Chapter 226: Rank 1

    Chapter 226: Rank 1

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    Mo Wuji did not bother about Jing Gumu as he said, "Everyone follow my elemental energy circulation path to transfer elemental energy while waiting for me."

    He knew from a long time ago that the Revolving Star Passage Technique was a sacred art even without Jing Gumu's reminder.

    Without Mo Wuji's words, Pu Qian and Co. had already started directing their elemental energy with reference to Mo Wuji's circulation technique to further complement the energy for the Revolving Star Passage Technique. This relieved the pressure on Mo Wuji tremendously.

    "Crackle!" Mo Wuji managed to use both hands to ignite the Boundless Lightning Rain towards Jing Gumu.

    At this moment, the room was divided into two halves. One half was filled with black sword shadows while the other half was filled with blue lightning.

    "Stop..." The residual soul of Jing Gumu panicked because if this were to continue, he would be burnt to ashes with no hope of reincarnation.

    Mo Wuji naturally would not stop there as his lightning rain fell even more aggressively. During a battle, Mo Wuji would never talk unnecessarily. All talks or discussions would only happen after getting rid of the opponent.

    "Whiz!" As the shadow of Jing Gumu's residual soul started to appear faint, a golden radiance exploded out of the spiritual vein from underneath the bed.

    The sword rain garrote array that trapped all five of them disappeared as Mo Wuji's face turned ugly. This might have happened due to two reasons: one would be because of the aftereffect of fighting an expert, while the other was because Jing Gumu managed to escape.

    "Head senior brother, have we killed the residual soul?" Zhuang Yan noticed the room had quietened down before asking.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No, that fella must have had a supreme top grade escape magic treasure because he managed to escape at the very moment before I was about to get rid of him. I predict that he would only be left with a breath of life and he would have to seek permission from the heaven if he still want to come back for cultivation."

    "Fortunately, he did not have enough time to take these away," Mo Wuji walked over and picked up the two storage rings. The items Tian Ji Sect were collecting were getting better each time as they grew closer to rebuilding the sect.

    "Phew, we were so lucky to have survived under attacks from a True God expert and then killing a True God expert too. Nobody would believe us if these rumours were to spread," Sang Yiping added.

    The moment she finished her sentence, she seemed to have thought of something as she exclaimed, "Head senior brother, was the black clothed man that was chasing Granny Linglong an alien cultivator? If he was an alien cultivator, we could actually earn a huge lump of contribution points..."

    Mo Wuji hurried to take out his points accumulation jade token and was astonished at the number he saw.

    Rogue Cultivator 2705 , Contribution Points: 112,076, Ranking: 1st.

    There was also a marked contribution points at the back to show that Mo Wuji had already used over 10,000 contribution points but it contributed to the ranking of the cultivators.

    "Rank number 1...My god..." Sang Yiping screamed as she saw the contribution points of Mo Wuji.

    "Head senior brother, you are really the Rogue Cultivator 2705!" Pu Qian had this sudden realisation but was feeling extremely pleased. Even though he had never been to the Yan City and was not sure who the popular Da Shixiong was, he had heard of the famous Rogue Cultivator 2705 as he was like a god-like character in the heart of many cultivators.

    Head senior brother was indeed a god-like character evident from how he brought his few men and managed to survive from the clutches of experts after experts. How can a normal person do this?

    Zhuang Yan was as shocked and pleased that the legendary Rogue Cultivator 2705 was standing right beside her and even became their head senior brother.

    No, the rumours of 2705 would be even scarier in the future. How capable must one be to be ranked first in the Hundred Sect Contribution Points Board with over 100,000 points?

    Mo Wuji murmured to himself, "My luck must be extraordinarily good to be able to kill a True God Stage Level 1 expert and get over 100,000 points. Just think about all the good items we could get with over 100,000 points."

    At the contribution points exchange centre, there was a big board hanging outside to display how many points you would be awarded for each alien cultivator you killed. However, the highest level shown was only for Nihility God Stage Level 9.

    There were no points allocation displayed for how many points one would get for killing a True God expert but Mo Wuji was clear now that he would earn 100,000 points for killing one.

    Mo Wuji kept the jade token and said, "We will exchange these points when we finally return to the Yan City. Meanwhile, everyone please look around in the jade vases to see if there were anymore pills."

    This house was not big to begin with and after experiencing Mo Wuji's lightning rain and the sword rain garrotte array, a lot of vases that were placed nicely initially were all smashed and the number of broken vases on the floor increased.

    With Mo Wuji's instructions, everyone started to collect those vases that fell all over the place.

    "I have one vase of Earth Yuan Pill..."

    "A True Position Pill..."

    "I found a Jaded Spiritual Pill, this is a Tier 6 spiritual pill ah."

    "Ah... a vase of Gold Forming Pill!"

    Everyone was captivated by Pu Qian's sentence because even though the Gold Forming Pill was only a Tier 4 pill which was worth less than a Jaded Spiritual Pill, it was the most valuable one to everyone present.

    Gold Forming Pill was the pill to consume for one to advance from Transcending Mortality Stage of the Mortal Realm to Yuan Dan Stage of the Earth Realm. Even though it was only a Tier 4 pill, its spiritual herbs were charged at an exorbitantly high price because they were not something human could grow or nurture. Not only were the spiritual herbs charged at such a high price, the Gold Forming Pill was extremely difficult to concoct too as it was known as one of the most difficult to concoct Tier 4 pills.

