Chapter 217: Not Enough

    Chapter 217: Not Enough

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    The reason why Mo Wuji was so emboldened was because he had exchanges with that ghost cultivator before and was therefore, aware of the opponent's aura. If it was in the past where he had no sense of his aura before, he would not be able to find him even with the spiritual will. With the awareness of his aura, Mo Wuji was not afraid that he could not find the ghost cultivator.

    Before entering the cabin, Mo Wuji had already scanned the entire ship using his spiritual will. After a while, Mo Wuji found out where the ghost cultivator was hiding at.

    The ghost cultivator seemed to like the kitchen a lot as he was well hidden within the kitchen's stove. The ghost cultivator was the one who provoked him first and if he did not destroy his entire body on this ship, Mo Wuji would never be able to breathe easy. One more reason was because he wanted to first remove all the illusion array here to prevent the ghost cultivator from altering his aura to hide within the array, causing him difficulties to locate him.

    When faced with such a illusion array, Mo Wuji knew attacking it aimlessly would be just a waste of energy. He was after all also an array master so after analysing on the ship's defensive array, he had gained some knowledge about this illusion array.

    The first thing Mo Wuji did was to lift his hand to release a few lightning bolts in the middle of the hall. Just as he suspected, these lightning bolts had no effects on the illusion array but because of these lightning bolts, Mo Wuji was able to pinpoint where the dispel point of the array was.

    Mo Wuji threw another two electroballs and the entire ship's illusion array broke. The whole scene exploded with dust and the floor was filled with bones.

    Illusion array was different from a trap array because a trap array would have defensive capabilities but not an illusion array.

    Using the few lightning bolts earlier on to make a mark, Mo Wuji was able to pinpoint the dispel point and array base hence, when these two electroballs were sent over, the entire illusion array was turned into nonentity.

    Mo Wuji's prediction wasn't wrong when he guessed that this ship was the ghost cultivator. Moreover, this ghost cultivator was not weak as he already had one of his leg in the Yuan Dan Stage. The reason why he refused to reveal himself previously was because Mo Wuji and the rest were all in Transcending Mortality Stage and once he showed traces of himself, he could put himself at a disadvantage when ambushing them.

    As for the reason for his sneak attack on Mo Wuji at the end and then only keeping him on board the ship was because he was resolute in seeking revenge. It wasn't easy for him to finally collect so many Transcending Mortality fresh blood and that these fresh blood were meant for him to help him advance to the next realm. Once he advanced to the next realm, he would be able to leave this ship and condense himself into something else.

    However, all his plans were ruined by Mo Wuji as he single handedly released the fresh blood he needed to enter the Yuan Dan Stage. Who knows how much time he would need to collect these much fresh blood again?

    After witnessing Mo Wuji's release of several lightning bolts, he was dumbfounded. If he was given a chance to turn back time, he would rather release the trap array and allow Mo Wuji out instead of going head to head with him. What are ghost cultivators most afraid of? Lightning. He couldn't believe he actually offend a lightning cultivator in front of his eyes.

    The ghost cultivator was even more startled when he saw Mo Wuji destroyed his illusion array using two electroballs the second time he attacked. If the ghost cultivator had not already given up hope of fighting him after witnessing the lightning bolts, he was about to go crazy after this attack with the electroballs. The ghost cultivator became more desperate when he realised just how powerful Mo Wuji's attack truly was. He suspected that Mo Wuji was lying because he believed that the attacks should be of a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator and not a Transcending Mortality cultivator.

    "Boom boom boom boom!" Streams of explosive lightnings struck all around the ship as it started rampaging towards every room. Under these continuous electroballs attack, no illusion array would be able to withstand it.

    The ghost cultivator did not dare to stay silent because he knew if he don't do anything soon, Mo Wuji would definitely wreck the entire ship into pieces. Without the ship, he would not be in a situation any better than those Mo Wuji and Co. when they were stranded out at sea.

    "My friend, please stop. Please don't take things too seriously, I admit defeat and you are free to go now. I promise I will not touch you at all," The ghost cultivator made sure he could be heard clearly throughout the entire ship. He finally understood the meaning behind the words Mo Wuji said when he entered the ship: he was simply seeking death by trying to trap Mo Wuji on this ship.

    Mo Wuji sent out yet another electroball, causing a huge pillar to collapse before saying, "It is your fault for choosing the wrong guy to mess with."

    "I have already admitted defeat and was willing to let you out. What more do you want? You should know that you won't have it easy if I were to fight all out against you or rather you would have no idea where I would attack you from," The ghost cultivator became enraged too. So what if he was in the Yuan Dan Stage? He wouldn't know where I am currently at.

    "Oh, do you think I couldn't see you if you hide under the stove?" Finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji dashed towards the stove before sending a few lightning bolts down.

    "Boom boom boom!" The stove fell apart and the black shadowed ghost cultivator appeared at a corner of the kitchen before staring at Mo Wuji with chills down his spine, "You can see me?"

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly before releasing a few more lightning bolts towards the ghost cultivator, "What do you think? It would be a piece of cake for me to kill you now."

