Chapter 221: Tian Ji Sect’s Sect Head

    Chapter 221: Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head

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    Sang Yiping looked around hesitantly, not saying another word.

    What kind of person was Granny Linglong? In a single glance, she could tell that Sang Yiping wished to speak with Mo Wuji alone, so she simply said, "My flying treasure met with some malfunctions, I need to go repair it."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly retrieved that lavender plank and passed it to Granny Linglong, "Senior, I saw this floating in the sea, it shows the Pill Pagoda mark on it."

    Granny Linglong gratefully accepted that plank, "Many thanks, this does belong to me. Back in the Sky Sea, that fella ambushed my flying treasure. With this, my flying ship would be repaired faster, later, we can go back together."

    With that, Granny Linglong went off to the side and started fixing her flying treasure. Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan also took this opportunity to wait by the side. Mo Wuji was going to leave this place soon, and he definitely wouldn't leave them behind.

    After the trio left, Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong suddenly knelt in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji startled, and immediately took a few steps back and said, "What's the meaning of this? Please get up."

    Sang Yiping didn't stand but said pleadingly, "Tian Ji Sect's Sang Yiping greets the sect head."

    Nie Zhengnong followed after, "Tian Ji Sect's Nie Zhengnong greets the sect head."

    One look and Mo Wuji knew that something was wrong. However, he was not totally unfamiliar with this Tian Ji Sect. His Immortal Mortal Technique originated from the Tian Ji Sect, and he was extremely grateful to the Tian Ji Sect for it.

    "The two of you, please stand up and talk. There must be a mistake, I'm just a small outer disciple from the Heaven Seeking Palace, I'm not your Tian Ji Sect's sect head." Mo Wuji said seriously. He was starting to seriously consider whether this two people kneeling in front of him and calling him the 'sect head' had something to do with the Immortal Mortal Technique.

    Regardless, he was not going to return the manual. He had just reached the Transcending Mortality Stage and he did not even enter the Earth Realm yet. Without the manual, what would he do?

    "No, before our previous sect head perished, he designated you as our Tian Ji Sect's next sect head. May Senior Mo accept this designation." Not only didn't Sang Yiping get up, her head went down even lower.

    Mo Wuji directly pulled Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong up and said doubtfully, "Why? I don't think I've even met your sect head. Also, when discussing about such important affairs, just go straight to the point. There's no need to kneel on the ground and talk."

    "Yes." Sang Yiping inhaled deeply and continued, "A few months ago, our sect head received an invitation and the person who invited him was Rogue Cultivator 2705..."

    Mo Wuji instantly furrowed his brows, "Junior Sang, I believe that you should know that I'm Rogue Cultivator 2705 by now, but I've never invited the Tian Ji Sect's sect head for anything."

    Sang Yiping wiped a tear off the corner of her eye, "I know, but our sect head believed that it was you. At that time, he was urgently looking for you, so he did not hesitate to go to the Yin Tomb Beach to look for you. Thereafter, our sect head never returned."

    "Did you find out who did it?"

    Mo Wuji's expression immediately turned solemn. To use his name to harm others, it didn't matter who it was, he would definitely screw that person over.

    Sang Yiping said through gritted teeth, "It was the Yu Lin Lei Clan..."

    Hearing the four words 'Yu Lin Lei Clan', Mo Wuji suddenly thought: Could this matter be related to me?

    As expected, his thought was confirmed when Sang Yiping continued, "To find you, the Yu Lin Lei Clan searched through the entire Yan City. Eventually, they noticed the Tian Ji Sect's rankings on the Contribution Point Board. Our Tian Ji Sect doesn't have any outstanding talent, so it was expected for it to not appear on the rankings. However, when you used your contribution points to exchange for something from our sect, those contribution points became our Tian Ji Sect's, causing our rankings to rise rapidly. The Lei Clan discovered that rise..."

    There was no need for Sang Yiping to carry on; Mo Wuji was already very clear what had happened. The Yu Lin Lei Clan's greed was insatiable, and it probably wanted to force the Tian Ji Sect to reveal what was it that he had exchanged, it even required so many contribution points. At the same time, the Yu Lin Lei Clan might even want to use the Tian Ji Sect to discover his whereabouts.

    Mo Wuji sighed and continued, "I have implicated your sect head. I never expected for the Yu Lin Lei Clan to be so shameless. If they wanted to find my whereabouts, naturally, your Tian Ji Sect would know about it "

    Sang Yiping said resolutely, "Even if we did, our sect head would not reveal even half a word. Our Tian Ji Sect's teaching is: Our disciples will stand till their deaths, no Tian Ji Sect disciple will kneel while alive."

    Mo Wuji's expression changed; this was the first time he developed a sense of respect towards the Tian Ji Sect. In the world of cultivation, there were many sects which betrayed others. To develop such a core teaching, how much courage did this Tian Ji Sect have?

    "After the Lei Clan killed our Tian Ji Sect's sect head, they continued to secretly kill their way to the Tian Ji Sect encampment, causing the Tian Ji Sect to face destruction. Perhaps, only the two of us remain in the Tian Ji Sect..."

    "What?" When Mo Wuji heard this, a flame burned in his heart.

