Chapter 216: How Many People Repay Kindness With Vengeance

    Chapter 216: How Many People Repay Kindness With Vengeance

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    Jiang Xiapeng and co. also discovered that Meng Zhi had disappeared, and Jiang Xiapeng grabbed a long spear, swinging it straight down at the rice jar.

    "Bang!" A crisp sound rang through the ship, and the stench of blood instantly spread throughout the whole kitchen, leaving dark brown blood stains everywhere.

    "Let's leave quickly, this ship is weird..." The black faced man exclaimed, before turning around and charging out. The remaining three people also followed suit, and in the blink of an eye, all four of them were on the outer deck once again.

    "Amitabha, Old Na will make a move first." The laughing monk jumped straight into the ocean as soon as he reached the outer deck.

    "Whoosh!" In the air, the laughing monk seemed to have been blocked by an invisible force, and he fell down from the air.

    A trap array? The few remaining people stared at each other, and no one attempted such an act again. This sort of invisible trap array was not something they could deal with.

    "It seems like something happened to Brother Meng." Pu Qian, the black faced man, sighed. If he knew that this ship was so unusual, he would have rather remained in the ocean than to board it.

    Jiang Xiapeng bowed respectfully to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo was the first to discover something wrong with this place, so may I ask what are your plans?"

    After inspecting the dead silent ship, and taking in a few deep breaths, Mo Wuji replied, "I think everyone should still wait a little longer. Since this ship brought us here by itself, it must have its goals. Moreover, we are now in the middle of the ocean, so the situation off the ship doesn't seem much better than the one on it. I suggest for everyone to not wander off on their own, and we'll continue this discussion after finding somewhere to sit down on the outer deck."

    There was another point that Mo Wuji withheld, which was that the ship did not restrict their ability to move, even though Meng Zhi died when he was alone. As such, the ship obviously had a limited ability to hide things, and could not deal with the nine of them at the same time.

    Of course, the most important thing was that he needed time to study the trap array on the ship. Only after destroying the trap array, would they have a chance to act.

    "I second Brother Mo's intentions." Gouzi was the first to respond.

    Although the remaining people thought that what Mo Wuji said was simply wasting time, but that was the best they could do. Since they could not break the trap array of the ship, or rather, even if they managed to do so, they would still fall into the sea, it would better to just wait on the ship to see what would happen.

    All of them formed a circle and sat down, each thinking of their own ideas while waiting for the thunderstorm to subside.

    However, Mo Wuji simply just took out his notes of Chu Xingzi's array dao, and began researching on trap arrays.

    For trap arrays, he had encountered one before, but it was a elementary grade trap array, while the one on the ship was probably an intermediate grade trap array. With this foundation, in a short span of two days, Mo Wuji had already discovered the dispel point of the ship's trap array. As expected, the trap array on the ship was an intermediate grade trap array.

    "Brother Mo..." Qi Wenxuan's voice travelled to Mo Wuji's ears.

    Immediately, Mo Wuji kept Chu Xingzi's introduction to arrays, and discovered that everyone else was standing up, even taking out their own treasures.

    "Brother Mo, we just passed by a large island, which was a location marked on our sea maps. If we want to escape, this is a good opportunity. Why don't we join forces to attack this trap array?" Seeing that Mo Wuji no longer studied his notes, Jiang Xiapeng spoke first.

    Mo Wuji looked ordinary, and did not seem to have any spirituality, yet he gave the feeling that he was deep beyond measure.

    "Sure, but this trap array is at least an intermediate grade trap array. So if everyone wants to break apart this trap array, you'd better listen to me." With a nod, Mo Wuji stood up as well.

    "Brother Mo, you understand array dao?" Jiang Xiapeng exclaimed.

    Not only Jiang Xiapeng, but the rest of the people stared at Mo Wuji, pleasantly surprised.

    While there were many people from various sects here, and even with most of them at Transcending Mortality Stage, there weren't many who were proficient with array dao.

    Even for a big sect, something like array dao might not necessarily be passed down through the generations, because it was simply too valuable. As for rogue cultivators, it depended on luck and chance for one to become proficient in array dao. Because of this, array masters were very rare.

    Chuckling, Mo Wuji replied, 'I don't really know much about array dao. This ship likely has a strong concealment array, but I'm unable to see what it's hiding. There's one thing that I'm sure of though, which is that we can't stay on this ship for much longer, otherwise there'll be a second person that goes missing..."

    This was not completely based off his speculation, as there were only two possibilities for why the ship intentionally left them here and only acted on Meng Zhi on one occasion. First, the ship might not be a match for their combined strength, and second, the ship might require fresh blood to survive, so they were kept alive as livestock. Moreover, all their cultivation levels were similar, so they could have been kept on board for the ship to slowly savour.

    Of course, there was the chance that both these possibilities were playing out at the same time.

    "Master Mo, Old Na has decided to secularise, and become your mantle disciple to spread and glorify your skills..." The laughing monk said sincerely, and with determination.

    But Mo Wuji did not bother with this joker, and said immediately, "I will use blades to point out some spots. Everyone please attack those spots at the same time."

