Chapter 225: Killing A True God

    Chapter 225: Killing A True God

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    A beam of Invisible Sword Qi came slicing through the air; with a speed ten times faster than he expected, the sword qi pierced in between his brows. The moment the sword qi entered his forehead, it immediately exploded, rampaging and tearing his entire Mind Palace, then destroying his sea of consciousness...

    How is this the power of the Transcending Mortality Stage? It is at least at the intermediate Yuan Dan Stage. However, among the few in front of him, the crafty young man whose power was the strongest, looked as though he was only in Transcending Mortality Level 1. The others' cultivation seemed to be higher than this crafty young man, but their attacks could not compare to that young man.

    "Pu..." The sword qi emerged from the back of the black clothed man's skull, shooting out a gush of blood...

    "You..." The black clothed man furiously pointed at Mo Wuji; he was already tricked by Mo Wuji twice and he swore that there wouldn't be a third time. He never expected that he still ended up dying by Mo Wuji's third scheme.

    What kind of Transcending Mortality Level 1 is this? It's clearly on par with the intermediate Yuan Dan Stage. But his body clearly doesn't have any spiritual ripples, he doesn't even look like he is in Transcending Mortality Level 1.

    Imagine, would any person who was facing death still purposely hide their abilities? He knew that after he got past this possession, he would be able to get rid of these few hands with a flip of a palm. But under this kind of circumstances, that crafty young man still concealed his true power, all for that final sword qi strike.

    "Pui!" The black clothed man coughed out a mouthful of blood; the unwillingness in his eyes gradually dispersed. What unwillingness? Even if he didn't fall for the tricks now, he would fall for the next one. This rascal is far too cunning. This rascal clearly knew that the concealment array would not be useless against him, but this rascal still dared to use the concealment array right in front of him. How could this rascal not know that this was the best time to get rid of him? He was far too careless.

    "Honghong!" Yet another few electroballs descended. These electroballs are many folds stronger than before? The black clothed man chances of survival were long destroyed by Mo Wuji; now with these electroballs blowing the black clothed man's brains out, he had truly ceased to breath.

    Pu Qian and co. saw Mo Wuji killing that black clothed man, and they were incomparably ecstatic. Sang Yiping wiped the cold sweat dripping off her forehead, "Head senior brother, if not for you, we would definitely be dead. You actually killed a True God cultivator. That's truly amazing."

    Mo Wuji weakly retrieved a few healing pills and put them in his mouth. Just now, he concealed his power, and at the final moment, he swallowed a Dire Yuan Pill, explosively increasing his elemental energy, all for that final Invisible Sword Qi. He was afraid that the black clothed man's forehead would be extremely tough. If his Invisible Sword Qi was unable to pierce through his forehead, he would immediately bring the rest to escape.

    Luckily, that black clothed man's fleshly body wasn't trained to the point where he could block against the Invisible Sword Qi. Truly, an additional skill was very useful. He truly did not have any skills to practise so he casually learnt the Invisible Sword legacy. Today, this Invisible Sword showed its real usefulness.

    "Don't go over." Seeing that Pu Qian was about to go forward, Mo Wuji hastily cried out, "Just now, I was able to kill that black clothed man, wasn't because of my trick, but because the Heaven Sect's Sect Head Jing Gumu was trying to possess him .Now that the black clothed man has been killed, his soul would be dispersed. But for that Jing Gumu, his abilities far exceeded the black clothed man, and he had condensed his soul for multiple years, so his soul might not disperse.

    As Mo Wuji spoke, he threw out ten array flags. In a short period of time, he installed a soul confining array around the black clothed man's corpse.

    "This sect head hasn't been out for so many years, but are all young people nowadays so powerful?" A faint shadow emerged from the black clothed man's corpse. Mo Wuji lamented in his heart: This Jing Gumu really isn't dead. However, this fella's soul is incredibly weak; clearly, he must have been heavily damaged by that black clothed man.

    "Sect Head Jing, consider it as I have saved you. If I didn't kill that black clothed man, your possession would definitely have failed, and then you would have been killed by that black clothed man," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    The shadow briefly went into silence, before saying, "Previously, it was also due to your trick that I wasn't able to possess that fella. This sort of life saving isn't counted. Now that you have achieved your motive, please leave. This old man wishes to go back to my own quiet cultivation."

    "Of course I can leave, but I have a few conditions. One, that black clothed man was killed by me, so I will need his storage ring. As for Sect Head Jing's stuff, I would not touch them even though I could kill you and take them. Two, I have a few questions I want to ask Sect Head Jing." Mo Wuji said calmly and clearly.

    Jing Gumu's voice turned serious, "You're threatening me."

    Mo Wuji's voice did not have any hint of fear, "You could say so."

    From the very start, Jing Gumu intended to possess one of the cultivators here. If he didn't grasp the right opportunity, his fleshly body would have become Jing Gumu's. Towards such people, Mo Wuji would not show any courtesy.

    "Ask." Jing Gumu's tone went icy cold.

    "One, where did the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate go? Why is the immortal estate's jade seal here? Two, what kind of place is the Zhen Mo Continent? Three, what is with this map that we obtained?" At one go, Mo Wuji asked three to four questions at one go.

