Chapter 228: Were Warring, Stop The Nonsense!

    Chapter 228: We're Warring, Stop The Nonsense!

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    This was definitely a hybrid of cultivation and technology. Mo Wuji's gaze started to wander, discovering that there were tens of naval cannons installed on the ship, it was just that they weren't installed on the cannon forts.

    Besides the naval cannons, there were also all kinds of blueprints and books on the ship.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan through them, and soon found that these blueprints were clear design outline maps of the ship.

    Incomplete Immortal Battleship, Length: 640 meters, Breadth: 230 meters. Designed to have 10 laser cannons, 10 space sundering cannons, 3 penta-elemental cannons, 5 extermination cannons...

    The ship bow and flanks were both created from Celestial Sunflower Gold, allowing it to sail through the void. The laser cannons' required materials: Earth grade spirit stones, Radium Crystals, Earth Heart Flame, Brilliant Rainbow Crystals...

    Mo Wuji started to get more excited the more he read, the blueprints showed the methods to construct ten different kinds of cannons. How was this a ship? This was a moving battle fortress. The moment this thing goes all out, even a True God Stage expert has to run.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the ship bow and flanks; they were indeed made of the familiar Celestial Sunflower Gold, but the Celestial Sunflower Gold here had already been processed. The amount of Celestial Sunflower Gold used to make both the ship bow and flanks combined was already more than a hundred times what he obtained previously.

    To use so much Celestial Sunflower Gold to create this horrifying battleship, how rich must this ring's previous owner be?

    Unfortunately, this ship wasn't fully completed. If it was, it would definitely be a killing machine. He had no knowledge on smithing, so he did not have any means of finishing this Incomplete Immortal Battleship.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will continued to search the huge space within the storage ring. The ring was largely empty, except for a small pile of items in the corner which looked like rubbish. But when Mo Wuji's spiritual will reached it, he immediately coughed out a breath of cold air.

    How was this rubbish? These were cannon ammunition. Moreover, these ammunition were clearly classified; laser cannon, space sundering cannon, heavenly fire cannon, heavy water cannon...

    Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will; this ship was definitely of great use to him. He did not know smithing, but he could find a smith.

    By now, Mo Wuji had changed the ring that he's using. The items in his previous ring had all been moved to this bigger ring.

    Seeing that the others were still obsessed in their cultivation, Mo Wuji stood up and left the room. In the larger hall outside, Mo Wuji started to refine the black clothed man's intermediate grade flying ship.

    Cen Shuyin's flying car was a low grade flying equipment, but its defensive capabilities was close to naught, its speed was very slow, and the space was cramped.

    But this flying ship, it had loads of space, and it even had some defensive capabilities. When they return, he would use this flying ship.

    Days continued to pass. When Mo Wuji had just completely refined this flying ship, the surrounding air started to tremble, this time, a lot more intense than the previous ones.

    Mo Wuji kept the flying ship; he guessed that Pu Qian was about to transcend the realms of mortality and enter the Earth Realm Yuan Dan Stage.

    Indeed, half a day later, the space ripples disappeared and Pu Qian walked out from the small room. His body emanated thick, dense spirituality, and he had a huge boost in his self confidence. Clearly, he had entered the Yuan Dan Stage.

    "Pu Qian, congratulations on advancing into the Yuan Dan Stage." Mo Wuji was also happy for Pu Qian. Moreover, Pu Qian was a man of the Tian Ji Sect, the higher his cultivation, the better it would be for the Tian Ji Sect.

    "Head senior brother, I've never had such a carefree and enjoyable cultivation session. There was plenty of spiritual energy, enough of pills to use, cultivating was simply too great." Pu Qian's face was full of elation and contentment. According to his previous plans, he intended to charge into the Yuan Dan Stage within ten years, but in just a few months, he had already entered the Yuan Dan Stage. This wasn't simply charging, it was flying.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "When we leave, we will take this spiritual vein and place it in the original lands of Tian Ji Sect. By that time, everyone could continue to use it to cultivate."

    Mo Wuji had long thought these things through; to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect, there must be a place rich in spiritual energy for cultivation. Without real power, there would be no meaning in rebuilding the Tian Ji Sect. He wanted to truly rebuild the Tian Ji Sect, not just in name.

    "Head senior brother, I'm afraid that's not possible. When we go back and rebuild the Tian Ji Sect, we would need to do it secretly and we cannot return to the original Tian Ji Sect. We would have to wait till our power gets stronger, then we can return." Nie Zhengnong also walked out, he was already in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 8; his improvements have even exceeded Pu Qian.

    Mo Wuji did not say a word; he did not share the same sentiments in his heart. Since he wanted to rebuild the sect, he would do it with a splash. Sneakily building a sect would betray his ideals.

    But rebuilding the Tian Ji Sect with a high profile had its own problems. Perhaps before the sect was established, the Yu Lin Lei Clan might come and destroy the Tian Ji Sect once more.

    "Do any of you know who are the impressive smiths in the Five Great Empires?" After a brief moment of silent contemplation, Mo Wuji's eyes sparkled and he suddenly lifted his head and asked.

    His Tian Ji Sect might not be able to exterminate the Yu Lin Lei Clan, but his Incomplete Immortal Battleship could. The Yu Lin Lei Clan was merely an above average Earth sect. If he were to overestimate them, then they would only be a Quasi-Heaven sect. If he could first install an intermediate trap array, to confine the Yu Lin Lei Clan, he would then use the Immortal Battleship barrage the Yu Lin Lei Clan with salvos of devastating cannons.

