Chapter 220: Borrowing One’s Sword

    Chapter 220: Borrowing One's Sword

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    The ability of Da Shixiong to bring people together was displayed at this crucial moment. Regardless of whether the stone door would collapse due to the attacks from the outside, the reaction of cultivators on the inside was extremely fast. Almost as soon as Mo Wuji's words just left his mouth, everyone drew their own magic treasures to attack the top of the stone door.

    If there was nothing going on in the stone hall, then the stone door would have no issues enduring the combined attack of everyone. But the stone hall was trembling, and the stone door together with it, hence under a single full strength combined attack of the group of cultivators, a crack opened up on the door. All of them charged wildly through it and out of the door, and fortunately, the stone staircase was still intact. One by one they rushed up the stone staircase, and out of the collapsing soil.

    Two cultivators locked in battle were shocked by the sudden appearance of these 10 to 20 figures shooting out of the ground, and they stopped fighting immediately. The first person Mo Wuji saw was Granny Linglong, who was in a destitute state. Dried blood clung to her body, and she leaned on a piece of rock while panting.

    Her opponent, a black clothed man, was similarly injured and panting. His condition was probably not any better than Granny Linglong's.

    The instant Granny Linglong laid eyes on Mo Wuji, she let out a sigh in her heart. When she had found out that there was someone from Heaven Seeking Palace nearby, she was elated, as it was unlikely for her to ever escape her opponent's hands at the rate she was going. Moreover, the boundless sea lay before her, and there was no way for her to tell which direction she was going in. Stopping at this area to battle was very dangerous. Once they started fighting, she would never get the chance to escape again.

    Hence, she was relying on the assistance by the person from Heaven Seeking Palace, but who would have known that it would be Mo Wuji. If it were an elder or at least a cultivator in Earth Realm or higher, perhaps there was a chance that she would be saved. However, it was Mo Wuji that appeared, which meant that all hope was lost.

    The black clothed man soon realised that all of the cultivators that appeared were extremely weak, and there was no one that could oppose him. The one one that remained as a threat was the woman that he had hunted for days, so everything would wait until he had eliminated her. But before he could pounce at Granny Linglong, Mo Wuji shouted out, "Everyone please don't leave so quickly. The corpse cultivator obtained the immortal estate, and will definitely intend to silence us. So let's ambush him when he emerges from the ground. If we fail, remember to escape in different directions. As long as one of us can escape, then the corpse cultivator will not be able to keep his secret."

    Immortal estate?

    These two words not only stunned Granny Linglong, but also the black clothed man. What was an immortal estate? It was a top grade treasure that immortals of legend left behind. To ordinary cultivators, obtaining top grade spiritual items would be the best they could do, but top grade spiritual items were only considered scraps in front of an immortal estate.

    Another way to put it was that no matter how lousy a person was, as long as he could get an immortal estate, he would have the chance to spread his wings and transform into one of the mysterious immortals.

    "Boom!" Another violent explosion rang out, and the stench of corpses spread through the air.

    It's really a corpse cultivator? The black clothed man suddenly became agitated. Just as Mo Wuji had said, this corpse cultivator must have come to eliminate them.

    "Everyone attack." Mo Wuji wielded his Tian Ji Pole, condensed his aura, and this time, he did not mention the immortal estate. Something like the immortal estate only had to be brought up once. If he continued to rattle on with these two words, the other people might actually get suspicious of him. Most importantly, Mo Wuji did not want the corpse cultivator to know about the immortal estate.

    As expected, before Mo Wuji and co. attacked, the black clothed man leapt at the corpse cultivator. Compared to the immortal estate, Granny Linglong was nothing. Countless beams of light flew over, and the corpse cultivator got trapped by the black clothed man instantly.

    No one heard Mo Wuji ask them to charge at the corpse cultivator, so a few of them roughly understood that he had said so in order to make the black clothed man block the corpse cultivator for them.

    Many people even turned to leave, and were soon far away from it all. However, most of them stayed behind, as they knew that there was no ship, so they could not truly escape.

    Mo Wuji walked in front of Granny Lingling and bowed respectfully, "Elder, your strength is much greater than ours, so may I invite you to join forces with the black clothed man to deal with this corpse cultivator. If this corpse cultivator manages to leave, it will be disastrous."

    Even though the black clothed man and Granny Linglong had fought till the point that they only had 10% of their strength remaining, Mo Wuji knew that he still could not afford to provoke them.

    Granny Linglong seemed to understand the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words as soon as Mo Wuji asked her to lend a helping hand. Her nickname was Linglong, because she was very observant and could understand other people's perspective easily.

    Hence, Granny Linglong only had praises for Mo Wuji's plan to delay the corpse cultivator with the black clothed man.

    Now that Mo Wuji invited her to lend a hand, disregarding the fact that she did not have much strength left to attack, even if she did, she would not do so. "I've been poisoned. Even though I've got it under control with some pills, but I can't recover anytime soon. Did the corpse cultivator really obtain the immortal estate?"

    Hearing that, Mo Wuji turned around to tell Pu Qian, "Brother Pu, take the map of the immortal estate out."

    Without any hesitation, Pu Qian passed the sea map to Mo Wuji, and he opened it up, "Elder look, we came here following this map. We didn't expect that we would be discovered by the corpse cultivator once we saw the immortal estate. The corpse cultivator not only snatched the immortal estate, but also want to silence us for good."

