Chapter 233: Leaving the Sect

    Chapter 233: Leaving the Sect

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    Bei Suting looked gratefully at the black hair white bearded Defender Xu as she believed that this Defender Xu must be an expert of the Worldly Immortal King Stage.

    Xia Mu appeared as if nothing happened as he smiled and said, "The first matter is that Zhen Mo Continent is about to accept a top grade qualified disciple into Zhen Mo Continent to cultivate..."

    Because of this statement, the originally low-spirited and depressed palace started roaring again. Many sect heads started to whisper and discuss about this.

    "Special Envoy Xia, may I know if these newly recruited disciples will be sent straight to Star King Mountain to cultivate?"

    Xia Mu sneered, send to Star King Mountain? Am I the one or are you the one dreaming? However, he maintained his smile as he replied, "The top disciple that will be chosen from the selection here will be accepted into the Zhen Mo Continent to participate in the selection there. Only the top participant will be enrolled as a disciple of the big sect in Zhen Mo Continent. The prerequisites to enter the Star King Mountain are much harsher in which a disciple needs to have outstanding qualifications and a certain level of contribution to the Continent."

    Xia Mu's words made the majority of the sect heads excited instead of dampening their mood. Zhen Mo Continent's cultivation culture and level of knowledge were all superior over the Lost Continent so even if they were to join the other sects, being able to advance into the True God Stage would be a good enough achievement for the sect heads.

    However, Jiang Xiushan was slightly troubled as he did not believe that the Zhen Mo Continent was as great as Xia Mu's description. There must be a hidden reason why Zhen Mo Continent came over to the Lost Continent to recruit disciples.

    Xia Mu used his hand to silence the noise in palace's hall before saying, "Ten days later, we will hold the top grade disciples selection. The top disciple that is chosen after this selection would follow us back to Zhen Mo Continent. After this year, we will come back to hold this selection once every three years."

    "Special Envoy Xia, there are some sects which are located further away from the Yan City so I'm afraid they might not be able to make it in time," Feng Zhenqiu stood up in a hurry to say this.

    In the battle at the Yin Tomb Beach, he was already wounded. Now that the Zhen Mo Continent expert was here, he managed to make it here to welcome Xia Mu even with his wounds.

    Xia Mu replied faintly, "Those located further away and couldn't make it in time means that they have no fate. This is decided and we shall talk about the second matter."

    Feng Zhenqiu could only sigh as he sat back down. Even though he was only the second dean of the Heaven Seeking Palace, he was the one who made majority of the decisions concerning the Heaven Seeking Palace. In front of a special envoy from Zhen Mo Continent, even a person of such high status in the Lost Continent like Feng Zhenqiu had no say in anything.

    "The second matter is that we have to find a particular person," Xia Mu waved his hand after he finished speaking and a huge, clear portrait of a person appeared in front of the crowd, "This man should be a cultivator of the Lost Continent and if anyone were to know of his whereabouts, we can arrange for that person to enter the Star King Mountain directly.

    The moment the human portrait was revealed, there were at least seven to eight people in the hall showing uncertainty in what they were looking at. It seemed as though there was more than one person in the hall who recognised the man in the portrait. The sect leader of the Great Evolution Sect, Jiang Xiushan, stood up and said, "Special Envoy Xia, a lot of people do know about this senior."

    The moment Xia Mu heard this, he stood up excitedly before exclaiming in a hurry, "May I please know who he is and where he is now?"

    From the time Xia Mu appeared in front of everybody, this was the first time everyone witnessed him being so polite with his words and even used the word 'please'. Even though he was talking with a smile all these while, there was still an air of arrogance around him which made people felt that he didn't treat any of them as being on the same level as he was.

    "This man was the Lost Continent number one sect, Heaven Sect's head called Jing Gumu," Jiang Xiushan of the Great Evolution Sect had no hesitation in mentioning that the Heaven Sect was the number one sect around.

    If it was anyone else, they would have only introduced him as the sect head of the Heaven Sect and not add the 'number one sect'. Even though the Great Evolution Sect surpassed the Heaven Seeking Palace to claim first place in both the Sect Contribution Board and the Hundred Sects Alliance Contribution Board, Heaven Seeking Palace was still considered to be the number one sect in the eyes of many cultivators in the Lost Continent.

    Jiang Xiushan's reluctance to admit Heaven Seeking Palace being the number one sect and the fact that the Great Evolution was never truly number one led to him saying that the Heaven Sect was the number one sect instead. This made his heart felt a little more carefree.

    "Where is he?" Xia Mu tried to control his excitement as he asked again.

    Jiang Xiushan sighed as he replied, "If sect head Jing was still around, how can these alien barbarians be this arrogant? Sect head Jing had already disappeared a few thousand years ago and I've heard that he disappeared while he was in closed door cultivation in his attempt to advance to the Worldly Immortal King Stage."

    "So who is the sect head of the Heaven Sect now?" Xia Mu used his eyes to scan through the crowd of sect heads.

    By now, everyone was sure that Xia Mu was looking for Jing Gumu for something that was probably very important.

    Jiang Xiushan continued, "After the disappearance of senior Jing, the sect was broken apart and then eventually disappeared into the history of the Lost Continent

    Xia Mu felt dejected as he sat down without making any noise.

    After a few minutes, Defender Xu took the initiative to say, "10 days later, there will be a disciple selection here at the Yan City Plaza and the selection slots will be limited to only a hundred. I will leave this selection in the hands of the Heaven Seeking Palace First Dean, Bei Suting and the sect head of the Great Evolution Sect. I hope that the Lost Continent would be able to produce its own expert without the need for them to cross the Five Elements Desolate Domain to reach here. That is all for today, all sect heads please return to prepare for the selection. We will see each other 10 days later."