    Jing Gumu's voice had a tinge of unwillingness as he said, "The immortal estate was indeed brought here by me. I tried all means possible, but I wasn't able to open the immortal estate. You know how difficult it was, and how much blood and sweat I poured to drag that immortal estate, which would not recognise me as it's owner, across the Sky Sea, from the Zhen Mo Continent to here? My jade seal contained a trace of my soul will, so if anyone came looking for the immortal estate, he would take my jade seal, and I could borrow this chance to possess him."

    As he said this, Jing Gumu started to sigh endlessly, "I never expected that the immortal estate would be so biased; the immortal estate which I poured so much effort to open in, actually opened on its own for a fella that I invited here. Thereafter, it was taken away. That fella I lured here didn't even come to my room..."

    The room he was in wasn't even found, all his preparations for possession naturally went unused.

    "Was it one person, or two?" Mo Wuji interrupted Jing Gumu's words.

    Jing Gumu's tone had become calm by now, "I didn't even go out. I only know that the immortal estate recognised a master and left this place. As for the number of people, how would I know? Regarding the Zhen Mo Continent is another cultivator continent across the ocean from the Lost Continent. Sailing through the Sky Sea can get you to the Zhen Mo Continent. At the same time, traversing the Five Elements Desolate Domain can also get you to the Zhen Mo Continent. For the last question, I was the one who released the map."

    Mo Wuji did not doubt Jing Gumu's words. The Earth was also a spherical planet. The Five Elements Desolate Domain and the Sky Sea were in different directions, it would be perfectly logical to reach the Zhen Mo Continent by going in these two directions. The only thing Mo Wuji was worried about was Aunt Eleven and Mo Xiangtong, he didn't know whether they were the ones who earned the recognition of the immortal estate.

    I can give you the black clothed man's and my ring to you. You can also take away the spirit vein I was sitting on. I believe, the countless treasures in my ring will not disappoint you," Jing Gumu suddenly said.

    Mo Wuji stared doubtfully at Jing Gumu, "You're so generous?"

    With the things Jing Gumu had done, he was clearly a devious person. He definitely wasn't a generous fella who would give these things away.

    "Of course it comes with a condition. That is, when you leave, seal me up here completely. Don't let others find me. Before my soul completely dissipates, I just wish for a few days of quiet. Ever since I started on this path of cultivation, I have put in all my efforts into obtaining resources and into constant cultivation. I'm truly tired," Jing Gumu sighed and said.

    Sang Yiping and Zhuang Yan were clearly affected by Jing Gumu's words. They subconsciously lowered their heads; many years later, will they also say: I'm truly tired?

    Mo Wuji did not say a word, his spiritual will descended on that spirit vein. After a while, he suddenly said, "Okay, I agree. But I don't want your ring, nor your spirit vein. Additionally, you can choose one of us here to possess. Oh ya, when there's news on the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate, I will also send it over to you."

    The people on scene went blank, as they turned and look at Mo Wuji with a look of astonishment. Why would Mo Wuji say such words? Not only did Mo Wuji reject the items, he even offered someone for Jing Gumu to possess? He even wanted to send news on the immortal estate over, why?

    Jing Gumu stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief, and said with his mouth wide agape, "You must be kidding me?"

    Mo Wuji said coldly, "You were the one who started kidding first."

    If he was so gullible, his grave would already grow weeds a few meters tall.

    "You're courting death!" Jing Gumu suddenly shot out a few beams of faint light, slanted black sword shadows descended from the sky, terrifying sword radiance transformed into sword rain which trapped Mo Wuji and co.

    These black sword radiance was his killing ace. This was a sword rain garrotte array. This array was not enough to deal with the black clothed man, but it was more than enough to deal with these Mortal Realm cultivators. So what if Mo Wuji briefly understood arrays? To break through this sword rain garrotte array, not only must one understand arrays, one would also need to be able to block against the sword rain. If they couldn't block against the sword rain, then they could only wait for death. But he wouldn't kill this Mo Wuji, this young man's body was suitable for possession.

    "Everyone, don't move. Concentrate all your elemental energy on me," Mo Wuji said unhesitatingly.

    Ah? Concentrate all their elemental energy onto Mo Wuji? Even if they were cultivating the same technique, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to use their elemental energy ah.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had already started to form countless, complex hand seals which he hurled towards the black sword rain. Pu Qian and co. no longer took the time to think, and went along with Mo Wuji's words.

    "Honghonghong!" The sword rain formed an umbrella shape above Mo Wuji's head and fell to the ground. As the sword shadows descended, countless rubble would fill the sky. One could clearly see how powerful these sword shadows were. If it was anyone else, if they weren't able to escape this garrotte array, they could only wait for death. Pu Qian and co. secretly celebrated; their head senior brother had saved them again. If not for Mo Wuji, they would have already died many times over.

    "Revolving Star Passage Technique? This is a sacred art..." Jing Gumu cried out in astonishment. In his whole life, he had collected all kinds of treasures but he had never obtained something as valuable as the Revolving Star Passage Technique. This was a sacred art, and an amazing one at that.
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