Chapter 219: Da Shixiongs Reputation

    Chapter 219: Da Shixiong's Reputation

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    The person that spoke was a man with a chin as sharp as his voice, and his body was brimming with spirituality. This was not the first time that Mo Wuji encountered a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, so with a single glance he could recognise that this man was one, and the man's cultivation level was much greater than Ju Qijian's.

    Sweeping his gaze across the almost 20 people present, Mo Wuji was sure that this man whose voice and chin were sharp as hell was the the strongest guy around.

    The stone hall was very spacious, and even if Mo Wuji's group of three approached the yurt in the center, they would not disturb anyone. Hence, once the shrill voice echoed out, Pu Qian drew the broadsword on his back. He looked at the Mo Wuji, and as long as Mo Wuji attacked, he would follow suit immediately.

    Jiang Xiapeng, who wanted to greet Mo Wuji after seeing that he was well and fine, quickly shut his mouth. This was because he had arrived earlier than Mo Wuji, and knew that the person giving instructions to Mo Wuji was a strong expert. Thus he did not want to show that he was acquainted with Mo Wuji.

    "Wait..." Mo Wuji stopped Pu Qian, as his spiritual will entered the yurt. The yurt was covered by layers of materials, so his spiritual will could only penetrate the surface. Despite that, Mo Wuji could feel that this yurt had something special about it.

    There was a sort of bloodthirsty aura in the yurt, and on top of that , there was the aura of rotting corpses. Although Mo Wuji did not know what exactly this yurt was, but he was sure that this was no treasure. He had just eliminated a ghost cultivator onboard the ship, so he was rather sensitive towards such things.

    The yin energy in the yurt was not dense, so it shouldn't have been a ghost cultivator. But since everyone could obtain the same map, how exactly was this map propagated out? Someone obviously distributed them intentionally. Hence even if it wasn't a ghost cultivator in the yurt, Mo Wuji did not want to stand out.

    "Let's back off, then get out." Mo Wuji did not care about the looks on everyone's faces, and really backed a few steps up.

    The smiling monk that knew Mo Wuji suddenly asked, "Mister Mo, did you guys get some treasure from the ship? How come even Pu Qian has a storage bag now? Old Na wants to rely on you now. Could you help me get a storage treasure too?"

    With this sentence, all eyes were on the three of them once again.

    "So you guys met with other opportunities?" The man with the sharp chin turned to face Mo Wuji.

    "What's that hanging from your neck? Take it off for me to take a look." His gaze moved from the storage bag on Mo Wuji's waist, to Mo Wuji's neck.

    "If you want to fight, then come at me. Don't say so much bullsh*t." In a second, the Tian Ji Pole appeared in Mo Wuji's hands. He initially did not want to engage in such a fight, because nothing much was known about the yurt still. But now that there were people that eyed his rings, he had no choice but to battle them. Deep inside he was very troubled. Even when he hung the rings around his neck, there were still people that were suspicious.

    However, Mo Wuji confirmed one point, which was that this smiling monk definitely was not a joker. He had backed off already, and this fight was also one that he could not afford to engage in. Hence this smiling monk was obviously trying to incite a battle between him and this Yuan Dan Stage guy.

    Pu Qian wielded his broadsword while standing beside Mo Wuji. Since they were friends, he would definitely participate in this battle. Even though Zhuang Yan was weak, she also held a magic treasure in hand and stood behind the both of them.

    "There's us too." A man and woman landed by Mo Wuji's side after speaking.

    Staring at the man and woman suspiciously, he realised that he did not know who they were, so why were they helping him? Even in a fight against a much stronger Yuan Dan Stage cultivator.

    "My two dao friends, I don't recall ever meeting either of you." Mo Wuji asked out of confusion.

    The woman bowed respectfully, "Even though Da Shixiong doesn't know us, we've looked up to you for a long period of time. I'm Sang Yiping, and this is my apprentice brother, Nie Zhengnong." The man standing beside Sang Yiping also bowed respectfully and said, "Nie Zhengnong greets Da Shixiong."

    Da Shixiong again? As Mo Wuji looked at the Tian Ji Pole in his hands, he understood the reason behind the current situation. They must have recognised him as the famous Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    "Since this is the case, I'll have to thank the both of you. Everyone let's not make any moves first, and just help me stay on standby." Mo Wuji nodded his head as he spoke.

    Although the man with the sharp chin was a higher level Yuan Dan Stage cultivator than Ju Qijian, in terms of strength, he might not have been stronger than Ju Qijian. If Mo Wuji could kill Ju Qijian, he naturally would not have to take special note of this guy.

    When Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong stood by Mo Wuji's side, the man with the sharp chin seemed to remember something. He closely inspected the Tian Ji Pole in Mo Wuji's hands, and suddenly bowed respectfully, "Sorry if I've offended you in any way. My friend, please feel free to decide whether you want to stay or leave."

    After hearing this sentence, everyone became stunned. The man with the sharp chin was the strongest guy here, in the intermediate Yuan Dan Stage, and more importantly he would burst into a fit of rage and ignore everything when angered. For a short tempered and arrogant intermediate Yuan Dan Stage cultivator to say such words, it was equivalent to an apology. But Mo Wuji had no spirituality about him, was young, and was at most in the basic Transcending Mortality Stage. What could a Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator do to get a Yuan Dan Stage expert to apologise to him?

