Chapter 211: Massacre

    Chapter 211: Massacre

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    "Where is Jing Lengbei?" Mo Wuji did not answer the woman's question, and instead asked about Jing Lengbei.

    "Bring it up." The grey clothed woman gestured with a wave of her hand after replying.

    A large cross was brought up from behind, with a bloodied woman nailed onto it. Her hands and legs had nails driven into them separately, forming the word "".with her body.

    This was Jing Lengbei. Mo Wuji's gaze turned cold. He had guessed that unscrupulous means would be used in order to force Jing Lengbei to tell them where the sea map was, but he did not expect them to nail her to a cross.

    "Don't worry, she's still alive. The nail on her neck was slightly off from her throat. But of course, she's hanging by a thread. Let me tell you one more thing, Wuchangwushuang isn't somewhere that anyone can enter. My sons, capture him alive..." The lady boss said emotionlessly.

    "Second sister..." Hua Xuan let out a shrill cry, and the eight people behind her almost charged forward.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath, suppressed the rage within him, and replied calmly, "Hua Xuan, form a formation on the spot so that we can kill more of them. If you charge forward recklessly, you'll just be ground to mince meat in seconds."

    Their opponents had over 10,000 men against the 10 of them, so the more appropriate strategy was to shoot arrows at them simultaneously. If that happened, even if it were Mo Wuji, he would have had a hard time defending himself. And this woman called Wushuang actually wanted to capture them alive. She was simply too arrogant.

    10,000 men might have sound like a large number, but when all are deployed to capture 10 people, only a few hundred would be able to work effectively.

    "Roger." Hua Xuan calmed down as well. She knew that if she charged into the enemy in a hot-blooded manner, it was courting death. What Mo Wuji said was right, only by setting up their formation could they kill a sufficient number of them.

    "Kill!" The large black mass of horse bandits rushed forward. Their aura would have made an ordinary man's body tremble, and lose his courage and fighting spirit.

    Although Hua Xuan's group of nine was prepared to fight to the death, when they faced the wave of 10,000 people, their legs trembled slightly. Even Hua Xuan was not completely confident that Mo Wuji could turn the situation around in their favour. A few hundred people were easy to kill, but thousands were a completely different issue altogether. Having over 10,000 horse bandits charging at them together was simply that terrifying.

    With another deep breath, Mo Wuji suddenly raised his hands, and they turned into a blurry cascade of afterimages. His 101 meridians were activated together, and radiant blade after radiant blade was formed.

    Those radiant blades were thrown out as soon as they were formed. To ordinary cultivators, Mo Wuji's radiant blades could at most tear their outer layer of clothing, but to these mortal horse bandits, every radiant blade was like a talisman of death.

    "Whoosh......whoosh" Streams of blood mist sprayed out.

    The masses of horse bandits fell as through Mo Wuji was cutting through wheat with his radiant blades. Initially, his wall of radiant blades still did not have any layers to them, but towards the end, there were layers that formed. No matter how many horse bandits charged forward, they would not be able to take a step across the sea of lightning.

    If it were any other Transcending Immortality Stage cultivator, he would not be able to replicate such a feat. To be able to simultaneously synthesize that many radiant blades to form a radiant blade wall, Mo Wuji had to rely on the 101 meridians that other people could not even fathom, and there were even two elemental storage channels amongst them.

    The stench of bloody in the air thickened. No matter how brutal, the horse bandits were unable to do anything about the wall of radiant blades that took lives that easily. THe blass mass of horse bandits that originally pressed forward began to get riled up, some even wanting to retreat.

    But Mo Wuji's wall of radiant blades was mobile, so it didn't matter if they advanced forward or retreated. As long as they were in front of it, death was what awaited them.

    After being stunned for a moment, Wushuang finally understood what was going on. Mo Wuji's strength had exceeded her calculations, and he was definitely an Earth Realm expert. While she was strong, she could not match up against an Earth Realm expert at all.

    "Release the arrows, everyone shoot your arrows..." Wushuang knew that Mo Wuji was not someone that she had the ability to capture alive anymore, and she roared out wildly.

    "Bang!" A lightning bolt blew her chest open, causing her to fall flat on the back of her horse. Her breastplate had saved her life. But Mo Wuji was simply much stronger than her, and even with the breastplate protecting her, she was still seriously wounded.

    Despite the severe injuries, this woman still continued to fire volleys of arrows while screaming hysterically.

    The horse bandits were already riled up by them, and once Wushuang fell on her horse, pandemonium broke out within the masses. Many horse bandits were already retreating, but countless arrows were still flying towards Mo Wuji's direction.

    A serious look appeared in Mo Wuji's eyes as he raised a long sword up. The long sword turned into a series of afterimages, blocking the tens of thousands of arrows. However, mo Wuji was not a swordsman, and his only sword art was the Invisible Blade. This sword art was very taxing, and could not cover all 360 degree around him.

    The sound of two horses falling came from right behind him, and Mo Wuji knew that at least two people from his side were severely injured.

    The number of arrows flying at them increased with every volley. This could not go on for long. At this rate, while he would be fine, Hua Xuan and co. would definitely die.

