Chapter 210: Wuchangwushuang

    Chapter 210: Wuchangwushuang

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    "Brother Mo..." Hua Xuan finally felt that something was not right; she hurried to wave towards the others and reined in the horses.

    Mo Wuji said softly, "There's no need to worry, this is just a concealment array. This place is not bad though."

    "Eh, you know that this is a concealment array?" Wuchang exclaimed in shock and started to size Mo Wuji up.

    Even so, he did not treat Mo Wuji as an opponent. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he did not exude any form of spiritual ripples, so he couldn't be a cultivator. Even if Mo Wuji was an extremely strong mortal, he was nothing but a larger ant in Wuchang's eyes.

    Mo Wuji said coldly, "Not only do I know that this is a huge concealment array, I even know that you're merely in the Spirit Building."

    A Spirit Building cultivator was already considered a supreme existence in mortals' eyes yet it didn't even catch Mo Wuji's eyes. He was able to kill the Heaven Seeking Palace inner disciple, the Yuan Dan cultivator, Ju Qijian. What Spirit Building cultivator could cause trouble for him?

    However, he did not act yet, but used his spiritual will to unceasingly analyse that radiant blade of Wuchang's.

    That radiant blade was condensed using elemental energy, and it would not have much effects towards cultivators. But when this thing goes against mortals, it's simply a killing machine.

    Imagine, this radiant blade's elemental energy usage was extremely low, with a raise of his hand, tens to even hundreds of radiant blades could be produced. If he used his spiritual will together with the radiant blade, he could manipulate the trajectory of the radiant blade, and it's killing power could be incomparable. The number of horse bandits in here, definitely did not amount to this mere hundreds. With this mass killing technique, he did not need to fear these horse bandits.

    "You can see through my cultivation?" Wuchang subconsciously took a few steps back. He originally wanted to send a radiant blade slicing through Mo Wuji's legs but he immediately chucked that idea aside.

    Mo Wuji could see that he was in the Spirit Building Stage and still stood in front of him. Then Mo Wuji must definitely be a cultivator, and cultivator with a much higher cultivation. For a cultivator with a higher cultivation, it was natural for him to not see through Mo Wuji's cultivation.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and formed a radiant blade, sending it towards Wuchang. This was a simple radiant blade he condensed using his elemental energy.

    "Ha ha ha..." After easily blocking Mo Wuji's radiant blade, Wuchang chortled loudly.

    He almost scared himself still, thinking that Mo Wuji was an expert with vastly superior abilities. However, the radiant blade revealed Mo Wuji's power, he was simply someone who had just entered the Spirit Building Stage, a fella who didn't even know how to control his spiritual energy.

    "Before coming here, you've never heard of the stories of those who dared to enter our Wuchangwushuang's lair? None of them survived." Wuchang suddenly stopped smiling. Thereafter, he waved his hand and said, "Grab him. I want him to regret why he was still alive, then I will kill him myself..."

    With that, Wuchang's tongue slid out of mouth and slided across his lips. These ten people, not only did they dare kill 36 of his riders, they even dared to enter his Wuchang's lair. If he did not make them regret their own existence, then he wasn't Wuchang.

    Hundreds of horse bandits came charging over; Hua Xuan and the other eight all picked up their weapons. All nine of them had a dauntless expression on their faces, without a single hint of fear. There even this form craziness which could be seen in their faces, as though they were ready to kill to their deaths.

    Mo Wuji inwardly praised them. From the looks of it, this was not their first battle.

    However, Mo Wuji did not intend to send these nine to their deaths. He lifted both his hands, and in a single salvo, he shot out ten radiant blades.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation was an Extreme Mortal built upon Transcending Mortality Level 12, his elemental energy was multiple times higher than Wuchang. This was his first time shooting ten radiant blades; he still wasn't used to controlling the radiant blades, and the elemental energy in the radiant blades wasn't very balanced.

    The radiant blades perforated through the first person's chest, but they did not stop there. They continued to pierce through a second horse bandit's chest.

    With ten radiant blades, he easily eliminated more than 20 people. Mo Wuji did not rest as he sent another ten radiant blades out. This time, his radiant blades were thinner, and he was able to control each radiant blade to only kill an ordinary horse bandit.

    During this second time, he had become more skilled. Then came the third time, the fourth time...

    Before these horse bandits could reach within meters of Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji had trained his radiant blades to be multi-leveled death lines.

    The hundreds of horse bandits brought by Wuchang, were not even enough for a few rounds of Mo Wuji's radiant blades.

    If finding the concealed lair of Wuchangwushuang stunned Hua Xuan and co., then Mo Wuji's constantly improving, deadly radiant blades had even shocked Wuchang.

    Only after a few breaths time did Wuchang finally react. Mo Wuji was definitely an expert who vastly surpassed him.

    Escape! This idea just sprouted in his head when two Invisible Sword Qi sliced across his legs.

    Pupu, two spurts of blood gushed out; Wuchang sat paralysed on the floor. This was when he noticed, out of the hundreds of people he led here, not even one of them was left standing.

    Ever since he started robbing, Wuchang had never felt as much desolation as he had today. Today, he faced true desolation.

