Chapter 232: Worldly Immortal King

    Chapter 232: Worldly Immortal King

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    Outside of Yan City, there were crowds celebrating everywhere. While countless cultivators had perished at the Yin Tomb Beach, all of the alien cultivators were killed. This was definitely an occasion to celebrate.

    Some of the larger sects' sect heads were invited to Yan City to take part in the welcoming banquet for Zhen Mo Continent's experts, and most of the cultivators had gathered around Yan City to celebrate too.

    As for Yan City's Immortal Jade House, it was filled to the brim, and there were even people making merry on its doorsteps. At this moment, regardless whether you had enmity with other cultivators, everyone put down their differences to celebrate for the Lost Continent.

    Mo Wuji's group of five also arrived outside of Yan City, but they did not know what was going on when they saw the scene of celebration before them.

    "Head senior brother, what's happening?" Sang Yiping asked quizzically.

    "Let's go ask around first." Mo Wuji shook his head, as he did not know what was going on. Based on his calculations, the Hundred Sect Alliance should have lost the war, but the reality presented to him was that the alliance won by a large margin.

    They squeezed through the crowd to enter Yan City, and only after hearing the crowd's discussion did they finally understand the current situation.

    As the Hundred Sect Alliance was about to be defeated and the Lost Continent was about to be taken away by the alien cultivators, experts of the Zhen Mo Continent arrived.

    "The elder from Zhen Mo Continent simply lifted his hand, and tens of thousands of cultivators in front of him were killed. The tens of True God Stage cultivators were among them, but they were still killed instantly."

    "My friend, you must be exaggerating. Even though I did not go to the battlefield, but I still know that the Zhen Mo Continent does not have tens of True God Stage experts. On top of that, killing tens of thousands of cultivators with one hand, that's a little..."

    "While this guy did exaggerate it a little, that elder really did kill many True God Stage experts with one hand. I saw it with my own eyes."

    "What stage would that be?"

    "I heard that it's the Worldly Immortal King Stage."

    "What's the Worldly Immortal King Stage?"

    "It's the Worldly Immortal Stage above the True God Stage, as for what it is, how would I know..."


    Mo Wuji did not know what the Worldly Immortal King was, but at least he had found out who had eliminated the alien cultivators: the Zhen Mo Continent experts.

    It seemed like the people that Jing Gumu met on Zhen Mo Continent were not really experts, otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to cross the Sky Sea to reach Sky Lake Island with his level of strength, much less acquire the Six Cleanse Immortal Estate.

    "Head senior brother..." Sang Yiping and Co. looked to Mo Wuji after they understood what had happened. To that, Mo Wuji immediately replied, "We will leave this place now, and I'll make a trip to Heaven Seeking Palace first. After all, I'm still a disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace. Once I've left the sect, I'll start rebuilding Tian Ji Sect straight away."


    The most luxurious place in Yan City was naturally the Tian Shang Palace.

    However, it was not the location where the Lost Continent welcomed the experts of Zhen Mo Continent. As for Tian Shang Empire's king, Zhao Dan, he was also invited but he could only sit far behind.

    Even though this banquet was to welcome Zhen Mo Continent's experts, the person that sat at the king's seat was not Bei Suting. The sect heads of the Hundred Sect Alliance could understand why it was so. After all, in the presence of Zhen Mo Continent's experts, the Lost Continent had no right to speak.

    What made Bei Suting and Co. shocked was that the person seated at the top seat was not the black haired man with a white beard, who seemed like he was in the Worldly Immortal Stage, but instead a handsome youth in purple robes.

    The purple robed youth's gaze swept across everyone in the hall, and spoke with a smile, "Let me introduce ourselves, as many of you might know already, we are from Zhen Mo Continent. The truth is as Defender Xu said, while we are from different continents, we are of the same planet. There is a great place on Zhen Mo Continent, called Star King Mountain. Star King Mountain's standing in Zhen Mo Continent is just like Heaven Seeking Palace's in Lost Continent. I am a special envoy sent by Star King Mountain, and everyone can call me Xia Mu."

    After speaking, he pointed to the black haired, white moustached man to his left and said, "This is Star King Mountain's defender, Xu Chihuang, Elder Xu is someone I respect deeply."

    At the point, Xia Mu paused for a moment, as his eyes turned to Bei Suting, and he did not continue introducing the red faced tall man on his right. As for the other Zhen Mo Continent experts, he did not introduce them either.

    Bei Suting stood up and spoke, "Heaven Seeking Palace's Bei Suting greets Special Envoy Xia, Defender Xu, and all elders from Zhen Mo Continent."

    Bei Suting was the First Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace, hence after she stood up to greet the Zhen Mo Continent experts, the other sects heads of various large sects followed suit.

    Once all greetings were done, Xia Mu still remained silent, with a calm expression on his face, as though as he did not hear any of the greetings from all the sects.

    The sect heads of the Lost Continent could not really hold it in. While they were a little weaker, those that could sit here were quasi-heaven sects' sect heads. Even the lousiest was a top Earth tier sect's sect head.

    The red faced tall man to Xia Mu's right suddenly spoke, "Bei Suting, you are Heaven Seeking Palace's Dean, and Special Envoy Xia represents Star King Mountain. Isn't it disrespectful for you to speak while covered by a veil?"