    If the Yu Lin Lei Clan killed the Tian Ji Sect's sect head, and even destroyed the Tian Ji Sect, then they were simply too vicious and despicable. If the Tian Ji Sect was completely destroyed because of this, then he definitely had to help Tian Ji Sect seek this vengeance. Because he killed Lei Chenghe in the Yan City Immortal Jade Tower, he had incited the Yu Lin Lei Clan's rage onto the Tian Ji Sect.

    Sang Yiping clenched her fist tightly, "Before this, the First Elder of the Tian Ji Sect predicted that the Yu Lin Lei Clan might extinguish our Tian Ji Sect, so before that happened, the sect dispersed our sect's talents. This is to let us train, and if nothing happens, we would return after half a year. But if the Tian Ji Sect was to get destroyed, we would listen to the sect head's words, that is to find and appoint you as the next Tian Ji Sect's sect head, and not let the Tian Ji sect's heritage be lost."

    When she got to this point, Sang Yiping bowed deeply; this time, she didn't kneel on the ground.

    Mo Wuji guessed, he had been chosen by the previous sect head to inherit his role, should be because of the exchanged Immortal Mortal Technique. It definitely wasn't because he was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    Sang Yiping's eyes were already red, "Our Tian Ji Sect's sect head knows that the Immortal Mortal Technique is far from ordinary, he said that there definitely must be some reason why you used that exorbitant amounts of contribution points to exchange for it. That Immortal Mortal Technique is the treasure of our Tian Ji Sect, if Brother Mo is truly able to cultivate with that technique, then it is only logical for you to become our Tian Ji Sect's sect head.. My sect head said this before, Brother Mo is a dragon among man, hiding within the mortals. Our Tian Ji Sect, this Xuan sect, might not catch your eyes..."

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and stopped Sang Yiping from continuing, "Junior Sang, you don't need to incite me with such words. I've already decided to take up this role. From today onwards, Tian Ji Sect's heritage will not be broken.The vengeance from the destruction of the Tian Ji Sect, will also be personally reaped by me."

    The Tian Ji Sect's destruction clearly had a direct relation to him. He was willing to be the Tian Ji Sect's sect head, not for any other reason, it was simply to seek revenge.

    Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong were instantly enlivened, especially Sang Yiping. From her perspective, Mo Wuji was extremely talented, but he chose to conceal himself among the rogue cultivators, it definitely wasn't because he didn't wish for glory. Unexpectedly, when she explain her reasons, he did not hesitate and agreed with her words.

    In the outside world, Rogue Cultivator 2705 was hailed as everyone's Da Shixiong because of his expansive sense of justice, and his kindness. From the looks of it, this was true.

    "Sang Yiping, Nie Zhengnong greets the sect head." The two started to kneel again. Mo Wuji lifted his hands and stopped them as he said clearly, "From now on, besides towards closed ones and masters, our Tian Ji Sect disciples will never kneel."

    "Yes." Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong eagerly responded.

    In reality, besides one's closed ones and masters, there really wasn't anyone else that a cultivator should kneel for.

    "Sect head..."

    Mo Wuji immediately interrupted Sang Yiping's words, "From now on, just call me head senior brother. That sounds much closer."

    Sang Yiping hastily said, "Yes senior apprentice brother. This is the sect head token of our Tian Ji Sect. The sect head's Tian Ji Sword disappeared along with the sect head."

    Mo Wuji grabbed the token and an icy coldness seeped into his hand. The token looked completely white but Mo Wuji seemed to fill that there was an image hidden within the whiteness. Even with his spiritual will, he wasn't able to clearly see the picture.

    After keeping the sect head token, Mo Wuji turned and faced far into the sea and said calmly, "One day, I will reclaim the sect head's sword from the Lei Clan."

    Granny Linglong was still repairing her flying treasure, so Mo Wuji brought Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong to meet Pu Qian.

    "Brother Pu, Junior Zhuang, I wonder what you two intend to do from here." Mo Wuji, Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan were already friends, so his words became more direct.

    "I intend to find a sect and see whether I can be an inner disciple," Zhuang Yan replied.

    Qi Wenxuan's heartlessness caused Zhuang Yan to be unwilling to go back home. Previously, she ignored the advice of her family and eloped with Qi Wenxuan.

    Pu Qian chortled, "Even though I didn't obtain the immortal estate, I did gain something from this trip, that is a friend in Brother Mo. I wonder where Brother Mo will be going, you seem to be familiar with that senior."

    Mo Wuji did not tell Pu Qian that the senior was Granny Linglong. Otherwise, Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan might not how to act.

    "The Tian Ji Sect was destroyed because of me. I vowed to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect and take revenge for the sect. Brother Pu and Junior Zhuang, if you're willing, how about you join me in the Tian Ji Sect." Mo Wuji did not beat around the bush; by now, he was familiar enough with Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan.

    Pu Qian was startled and he immediately said doubtfully, "Brother Mo, to be a sect head or even an elder, you must be appointed. It's not enough that you're willing to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect."

    Mo Wuji retrieved his sect head token, "Brother Pu, I'm already the Tian Ji Sect Head, and this was the wishes of the previous sect head. If you're willing to join the Tian Ji Sect, then I will be the head senior brother. If you're unwilling, you can leave with that senior, we will still be friends."

    Pu Qian heard Mo Wuji's words and immediately clasped his fists, "Pu Qian is willing to join the Tian Ji Sect. Greetings head senior brother."

    Zhuang Yan followed after, "I will join Brother Pu to enter the Tian Ji Sect. Greetings head senior brother!"
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