Chapter 213: The Wild Sky Sea

    Chapter 213: The Wild Sky Sea

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    The Sky Sea. It's the biggest sea in the entire Five Great Empires. The other seas from the Five Great Empires, or the Lost Continent, such as the Luo Sea, were basically distributaries from the Sky Sea.

    Jing Lengbei passed Mo Wuji the sea map, which indicated a location within the Sky Seas.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was already standing by the Sky Sea. Originally, even without Jing Lengbei's map, Mo Wuji would have given the Sky Sea a shot, to look for Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong. With this map, it would only be more natural for him to do so. However, Jing Lengbei's map wasn't the most perfect one; there were many parts where her memory failed her.

    The Sky Sea seaside was different from Luo Sea; the Luo Sea was a freshwater sea. Mo Wuji had never been into the Sky Sea, but standing by the sea, the salty and fishy odour told him that this was no freshwater sea.

    Waves continuously crashed against the reefs by the shore, rising to form sea sprays as high as three meters. Moreover, the winds were not strong at this moment. Ostensibly, when the wind picks up, the sea spray and waves would become more violent.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with apprehension and worry. The moment he enters this sea, even with his abilities, it would be extremely dangerous. Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong had already entered, the chances that they were still alive were extremely slim.

    Compared to other seas, the cities around the sea were a little different. For close to a few miles, there weren't any vestiges of human activity. Here, spiritual energy was sparse; not only was it unsuitable for life, it was rare to see even a Tier 1 spiritual herb.

    Mo Wuji raised his head to see the grey, gloomy skies above the sea. He suddenly felt that he had not done a good job preparing; he should have at least prepared a boat. He wouldn't be able to control his flying car into the sea, he would definitely need a boat.

    The flying car was not able to continuously sail through the air; moreover, if he meets with perilous weather, he would not have any place to land. Moreover, he might even encounter some flying demonic beasts.

    In comparison, a boat would be far safer than the flying car.

    However, it would be a great waste of time if he returned to find a ship now. Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong had already left for a few months, even if he left immediately, it would still be a little late. If he went back now, he would not know how long this delay would be.

    Mo Wuji decided, he would simply set out into the sea first. With Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong's pace, and with only two of them, their ship wouldn't be very big. If the two of them were still alive, they shouldn't have gotten very far.

    Resolute, Mo Wuji did not delay any further and ignited his flying car, charging into the boundless, vast Sky Sea. The moment he met with any danger, he was prepared to leave and retreat immediately.

    The winds above the sea weren't very strong, and Mo Wuji's flying car wasn't really affected. In just an hour, Mo Wuji had already delved deep into the sea domain. The sea map drawn by Jing Lengbei was simple and crude. To determine one's position on the sea map, one would need to depend on the bearings from landmarks, the hydrology, positions of stars, etc. Mo Wuji had followed the same direction from when he entered, but after half a day above the sea, Mo Wuji started to be hazy of his bearings.

    Furthermore, the previous calm seas gradually started to get violent, tempests of wind flowed unrestrainedly in all directions. Mo Wuji had to lower his flying car, otherwise, his flying car would directly get sent flying in all directions by these raging winds. Perhaps he could forcefully charge his flying car forward, but that would result in much damage to his car, and it would also severely deplete his elemental energy.

    Mo Wuji flew close to the sea surface for another half a day. The raging winds did not diminish, but instead, a violent storm brewed. Thunder crashed, and lightning flashed. Mo Wuji decided to immediately return. With such weather, not only couldn't he find Aunt Eleven, he couldn't even find his direction.

    Soon, Mo Wuji discovered that he was lost. His current location had deviated much from the route on the sea map.

    As the winds got increasingly stronger, Mo Wuji started to search through his storage ring for something that could establish a foothold on the sea. After searching for half a day, he found that besides the spirit stones and the various cultivation essentials, he only had a furnace which he had never used before.

    The flying car started to get pulled along by the violent winds, and Mo Wuji started to get worried about his flying car. His flying car was not a bad spiritual equipment, but it did not have any form of defensive ability. As the flying car hovered close above the sea surface, there would be the occasional meters-tall waves which would hit and crash against the flying car.

    An object about three to four meters long was carried up by the waves, brushing across the flying car.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly kept his flying car and landed on that wooden plank like object. He was in the Extreme Mortal Stage, and he didn't really care about these average winds and waves, but he was worried that his flying car might actually get damaged.

    This random floating object wasn't actually a wooden plank, but it was made of a lavender-coloured material which was extremely light, yet tough. As Mo Wuji stood atop it, besides being drenched by the crashing waves, things were a lot more relaxed than before.

    Moreover, this sea domain did not seem to have any demonic beasts, so Mo Wuji did not need to worry about any sudden attacks.

    The waves continued to get more threatening, but this object below Mo Wuji was not even a half bit affected. Mo Wuji's spiritual will began to scan through the object, he wanted to find out exactly what material this object was made of.

