chapter 209: The Space Within the Sick Woods

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    "Are you the Mo Wuji who just joined the sect..." Hua Xuan shouted surprisingly.

    Mo Wuji was also feeling ecstatic as he wasn't expecting to hear about Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven here.

    "Yes, I am indeed Mo Wuji. Now can you bring me to see Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong?" Mo Wuji said while laughing.

    Mo Wuji would never have expected the three of them to form the Three Tender Hunters after they departed from him. What was more unbelievable was that he actually met the members of this hunter squad.

    After confirming that their Third Sis was actually Mo Wuji's aunt, Hua Xuan became so excited her hands started to tremble slightly. Hua Xuan finally calmed herself down before bending down to pick up and toss one of the fallen riders to the back instead of replying Mo Wuji immediately.

    The rider's body was easily picked up by Hua Xuan before forming a circular arc in the air as he was being thrown to the back.

    "Brother Mo, there is someone who should not be hearing my words and this particular person can't be killed now because he knows where Second Sis is being held at," Hua Xuan took a deep breath before finally managing to control her agitation. Even though she addressed Xiangtong as her Third Sis, she didn't dare to treat Mo Wuji as a junior.

    "Lengbei is being held captive?" Mo Wuji frowned because he was the one who rescued Jing Lengbei and she had a close sisterhood with Mo Xiangtong. Previously, Jing Clan saved Mo Xiangtong before and now that Jing Lengbei was being held captive, he naturally had to be concerned.

    "She was brought away by Wuchangwushuang," Hua Xuan said through gritted teeth, "Second Sis held a strong animosity towards the Black Tailed Bees and was determined to seek revenge. Big Sis who was planning to leave, stayed to help Second Sis avenge. Afterwards, they felt that their strength were too frail individually which led them to form the Three Tender Hunters."

    "So have they sought their revenge?" Mo Wuji was secretly full of praise for this plan because even though Aunt Eleven was strong, the Black Tailed Bees was an exceptional group of horse bandits capable of taking down a country. Therefore, forming a hunter squad was the best possible way to deal with the Black Tailed Bees.

    Hua Xuan nodded then shook her head, "Initially, we managed to seal up the Black Tailed Bees' lair ready to slaughter every single member of the Black Tailed Bees. The nickname of the Black Tailed Bees horse bandit's head is Venomous Stinger and I personally witnessed Second Sis killing him. We swept up the entire lair and took back loads of treasure in which the most important one would be the sea map."

    "Is this the sea immortal estate map you mentioned previously?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Hua Xuan nodded her head, "Yes, after retrieving that immortal estate sea map, Big Sis decided to set out to sea."

    Mo Wuji's heart turned heavy as he guessed that Aunt Eleven would have already been out at sea by now. Even though Aunt Eleven was strong, she was still just an average cultivator and it would simply be asking for a death wish to set out to sea with this low level of strength. He had witnessed the might of the sea as the memories of the Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles were still fresh in his head.

    "Second Sis and I both tried our best to convince Big Sis that setting out to sea given our current capabilities would simply lead to death ultimately. Nevertheless, Big Sis was insistent in setting out to sea to search for the immortal estate. She told us that she had seen and done everything that was to be seen and done in her life and that she would never forgive herself if she did not attempt to give it a try when such opportunity arises," Hua Xuan's tone became deeper as she spoke.

    "So Aunt Eleven still went ahead ultimately?" Mo Wuji was already aware of Aunt Eleven's mettle when he was drinking wine with her previously. Even though she was a female, she was a lot more forthright than any male which was clearly evident in her decision to give up visiting Chang Luo just to send Mo Xiangtong and Jing Lengbei off.

    Now that Hua Xuan mentioned how Aunt Eleven stayed back to form the Three Tender Hunters just to seek revenge for Jing Lengbei, it was clear that everything Aunt Eleven had done, it was for her friends and not for herself.

    Hua Xuan lowered her head, "Yes, because Big Sis really wanted to go, we had no ways to stop her. Eventually, we couldn't do anything about Third Sis' decision to follow Big Sis out to sea. Third Sis said that she bore the hatred of the sea and that she wishes to find some good luck at the immortal estate so that she could seek revenge for herself in due course. Even if she were to die out at sea, she would have no regrets."

    Mo Wuji sighed as he understood Mo Xiangtong's wish to avenge the Mo Clan. In fact, he felt that Mo Xiangtong's sense of belonging to the Mo Clan was sometimes much stronger than his own.

    "In the end, Second Sis also made her decision to follow the two of them. However, Big Sis and Third Sis managed to convince Second Sis to stay because if the three of them were to leave at once, what would happen to the remaining members of the Three Tender Hunters? Second Sis listened to their advice and I stayed back to help Second Sis to manage the Three Tender Hunters..."

    Hearing that, Hua Xuan was almost tearing up, Mo Wuji hurried to ask, "So where are the remaining members of the Three Tender Hunters?"

    Hua Xuan shook her head as she sounded even more sorrowful, "The Three Tender Hunters are only left with nine of us. The rest are gone..."

    Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold, "Is this because of Wuchangwushuang?"

    Hua Xuan nodded, "Indeed, we initially thought we had exterminated the entire Black Tailed Bees after witnessing Second Sis killing Venomous Stinger. It was only afterwards that we realised that the person Second Sis killed was only a substitute. The real Venomous Stinger managed to escape to Wuchangwushuang and told them about the sea map...

