Chapter 223: Underwater Immortal Estate

    Chapter 223: Underwater Immortal Estate

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    Mo Wuji and the rest reached the entrance as they noticed a flattened boulder. A few metres in front of the boulder was a huge black door of unknown material.

    Underwater, Pu Qian and Co. saw this door as a complete rock. However, only Mo Wuji's spiritual will could sense clearly that there was a small gap in the middle of the door.

    Mo Wuji indicated using his hand to signal Pu Qian and the rest to hold on as he walked towards and pushed the door slightly. Mo Wuji then used more elemental energy to push the door and it was opened steadily.

    A beam of golden light shone out and Mo Wuji and Co. were stunned. What they saw was a wide hall with all four sides being decorated with golden bright inlays looking rich and compelling to them.

    Mo Wuji waved to Sang Yiping and the rest before being the first to enter the door.

    The moment he entered the door, the tremendous water pressure immediately dissipated into thin air. Not only this, there was not a single drop of water in front of him and it was almost like he was inside the legendary Dragon Palace where the water was only flowing on the outside; completely unable to seep through this huge door.

    In the next moment, Sang Yiping and the rest entered the door and similarly, the pressure was weakened. She looked up instinctively at a bright pearl at the top of the door before saying, "This is definitely a Water Dispelling Pearl, preventing the seawater from seeping through."

    The remaining people were all staring earnestly at this pearl, just how much could one of this Water Dispelling Pearl cost? Even a top grade spiritual item would not be as valuable as this Water Dispelling Pearl.

    "Could there really be a immortal estate here?" Sang Yiping was the first to react because with a Water Dispelling Pearl at the entrance, what else could it be other than an immortal estate?

    "Such dense concentration of spiritual energy. I do think it's possible too," Pu Qian said excitedly because the moment he entered, he could feel the dense concentration of the spiritual energy. Since he started cultivating, he had never cultivate at a place with such dense spiritual energy. Furthermore, this was only a bright golden hall at the entrance, he couldn't imagine just how rich the concentration be further inside this place could be.

    Sang Yiping's face was full of anticipation as she looked at Mo Wuji and said, "Head senior brother, what should we do?"

    Mo Wuji had already used his spiritual will to scan the entire place before saying, "Whether or not this is an immortal estate, we will only find out when we go check on it afterwards. However, the pearl at the entrance isn't some Water Dispelling Pearl but an ordinary illumination array. The reason why the water could not enter this place, had nothing to do with the pearl but because there is a water dispelling array in here."

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, everyone felt disappointed.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Even if there is really nothing here, the dense spiritual energy here makes it a good spot to cultivate. Regardless, let's check it out first.

    After moving past the front portion of the hall, they were currently standing in the middle of the luxurious hall.

    There were words in the front portion of the hall which caught their attention, "So what if you've gotten an immortal estate? So what? So what?"

    Three continuous 'So what?' caused everyone to be confused about its meaning.

    "Is this really an immortal estate? We've entered an immortal estate?" Sang Yiping asked astonishingly.

    Even the soft spoken Nie Zhengnong was full of anticipation as he was amazed at his fate to have met Mo Wuji and then following him into this immortal estate.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "This should be where they inherit the immortal estate. The pity is that we are not the ones who've entered the immortal estate because we are only standing in the hall of the immortal estate. The actual immortal estate should have been long inherited over. Everyone take a look."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji pointed to an area in the front portion of the hall where there were a lot of faint but obvious footprints on the floor. These footprints formed a circle and in the middle of the circle was a few metres wide square area with no dust and footprints on it.

    "Head senior brother, are you saying that the immortal estate was in the centre and some people came, walked in circles around the it and then entered the immortal estate? But where is the immortal estate then?" Sang Yiping questioned inquisitively.

    Pu Qian, who was standing by the side, added, "I've read in some notes that top grade treasures have consciousness. They are capable of recognising their owner and then leave with them on their own. Perhaps after this immortal estate was being inherited, it followed its new owner out of here."

    Mo Wuji wasn't sure how exactly does an immortal estate work hence, could only understand it through Pu Qian's words.

    "Sigh, what a pity that we've entered the place that used to hold the immortal estate yet end up leaving empty handed. It's so disappointing that this hall looked so resplendent only because of the illumination array," Sang Yiping sighed as she was evidently frustrated.

    Mo Wuji meticulously examined the footprints on the floor and concluded that it belonged to two people. However, he wasn't that close with Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven to be able to recognise their footprints. From the bottom of his heart, Mo Wuji desperately wished that the footprints were left behind by them.

    "We may not exactly be leaving empty handed. Look, there's another door here," Mo Wuji stood up and walked towards the right side of the hall before pushing the door.

    An initially unmarked wall unexpectedly opened another small door.

    As the few of them entered this small door, they were momentarily stunned as it was actually a small bedroom. There was a bed and on the bed was a dried up corpse. In front of the corpse was a piece of leather roll, a ring and a crystal clear jade seal on the leather roll.

    Other than this, there were a few shelves made of unknown material beside the bed. There was a great variety of jade vases on the shelves itself.