    Many of the refiners who managed to concoct the Gold Forming Pills were Tier 5 Pill Refiners because it was extremely tough for normal Tier 4 Pill Refiners to try and concoct this pill.

    Mo Wuji hurried over and took over the vase in Pu Qian's hand as he looked convincingly at it, "Pu Qian is right and this is the indeed the Gold Forming Pill. Everyone report your cultivation level now.

    "I am in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7!" Pu Qian was the first to report.

    "I am in Transcending Mortality Stage 4," Nie Zhengnong followed next.

    Sang Yiping also said, "I am only in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1."

    "I am in Spirit Building Stage Level 7," Zhuang Yan added.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he said, "I am in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12..."

    The four of them stared at Mo Wuji with their half opened mouth, Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12? There is a Level 12 in the Transcending Mortality Stage?

    "Head senior brother, are you saying you are in the Extreme Mortal Stage?" Sang Yiping asked shockingly only after a while.

    "Right, I am indeed in the Extreme Mortal Stage," Mo Wuji confirmed that he was in the Extreme Mortal Stage as he had traces of spirituality belonging to the Extreme Mortal Stage in his body which others could not see.

    Pu Qian and co. took a deep breath, Extreme Mortal Stage? No wonder why Mo Wuji was so strong. They had heard of cultivators in the Five Big Empires who reached Level 10 of a single stage but they had never heard of cultivators who had reached the Extreme Realm. They could not believe that their head senior brother who was about to become Tian Ji Sect's head was actually an expert in the Extreme Mortal Stage.

    Pu Qian and Zhuang Yan felt a little guilty as they initially thought Mo Wuji's cultivation level was the lowest of them all. They only realised now that there would not be a person in the entire Lost Continent with qualifications surpassing their head senior brother.

    Sang Yiping questioned surprisingly yet again, "Head senior brother, doesn't the Extreme Realm only contain 10 levels? Why is there a Level 12?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I have had no mentor and managed to scrape through all these by myself with occasional conversations with friends about this. As to why I managed to reach Level 12, I have no idea too."

    Everyone seemed as clueless as Mo Wuji about why he was able to reach Level 12.

    "Head senior brother, you have such huge potential. I am sure that Tian Ji Sect's future would be extremely promising under you," Nie Zhengnong said excitedly as this was something he never imagine would happen. The greatest thing about being in Extreme Mortal Stage was not the strength itself but the huge potential that it promised.

    Sang Yiping stood up and said, "This news about head senior brother being in the Extreme Mortal Stage must not be spread out. Otherwise, it would be very hard for Tian Ji Sect to grow."

    Everyone nodded their head in agreement.

    Mo Wuji also added, "Sang Yiping has a point. Whether or not a sect would be capable of standing up depends on both its legacy and its actual strength. I asked everyone to report your cultivation level so I can use this opportunity to remind everyone of your own cultivation level. True Position Pill is the best pill for Transcending Mortality cultivation and we also have a pill help to advance into Yuan Dan Stage in the Gold Forming Pill. I shall gather the spiritual energy of the spiritual vein and I believe that everyone would be able to advance into the next realm very soon."

    "Great," Pu Qian was the first to agree because even though his cultivation level was second to Mo Wuji, he had worked hard step by step to reach there. It could be said that he had never experienced such a good condition to cultivate in. It was indeed his most correct decision made to join Tian Ji Sect.

    Seeing how Zhuang Yan was feeling slightly dejected, Mo Wuji handed a vase to Zhuang Yan before saying, "These are a few Transcending Mortality Pills which you could use to advance into the Transcending Mortality Stage then into the Yuan Dan Stage."

    "Yes, many thanks head senior brother," Zhuang Yan was extremely pleased when she saw Mo Wuji taking out the vase to solve her problem.

    The four of them divided the pills very quickly, tidied up the house and the bed before choosing a spot each.

    Mo Wuji fixed up an energy gathering array to gather both the spiritual energy from the spiritual vein and outdoors. In a only a short period of time, there was a surge of extremely dense spiritual energy in the middle of the house.

    Mo Wuji also sat down to start absorbing the spiritual energy to start his spiritual circulation technique. If he could use this opportunity to break into the Yuan Dan Stage, that would be the most ideal scenario.

    Power was everything as Mo Wuji experienced it much closer to heart from this trip out at sea.

    Concentrated spiritual energy was swept away by the five of them as Mo Wuji's rate of absorbing energy was extremely scary. The five of them managed to absorb all of the spiritual energy in the room and the room became quiet once again.


    Yan City. There were already many cultivators gathering in front of the Hundred Sect Alliance Contribution Points Board.

    Everyone was staring at the 1st in rank as this was the first time there was a new name in the 1st position. Moreover, the one that came in first was someone everyone was familiar with, yet never expected to reach the first.

    Rogue Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points: 112,076, Ranking: 1st.

    Xi Yixuan of the Great Evolution Sect who was previously ranked 1st was now second with only 57,208 points which was about half of Rogue Cultivator 2705's points.

    As for the third place's Feng Luojian, he had only about 50,000 points.

    A Rogue Cultivator giving pressure to both the Heaven Seeking Palace and the Great Evolution Sect was already a huge disgrace for the two sects. What's worse was that his points alone was more than than points of rank number 2 and 3 combined.
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