    The atmosphere in the hall immediately became solemn, and everyone finally understood why this special envoy stopped speaking: he wanted Bei Suting to take off her veil. As the First Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace, Bei Suting also represented the whole Lost Continent. So forcing Bei Suting to take off her veil was no longer a matter that affected her alone.

    How could she get forced to take off her veil at such a place?

    Pressure and overbearing silence engulfed the whole hall. The celebratory mood almost disappeared instantaneously.

    A long while later, Bei Suting stood up and bowed respectfully to Xia Mu, "Suting swore never to take off my veil in front of others before I complete my dao. Once my dao is complete, my dao partner will take off my veil. I hope special envoy Sir will be understanding towards my unwillingness to take off my veil."

    Xia Mu's face darkened, and as his handsome face stopped smiling, it gave others an overwhelming sense of pressure.

    The red faced tall man laughed at his, "It's very simple, the special envoy can let you enter the Star King Mountain. Once you enter, will there be any need to worry about completing your dao? Special Envoy Xia is already at Nihility God Stage Level 4, and before long he will enter the True God Stage. As long as you enter Star King Mountain, someone with your talent will definitely reach Worldly Immortal Stage together with Special Envoy Xia."

    Xia Mu nodded his head, and was satisfied with the red faced man's words.

    When the rest heard the words "Worldly Immortal Stage" all of the sect heads revealed a face full of desire. Out of all of them, not many were in the True God Stage, much less anywhere close to the Worldly Immortal Stage. At the same time, they were shocked by Xia Mu's talent. While Xia Mu did not look that old, he was actually at Nihility God Stage Level 4. Even Bei Suting had only reached True God Stage Level 3.

    Even Bei Suting's eyes lit up with passion when she head the worlds "Worldly Immortal Stage". This was the stage that she had always pursued.

    Xia Mu's expression simmered down, as soon as he saw the passion in Bei Suting's eyes, "Manager Ceng is right, as long as you enter Star King Mountain, I guarantee that you'll be able to enter the Worldly Immortal Stage with me. Wordly immortal, also known as the Worldly Immortal King. At the Worldly Immortal Stage, I believe that your dao will also be complete."

    While he did not bring up marriage at all, everyone knew what Xia Mu meant. Xia Mu was touched by Bei Suting's ravishing looks and talent, so all that was left was for her to take off her veil, and perhaps the next step for him would be to ask for her hand in marriage if he was satisfied with what he saw.

    Bei Suting understood what Xia Mu meant too, and she lowered her tone, "Special Envoy Xia's talent is beyond anything I've seen before, and his appearance is like a dragon or phoenix among men. I believe that an outstanding man like Special Envoy Xia must have many soulmates, so why bother with an ordinary woman from the Lost Continent like me?"

    With a smile, Xia Mu replied, "Sister Suting, you are not an ordinary woman. Not taking into account your unworldly beauty, your age is not that far off from mine, yet you've entered the Extreme Mortal Stage, and eventually reached True God Stage Level 3 today, hence your talent is no worse than mine. Moreover, in my dao cultivation, having a few soulmates is quite normal. I believe that once you enter the Star King Mountain, you'll bring more colour to the area."

    These words came from the heart, as for Xia Mu, when a person caught the eye of someone in his position, and he wanted the person to become his dao partner, it depended not on his cultivation, but the cultivation of the person. In the Zhen Mo Continent, there were countless beauties that wanted to be his dao partner, but he never bothered with them. From his perspective, he had to take over the Star King Mountain one day, and which star lord of Star King Mountain did not have a few dao partners?

    If there were one, that would be a joke. His dao partners had to not only look good, but a good level of talent was essential. Even though he did not enter the Extreme Mortal Stage previously, but he did reach Level 10 for Yuan Dan Stage and True Lake Stage, so there was a high chance for him to enter the Extreme Earth Stage. On top of that, he was trained in the soul viewing art, so he could see that Bei Suting had dao halos of the Extreme Mortal Stage.

    However, he could not directly tell Bei Suting that he was going to be the next star lord of Star King Mountain. It would be her honor to become one of his concubines, which was equivalent to one of the female masters of Star King Mountain. After all, he only had the possibility of becoming the next head, and it was not a certainty yet.

    As for Bei Suting, she did not have someone she liked, so if Xia Mu really fancied her, it wasn't impossible for them to get together. However, when she heard that she would be only one of Xia Mu's many dao partners, she immediately came to an understanding, "Thank you special envoy for your kind intentions, but Suting has always pursued dao, and will not think about finding a dao partner so soon. It would depend on Suting's luck to determine whether she can enter the Star King Mountain, so if I fail to do so, it must be that my luck is not enough."

    Hearing this, Xia Mu's heart sank, as he had never saw someone who failed to appreciate kindness like this Bei Suting. Was the Heaven Seeking Palace that impressive? He only had to give an order and Heaven Seeking Palace would be razed to the ground.

    As the atmosphere became suffocating, the black haired, white bearded Defender Xu suddenly spoke, "Let's put these side chatter to one side for now. This is not the reason why we're here today. If Special Envoy Xia does not have the time to say it, then I will."

    The initially unhappy Xia Mu suddenly went back to normal, and even sailed to Defender Xu with a tinge of embarrassment, "Elder Xu's is right, I have been too presumptuous. Sect heads, I went off tangent just now. I represent Star King Mountain here today, and other than to chase away those alien cultivators, I have two matters on hand."
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