Chapter 227: The Ship In The Ring

    Chapter 227: The Ship In The Ring

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    "I remember that number 2705 had 12076 points, but now his points rose by hundred thousand in one shot. Could he have killed over ten Nihility God Stage experts in a row? That's not possible."

    "Why must it be Nihility God Stage experts? Can't it be True Lake Stage experts? Who knows, maybe he killed tens of True Lake Stage experts, or maybe he killed one True God Stage expert."

    "Haha, why don't you kill a True God Stage expert for me. Do you know why there's no points for True God Stage experts? Because True God Stage experts are unkillable."

    "I think he really did kill a True God Stage expert." A sudden voice interrupted the crowd's discussions in front of the Contribution Points Board.

    This was because the voice was too serious, and it immediately attracted the crowd's attention.

    "It's Senior Xi of Great Evolution Sect." Someone recognised the person speaking.

    "Greetings Senior Xi." Most of the cultivators in the crowd came over to pay their respects.

    Xi Yixuan was a legendary character, with a reputation that was much better than Rogue Cultivator 2705. This was because Rogue Cultivator 2705 rose to the top 10 with the status of a rogue cultivator, and his great reputation became a sort of encouragement for the weak; that perhaps with a little more effort, they could get on the Contribution Points Board like Rogue Cultivator 2705. But for Xi Yixuan, he had always been the number one expert on the board.

    In the eyes of countless cultivators, this was a display of true ability. Every time there was a large battle with the alien cultivators, Xi Yixuan's figure would outshine other cultivators of similar cultivation level on the battlefield.

    Xi Yixuan nodded his head, "While the contribution points exchange office never state how many points killing a True God Stage expert would be worth, I can confirm with everyone that killing a True God Stage Level 1 expert would cause one's contribution points to increase by exactly 100,000 points."

    Many of the people took in breaths of cold air on the plaza. Could he have really killed a True God Stage expert?

    Even if a True God Stage expert stood there without retaliating, a Mortal Realm cultivator shouldn't have been able to kill him right?

    "Isn't Rogue Cultivator 2705 in Transcending Mortality Stage? How could he kill a True God Stage expert? Could the True God Stage expert have been sleeping?"

    "Idiot, why don't you kill a sleeping True God Stage expert for us to see."

    "Regardless what shocking thing Da Shixiong managed to do, I believe that it's all natural. I've always been supporting Da Shixiong. Who can confirm that Da Shixiong's cultivation level won't increase? Perhaps he is already in Yuan Dan Stage."

    "Even a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator can't kill a severely injured True God Stage expert."

    "But Da Shixiong's points did increase, so how would you explain that?"


    A commotion arose in front of the Contribution Points Board as all sorts of theories and ideas were shouted out and defended.

    "Everyone!" Xi Yixuan's voice calmed the crowd down once again, "My friends, if anyone sees this Da Shixiong, please help me to pass him a message. Say that the Great Evolution Sect's Xi Yixuan invites him to the Great Evolution Sect as a guest."

    "Haha, Junior Xi is indeed very hospitable." A cheery voice echoed out

    "Seems like Senior Feng is quite free today." Xi Yixuan bowed respectfully as he saw the cultivator approaching him.

    "It's Heaven Seeking Palace's Senior Feng Luojian."

    "Greetings Senior Feng."

    The atmosphere in front of the Contribution Points Board heated up, and everyone was discussing about Hundred Sect Alliance's Contribution Points Board Number 1: Rogue Cultivator 2705. Xi Yixuan of Great Evolution Sect and Feng Luojian of Heaven Seeking Palace ,who had always been fighting for first place, had arrived, making it a big party.

    Feng Luojian's voice was much more charismatic, and he bowed respectfully at the crowd, "My friends, if anyone sees Rogue Cultivator 2705, please inform him that Heaven Seeking Palace's Feng Luojian will warmly welcome him."


    On the 10th floor of Yan City Immortal Jade House, two cultivators sat by the window, gazing down the plaza.

    "This guy must not stay alive any longer. We must kill him before anyone else finds him, otherwise our Lei Clan will cease to exist." A short man with a hostile look on his face said in a low voice.

    Sitting opposite him was a middle aged woman, and she nodded, "That's right, if this guy gets recruited as a legacy disciple of the Great Evolution Sect or Heaven Seeking Palace, he'll definitely not let our Yu Lin Lei Clan off."

    The short man stood up, "Let's search in different directions. Since he obtained contribution points this means that he was at the recent few battles with the alien cultivators. This guy can change his appearance too, so we'll have to pay more attention."

    The woman nodded her head in agreement as she stood up too.


    After a month of cultivation in the island under the sea, Mo Wuji stopped. He swallowed a few Gold Forming Pills, and his speed of absorbing spiritual energy had increased to a rather high level. However, his rate of improvement at Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12 was very slow, much less breakthrough into Yuan Dan Stage.