    After finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji sent out the first blade, which landed conspicuously at a location in the air.

    Most of the people here were in Transcending Mortality Stage, so after the blade was sent out, seven to eight magic treasures struck the same spot.

    "Crack!" With a slight noise, a small crack appeared in midair.

    The confidence that everyone had towards Mo Wuji was boosted greatly upon seeing that such a result was obtained just from the first strike. When his second blade landed, even greater power struck its position.

    A third time, a fourth time...

    "Crack!" The seventh time that the group's magic treasures hit a point in space, a crisp cracking sound echoed through the air, following which a loud shattering sound could be heard.

    Fresh sea breeze blew into their faces, and all of them could not help but scream out of joy. The laughing monk leapt out first, landing in the sea.

    Those left behind were no slower, as they rushed out quickly. Mo Wuji was the sixth to charge out, and behind him was Zhuang Yan, Qi Susu, and the black faced man.

    Just as he crossed out of the outer deck, Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed a black shadow with a stench grabbing at his back. The shadow had a strong yin aura, and as he was not a newbie that just step foot in the world of cultivation, he instantly knew that there was a ghost cultivator or yin cultivator hiding there.

    On top of that, this guy bore grudges, knowing that Mo Wuji had let his food go free, so he wanted to take down Mo Wuji the first.

    But how would Mo Wuji, who had spiritual will, allow this ghost cultivator to catch him? With a twist of his body in the air, the Tian Ji Pole appeared in his hands. When the ghost cultivator saw that Mo Wuji had dodged, he seemed rather indignant, knowing that it wouldn't be very possible to catch Mo Wuji ever again. The ghost cultivator split into two, one headed for Zhuang Yan and the other Qi Susu. He likely thought that these two girls would be easier to deal with.

    "Ah!" A scream of terror rang out, as Qi Susu was dragged straight into the ship by the ghost cultivator, leaving a trail of blood behind on deck.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji could detect both shadow claws, however they were too fast and too far away, so he could only save one person. Zhuang Yan seemed like a good person, had reminded him of certain things, and was much closer to him. Hence, he decided to lend a helping hand.

    Right before the shadow claws had come into contact with Zhuang Yan, Mo Wuji spun his body in midair once again, directly lifting his body fifty metres away. Then he swung down continuously with the pole.

    A bloodcurdling scream rang out, as the shadow claw took away a large piece of Zhuang Yan's clothing before disappearing into the ship.

    'Creak' The sound of the floorboards beneath him made Mo Wuji's expression change for the worse. This ghost cultivator was not someone easy to deal with. After he couldn't catch Mo Wuji, he actually tried to adjust the ship's position such that Mo Wuji would not land in the sea. It seemed like the ghost cultivator had no plans to let Mo Wuji go.

    The trap array of the ship was activated once again, causing everything other than the blood stains on the outer deck to disappear. Now Mo Wuki knew that he could only rely on himself to break this array, because he was left alone on the ship after saving Zhuang Yan.

    Compared to before, the Mo Wuji now had a little more confidence. When the ghost cultivator's shadow claw grabbed him, he hit the shadow claw once, which confirmed his suspicions. The ghost cultivator's strength did have a limit, and he only relied on ambushes. In other words, if the nine of them were not that cowardly, they might have been able to force this ghost cultivator to reveal himself just with their strength alone.


    "Brother Qi, let's go to help brother Mo quickly." Zhuang Yan was the most aware of why Mo Wuji was trapped on the ship again. It was because he was trying to save her.

    In a comforting tone, Qi Wenxuan replied, "Yanyan, brother Mo is a good man, but we don't have the ability to save him, so let's just leave."

    Zhuang Yan looked at Qi Wenxuan in disbelief, before carrying on, "But brother Xuan, brother Mo just saved me, otherwise I would have been the dead one."

    With a sigh, Qi Wenxuan pointed at the island not far away, "Yanyan, let's go to the island first before we start brainstorming for ideas. I believe in brother Mo capabilities. Nothing will happen to him."


    Zhuang Yan's face turned pale, and she suddenly shouted, "Everyone, if it weren't for brother Mo, we'd still be on that ship. Now we're safe, but brother Mo is still alone on the ship, so I believe that as long as we go aboard the ship again, we'll definitely be able to save brother Mo."

    These words were from the heart. While Zhuang Yan was much more afraid of the ship than anyone there, but she would not be able to live with the fact that she abandoned the person that saved her life.

    The black faced Pu Qian answered, "Ok, let's go save him together."

    But soon the both of them discovered that only the both of them responded, and the rest of the group charged wildly at the island as though as they did not hear anything.

    Zhuang Yan spoke while teared rolled down her eyes, "Brother Pu, I thank you regardless of whether you're willing to save brother Mo with me now. But I must go to save him, otherwise I might as well just die."

    With a thumbs up, Pu Qian replied, "Sister Zhuang Yan, while you are a woman, but you put many men to shame. Why are you still speaking, let'go together now."


    Standing alone on the outer deck, Mo Wuji not only failed to dispel the trap array, but instead walked into the ship while laughing coldly, "Since you invited me in, don't blame me for taking up the offer.
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