    If the ghost cultivator had not already given up all hope before this, the fact that Mo Wuji could see him made him completely desperate and hopeless.

    A few lightning bolts landed by the side of the ghost cultivator, forcing him to retreat to a corner of the kitchen with no room to move a single inch. He was trembling at the sight of the lightning bolt flying towards him as he was very clear that the moment Mo Wuji moved his hand, a ghost cultivator like himself would immediately disintegrate into ashes.

    Not mentioning that he was only halfway into the Yuan Dan Stage, even if he was fully in the Yuan Dan Stage, he would still meet his death when facing the lightning bolts from Mo Wuji.

    "Don't kill me, I have collected a lot of valuable things in the past few years and I can give them all to you..." This ghost cultivator had sinned too much from drinking other cultivators' blood. He had always thought it was only right for him to use other cultivators' life and blood for his own cultivation but now that he was close to death, he finally understood how scary it was to be this close to death.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "I shall wait and see what you have. If I am satisfied with it, I could still spare your little life."

    "It is here, everything is here..." A storage ring was retrieved by the ghost cultivator and tossed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji reached out for the storage ring and broke the seal on it with his spiritual will. The space within the storage ring was about the same size as the one he got from the alien cultivator back then and it was filled with spirit stones and all sorts of magic treasures. However, from what Mo Wuji saw, it was mostly trash magic treasures.

    "Friend, I have eyes but I am as blind as bat to have offended you so you can take the entire storage ring with you," The ghost cultivator noticed Mo Wuji's expression changed and then hurried to add this sentence.

    "Is this all you've got?" Mo Wuji shifted his spiritual away from the ring before asking calmly.

    The ghost cultivator couldn't tell how Mo Wuji was feeling as he replied hesitantly, "Yes, that is all."

    From the ghost cultivator's observation, Mo Wuji was at most a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator and without taking the magic treasures and spirit stones into consideration, even the storage ring itself was not something any Yuan Dan Stage cultivator could get easily.

    "These items are not enough, you can rest in peace," Mo Wuji lifted his hand before releasing a few electroballs.

    "No..." The ghost cultivator let out a mournful cry and before the first word was out from his mouth, Mo Wuji's electroball had completely disintegrated him. Before his death, he did want to tell Mo Wuji that he had another storage ring but it was a pity he could only utter out one word.

    "Clink" Another storage ring fell on the floor.

    Without waiting for the storage ring to hit the floor, Mo Wuji stretched out his hand and caught the storage ring within his palm. This ghost cultivator actually dared to hide things from me, fortunately I was never intending to let a monster like him to continue living."

    As he attempted to use his spiritual will to look into the storage ring, Mo Wuji was met with great resistance. This repelling force made it impossible for him to pry and see the contents of the storage ring.

    He could easily break open an average storage ring but he couldn't believe that his spiritual will wasn't able to open this particular storage ring.

    Mo Wuji did not continue trying to break open the seal of the storage ring because given his knowledge of seals, he knew that he would not be able to break open a seal like this in this short period of time.

    Mo Wuji did not continue to wreck this ship as he was eager to visit the small island that they spotted. As he had already killed the ghost cultivator, this ship would no longer pose any danger. Letting it drift in the sea might even save a few stranded cultivators out at sea.

    Just as Mo Wuji arrived at the deck, he saw two people jumped onto the deck from the sea.

    "Miss Zhuang, brother Pu, why are the two of you back here?" Mo Wuji looked curiously at the drenched Zhuang Yan and Pu Qian as he asked.

    "Brother Mo, are you okay?" Zhuang Yan asked surprisingly.

    Pu Qian laughed out loud, "Great, it's great that you're fine. I thought my trip here would be a one way trip but since you're fine, let us leave this ship for the immortal residence island."

    Mo Wuji did not take long to understand the situation. Out of everyone which he helped to escape, only Zhuang Yan and Pu Qian came back to save him. The rest probably left him.

    "Thank you both of you for your righteousness to even come back to save me," Mo Wuji cupped his fists as he said his thanks.

    He held the most respect for righteous people and it was precisely the reason why he befriended Aunt Eleven and even came out to sea to search for her. Unlike many cultivators whose main purpose out at sea was to find the immortal residence, Mo Wuji was clear that his main purpose would be to find Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong.

    Zhuang Yan hurried to reply, "Brother Pu and I were not of any help at all and I did not expect the trap array of the ship to disappear the moment we boarded the ship."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, the ghost cultivator that he killed could not wait for him to leave the ship therefore, it was only natural for the trap array to be gone so soon.

    "From today onwards, the two of you shall be my friends. These are some items I found on board the ship which I shall gift it to both of you," Mo Wuji took out two storage bag after saying this. In this two storage bags, other than a couple of spiritual items, there were a few hundred thousand Earth grade spirit stones as well as a few healing pills respectively. To him, these were not valuable at all.

    The reason he took out these two storage bags was because he saw that Zhuang Yan did not have any storage equipment on her and Pu Qian had all along been carrying a broadsword on his hand so he definitely did not own any storage bag too.

    This was not surprising as it was not easy for a rogue cultivator who had not entered the Earth Realm to own a storage bag.
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