Chapter 230: Way To Go, Battleship!

    Chapter 230: Way To Go, Battleship!

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    The courage of the Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators was only temporary. After seeing 10,000 alien cultivators leaving the battlefield to reap all lives on the Lost Continent, the Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators lost their spirit and strength to fight on.

    At this moment, tens of thousands of alien cultivators also stopped in their attacks as they stared at their comrades mercilessly slaughtering the defeated Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators. At the same time, they prevented anyone from escaping. One could see that they were clearly aiming for complete annihilation in this war.

    Whether it was the Lost Continent cultivators or the alien cultivators, they all knew: this war was already over. The Lost Continent would soon disappear, and this place would be new continent. Everyone who would live on this new continent who be from the Floating Star.

    Right at this moment, a flying ship came charging in. At the bow of the ship, there were ten people. A man with black hair and a white beard suddenly jumped out from the flying ship, pouncing towards the alien cultivators.

    Multiple True God experts from the alien front came forward to accept the challenge.

    "Boom boom boom!" Crazy bursts of elemental energy exploded in midair. A few figures descended from midair, never to breath again.

    The sudden unforeseen event left everyone gasping. Even the huge war down in the battlefield instantly went still. One person went against multiple True God experts, and in a simple face-off, a few of the True God experts were immediately killed. Was this a dream? Since when did the Lost Continent have such an expert?


    On a mountain slightly far away from the Yin Tomb Beach, Mo Wuji was staring at the direction of the blood-shrouded battlefield.

    "Head senior brother, should I go take a look?" Pu Qian took the initiative to ask, seeing the looks of worry on Mo Wuji's face.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That sounds good. Take this flying ship and go over. If you encounter any situation, immediately come back."

    "Yes." Pu Qian immediately controlled the flying ship and headed towards the Yin Tomb Beach.

    "Yiping, why don't you tell me more about the Tian Ji Sect lands?" Mo Wuji said as he fiddled with a laser cannon ammunition.

    Sang Yiping responded with an "En" before explaining, "The Tian Ji Sect is actually on the periphery of the Ming Han Empire. It's position actually coincides to form a triangle with the Great Evolution Sect and the Heaven Seeking Palace. Of course, this is only the opinion of our Tian Ji Sect. Many don't even know the existence of the Tian Ji Sect."

    "Wasn't the Ming Han Empire the first to be destroyed by the alien cultivators? I heard that the Ming Han Empire's capital, Da Ke City, has also been occupied." Mo Wuji asked.

    Sang Yiping responded, "Da Ke City has indeed been occupied by the alien cultivators but the Ming Han Empire is still there. Our Tian Ji Sect is also at the periphery of the Ming Han Empire, so it hasn't been noticed. Our Tian Ji Sect occupies hundreds of square miles of land, with one main mountain and more than a hundred secondary summits, all these secondary summits were formed naturally. A river passes through the center, and we call it the Tian Ji River. One could say that the Tian Ji Sect is a natural sect. Even the Great Evolution Sect created many of their secondary summits."

    "With such a good spot, why didn't the bigger sects come snatch it up?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically.

    "Because Tian Ji Sect's environment and position might be good, but it's barren spiritual land. Here, spiritual energy is sparse and even with an energy gathering array, it is still impossible to gather dense spiritual energy," Sang Yiping replied.

    Mo Wuji immediately came to a realisation. The purpose of a sect and its legacy was naturally to gather more power, and it was not merely a place for residence. If a sect didn't have a place suitable for cultivation, it naturally wouldn't be able to grow stronger. This was like the Lotus Sword Summit back in the Formless Blade Sect. The spiritual energy around the Tian Ji Sect was sparse, so it was perfectly normal for other sects to not eye its location.

    "When we return, I will find some ways to install a huge formation to protect the Tian Ji River and all the mountain peaks. At the same time, I will rebuild the Tian Ji Summit." Mo Wuji immediately said. Spiritual energy was not a problem. After all, he was adroit in arrays, and he even had an impressive spiritual vein on him.

    Sang Yiping shook her head, "Head senior brother, I'm afraid that's not possible."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji stared curiously at Sang Yiping. Was the land extremely peculiar, such that a sect protecting array couldn't be established?

    Sang Yiping lowered her head and said, "Because more than a half of the hundred plus secondary summits have been rented out. Now, we only have the main summit and ten over secondary summits."

    Mo Wuji was stunned. A sect rented out its mountain summits to others? This was the first time he heard of such a thing.

    "The Tian Ji Sect is so short of spirit stones?" Mo Wuji asked with his brows furrowed. Even if a sect was lacking in spirit stones, it should not rent its land over to others, right?

    Sang Yiping sighed, "The people who rented the tens of Tian Ji Sect's secondary summits are two major powers. One is the Ming Han Empire's 14th prince. He controls the Ming Han - Tian Shang Alliance, and this alliance was established on our Tian Ji Sect's land. This land was mainly used to generate fortunes for him, and at the same time, it houses some of our most desperate disciples. The second power is a mountain fortress. This mountain fortress belongs to the Ming Han Empire's 26th Prince, and it specialises in doing some shady businesses. As for the rent, our Tian Ji Sect has yet to even see a single copper coin."

