Chapter 222: The Sunken Island

    Chapter 222: The Sunken Island

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    At the same moment, Granny Linglong walked over to ask, "Is everything ready? If it is ready, we shall leave now."

    Mo Wuji replied in a hurry, "Senior, may I trouble you to bring four of my friends back to the Heaven Seeking City first. I may have to stay here for a few days before returning."

    Finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji said to Sang Yiping, Pu Qian and the two others, "I have two other friends who came here looking for an immortal estate. I would like to look for them for a few more days and if I still couldn't find them after a few days, I will immediately return to the Heaven Seeking City."

    "How are you going back?" Granny Linglong looked inquisitively at Mo Wuji as she questioned him.

    Mo Wuji could only tell her the truth, "I have a flying car."

    He immediately drew out his flying car as he spoke.

    "Ah, this flying car looks very familiar?" Granny Linglong cried out surprisingly after seeing Mo Wuji's flying car.

    Mo Wuji guessed that Granny Linglong probably recognised his flying car while he simply responded, "This is a gift from the Sword Lake's senior apprentice sister Cen."

    Granny Linglong stared meaningfully at Mo Wuji before saying, "Alright, since this is the case, we shall leave now. Everyone get on board."

    Sang Yiping stood forward hastily, "Senior Mo, there may be very few demonic beasts out in sea but there will definitely be a few stranded cultivators. Since senior has a flying car, why don't we help senior with your search?"

    Mo Wuji thought for a moment and realised that Sang Yiping was right. She was right not on the point about there being quite a few stranded cultivators but on the point that he had a flying car magic treasure with him. Furthermore, it was different going back as compared to coming here. This time round, he was aware of the direction and time needed to reach back therefore, would not result in another lost situation out at the Sky Sea.

    Additionally, his flying car magic treasure could fit about six to seven people and it wouldn't affect him much with Sang Yiping and the rest following him. In fact, if the four of them were to return to the Heaven Seeking CIty only to be spotted by someone of the Lei Clan, there could be possibilities of real dangers then. If Hou Yucheng could investigate and find out that Mo Wuji was the one who bought the first style of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky back then, the Lei Clan might be able to do the same too. The moment Lei Clan found out that he was the one who bought the first style, they could very well be waiting for him at the Heaven Seeking City.

    "Alright, let's go together then," Mo Wuji decided on the spot before turning to Granny Linglong, "Senior you can head back first and I may have to trouble you to take care of Yan'Er again."

    As for the Yan'Er matter, Mo Wuji only mentioned this one sentence. With her mutant five elemental spiritual roots and a cultivation speed faster than his own, even without his reminder, the Heaven Seeking Palace would treat her like a treasure.

    Granny Linglong was very straightforward and she could tell that Mo Wuji was very close with the four of them. Moreover, she had urgent things to settle back at the sect so she said, "I shall take my leave then. You have to be careful of the black clothed man as I am afraid he did not escape far. Even though he was already severely wounded by me, he is still not someone you guys could handle."

    "I know," Mo Wuji asked yet again, "Senior, do you know which realm of cultivation is the black clothed man in now?"

    It was only back at the Yan City when he was using his contribution points to exchange for magic treasures that he found out that the alien cultivator that he accidentally kill was in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. Back at the platform to exchange for magic treasures, he saw that the points awarded for killing a Nihility God Stage Level 1 cultivator was 5000 points and 9000 points for killing a cultivator in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage. His points increased by exactly 9000 points when he killed the alien cultivator's partner who was fighting against Honest Qi.

    Granny Linglong maintained a slightly dignified face, "That person should be as strong as I am, possibly in the True God Stage Level 1."

    "Senior, you are in the True God Stage?" Mo Wuji breathed in a mouthful of cold air as even though he knew that Granny Linglong was a Tier 7 pill refiner, he never thought that Granny Linglong's cultivation level was even much stronger.

    "Yes, I am indeed in True God Stage Level 1. If not for that person's successful ambush which poisoned me, I would never be afraid to face him," Granny Linglong thought of something as she said this before asking, "Mo Wuji, where did you get your Solitary Dark Pill? Why was it broken up? From what I know, there are not more than two pill refiners in the entire Five Big Empires who could concoct this pill and I am just one of the two."

    Mo Wuji instantly thought of Honest Qi and how he should still be alive. Mo Wuji reminded himself that when he officially joined Tian Ji Sect in the future, this Honest Qi had to be the first person he would guard against.

    Seeing how the alien cultivator that he killed was in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage, Mo Wuji guessed that Honest Qi could be in the same stage too.

    "This was something I accidentally found. Because I had some knowledge in pills, I knew it was the Solitary Dark Pill the first time I found it. This was why I kept it with me all along," Mo Wuji did not mention anything about Honest Qi or his spiritual will.

    Granny Linglong did not continue questioning him as she entered the flying ship, "I shall take my leave now, please do take care."

    Finishing, the flying ship casted a shadow before disappearing into the sky of the Sky Sea.