    Xu Chihuang made his decision in only a few sentences before being the first to stand up.

    "Yes!" Bei Suting and Jiang Xiushan stood up with all the remaining sect heads before bowing towards Xu Chihuang as a form of respect.

    Everyone could tell how Xu Chihuang was not satisfied with Special Envoy Xia because he wouldn't have broke special envoy's silence and did what he needed to do so quickly.

    Xia Mu finally reacted as she hurried to stand up, "We will proceed accordingly to Defender Xu and see each other in 10 days' time.


    Mo Wuji's flying ship was still controlled by Pu Qian because he was the strongest one there so the ship's speed would naturally be the fastest under his control. The flying ship was refined by Mo Wuji so as long as Mo Wuji gave his permission, other than being unable to keep this magic treasure, Pu Qian's control of this ship's speed would not be significantly slower than him controlling it himself.

    Mo Wuji himself tried to make use of as much time as he could to delve into Chu Xingzi's array dao legacy because if he wanted to rebuild Tian Ji Sect, his array dao had to be much stronger. Presently, he was very close to be able to set up intermediate grade arrays so as long as he were to improve by one more step, he would be able to set up intermediate grade arrays easily.

    The only trouble was that to set up intermediate arrays, he needed to refine array flags. He could of course hire someone else to refine these array flags but for array flags for setting up his own arrays, it would naturally be much handier if he were to refine them himself.

    The speed of this flying ship was definitely much faster than Mo Wuji's previous flying car. 10 days later, the flying ship stopped outside the Heaven Seeking Palace following Mo Wuji's instructions.

    "Pu Qian, you bring the rest and wait for me at the Heaven Seeking City Immortal Training Hotel. I will be there in about a couple of days. Also, once you all have reached the Heaven Seeking City, help me ask around for the Nine Moons Pill House," Mo Wuji exhorted them the moment he kept his flying ship before separating from Pu Qian and co. towards the Heaven Seeking Palace himself.


    The Heaven Seeking Palace was even colder and more depressing as Mo Wuji returned to his residence at the outer sect summit. He wanted to see if Chao Buheng was around and if he was, Mo Wuji would leave some medicinal pills with him. Thinking back, other than Zhen Shaoru, Chao Buheng was his only friend in the Heaven Seeking Palace outer sect summit.

    Chap Buheng was not around and not only that, even Zhen Shaoru was nowhere to be found. Mo Wuji did not recognise the few disciples he saw at the outer sect summit.

    Mo Wuji went towards the pill pagoda instead of heading to the sect's Hall of Affairs to settle the formalities to leave the sect. Just as Mo Wuji predicted, there was no one whom he was familiar with around. Even the fishing white bearded elder who used to sit in front of the pill pagoda was no longer around.

    Cen Shuyin, Hou Yucheng, Ren Tianxing were all not around and this made him felt a little melancholy because he couldn't even find a person to bid goodbye to. After leaving this place, he would no longer be a disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace and if the Tian Ji Sect were to become great someday, it might even have to clash with the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Since he decided to rebuild Tian Ji Sect, he had no intentions of letting Tian Ji Sect remain as a Xuan grade sect. Who could be sure whether or not Tian Ji Sect would one day become a true Heaven grade sect?

    "Senior apprentice brother Mo!" A surprised voice interrupted Mo Wuji's random thoughts.

    "So its junior apprentice sister Zuo. Congratulations on becoming a Sword Lake disciple," Mo Wuji laughed as he greeted her.

    The person who greeted him was Zuo Shaoying. Mo Wuji met her once at the Heaven Seeking Palace encampment in the Five Elements Desolate Domain and then met her once more afterwards. This was a lady who could make people feel a breath of fresh air when they saw her but her sister Zuo Shaoyi was the exact opposite as Mo Wuji felt disgusted at the sight of her. Ju Qijian, who Zuo Shaoyi was always clinging around, had been killed by Mo Wuji so he wondered if she would avenge him.

    Without Zuo Shaoyi by her side, Zuo Shaoying was exceptionally cheerful, "I am also only an outer disciple. Senior apprentice brother Mo, I thought you went out to the alien battlefront because many experts of the Heaven Seeking Palace had went there including senior apprentice sister Cen and my sister."

    Mo Wuji laughed, "I am only an outer disciple so why would I join the crowd? Oh yes, I would be leaving the Heaven Seeking Palace very soon."

    "Ah...leaving the Heaven Seeking Palace?" Zuo Shaoying looked astonishingly at Mo Wuji.

    "Yes, I will be heading to another sect. I will be settling my formalities at the Hall of Affairs to leave the sect so I'm here to say goodbye to you and I hope you will be able to enter the inner sect of the Heaven Seeking Palace soon," Mo Wuji turned and left after laughing.

    Zuo Shaoying stared dazedly at Mo Wuji's backview as she still had no clue what was going on. So many people strived so hard to attempt to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace but why would Mo Wuji, who finally made it into the Heaven Seeking Palace, want to leave?

    After half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji stood in front of the entrance of the sect's Hall of Affairs. He looked at the massive Heaven Seeking Board and had a strong urge to climb the Heaven Seeking Palace again.

    During his first attempt, Mo Wuji only climbed to the eighth step as he wanted to hide his true ability. Now that he was in Extreme Mortal Stage of the Transcending Mortality Stage Level 12, he really wanted to know how many steps he could climb.


    Concurrently, there was a huge crowd of cultivators gathering at the Yan City Plaza. Because today was the selection day to choose the disciple to head towards Zhen Mo Continent. Other than being excited to witness Defender Xu reveal his horrifying strength, everyone was looking forward to seeing who would be the chosen one. As long as there was only a small hope of getting chosen, nobody was willing to give it up.
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