    There was this time when we were surrounded by the great army of Wuchangwushuang and Second Sis was ultimately captured by them. She tried to kill herself but wasn't successful in her attempt... In the end, only the 30 plus of us managed to escape and eventually ending up with just nine of us here... I've made plans to set out to the sea to find Big Sis and Third Sis but was still prevented unexpectedly. If we did not meet Brother Mo here, we..."

    Without saying the rest, Mo Wuji understood everything.

    "When did Aunt Eleven and Xiangtong set out for the sea? How many people know of the sea map?" The killing intent in Mo Wuji's heart surged tremendously.

    Hua Xuan answered, "Only Big Sis, Second Sis and Third Sis were aware of the whole incident. The rest of them only know that it was a map Wuchangwushuang really wanted. However, I am not sure how many people did Venomous Stinger tell about the map. Big Sis and Third Sis had already been at sea for over three months."

    "Alright, let us head towards Wuchangwushuang's old nest," Mo Wuji decided to exterminate Wuchangwushuang instead of finding Aunt Eleven and Xiangtong first because they had already left for over three months.

    "Let me force that guy to tell us where Wuchangwushuang's old nest is..."

    Just as Hua Xuan was about to talk to the only survivor, Mo Wuji shook his hand, "No need, we just need him to lead the way."

    Mo Wuji walked over to the tall rider who was tossed by Hua Xuan as he reached out his hand to tear the rope on his body apart before saying, "Lead the way, bring us to your lair."

    Mo Wuji words were very clear and as long as this rider did not listen, he would immediately tear one of his meridian apart until he agreed to do what he was told. He was way too familiar with a human's meridian because he had personally managed to open the meridian with only mortal roots.

    Mo Wuji had been through situations where his meridians were almost torn apart and he knew how torturous it was. Even though his meridians were only almost torn apart, he could not imagine how terrifying the pain of having a meridian torn apart would be.

    "Yes, junior will obey..." What made Mo Wuji surprised was the fact that with that sentence alone, the burly fellow agreed without any hesitation.


    Under the guidance of this Wuchangwushuang's rider, the 11 of them galloped along the vast Sick Woods. Because of Mo Wuji's sudden appearance, Hua Xuan decided to forgo that carriage filled with daily necessities which was readied to set out to sea.

    The Sick Woods was a boundless area and all four directions had the same view: desolate and barren. A normal person running in this area for half an hour would naturally turn back feeling helpless and lost. This rider had obviously walked past this Sick Woods many times as he never stopped to check his direction throughout the whole journey.

    The horse beasts' endurance were far greater than the normal horse as evident from them resting for a total of only eight hours after running through the Sick Woods for almost two days. They finally decided to stop in front of this massive rock which was at least a few inches tall and wide making it looked like a small hill.

    "Why did we stop?" Mo Wuji's face turned serious because if this fellow dared to con him, he would not hesitate to tear every single one of his meridian.

    The rider hurried to say in a congratulatory tone, "Senior, we have reached."

    "You fart..." Hua Xuan reached to her back and a trident appeared on her hand. The next moment, the trident was already pointing towards the rider's throat, "Do you really think we're idiots? There is nothing here except for this huge rock."

    However, Mo Wuji did not believe that this rider would dare to fool them which was why he started using his spiritual will to scan the surrounding as he immediately realised something was amiss. Around this huge rock, there seemed to be some traces of some arrays.

    Before Mo Wuji could call for Hua Xuan, a cold, icy voice could be heard, "All of you are indeed idiots because other than this rock, I, Wuchangwushuang, am here too."

    Following this, the massive rock started to break apart as a man wearing a bright robe stood in front of everyone and behind him were a few hundred people guarding the two sides.

    Mo Wuji was extremely impressed as it was indeed a huge array and this huge hidden array was exceptionally exquisite because even he could not notice this array, not to mention setting this up. This hidden array was evidently at least an intermediate grade array.

    It felt like a whole new world inside when the rock was opened. It was outstandingly vibrant with flowers and birds all over the place and it looked much more beautiful than the Sick Woods on the outside.

    It only took Mo Wuji a moment to understand why there were only weeds and dried up plants all around and everything else looked so dead in the Sick Woods. It wasn't because this place was not suitable for plant growth but because all the life and vitality in this place were sucked into the space within this hidden array.

    Let's say Mo Wuji could still understand a little about the hidden array, he would be completely clueless about this space array. He even suspected that even if Chu XIngzi was here, he might not be able to set up such a massive space array and then hide it under a huge rock.

    Hua Xuan and the rest were completely dumbfounded at the sight of this. They stared blankly at the scene in front of them as if they were dreaming.

    After the opening of this rock, there was a wide bluestone path with a width of a few inches. On the two sides of this path, there were greenery, rivers and even some wild animals running all around. This was simply a foreign land of joy and happiness.

    Hua Xuan's mouth went gaping wide as she could not believe that there could be so many people and such a beautiful scenery behind a rock in this barren Sick Woods.

    "Master Wuchang..." Before the rider who led Mo Wuji here could finish his sentence, a flash of light sliced his throat as blood poured out and his head fell on the floor. This Wuchang fellow killed the rider without any hesitation.

    Mo Wuji could immediately confirm that he was indeed a cultivator.
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