    While the black clothed man was battle it out with the corpse cultivator, his spiritual will still kept monitoring Granny Linglong. But he did not let the corpse cultivator go, in fear of letting the corpse cultivator escape.

    Since Mo Wuji had opened up the immortal estate sea map in Pu Qian's hands, he could see everything clearly with his spiritual will. There was no longer any doubt about the legitimacy of the claims, as such a map could never be made in a rush. An immortal estate really did exist here, and just as Mo Wuji had said, they found the immortal estate, which eventually got snatched away by the strong corpse cultivator. As for why the corpse cultivator did not kill them first, naturally it was because the corpse cultivator had to rein in the immortal estate. Compared to an immortal estate, everything else was nothing.

    A treasure with consciousness like the immortal estate should have been reined in as early as possible after being discovered, otherwise, it would run away. Ants like Mo Wuji and co. could wait to be killed after reining in the immortal estate.

    After confirming the existence of the immortal estate, the black clothed man's attacks at the corpse cultivator became even wilder. The corpse cultivator was going crazy too, as he thought that he only had to catch a few ants to sacrifice to his cultivation array, but who knew that he would meet such a strong expert. If this expert weren't already exhausted, he would have been killed a long time ago. Unfortunately, he did not hear what Mo Wuji had said before, otherwise he definitely would have said that he did not possess any immortal estate.

    As Mo Wuji saw the black clothed man increase the intensity of his attacks, he asked softly, "Elder, what sort of poison did you get hit with?"

    Granny Linglong knew that Mo Wuji wanted to save her, and answered with a sigh, "The poison that I'm afflicted with, even I myself can't refine its antidote at a moment's notice. The pill required is a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill, and the spiritual herbs needed are extremely valuable, the Solitary Dark Pill..."

    "Did Elder get hit by nerve poison?" Mo Wuji passed a jade bottle to Granny Linglong after being surprised, "Quickly take this broken pill. That corpse cultivator is not strong enough, and will be killed soon."

    "This is a Solitary Dark Pill? You..." After a few words, Granny Linglong poured the broken pill into her mouth, then shut her eyes.

    Once the black clothed man saw Granny Linglong consume the broken pill, he felt something was up, so he shot a beam of light at her.

    Mo Wuji no longer held back, swinging his Tian Ji Pole straight at the beam of light.

    "Bang!" Wild elemental energy scattered everywhere, which originated from the casual beam of light. The wave of energy caused Mo Wuji to fly tens of meters back, and he was only stopped mid flight by Pu Qian.

    Indeed something was up, in an act of desperation, the black clothed guy's body glowed red, and a frightening aura built up around him.

    "Boom!' The red light enveloped the corpse cultivator, and a red blade cut his head off cleanly. Under the claws of the black clothed man, the corpse cultivator's body exploded into bits.

    Then Granny Linglong opened her eyes, leapt up in the air, and a three legged cauldron flew towards the back of the black clothed man.

    With all this unfolding before him, Mo Wuji was stunned, and thought to himself if that Shi Jinwen's penchant for using pill cauldrons to make magic treasures came from Granny Linglong.

    "Bang!" The giant cauldron smashed into the black clothed man's back, causing him to spit out a stream of blood.

    Even so, the black clothed man still did not turn back to defend against Granny Linglong, but instead he grabbed everything on the corpse cultivator, and disappeared into a flash of red light.

    Mo Wuji's jaw dropped at this, as such abilities were completely beyond what he could imagine. When the black clothed man left, he could only feel a slight space-time ripple, and he had no clue where the guy was headed to.

    Granny Linglong on the other hand sighed in relief, and said gratefully, "Mo Wuji, You saved me today."

    "Elder, we actually helped each other. If elder did not blow the door open, we would have died long ago under the hands of the corpse cultivator. I don't know who used a fake immortal estate map to lure us over, then dug this corpse cultivator out of nowhere. That reminds me, how did that black clothed man leave?" Mo Wuji was very puzzled by the black clothed man's method of

    escape, which seemingly left no traces behind.

    "He was severely injured by the hit from my cauldron, and got away using the Water Escape Technique. The Water Escape Technique is one of the five elemental escape techniques, and is a heaven grade technique. It is valuable beyond measure, and even Heaven Seeking Palace does not have one of them." Granny Linglong explained.

    The corpse cultivator was killed, the black clothed man escaped, and Mo Wuji was building ties with an expert. Most of the cultivators bade their farewells, and had to rely on their own ability to get off the island.

    As Granny Linglong saw many of them greet Mo Wuji before leaving, some even calling him Da Shixiong, she was very confused. From what she observed, Mo Wuji's qualifications were very ordinary. But she did not keep up with any gossip, so the fact that this Da Shixiong was the famous Rogue Cultivator 2705 eluded her.

    When Zhuang Yan saw the look in Qi Wenxuan's eyes as he left, she still managed to steel her heart and stay. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.

    Other than Zhuang Yan, Pu Qian and the man and woman that stepped out to help Mo Wuji previously did not leave too.

    "Do the both of you have any business with me?" Seeing that these two people did not leave, Mo Wuji felt that they probably knew him as more than Rogue Cultivator 2705.
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