    This made Mo Wuji very impatient, like a person used to luxurious things being thrown into poverty. Now using normal spiritual energy did not give any significant improvements. To breakthrough to the next stage, he could only accumulate bit by bit over time as he did not have any Heaven grade spirit stones.

    This sort of cultivation environment was very normal for Mo Wuji. But to Pu Qian and the rest, it was the first time they had experienced something like this. The Tian Ji Sect was a Xuan Grade Sect, so it was normal for them to have a poor environment for cultivation.

    In a month's time, Zhuang Yan broke through to Spirit Building Stage Level 9, and she would soon prepare to enter Transcending Mortality Stage. Pu Qian had broken through to Transcending Mortality Stage Level 8, and Sang Yiping also entered Transcending Mortality Level 2. Nie Zhengnong was a little more talented than Sang Yiping, so while he was originally at the peak of Transcending Mortality Stage Level 4, he was now at the Transcending Mortality Stage Level 6.

    The only one that did not improve was Mo Wuji.

    Knowing that he had no way to breakthrough the Transcending Mortality Stage, Mo Wuji took out three rings. The first was obtained from the ghost cultivator and had a strong seal, hence by his estimates, it would take at least a month to crack it.

    The second ring belonged to the black clothed alien, and the third was left behind by Jing Gumu. Jing Gumu's ring probably had the most treasures in it, but it was a pity that this ring was even harder to crack. As Jing Gumu had not fallen yet, his seal was naturally the hardest to crack.

    Mo Wuji decided that he would crack the black clothed alien's ring first because the black clothed man had died, hence no matter how strong the seal on the ring was, it would not be able to withstand the continuous pressure from his spiritual will for days. After half a month, a slight crack came from the ring, and all seals on it collapsed.

    A space even greater than the storage ring that Mo Wuji was using appeared before him, and piles after piles of Earth grade spirit stones were there. Spiritual herbs, smithing materials were in mounds as high as mountains too. On top of that, there were tens of spiritual items and multiple technique manuals. Every spiritual item in there was of a higher tier than the one she obtained previously.

    Mo Wuji's understanding of spiritual items was quite shallow, but he could still recognise that there were at least three high tier spiritual items. A Half moon knife, a bronze lantern, and a radiant green sword.

    The item that made Mo Wuji the most excited as a flying ship magic treasure. This magic treasure was probably not a high tier magic treasure, but it was definitely one of the best mid tier flying ship.

    Out of all the storage rings he had obtained so far, this was the first time that Mo Wuji managed to find a flying ship magic treasure. The past two storage rings from Thunder Fog Forest didn't have flying magic treasures either. Who knew if flying magic treasures were hidden away by people, or did not exist anymore.

    However, what disappointed Mo Wuji was that while there were so many Earth grade spirit stones, not a single Heaven grade spirit stone was present. It was important to note that he no longer coveted for Earth grade spirit stones, but instead he wanted real Heaven grade spirit stones.

    While the black clothed man's storage ring have more space that the one Mo Wuji was using, Mo Wuji did not have the intention to swap his out. After all, even a larger space had its limits, and it was troublesome to swap rings. He then took out the ring he obtained from the ship, and continued cracking its seal.

    Every person's cultivation technique was different, which made every ring's seal different too.

    It was not known when the owner of the storage ring from the ship had died, and the seal on it was significantly stronger than the one on the black clothed man.

    Another month passed by, and the ring's seal began to loosen, but at this moment Mo Whji felt a strong wave of energy.

    His gaze immediately fell on Zhuang Yan, as she was the source of the energy. It was apparent that she was about to breakthrough to Transcending Mortality Stage.

    Indeed, four hours later, Zhuang Yan's aura increased wildly, and her spirituality burst forth. She had entered the Transcending Mortality Stage without much difficulty.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head at this sight of this. Zhuang Yan's spiritual root quality wasn't very good, and a big part of the reason that she could enter the Transcending Mortality Stage from Spirit Building Stage Level 7 in such a short period of time probably was her cultivating in such an environment for the first time. If she did not find a better way to cultivate in the future, her cultivation speed would slow down to what she experienced before.

    While all this went on, Mo Wuji did not go to disturb their cultivation, and continued to work on the storage ring with his spiritual will. Another half a month passed again, and a familiar 'crack' came from the ring in Mo Wuji's hands as the seals fell apart. A gigantic space appeared before Mo Wuji's eyes.

    What shocked Mo Wuji the most was that there was only one item in the storage ring. Spirit stones, spiritual herbs, and other treasures were absent.

    The item inside as a gigantic incomplete ship, which was hundreds of meters long and towered over everything else. Who knew how long it had been inside, as the dragon bones on it still gave off a bright glow.

    Mo Wuji' spiritual will landed on the ship. The more he looked at it, the more he was shocked, and the more he was confused. There were not only many array bases for drawing arrays, but also all kinds of cannons.
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