    Another flash of lightning burst through the sky, this time striking the back of Wushuang's horse. While Wushuang was stronger than Wuchang, she was just at Spirit Building Stage.

    "Bang!" The sound of an explosion rang out, and this time Wushuang and her horse were evaporated into blood mist together, causing the voice screaming for arros to be shot to stop. Her life had been taken away by Mo Wuji's Lightning Flash.

    With the death of Wushuang, more chaos ensued in the masses of horse bandits. They began to run wildly in all directions, and those who knew that they could not escape, began to pledge their allegiance to Mo Wuji's side. As for the volleys of arrows they flew through the sky, they disappeared as well.

    With that, Mo Wuji stopped his massacre. He sighed to himself, the strongest horse bandit is still just a horse bandit.

    A skinny man started to retreat cautiously. This was the Venomous Stinger that Hua Xuan had mentioned before. He wanted to escape by blending in with the masses. But just as he took a few steps back, two wind blades slashed his legs from beneath him.

    Seeing that, Mo Wuji's jaw dropped, and he asked Hua Xuan, "Take those decent horse bandits under your charge, and kill the wicked ones. I'll go take a look at Lengbei."

    The two people that fell from their horses stood up again, and upon closer inspection, Mo Wuji could see that their injuries were not that bad, so he did not give any pills to them.

    As for the halting of the massacre, it was not that he did not want to kill all of these horse bandits, as he knew that they were rather icked, and most of them had it coming. But Mo Wuji simply did not want to carry on killing. This sort of one sided massacre would have no benefits for his future cultivation. However brutal the horse bandits may be, there were some innocent ones among them.

    "..." Hua Xuan finally cleared her head, and replied with a shivering voice, "Okay."

    This was the first time she experienced how strong an immortal master was, and at the same time, she finally understood why her eldest sister and third sister sought out the immortal residence in a foreign land.

    If she knew that immortal masters were this scary, she would have gone with her eldest sister

    As her eldest sister had said, a person has to have a goal in life, so what was her goal?

    Hua Xuan gazed on the countless people kneeling before her, and the horse bandits fleeing in all directions, and suddenly shouted, "Raise the flag of the Three Tender Hunters, we'll exact revenge for second sister!"

    "Revenge for second sister!" The eight people behind Hua Xuan echoed out, and charged into the middle of the horse bandits together with her.

    In the face of Mo Wuji's terrifying massacre, the strongest horse bandit could not muster the courage to carry on fighting. What's more, Wuchang and Wushuang had both been killed. When facing immortal masters, they could not even be considered as ants.

    Seeing that Hua Xuan had found her rhythm, Mo Wuji did not bother with her anymore, and directly walked to Jing Lengbei's side.

    She was indeed in a state bordering life and death. The clothes on her body had fused with her flesh, and brown blood stains could be seen everywhere. Over 10 metal stakes were used to nail her on the cross. If Mo Wuji was not a cultivator, he would not have been able to feel her weak but present heartbeat.

    Immediately he sent two pills into Jing Lengbei's mouth, then he removed all the nails from her body.

    But soon Mo WUji knew that he could not save Jing Lengbei.

    Mo Wuji had spiritual will, and was an Earth Grade Pill Refiner. From his observations, he concluded that Jing Lengbei's divine spirit had begun dissipating, which meant that she was about to die.

    What pill could condense a dissipating divine spirit?

    That's right, he still had a stalk of Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower.

    The Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower was a Tier 8 treasure which was more expensive than ordinary Tier 9 spiritual herbs. If it were any other cultivator, they would not take it out to save such a mortal woman like Jing Lengbei.

    However, Mo Wuji took out the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower without hesitation. One of its petals was sent into Jing Lengbei's mouth, and once it came into contact with her tongue, it melted into a cold liquid that seeped into her body before disappearing.

    As Mo Wuji was about to peel of the second petal, he suddenly heard Jing Lengbei shouting softly subconsciously, "Eldest sister and third sister, quickly escape from here..."

    A wave of euphoria arose in Mo Wuji's heart, and his spiritual will immediately landed on Jing Lengbei's body. This was not the final hurrah of Jing Lengbei, but it was a sign that her dissipating divine spirit was condensing together again.

    There was no need to use the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower any more, so Mo Wuji kept it carefully. He only knew that the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower was very valuable in the past, but how valuable, he had no clue. Now that a petal from it could save Jing Lengbei, whose divine spirit was dissipating, Mo Wuji could truly understand the value of this spiritual herb.

    Jing Lengbei was indeed a valuable friend of Aunt Eleven. Even as she was at the brink of death, she still wanted to save Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong. He did not save the wrong person.

    Another two Tier 4 healing pills were sent into Jing Lengbei's mouth, and Mo Wuji was sure that her life was no longer in danger. What was to follow would be long term recuperation.

    After saving Jing Lengbei, Mo Wuji discovered that Hua Xuan had taken control of the situation in a short amount of time. At least a few thousand horse bandits stood before her, waiting for her to speak.

    When he saw this, Mo Wuji did not go over, as he knew that this was a crucial moment. If Hua Xuan did not have the ability to command these horse bandits, it would be better to kill them all instead to prevent any backlash in the future. He did want to see what Hua Xuan's next move would be.
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