    "Head senior brother, is that senior really in the True God Stage of the Heaven Realm?" The moment Granny Linglong left, Sang Yiping asked inquisitively. Pu Qian and the rest looked enthusiastically at Mo Wuji as well because to them, a Heaven Realm expert was something they only heard in legends.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Indeed, she is Granny Linglong of the Heaven Seeking Palace. I am also very fortunate to have met that senior."

    "Ah..." Sang Yiping cried out before asking yet again, "Head senior brother, didn't people say she had an eccentric character and was extremely uncompassionate?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "If she was compassionate, she wouldn't have time to cultivate every other day. So those who fail to get to talk to her deliberately insult her character. There are some things and some people whom you must personally interact with to find out if the rumours were actually true."

    Zhuang Yan agreed without hesitation, "Yes, this Senior Linglong is very friendly, unlike the rumours saying that she had a irritable temper."

    Sang Yiping nodded her head, "True, she is the greatest pill refiner in the Five Great Empires and if she were to agree to help everyone who asked her for help in refining pills, she would never be able to reach the True God Stage."

    Mo Wuji executed a few hand seals on his flying car magic treasure to start the flying car, "Let's leave this place first. It is still not very safe to be spending too much time here."

    With a corpse cultivator undergoing his closed door cultivation here, Mo Wuji felt that this place was a little strange. Even though he had little knowledge on what a corpse cultivator need for cultivation, he knew that the ground for his cultivation would definitely not be very safe.

    Everyone followed Mo Wuji into the flying car as he controlled the flying car out this island. Even though it wasn't a very big flying car, it was not very squeezy fitting five people in it. In fact, it was still quite spacious.

    The five of them became close very quickly now that they were all members of the Tian Ji Sect. Only Zhuang Yan was still feeling a little dejected because other than being the weakest here, it was likely that she still couldn't forget about Qi Wenxuan.


    Half a day later, Mo Wuji's flying car started circling around a region in the sea.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji had been circling around this region for over an hour, Sang Yiping asked curiously, "Head senior brother, why are we hovering around here?"

    Mo Wuji took out the map that Jing Lengbei drew, "This was the sea map that I got and according to the mark on this map, there should be gourd-shaped island here. However, there isn't any island around here which made me suspect that the map could be wrong."

    "Ah, this map was also an immortal estate map but the location seemed different from the one we had," Sang Yiping was the first to recognise Mo Wuji's map as an immortal estate map.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Yes it is an immortal estate map but I think it could be a fake map..."

    "Head senior brother, this is not a fake map. I have been here about a month ago when my ship hasn't sink. I did see a gourd-shaped island here but in just a month's time, the gourd-shaped island went missing." Pu Qian responded instantaneously.

    Everyone started staring at each other before saying almost simultaneously, "That gourd-shaped island sunk."

    Mo Wuji said promptly, "I wish to go down to the sea to check it out."

    "Let's go down together, there might really be an immortal estate there," There were traces of excitement in Sang Yiping's eyes. If there really was an immortal estate, perhaps the rise of Tian Ji Sect could really be possible.

    Mo Wuji retrieve a rope before grabbing to the front of the rope, "We shall go down together then. Everyone grab hold of the rope and not disperse while following my lead."

    Zhuang Yan being the one with the lowest cultivation level here was also in the later stage of the Spirit Building Stage hence, should still be able to survive underwater for a couple of days without breathing.

    Only after everyone grabbed onto the rope did Mo Wuji keep the flying car and then jumped into the sea concurrently. Zhuang Yan was right behind Mo Wuji because she had the lowest cultivation level. Pu Qian, being the second strongest after Mo Wuji, was at the back of the rope.

    The seawater was incredibly cold and the pressure increased as they went deeper. After a few hundred metres, the weakest Zhuang Yan could not hold on anymore. Mo Wuji took out a Dire Yuan Pill and forced Zhuang Yan, who was behind him, to swallow it.

    Dire Yuan Pill would be able to stimulate the inner elemental energy of a person and increase his strength in a very short period of time. However, it would result in significant side effects. After swallowing a pill, there was a surge of elemental energy inside Zhuang Yan and the pressure of the surrounding water decreased significantly. She nodded appreciatively at Mo Wuji because if not for the Dire Yuan Pill, she would have to go up to the surface and not only was it not safe to be up there alone, it would attract the attention of other people too.

    After diving for another few hundred metres, just as Sang Yiping and Pu Qian were starting to struggle, their feet touched the bottom of the sea.

    Everyone heaved a sigh of relief simultaneously but Pu Qian and Co, found out very quickly that what they stepped on wasn't the sea base but a place with grass. Pu Qian was the first to realise that they could be stepping on the gourd-shaped island but this gourd-shaped island had already sunk to the bottom of the sea.

    Mo Wuji had longed used his spiritual will to scan the place and could see things even clearer than the rest. The place they were standing on was indeed shaped like a gourd and was definitely the Gourd Island.

    Mo Wuji used his hand to signal for the rest of them to follow him as he started moving towards the entrance of the gourd.

    This island was not that big to begin with and coupled with their reasonably fast speed underwater, Mo Wuji managed to touch the mouth of the gourd in just an incense worth of time. Using his spiritual will to scan inside the mouth of the gourd, there was indeed an entrance to the island.
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