Chapter 237: I Have A Dao Companion

    Chapter 237: I Have A Dao Companion

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    When Cen Shuyin heard this, she started frowning before saying with a cold tone, "Since you are that strong, please show me some of your ways."

    As the crowd around the two of them heard their conversation, they started to make way and very soon, there was a huge space between the two of them.

    If the black robed youth didn't come from Zhen Mo Continent, he would have drown in his own saliva. To say that there was no cultivator in the entire Lost Continent with the same cultivation level as him capable of surviving for half an incense's time in battle with him, he was clearly too shameless to make this statement.

    The black robed youth replied in a calm tone, "I am only following the orders given to me, I will not fight you."

    Cen Shuyin kept her long sword and said similarly in a faint voice, "Since this is the case, please leave. I will not be leaving with you."

    The black robed youth was also very straightforward as he lifted his hand holding a spear, "Fine, then I, Gu Shaoyin, shall test Miss Cen's strength firsthand."

    Cen Shuyin didn't bother replying as the long sword in her hand shook a little before streams of overwhelming sword radiance flew towards Gu Shaoyin. Since the opponent was so arrogant, there was no reason for her to give any chance.

    It was different when she was fighting Tao Yuan because against this black robed youth, Cen Shuyin's sword radiance formed into sword rain and before the sword rain fell on the floor, it formed into a faint line.

    At this moment, the black robed youth shifted and just as his spear drew a small arc, streams of formless killing intent were emitted out from this small arc.

    "Bang bang bang!" The energy emitted from the spear clashed with Cen Shuyin's sword radiance and elemental energies exploded all over the sky just like a continuous string of exploding firecrackers.

    This exploding elemental energy was similar to needle radiance and even those cultivators who were standing closer to them could feel the threat hence, hurrying to step back.

    Cen Shuyin's heart sunk because no one other than herself was more aware of her current plight. Not only was her sword rain being suppressed, she could feel a force keeping her at bay. This feeling made her feel like if she were to execute another sword art, the opponent's spear would immediately tear her sword art apart and then pierced through her chest.

    This man was evidently many folds stronger than Tao Yuan and as Cen Shuyin was still using her elemental energy to agitate her sword rain, her Lightning Flash was starting to form.

    "Crack!" Just like a huge ice being fragmented, before Cen Shuyin's Lightning Flash could be sent out, her sword rain was torn apart and an icy cold spear with killing intent ended up right before her neck. This was similar to the situation when she was facing Tao Yuan but she was the one at the receiving end this time round.

    Cen Shuyi's heart was almost dead because even though she did not dare to say she's invincible, she did not believe that any Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator in the entire Five Great Empires would be able to win her with such ease. However, in front of this black robed youth, she merely managed to use one sword art before she was defeated.

    It could even be said that if the opponent did not wish to let her use the first sword art, she wouldn't even have a chance to strike. Was the level of cultivation in the Lost Continent really that far off Zhen Mo Continent?

    Cen Shuyin thought of the black robed white hair expert and confirmed her suspicion.

    The cultivators surrounding them who was rooting for Cen Shuyin turned silent as well. Cen Shuyin performed so tremendously well on stage earlier on to defeat the Great Evolution Sect's legacy disciple, Tao Yuan. However, she was completely helpless when faced with a Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator from the Zhen Mo Continent. This made the heart of the many cultivators of the Five Big Empires around turned cold just like Cen Shuyin's one.

    The black robed youth retracted his spear as he stared at Cen Shuyin without saying anything.

    Even if many cultivators here did not like the black robed youth at all, they could only keep quiet in front of him. If one could not control his unhappiness and fought this man recklessly, even an early Yuan Dan Stage cultivator might not be able to finish this man off. As for a normal Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator, fighting him head on would definitely lead to instant death.

    Cen Shuyin only managed to keep her small life because of the special envoy therefore, other people would surely not be this fortunate.

    Cen Shuyin kept her long sword and said in a cold voice, "I will follow you to see Special Envoy Xia."

    Even though she did not promise to leave straightaway after losing, her tone indicated that intent. Ever since she started cultivating, Cen Shuyin had never went back on her words. Even if it was just spoken promise, she would acknowledge it unquestionably.

    The black robed youth nodded his head as his eyes revealed a slight appreciation because he hated hypocritical people the most.


    "Junior Shuyin, please take a seat," After following the black robed youth to the main altar, Xia Mu, who was dressed in purple, stood up and pointed out to a chair to Cen Shuyin very politely.

    Cen Shuyin shook her head, "In front of special envoy and the many seniors here, Shuyin is fine standing up. If special envoy has any instructions, please feel free to let me know."

    Feng Zhenqiu, who was sitting by the side, nodded his head. Cen Shuyin was indeed the pride of Sword Lake as she was neither haughty nor humble with her own comfortable air of aura.

    Xia Mu laughed out loud as he did not continue to insist that Cen Shuyin take her seat. Inviting once was because of his generosity and politeness, there was still no one around worthy enough for him to invite twice to take a seat.

    "Junior Shuyin has an extraordinary sword art and even managed to cultivate lightning techniques. Could it be that junior Shuyin possesses lightning affinity spiritual roots?" Xia Mu asked directly.

    Cen Shuyin replied calmly, "This is my cultivation secret and even though my cultivation level is not worthy of a mention in the Zhen Mo Continent and definitely not comparable to this senior Gu, I hope special envoy will understand."