    To install an intermediate trap array, he would need to continue researching on his notes on Chu Xingzi's Array Dao. At the same time, he would need to learn to forge array flags.

    Forging array flags and forging equipments were different. One did not need to be a smith to forge array flags. But an average array master might not be able to forge array flags too.

    "I'm not very familiar with this, perhaps junior apprentice sister Sang might know more about this," Nie Zhengnong answered. He would normally confine himself in closed doors cultivation. The one who explored the outside world and dealt with external affairs was Sang Yiping.

    Pu Qian said, "The Heaven Seeking Palace Smith Summit's Summit Lord Zhang Pingshan should be very impressive. I heard that the spiritual equipment he forges are highly sought after."

    "The Smith Summit's most impressive smith isn't the Summit Lord Zhang Pingshan, but the guest elder, the Three-eyed Dhuta." Sang Yiping and Zhuang Yan also emerged from the room.

    Sang Yiping was already in Transcending Mortality Level 5, while Zhuang Yan had advanced to Transcending Mortality Level 2.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Looks like this closed door session was really useful. Everyone's cultivation had improved greatly, not bad. Wait till we go back to the sect, everyone can prepare themselves to charge into the Yuan Dan Stage."

    "Congratulations senior apprentice brother Pu Qian on advancing into the Earth Realm." Sang Yiping and co. noticed that Pu Qian had advanced, he should already be in the Earth Realm.

    After a brief exchange of congratulations, Mo Wuji asked, "Yiping, you say that the Smith Summit's Three-eyed Dhuta's smithing proficiency is the best? How did you know?"

    Sang Yiping hurriedly explained, "Previously, the sect head was discussing with us a few secrets regarding the huge sects, and he mentioned the Heaven Seeking Palace's Three-eyed Dhuta. His origins were unknown; it seemed like he was being chased by someone so he hid in the Heaven Seeking Palace. Summit Lord Zhang Pingshan noticed Three-eyed Dhuta's adroit skill in smithing and invited him to be a guest elder in the Smith Summit. In reality, most of the magic treasures in the Five Great Empires was forged by the Heaven Seeking Palace, and of these magic treasures, 90% of them were made by the Three-eyed Dhuta's hands."

    Mo Wuji inwardly nodded his head; this was the man. After he returns to the Heaven Seeking Palace, he definitely needed to invite this Three-eyed Dhuta to help him complete his Immortal Battleship.

    "We've been cooped up here for several months. We will leave right after we extract the spiritual vein, then we will immediately rebuild the Tian Ji Sect," Mo Wuji declared.

    The spiritual vein was originally extracted by Jing Gumu and sent to the small room. Now, Mo Wuji did not need to expend much effort and easily sent the spiritual vein into his storage ring.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji and co. charged out of Sky Lake Island on their flying ship.


    Yin Tomb Beach. It was only a few thousand miles from Yan City. This was a barren land, and with the heavy Yin energy, few were willing to come here.

    But now, the Yin Tomb Beach was filled with gloom. Hundreds of thousands of cultivators were gather. The war had yet to start but the breath of death had started to permeate through the air.

    Ever since the alien cultivators infiltrated the Lost Continent, the Five Great Empires responded with the coalition of countless sects, forming the Hundred Sect Alliance. Initially, the Hundred Sect Alliance was able to oppress the alien cultivators, and even destroyed some of the alien cultivators' encampments. But as the war progressed, more alien cultivators gathered here, and their battle power slowly surpassed the Hundred Sect Alliance. In the recent few months, the Five Great Empires' Hundred Sect Alliance had been facing continuous defeat, some of the more important places were slowly swallowed up by the alien cultivators.

    Because of the Hundred Sect Alliance's continuous retreat, the battlefront had been pushed to the Yin Tomb Beach outside the Yan City. It was merely one to two miles from Yan City. Many people were clear, the moment the Yin Tomb Beach was lost, the Hundred Sect Alliance would also lose Yan City.

    Yan City might be the Tian Shang Empire's capital, it now served as the Hundred Sect Alliance's encampment. If Yan City was occupied by the alien cultivators, then the Five Great Empires' forces would collapse, and the Hundred Sect Alliance would crumble. Thereafter, it would only be a matter of time before the alien cultivators controlled the entire five empires.

    So this battle, for the Hundred Sect Alliance, they were fighting with their backs against the river; it was do or die.

    In the air above the battlefield, there were eight experts standing on the side of the Hundred Sect Alliance. These were the True God Stage experts of the Hundred Sect Alliance. One could say, that almost all the experts in the Five Great Empires had been gathered here.

    On the opposite side of the battlefield, there were more than ten experts standing in mid air. The alien cultivators clearly had more True God Stage experts than the Five Great Empires.

    "Feng Zhenqiu, the difference between my Floating Star's forces and yours are already as different as the Heaven and Earth. If your Hundred Sect Alliance continues to resist, don't blame me for the massacre. If you surrender, I might consider leaving behind a lifeline." A grey haired man, from the alien cultivators side, took a few steps in the air. He spoke with a slightly threatening tone.

    Feng Zhenqiu did not say anything, but a clear, resolute female voice could be heard from the distance, "In the Lost Continent, there's a sect called the Tian Ji Sect. Tian Ji Sect has a teaching which is also the motto of all the cultivators in the Lost Continent. Here, cultivators would stand till their deaths; there are no rats who would kneel while alive. We're warring, so stop the nonsense!"

    "Support the Dean!" We're warring! Stop the nonsense!" The Hundred Sect Alliance's cultivators all called out hoarsely. The fighting spirit instantly skyrocketed and the killing intent was simply bursting.
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