Chapter 229: Complete Annihilation

    Chapter 229: Complete Annihilation

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    "The person is the Heaven Seeking Palace's First Dean Bei Suting?" Garber's face changed slightly as he felt some regret for the excessive nonsense he spoke. With a single sentence, the opposing force's morale was instantly uplifted. He needed to say some additional words to plunge the opposing force's morale.

    Once the opposing force's morale went down, they would have to immediately start the battle. Otherwise, the Floating Star would have much higher casualty rates.

    A lady with a scarf around her face stood in midair at the forefront of the two armies. No one could see her appearance, but from her slim and elegant appearance, one could see that she was definitely a femme fatale. She completely ignored Garber's words, and turned to look at the war raged Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators, speaking with a clear voice, "These alien scum invaded our homeland. How will our Lost Continent cultivators respond?"

    "Kill!" Countless voices resounded.

    "These alien scum killed our brothers and sisters, and now they want us to kneel. How will our Lost Continent cultivators respond?"

    "Kill!" The voices resonated with greater fervour and courage.

    Even the calmest of cultivators, when enshrouded in this atmosphere of killing intent, his blood would boil and he could not wait to simply charge over and kill those alien scum to his heart's content.

    "Then what are we waiting for? Follow me and kill them all!"

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    The pent up, boundless killing intent finally burst forth, completely sweeping up in the moment. The Hundred Sect Alliance were like tigers, charging ferociously towards the alien cultivators.

    Garber now knew that he wouldn't be able to turn the morale around. At this moment, besides facing the battle, there was nothing else he could do, "The cultivators of the Floating Star, don't tell me you want to return to that god-forsaken, resource-depleted place? Don't tell me you all wish to slowly die in that spiritual energy poor planet? My brave soldiers of the Floating Star, whether we can stay in this fertile land, and whether we can continue to seek higher realms of cultivation, all depends on this war. Everyone, kill!"

    "Boom!" The two sides clashed.

    Killing intent filled the air; blood clouds formed; debris flew. All kinds of elemental energy clashed, forming explosions which upended the entire Yin Tomb Beach in a single moment. The Yin-filled Yin Tomb Beach, which used to force people to go silent, was now filled with the shrill sounds of death and battle.

    Screams of pain and roars of rage resounded through the air; corpses of cultivators unceasingly collapsed onto the ground. No one retreated as everyone trampled across the corpses of their brethren to charge forward. There was only one thing running through everyone's minds: Kill!

    This battle was different from the previous ones; there was no rest unless you're dead and no side was willing to retreat.

    The battle raged from dusk to the late afternoon. The smell of blood had long pervaded and drowned the entire Yin Tomb Beach, but it was unable to drown out the gruelling sounds of war.

    The Hundred Sect Alliance's initial momentum had gradually died down. This was the first interplanetary war that the Floating Star cultivators' took part in, but their vastly superior numbers allowed them to slowly oppress the Hundred Sect Alliance.

    "Hahahaha..." A wave of crazy laughter spread throughout the entire Yin Tomb Beach battlefield. A red robed, bald man was laughing maniacally in mid air, shouting, "Another True God expert has been killed by me, my Floating Star will now be the masters of this land..."

    "The Heaven Seeking Palace Elder Mu An has been killed..."

    The Hundred Sect Alliance, which had already lost the upper hand, was now placed in a more precarious position. But as everyone saw the green robed lady fighting three True God experts by herself, no one retreated. That was the Heaven Seeking Palace first dean; the drive of the Hundred Sect Alliance.


    A flying ship was sailing out of the Sky Sea, entering into the domain of the Five Great Empires. On the flying ship, there were five people. They were exactly Mo Wuji and his group who just returned from the Sky Sea.

    A few days later, the flying ship was approaching the territories of the Tian Shang Empire.

    "Head senior brother, why do I feel that something's not right? Over there, the fogs of blood are large enough to form clouds." Pu Qian's cultivation was the highest, so he was the first to notice the blood fogs from the war at Yin Tomb Beach.

    Mo Wuji stopped; he also noticed the towering fogs of blood. Even though it was quite a distance away, the appearance of blood fog was truly terrifying.

    "That must be the battlefield between the Hundred Sect Alliance and the alien cultivators. From the looks of it, this war is extremely intense." Mo Wuji had also seen similar blood fogs back in the Thunder Fog Forest battlefield, and it had left a deep impression in his mind.

    "What do we do?" Sang Yiping asked urgently.

    How could she not be worried? With their current power, the moment they got wrapped up in this huge war, they would simply be pigs being sent for slaughter. The probability that they would get killed was 70 to 80%. If the Tian Ji Sect was still well established, then death was just death. But the Tian Ji Sect's vengeance had yet to be avenged, she was extremely unwilling to die.

    Mo Wuji parked the flying ship atop a mountain, "Everyone, make way."

    After the group was quite a distance away, Mo Wuji retrieved the incomplete ship from his storage ring.

    "This is a battleship?" Sang Yiping's cultivation might not be the strongest, but she was the most experienced. With one glance, she could tell that this was a colossal space battleship.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, this is indeed a battleship. Unfortunately, this battleship isn't complete; originally, I wanted to invite the Three-eyed Dhuta to help complete the job, and then use it to destroy the Yu Lin Lei Clan. But now, we can first install the components on this battleship. Even though it can't fly, it beats staring blankly if those alien cultivators suddenly arrive."

