Chapter 231: Completely Helpless

    Chapter 231: Completely Helpless

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    Mo Wuji finally understood the true destructiveness of the cannons. He guessed that even the Three-eyed Dhuta might not be able to do anything to help with it. It was very likely that these cannons weren't from the Lost Continent, but descended from some other planet.

    If these cannons landed in the hands of a mad man, then it would be a calamity. With such impressive cannons, he didn't even need to bring the ship over to deal with the Yu Lin Lei Clan. Just one cannon alone could wreck them many times over.

    "Everyone, get down from the cannon forts. These cannons are too powerful, we cannot reveal them," Mo Wuji said seriously.

    "Yes, head senior brother." The four responded simultaneously. With this powerful battleship equipped with such impressive cannons, Tian Ji Sect was sure to be revived. This gave a huge boost to everyone's morale.

    After the four left the battleship, Mo Wuji raised his hand and stored it in his ring.

    "Head senior brother, guess how many alien cultivators we just killed?" After waiting for Mo Wuji to keep the battleship, Sang Yiping immediately asked.

    Mo Wuji nodded as he fetched his contribution point token, "You all don't have a contribution point token, so the contribution points might actually end up going to me."

    After Mo Wuji clearly saw the contribution points on the token, he was dumbfounded. Sang Yiping and the rest also gathered over, and they were also stunned.

    "We killed at least 10,000 alien cultivators, right? Why are the points still 112076? We didn't even get a single point?" Sang Yiping lamented unwillingly.

    Everyone's eyes turned towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji understood how the point system worked, so after some thought, he said, "I guess those cannons are too strong, that even the souls of the alien cultivators were disintegrated into nothingness. That's why the token didn't record any points."

    "At least head senior brother is still number one. Otherwise, I would really be unhappy." Even though Sang Yiping could not really accept the explanation, the fact that Mo Wuji was still number one gave her comfort.

    "Let's slowly move towards the direction of the battle, and gather news on this war." Mo Wuji was not really concerned about the contribution points, but whether he should bring these people back to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect or leave this place all together.

    If the alien cultivators really defeated the Hundred Sect Alliance, then no matter how strong his cannons were, he would be able to stop the onslaught of the huge masses of alien cultivators. If news of his cannons reached the alien cultivators hands, they definitely wouldn't come and find him with just some flying ships alone.


    It was bleak silence over the Yin Tomb Beach. The black haired, white bearded man had already landed on the ground and was in clear view. Both his hands were empty; he didn't even use any kind of magic treasure. Beneath his feet, were the bodies of several True God experts. All of them weren't breathing.

    One of the alien True God expert relatively far from the black haired, white bearded man suddenly rushed to the flying ship hovering in the sky. The Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators finally reacted: the alien cultivators knew that the black haired, white bearded man was powerful, so they wanted to hold the people aboard the flying ship as hostage.

    The flying ship came together with the black haired, white bearded man, so holding the people inside as hostage should be able to threaten him.

    Everyone's eyes descended on the black haired, white bearded man. They were sure that he would immediately rush towards the flying ship to save his companions.

    What left everyone confused was that the black haired, white bearded man acted as though he did not notice that True God expert's sneak attack, as he continued to stroll towards the center of the battlefield.

    "Bang!" The sound of a strong surge of elemental energy could be heard and a figure was shot out of the flying ship, landing hard on the ground.

    The figure that was shot out, was exactly that alien True God expert who tried to attack the flying ship. This True God expert was only injured, and not killed.

    Even so, this left the entire Yin Tomb Beach in deep shock. Even the ten people on the flying ship were able to easily deal with a True God expert in a single second. Clearly, they weren't easy to mess with.

    Where did this group of experts come from? What are they doing here?

    Regardless where the experts came from, there were no negative consequences for the Hundred Sect Alliance. Bei Suting waved her hand and everyone retreated, standing behind her.

    In this war, the Hundred Sect Alliance lost more than hundred thousand cultivators, and even five True God experts perished. This was a huge blow to their battle power. Originally, she wanted to lead the remaining survivors to pit their lives to kill as many alien cultivators as they can. But suddenly, this ship appeared, which gave the Hundred Sect Alliance an additional breath of fresh air.

    However, before things were made clear, she would try her best to recover from her injuries and wait for the right opportunity.

    Garber's face was slightly pale as he arrived in front of the black haired, white bearded man. He bowed and clasped his fists, "Floating Star's Garber greets senior. I didn't know that senior was passing by. I seek senior's understanding towards our mistakes."

    The Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators were laughing coldly. This was the oppression of power. Before the black haired, white bearded man emerged, Garber didn't say anything and directly attacked his ship. But now, Garber still had to put up a face of smiles without any hint of disrespect as he apologized to the black haired, white bearded man.

    The black haired, white bearded man said coldly, "You're from the Floating Star, why did you come here?"

    Garber's heart started pounding faster as he hurriedly said, "If senior likes this place, junior will immediately withdraw and give it to senior."