    Hua Xuan and the eight were completely dumbfounded. They followed Mo Wuji in the heat of the moment to save Jing Lengbei, but how could they not know the outcome? No matter how impressive Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be able to deal the Immortal Masters Wuchang and Wushuang right?

    But now, in this incredibly short span of time, Mo Wuji decimated hundreds of horse bandits. Not only so, the provenant of Wuchangwushuang, Immortal Master Wuchang, was left paralysed by Mo Wuji. From the start till now, the notorious Wuchang, didn't even have the chance to act.

    Soon, the nine that came with Mo Wuji understood that they might not die today. This came as a pleasant surprise, after all, who truly wanted to die?

    Mo Wuji jumped down from his horse and slowly walked in front of Wuchang, "Just now, you asked me to beg you to kill me. But, I'm living really well, and I don't really want to beg for death."

    "Senior..." Wuchang's lips were quivering, "I, Wuchang, have eyes but I'm blind. If senior is willing to spare me, I'm willing to give senior all of my treasures..."

    Hua Xuan took a step forward, her slap flew across Wuchang's face, "Where's my Second Sis?"

    Wuchang suddenly shut his mouth. Even with Hua Xuan's continuous slaps landing on his face, he did not say a word.

    "Hua Xuan, stop hitting him. He wants to use Jing Lengbei's lfie to exchange for his own. Come, let's go in first." Mo Wuji understood the meaning behind Wuchang's actions. For a horse bandit who killed innocents as he would ants, Mo Wuji never had the intention of letting him go.

    Regardless, Wuchang was still a cultivator; even with both his legs broken, he was a dangerous existence. Mo Wuji went forward and directly destroyed the spirit channels in Wuchang's body.

    Wuchang, who originally intended to kill to his heart content, screamed out due to this agonising, torturous pain. Right, he really hated the fact that he was still alive. Unfortunately, he couldn't die, nor could he even faint.

    "Hurry and come in," Mo Wuji could be considered to be knowledgeable in the Array Dao. After destroying the spirit channels in Wuchang's body, he immediately felt a change in the surroundings. Someone must be intending to close this concealment area. With those simple words, he was the first one to rush in.

    Hua Xuan and co. had long gotten used to following Mo Wuji's lead. Now that Mo Wuji had charged in, the nine did not even hesitate and charged into the new world behind the gigantic stone.

    As expected, after the nine entered this new world, the road which led to the outside had completely disappeared.

    "Hua Xuan, go take a look. This Wuchang should have an array flag which allows him to control this large formation. If you find it, we would be able casually enter and leave this place," Mo Wuji said as he pointed to the crippled Wuchang.

    Hua Xuan seemed as though she had not heard a single word of Mo Wuji's, as she stared blankly in the distance. Faraway, a huge black cluster of human hair could be seen. There were at least 10,000 horse bandits making their way towards them slowly. With so many people, even if Mo Wuji was skilled, he would not be able to kill all of them.

    Mo Wuji also saw the pressing horse bandits. With so many horse bandits, and their heavy, intense pressure, they would easily decimate an average army in a second.

    "Brother Mo..." Hua Xuan's mouth got a little dry. The ten of them were soon going to get surrounded by 10,000 people, and that oppressive aura of death was enough to suffocate her.

    "Go find the array flag!" Mo Wuji also started to get serious. He wasn't afraid of the encirclement of these 10,000 people. The only thing he was worried about, was that he might be unable to ensure the safety of Hua Xuan and co.

    An ink jade array flag was tossed out of Wuchang's body, and landed in Mo Wuji's hands.

    "Soon, I will open this space array, the nine of you can leave first," Mo Wuji said as he held the array flag.

    "Brother Mo, when we followed you, we never intended to come of here alive," Hua Xuan did not wait for Mo Wuji to refine the array flag, and she said that sentence dauntlessly.

    The eight behind Hua Xuan did not say anything but the radiance in their eyes revealed their intentions.

    Mo Wuji no longer said anything; whether they lived or died, it was their own choice. When the time comes, he would still try his best to protect these nine people.

    The oppressive group of horse bandits finally stopped, a lady in grey robes rode her horse slowly towards Mo Wuji. Behind her, thousands of horse bandits followed closely.

    "My brother, Wuchang, was killed by you?" This grey robed lady stopped 10 meters away from Mo Wuji, her gaze calmly landing on Mo Wuji. It was as though she did not see the Wuchang rolling on the floor, or more accurately, Wuchang was already a dead man to her.

    Mo Wuji did not immediately answer, but began to size this grey robed lady up. This lady looked very young, with clear, pretty features. In a single glance, she looked like a girl next door. She was wearing an oversized grey robes, but it did not make her look old. On the contrary, it gave her this indescribable seductiveness.

    Mo Wuji sighed inwardly; he really wouldn't have expected this lady to be part of the killer duo who massacred the innocents. Moreover, from the looks of it, this Wushuang's cultivation seemed to be higher than her brother's.

    "Brother Mo, the fella behind that woman is Venomous Stinger." Hua Xuan walked to Mo Wuji's side and whispered. Mo Wuji also noticed that emaciated looking man by the woman's side. If Mo Wuji didn't focus his attention on this Venomous Stinger, he wouldn't even have noticed his presence. But the moment he felt this Venomous Stinger's presence, he felt as though he was starting at a savage beast.
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