    Only Sang Yiping remained calm, as though this was the natural thing to happen. If Mo Wuji was not this capable, he would neither have been called Da Shixiong by countless numbers of people, nor become the famous Rogue Cultivator 2705. It would be even less likely that he would be appointed the next Tian Ji Sect Sect Head by her adoptive father.

    Since his opponent was not willing to fight, Mo Wuji naturally would not fight either. He guessed that this man with the sharp chin had recognised him, so it would seem that the Tian Ji Pole was a little too conspicuous.

    "Let's go." Since they weren't going to fight, Mo Wuji turned and left.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was leaving, Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan quickly followed behind him. Just as they were chasing Mo Wuji, it seemed as though Mo Wuji was more attractive than the immortal estate itself.

    A weird "hehe" laughter echoed out in the chamber, followed by a voice that made everyone feel uncomfortable, "Since it's been so difficult to gather everyone here today, you guys shouldn't leave..."

    After the voice stopped, the middle of the yurt slowly opened up, revealing a small crack. The crack gradually got bigger and bigger, and the yurt seemed to unwrap itself.

    All of the cultivators surrounding the yurt swiftly backed off, and a few even rushed to open the stone door, but it simply did not budge.

    "So it indeed wasn't something good. Sigh, we've been too greedy." Pu Qian, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, sighed.

    However, both Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong's gazes fell on Mo Wuji, and both of them were pleasantly surprised, as their set head indeed had good foresight. They initially did not think anything was up when Mo Wuji backed off from the challenge of a Yuan Dan Stage expert. But after they found out that Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705, this didn't make sense to them anymore.

    Only now did they understand what was going on. Mo Wuji was not afraid of the Yuan Dan Stage expert, but instead had felt something was wrong with the yurt. However, they did not sense any problems with it after standing around for a long period of time.

    "Da Shixiong's observation skills are indeed top notch, junior here is willing to take instructions from you." Seeing that the crack in the yurt grew larger over time, the first to step to Mo Wuji's side was the Yuan Dan Stage cultivator with the sharp chin.

    Da Shixiong?

    One of the Great Circle of Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator seemed to recall something, and he also rushed behind Mo Wuji, and called out, "Da Shixiong, junior is also willing to take instructions from you."

    The remaining people had never heard of who this Da Shixiong was, so they simply stared at each other. However, as the man with the sharp chin, the strongest cultivator present, had deferred to Mo Wuji, the rest of them followed suit and called Mo Wuji their Da Shixiong, then stood behind him.

    "Master, this monk had once swore that I would inherit your mantle, and if anyone laid a hand on you, Little Na would be the first to cut him down." The smiling monk spoke with confidence as he stood to Mo Wuji's side.

    As all of this happened, Mo Wuji was speechless. His initial plan was to sneak away, but now he had somehow become the leader of a group of people.

    "Da Shixiong, what's inside that thing?" Sang Yiping, as the one closest to Mo Wuji, softly asked him as her eyes were stuck to the cracking yurt.

    Mo Wuji was similarly observing the yurt that was cracking open, and casually replied, "This should be a strong corpse cultivator, and the stone staircase and this location is very likely what he built before switching to corpse cultivation."

    When everyone heard this, a chill went through their bodies, and their scalps went numb.

    It was much harder to be a corpse cultivator than a ghost cultivator ot yin cultivator, but compared to cultivators at the same cultivation level, a corpse cultivator would be undoubtedly the strongest. This was because they had a body of flesh which was extremely durable and poisonous.

    "He he, little boy you're quite knowledgeable..." The voice from inside the yurt sounded out again, and the crack in the yurt opened up

    "Da Shixiong, what should we do?" The man with the sharp chin was quite flustered. He chose to rely on Mo Wuji as he accurately guessed that Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705, who he considered his Da Shixiong.

    Rogue Cultivator 2705 helping True Lake Stage Level 9 cultivator Shi Jinwen to kill the alien cultivator that was half a step into the Nihility God Stage was not a rumor, and had been confirmed personally by Shi Jinwen.

    No matter how strong he was, he was only a mere intermediate Yuan Dan Stage cultivator, so how would he dare to oppose Rogue Cultivator 2705 who killed someone who was half a step into Nihility God Stage? Even with Shi Jinwen's full support, killing someone like that was not something he could do.

    As Mo Wuji was about to speak, the identity jade token in his storage bag began trembling.

    He quickly grabbed the jake token. It was his Heaven Seeking Palace outer disciple identity jade token. If it trembled now, it meant that there was someone from Heaven Seeking Palace seeking help nearby. Without any hesitation, Mo Wuji activated the jade token in his hands to show the other party his current location.

    He also had to request for assistance, as he could not open the stone door, and also guessed that it would be very difficult to open too.

    "Boom!" A terrifying explosion rang out from above their heads, and following which the stone hall began to tremble vigorously. Cracks appeared on the walls, and pieces of stone started to fall. Mo Wuji immediately shouted, "Everyone, let's attack the stone door together."
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