    The various runes had yet to be inscribed on the battleship, so this battleship could not take off. A flying ship which could not fly would be as good as trash.

    Fortunately, there were cannons on the battleship, and there were all kinds of ammunition. If they properly installed the cannons, then they should not face any problems defending themselves.

    "How impressive!" Pu Qian had already jumped up on the ship and started viewing the eclectic cannons on the ship.

    "Let's install these cannons first, the important ones are the laser cannons, golden beam cannons and the heavenly fire cannons," Mo Wuji said as he pointed to three different cannon forts.

    Another lucky thing was that the ship's cannons were already built and installing them wasn't a very complicated thing. Moreover, Mo Wuji was knowledgeable about arrays. In four hours, the five already installed 16 huge cannons.

    "Head senior member, are we just going to wait here?" Sang Yiping asked after seeing Mo Wuji place some ammunition rounds behind the cannon forts.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "We'll wait here. We'll leave when the war is over."

    Mo Wuji was very clear about the situation of the war. Whether the Hundred Sect Alliance won or lost, it would not be a good thing for them to leave now.

    If the Hundred Sect Alliance won, the defeated alien cultivators would retreat and escape in all directions. If they encounter a True Lake expert, then it would be equivalent to death. If the Hundred Sect Alliance lost, then the alien cultivators would also run around in all directions, rampaging as they go. It would be expected that they met a few strong experts.

    Perhaps finding a place to hide seems like a better solution. But Mo Wuji could feel that this war was far from ordinary. It was very likely the final war before the alien cultivators controlled the entire five empires. If he hides, he might not know the outcome of the war, and his future would be extremely uncertain.

    Standing here, they would be able to tell the outcome of the war, and they could pick a good direction to escape from. That beats running head first into a crowd of alien cultivators.

    Inside, Mo Wuji really wanted to charge into the battlefield and kill to his heart's content. But he knew that doing that would be totally useless. His abilities were not enough to change the final outcome of the war.

    Perhaps if this ship could fly, he might be able to do that. But once that is done, he would have to hand over his battleship.


    On the Yin Tomb Beach, Heaven Seeking Palace's Dean Bei Suting was currently facing four opponents by herself. Four True God experts were crazily encircling and attacking her. If not for her formidable defensive magic treasure, she would have perished a long time ago.

    At this moment, another True God expert from the Hundred Sect Alliance met his end, and the number of people surrounding Bei Suting increased by one. Even the worst cultivator could tell that even if Bei Suting's defensive magic treasure was stronger, she would not be able to hold any further.

    Unfortunately, the Great Evolution Sect's sect head was also confined by three True God experts, and he was also facing great peril. He truly wasn't able to lend Bei Suting a hand.

    "Dean Bei, leave now, we'll help protect you. As long as you live, you will be our Lost Continent's hope, and in the future, you can help come back and avenge us..." A Hundred Sect Alliance cultivator suddenly cried out.

    Immediately, more Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators started pleading Bei Suting to escape because that cultivator was right. Bei Suting was the Lost Continent's greatest hope.

    She was the Lost Continent's only expert that achieved the Extreme Mortal Stage, Extreme Earth Stage and the Great Circle of True God Stage Level 3. She was also the youngest of all the True God experts. If it were not for this war which could deracinate the Lost Continent, she definitely wouldn't have come out.

    "I, Bei Suting, was able to fight to the death with all my comrades of the Lost Continent. This is my, Bei Suting's, greatest honour. Perhaps it is the also an honour all of you. But, there'll only be a Bei Suting who fights to the death; no Bei Suting who cowers to stay. Today, I will only fight for the Lost Continent, I will never retreat..."

    "Fight! Never retreat!" Bei Suting's words incited crazed counter attacks among the Lost Continent cultivators. Perhaps everyone knew, this was the last radiance they would see in their lives.

    "Since you cultivators aren't willing to submit to our Floating Star, then we will no longer behave politely. Annihilate them all! Gerald, bring 10,000 brave soldiers out of here and slaughter everyone you see. My Floating Star doesn't need these crude pigs, we have our own people." Garber saw that before her death, Bei Suting still wanted to crazily arouse the Lost Continent cultivators to kill his Floating Star cultivators, and he was instantly enraged.

    Since the Floating Star had already gained the upper hand, the outcome was basically already decided. Sending 10,000 cultivators away would not have any impact at all, and on the contrary, it would plunge the morale of the Lost Continent cultivators. Furthermore, all the Lost Continent experts were gathered here. These 10,000 people could go wherever they liked and wreck havoc as they wished.

    "Yes!" A man wearing a gold cloak stood forward, the spirituality around his body body was sharp; he was an expert at the Nihility God Stage.

    "Tell me, when you leave here, what will you do?" Garber shouted loudly.

    The gold cloaked man replied seriously, "Whether it's sects, cities or mortal lands, we will kill them all. Not even chickens and dogs will be spared."

    "Very good. Carry on." Garber nodded contentedly.

    The gold cloaked man responded, waved his hand and multiple battleships charged out of the Yin Tomb Beach. Each ship was filled with bloodthirsty Floating Star cultivators who exuded bloody auras.
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