    Mo Wuji instantly lamented in his heart; this lamentation was for the Tian Ji Sect. Tian Ji Sect was, after all, a sect of cultivators. To think that it was caught in the throats by some mortal princes, such that they had to rent their land to them. This was the greatest form of humiliation.

    "The Ming Han Empire has many Earth Realm experts, which our Tian Ji Sect is only a Xuan sect. We're unable to fight against them." Sang Yiping's voice started to gradually turn softer, clearly, she also felt aggrieved and wronged.

    Mo Wuji was just about to speak when he saw Pu Qian's flying ship trembling as it charged over.

    Something's wrong. Mo Wuji immediately inserted the laser cannon ammunition in his hand, into the laser cannon. At the same time, he said to Sang Yiping and the rest, "Everyone, take charge of a cannon. Then, face the cannon in the direction of Pu Qian's flying ship and wait for my command."

    "Yes." Even without Mo Wuji, Sang Yiping and co. knew that something was wrong. Pu Qian's flying ship looked like it had been damaged.

    Moments later, Pu Qian's flying ship descended and Pu Qian came shouting as he charged out, "These people are animals, they're all animals. They started genocides across many prefectures. Regardless whether they're adults or little kids, as long as they were alive, these animals killed all of them..."

    Mo Wuji's face turned solemn and killing intent rose in his heart. He came from Earth, and the thing which enraged him the most was the unreasonable and merciless slaughter of innocent lives. These people were worse than animals. When animals killed humans, it was because they were hungry.

    "They're here..." Nie Zhengnong said, his voice trembling slightly.

    Everyone saw it; ten flying ships blocked out the entire sky, and each flying ship was filled with cultivators. Each cultivator was shrouded in killing intent, and covered in blood; they were like demons that just climbed up from the bottom of Hell.

    "There's close to 10,000 people here..." If Nie Zhengnong was still controlling his voice to not tremble, then Zhuang Yan's voice totally lacked control.

    With so many people, will they be able to survive?

    Pu Qian had already entered the battleship and said, "There's at least 10,000 of them. Moreover, they even have a Nihility God expert among them; my flying ship was almost destroyed by him..."

    As he said this, he suddenly recalled something and he cried out in shock, "Head senior brother, I was wrong. I should have lured them away..."

    They did indeed have a battleship here, and there were even various kinds of cannons. But 10,000 people were far too much. Even a few True Lake Stage experts would be enough to easily eliminate them.

    Mo Wuji said seriously, "I wanted you to lure them over. Pu Qian, get to a laser cannon. Wait till we start firing, listen to my command to start attacking too. Even if we die here, we still need to pull some of them down with us."

    "Yes." Listening to Mo Wuji's words, the rest seemed to have received a huge boost in confidence, as their hands prepared to fire the cannons. The sounds of the alien flying ships became louder. Mo Wuji's spiritual will could already clearly see the faces of the cultivators on the ships.

    He waved his hand and said, "Everyone, choose a flying ship. I choose that leading one. Fire!"

    "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" There were four consecutive shots. Four cannon ammunitions of different colours charged out of the battleship, causing space to tremble horrifyingly. Even the people who fired the cannons were incomparably shocked.

    Mo Wuji's laser cannon shot out a beam of blinding white light, thereafter, he saw a faint, black crevice. A feeling of vastness emerged from that crevice, causing Mo Wuji to unconsciously shiver.

    Luckily, the crevice disappeared quickly. Soon, it was completely gone.

    The intense attacks exploded in midair. A patch of terrifying fire burnt out half of the entire sky, causing Mo Wuji and co. to be completely blinded.

    The fires swept across the sky; even with Mo Wuji's and Pu Qian's cultivation, they were drenched in sweat.

    "Head senior brother, what's going on. Why is there white light and fire?" Sang Yiping asked with a trembling voice. She was scared still, the moment the cannons were fired, half the sky became engulfed in fire. As for those alien flying ships, she couldn't even see even a single one of them.

    "Should we continue to fire?" Zhuang Yan asked agitatedly. Even though she didn't the outcome of their previous salvo, she knew that the destructive capabilities of these cannons were truly terrifying.

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air, and after serious considerations, he said, "No need. I have underestimated these cannons. Actually, we only needed one shot. I was too wasteful, to actually shoot out 4 times. Luckily, Pu Qian hasn't fired."

    Compared to the others who were blinded, Mo Wuji's spiritual will had long seen the clear situation with the alien flying ships. With those four shots, not only those alien flying ships, but even the surrounding land had been melted into a sea. There was no drop of water in the sky, every single bit of water had been completely vaporised by the intense cannons.

    After an incense's time, the fire finally disappeared, and the white light in the sky disappeared. They only saw a deep pool in front of them, and there wasn't even a shadow of half a flying ship.

    "Head senior brother, did we destroy those flying ships?" Zhuang Yan asked in shock.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. Not only were those flying ships destroyed, we did not leave a single trace of them. That pool there, is left behind from the effects of our cannons."

    The five simultaneously inhaled a breath of cold air, as they stared at the emptiness in front of them. What a terrifying battleship. Even destroying the Heaven Seeking Palace would not be a problem, right?

    "So impressive." After a long time, Pu Qian finally exclaimed.
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