    He was not able to discern the object's material, but he did find the Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda's logo on the plank. This left Mo Wuji curious, how did the Pill Pagoda's logo appear here? He immediately came to an understanding; this plank might very well came from Granny Linglong's flying ship. Back in Rao Zhou, he noticed Granny Linglong's flying ship sailing lowly across the sky, and it was also this lavender colour.

    If Granny Linglong's ship had ended up like this, then Granny Linglong would not be much better. It would mean that Situ Qian didn't deliver his message to the Heaven Seeking Palace, or the Heaven Seeking Palace had failed to locate Granny Linglong.

    "Crash!" Another huge stormy wave came crashing over, the flying ship object below Mo Wuji's feet was directly lifted up to the top of the waves. It was due to this, he saw another ship swaying in the stormy seas not too far in the distance.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly controlled the flying ship fragment below his feet and rushed over. In less than ten minutes, the ship had appeared within sight. On the deck of the ship, there were several sailors struggling to keep the ship in control.

    Dumping the fragment into his storage ring, Mo Wuji directly threw himself into the water and cried for help.

    The few sailors seemed to hear Mo Wuji's cries, but their eyes only swept passed Mo Wuji, clearly not showing any intention of extending any help.

    Mo Wuji was speechless, he could only drag himself to the side on the ship and climbed up onto it.

    "You..." One of the sailors who was controlling the mast acted as though he had seen a ghost, directly dropping the ropes in his hand as his eyes were glued onto Mo Wuji. He had clearly seen Mo Wuji flailing in the tumultuous waves, how did this fella appear on the ship in the blink of an eye?

    From his perspective, Mo Wuji's ship must have been destroyed by the strong waves, which was how he ended up in the see. To a sailor like him, who was always out in the decks controlling the mast, this was an extremely common sight. Just now, he was still betting with his friend that Mo Wuji was not able to endure the waves, which was how Mo Wuji disappeared completely. The intentions to save Mo Wuji never ran across his mind. Even though he only needed to throw the rope beside him down, he was too lazy to be bothered to do so.

    Mo Wuji did not care about this sailor, as he started to wring out the water in his cloths.

    "Woo!" Another raging wind sailed by. This sailor did not have a tight grip of his ropes, and he was blown over to the side of the ship.

    "Save me..." The blustery winds continued to blow, immediately throwing this sailor overboard and into the sea. In a single wave, this sailor was gone.

    The other sailors on the deck had also seen Mo Wuji scaling up the ship, and did not say a word. If Mo Wuji was willing to act, it would have been possible to save that sailor, but Mo Wuji did not do anything.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had long swept through the ship interiors, and he discovered that there were nine other people aboard. All nine of them were cultivators. The only mortals aboard were the sailors. Among the nine, there were five separate groups. At the extreme corner of the ship interior, there was an old man and a young girl. They seemed to be a grandfather-granddaughter pair.

    On the best spot, there were three people; two men and one woman were enjoying their drinks.

    By the ship hatch on the left side of the ship, there was a black faced, burly man. This burly man was hugging onto a thick broadsword, seemingly closing his eyes and meditating. By the ship hatch on the right, there was a man and a woman; they seemed to be a couple, and the two were currently snuggling with one another.

    Lastly, there was a fella dressed up as a monk sitting right at the center.

    "Who are you?" After Mo Wuji walked into the interior of the ship, a medium built, square faced man stood up and asked seriously. This middle-aged man was one of the three enjoying their drinks.

    Even though this middle-aged man was talking, the other eight, with the exception of the young girl who didn't dare lift her head, were staring at Mo Wuji.

    "Woo woo, crack..." Outside, the tempestuous winds continued to blow, Mo Wuji's spiritual will found that the few sailors out in the deck had all been carried away by the winds. Some of the masts have also been broken.

    Mo Wuji secretly shocked his head. If those few sailors decided to extend their hand to help him previously, he definitely wouldn't have sat by and watched them die. As the adage goes: Helping others was akin to helping oneself.

    "My big bro just asked you who you are, are you deaf?" Seeing Mo Wuji's lack of response, the other man among the three, a youth stood forward.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "My ship was destroyed by the winds and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. When I had nowhere else to go, this ship saved me."

    With Mo Wuji's story, the others no longer cared about him. The middle-aged man who first questioned him also sat down and continued drinking. Mo Wuji was able to scale this ship despite the tumultuous weathers, he was clearly not simple.

    Mo Wuji was sure that these people here also knew about the sailors being carried away by the winds, but no one could be bothered about it. These people were probably the same as him, and were simply looking for a shelter during this storm.

    Mo Wuji found an empty space and sat down. At this moment, he heard some murmuring from the couple.

    "Brother Xuan, should we help them? Those people are mortals, they'll definitely wouldn't be able to stand the winds out in the deck." The one speaking was the woman.

    The man sighed, "There's no use, they have already been carried into the sea."

    "Ah..." The woman lightly startled, and immediately held back her tongue.

    "Yanyan, all those that are here are definitely not simple. Let's not do anything unnecessary." The man's voice sounded again.

    The woman nodded, and did not dare speak another word.
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