    The black haired, white bearded man chuckled, but his face was still icy cold, "I need you to give me this place? I have stayed on this land for hundreds of years. Don't tell me I need your Floating Star's permission to continue staying here?"

    "Ah..." Garber was immediately dumbfounded. His Floating Star had already started their campaign on the Lost Continent for two to three years. Since when were there such powerful experts?

    On the other hand, the Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators were ecstatic. They never expected that such a supreme expert was hiding on the Lost Continent. Just this expert alone was enough to destroy all these alien cultivators.

    Garber instantly reacted, it was as though he fell into a pool of cold ice. He immediately bowed and said, "Forgive me senior. We will immediately retreat from here. From now on, we won't even set half a foot on this land."

    The black haired, white bearded man chuckled once more, "You think you can come as you like, and leave as you wish? Do you think this is your house's backyard?"

    With that, the black haired, white bearded man lifted his hand and sent a slap towards Garber.

    Garber clearly saw the slap coming, but even with his True God Stage Level 3 cultivation, he was still unable to avoid this slap.

    "Pfff!" A True God expert was instantly turned into a fog of blood in front of this black haired, white bearded man.

    "Dared to trespass on my land. Complete annihilation." After slapping Garber to death, the black haired, white bearded man snorted and flew into the air. Within his hands, he gathered a vast killing intent which he sent hurling towards the over hundred thousand alien cultivators. The aura of that vastness forced everyone to kneel.

    Complete annihilation. Those were the words Garber just said.

    The alien cultivators immediately became restless as countless of them all wanted to escape. Whether they could or couldn't fly, they were all killed under the palms of the black haired, white bearded man. Large patches of them were killed each time. In the blink of an eye, over hundred thousand cultivators were killed.

    Whether they were True God experts or Spirit Building Stage cultivators, they were all ants under his hands.

    The Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators were frozen still. These killing methods, even if there were ten times the number of alien cultivators, it still wouldn't be enough for him to kill.

    Bei Suting waved and said, "Let's join in the killing."

    The alien cultivators had lost all their fighting spirit. The Hundred Sect Alliance's tens of thousands of cultivators charged out once more, and in just an incense's time, there were no longer any alien cultivators standing on the Yin Tomb Beach.

    Thickly dotted around the Yin Tomb Beach, the countless numbers of corpses reminded everyone that in less an hour, tens of thousands of people were killed. In the previous battle, as the alien cultivators murdered the Hundred Sect Alliance, at least the Hundred Sect Alliance cultivators could still resist. But now, the alien cultivators were completely helpless. This was no longer a war, it was a one sided slaughter.

    "Lost Continent, Heaven Seeking Palace's Bei Suting greets senior. Senior, many thanks for extending your help, allowing my Lost Continent's cultivators a chance to live on." Bei Suting walked in front of that black haired, white bearded man and bowed.

    The black haired, white bearded man's eyes scanned across Bei Suting, then it descended on the survivors from the Hundred Sect Alliance. Shaking his head, he sighed "Cultivation is too low, talent is also too low..."

    Bei Suting remained silent. If anyone else said that her talent was low, she definitely wouldn't put it to heart, because she knew what her talent was. But with this black haired, white bearded man's words, it made her feel that she might perhaps be of poor talent.

    "I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about these cultivators. Yours is still acceptable." The black haired, white bearded man saw Bei Suting's slight depression, and gave some words of consolation.

    There were a few tens of thousands of Hundred Sect Alliance survivors, and including the Great Evolution Sect Head, no one dared to say a word. With such an expert, even a simple blow of his breath was enough to destroy them.

    "May I ask whether senior is a hidden Heaven Realm expert of our Lost Continent?" Bei Suting asked reverently. This was a major point of worry. If these experts weren't from the Lost Continent, what were their aims from annihilating the alien cultivators?

    The black haired, white bearded man shook his head and said, "We're from the same planet, but not the same continent. We came from the Zhen Mo Continent, and as for our motives, we'll talk about it later."

    "Senior came here by traversing across the Five Elements Desolate Domain?" Bei Suting finally understood why the other party was so strong; he was from the Zhen Mo Continent. Many people in the five empires were unaware of the Zhen Mo Continent, but she was not one of them. Across the Five Elements Desolate Domain, was the Zhen Mo Continent.

    However, for a Lost Continent cultivator to use his own abilities to travel across the Five Elements Desolate Domain was simply a pipe dream.

    The black haired, white bearded man nodded, "That's right. This time, I hope to increase the abilities of the Lost Continent. Otherwise, every time alien cultivators arrive, we would need to make a trip over. That would really tire out our legs."

    "Yes, senior." Bei Suting finally let down her caution, and at the same time, her face was burning with anticipation.

    She was the first dean of the Heaven Seeking Palace, and the goal of the Heaven Seeking Palace was to nurture the Lost Continent's strongest cultivators. But in reality, with her power as the dean, she was only strong enough to defend against two to three others at the same True God Realm.
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