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Could this corpse be cultivating here too?

    Mo Wuji walked over and retrieved the leather roll, ring and jade seal. The words on the leather roll were very clear and everyone could read it distinctively.

    "Some Jing Gumu fought with over ten experts from the Zhen Mo Continent for the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate before escaping to the Sky Sea bearing a heavy burden. He landed on this Sky Gourd Island to recuperate and after recovering, the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate was of no help to him. What's the point of fighting so hard for this immortal estate?

    Closed cultivation for so many years and reaching my limit. Reliving the years, I cannot help but sigh and feel depressed. I have no fate with the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate so it shall be left in the hall for those with fate. Those who enter this small room, please take everything away. The jade seal could be use to ignite the immortal estate. With a drip of blood, it could be cultivated to recognise its owner. My remains shall not be moved..."

    "I know who this Jing Gumu is," After reading the content of the leather roll, Sang Yiping suddenly sounded out.

    Mo Wuji looked at Sang Yiping before asking, "Who is it?"

    "He is the sect head of the Heaven Sect. I've heard that he loved collected odd treasures of the heaven and earth. As long as its precious, he will go all out to collect it..."

    "Ah, Jing Gumu?" Pu Qian shouted the moment he heard Sang Yiping.

    Mo Wuji asked yet again, "Is this Jing Gumu very famous? Why have I not heard of this Heaven Sect?"

    Sang Yiping answered, "Back then, Heaven Sect was the biggest sect in the entire Five Big Empires and even the Heaven Seeking Palace presently might not be able to surpass the Heaven Sect. The sect head of the Heaven Sect Jing Gumu was rumoured to have reached the late stage of the heaven realm and he was said to be the only expert in the entire Five Big Empires to have reached that stage. However, Jing Gumu didn't like to socialise and was extremely arrogant. Because of this, the Heaven Sect's disciples were all high above the rest. Many years ago, the sect head suddenly went missing.

    Without their sect head, conflicts that were previously suppressed came out all at once. The internal conflict between disciples led to a swift downfall of the sect. At this point, the Heaven Seeking Palace charged the Heaven Sect of 10 great sins before removing their name from the entire Lost Continent.

    The three great heaven sects in Xing Han Empire: Sky Sword Island, Sky Aria Palace and Sky Demon Sect were formed by the descendants of the Heaven Sect. In fact, my Tian Ji Sect was also related to the Heaven Sect because the elder who formed the Heaven Seeking Palace was once an outer disciple of the Heaven Sect. However, because of the low grade of my Tian Ji Sect, nobody really cared much about it."

    "Why did the Heaven Seeking Palace want to remove Heaven Sect?" Mo Wuji inquired.

    "I've heard that the name of the Heaven Sect was a taboo to the Heaven Seeking Palace. One is Heaven while the other is Heaven Seeking which is definitely one tier lower than the former. When Jing Gumu was still around, the Heaven Seeking Palace did not dare to say much but after his disappearance, Heaven Seeking Palace did not stand on any ceremony at all," Sang Yiping explained.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head before putting the items in his hand back where it was previously placed, "Let's discuss more outside."

    The four of them saw Mo Wuji did not only leave the pills on the shelf alone but also placed the things he held back in place before following him out of this small room.

    After everyone exited the room, Mo Wuji said, "From this message left behind by the sect head of the Heaven Sect, we could infer a few things. Firstly, as long as you continue moving forward from this Sky Sea, one could reach a continent called the Zhen Mo Continent. Secondly, given the fact that Jing Gumu was in the late stage of the True God Stage and was still severely injured in the Zhen Mo Continent, this shows that there were a lot of experts in the Zhen Mo Continent. Thirdly, the message outside of the immortal estate just now should be left behind by Jing Gumu. Lastly, it was likely that the Sky Gourd Island sunk because someone took away the immortal estate. Perhaps the set up outside was put in place by Jing Gumu so that nobody would disturb him."

    "It could indeed be like that," Pu Qian immediately agreed with Mo Wuji's inference.

    Despite so, Mo Wuji still frowned and asked, "But did you all notice a few underlying problems?"

    "What problems?" Sang Yiping and the rest asked concurrently.

    Mo Wuji pointed to the hidden room at the back, "Firstly, the jade seal that was mentioned by Jing Gumu as the item to ignite the immortal estate was still there but the immortal estate was gone. If the immortal estate was not ignited, how could it be missing? Secondly, Jing Gumu escaped along the Sky Sea and chose this place to recuperate. From his words, we could tell that he was severely injured but who was the one who gave out the these sea maps of the immortal estate? One more problem is that since people could find the immortal estate, how could they not find the room Jing Gumu was in?"

    As he mentioned the last point, Mo Wuji's heart shivered because if the immortal estate was brought away by Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong, then it was really possible that they did not find Jing Gumu's room. Both of them had not cultivate before and was naturally unaware of the cultivator's door Dao. Nevertheless, the jade seal to ignite the immortal estate was still around, so how did the two of them bring the immortal estate away?
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