    Xia Mu seemed extremely generous as he waved his hand and said, "Its okay, its okay. I believe that junior Shuyin has a greater potential waiting to be unearth and it would be a waste of a talent to keep you here."

    Feng Zhenqiu hurried to add on, "Special envoy is right which was why Shuyin is fighting hard in this competition and after the first round, I believe that given her strength and qualification, it should not be a problem for her to advance into the top 100."

    Xia Mu nodded his head, "We could say so but I have an even better idea."

    Finishing his words, he smiled at Cen Shuyin before saying, "Junior Shuyin, even if you were to make it into the top 100, you would only be qualified to enter the Zhen Mo Continent and not directly into the Star King Mountain. I have an idea as well as capabilities to let you into the Star King Mountain directly."

    Cen Shuyin's eyes lit up as she had heard of the Star King Mountain and was also aware that the black robed youth sitting opposite her was from the Star King Mountain.

    If she could enter the Star King Mountain, it would definitely be a dream come true for her.

    Seeing Cen Shuyin's eyes lit up, Xia Mu smiled even more vibrantly, "My name is Xia Mu and I am the special envoy sent here from the Star King Mountain. I am indeed very confident of junior Shuyin's strength and potential and I am also confident in terms of my cultivation level, I would not let you think that I am not suitable for you..."

    The more Cen Shuyin thought about his words, the more she felt something was amiss. He said he saw his potential and invited her to enter the Star King Mountain but what has this got to do with his suitability?

    "My mentor once told me that in the world of cultivation, finding a good dao companion is very important because it could even change a cultivator's cultivation path. If I am interested in someone to be my dao companion, I will tell her directly because I don't like to hide the head and show the tail [1] or be hesitant. If junior Shuyin is agreeable, I am willing to become your dao companion. We could roam across the Star King Mountain and even contribute some statements together for the Star King Mountain book..." Xia Mu continued to smile at Cen Shuyin.

    Cen Shuyin finally understood what was going on and she couldn't believe how thick this person's skin was to ask her to be his dao companion in front of so many people.

    Seeing Xia Mu's incredibly confident eyes, Cen Shuyin realised why Xia Mu would be so daring to ask directly in front of so many people. This was because he was sure that Cen Shuyin would definitely agree so she could head towards the Star King Mountain.

    Cen Shuyin almost blurt out and told this special envoy how she truly felt; that she had never considered finding a dao companion. However, she swallowed these words back because she was sure that if she would to say such words, it would fit perfectly into his plan.

    As long as he said that they don't have to consider this dao companion thing for now and just settle on their current relationship now before heading towards and working hard at the Star King Mountain together, she would have no excuses to reject him anymore.

    "Many thanks special envoy but I already have my dao companion so I cannot accept special envoy's request," Cen Shuyin cupped her fist as she bowed slightly.

    Hearing Cen Shuyin's words, Feng Zhenqiu was almost going to clap his hands. Well said.

    Xia Mu frowned slightly but still maintained his smile as he responded, "When we're talking about dao companion, it is a companion to strive hard together for one's cultivation dao. Junior Shuyin should have seen the vast difference in cultivation level and knowledge between the Lost Continent and Zhen Mo Continent. Without mentioning any other examples, just your fight with Shaoying..."

    Up to this moment, Defender Xu could not help it but interrupted, "Special Envoy Xia, please don't use mortal ranking number one Gu Shaoying as an example to show the difference in cultivation level. This would cause misunderstandings among the Lost Continent cultivators and cause them to think that their cultivation ways were just too poor. The truth was that even though the cultivation level and culture here was not as good as Zhen Mo Continent, the difference was actually not that huge."

    Xia Mu seemed as though he ate a pile of sh*t as the words coming out from his mouth were incredibly smelly. He couldn't wait to strangle this Defender Xu because it seemed as though he was out to oppose him. Everytime he tried to show his might, this old fella would stand out to kick him in the leg. If he could stay in the Star King Mountain one day, the first person he would get rid of would be this old fella.

    "Defender Xu's lecture is right," Even though he was incredibly unhappy, Xia Mu could only thank Defender Xu for his lecture. He wanted to stay in the Star King Mountain to garner the support of the Immortal King and increased his chances of winning.

    "Senior, did you say that senior Gu was ranked first in Zhen Mo Continent?" Cen Shuyin eyes lit up once again as she immediately bowed and asked Defender Xu.

    Xu Chihuang smiled as he said, "That's right. Zhen Mo Continent has three big ranking board: Mortal ranking board, Earth ranking board and Heaven ranking board. Gu Shaoying is in the Great Circle of the Transcending Mortality Stage Level 10 and is considered to be in the Extreme Mortal Stage since a long time ago. His trip out this time round is to find opportunity to step into the Earth Realm. There was no one in Zhen Mo Continent who could beat him so even if you couldn't win him, you don't have to self-deprecate. Your sword art is decent and that lightning technique had an even greater potential to become better,"

    "Many thanks senior for your teachings," The knot in Cen Shuyin's heart instantaneously disappeared because she may be strong but definitely not to the extent that she could defeat Zhen Mo Continent Mortal ranking board ranked number 1.

    At this moment, she finally understood why Xia Mu would ask Gu Shaoying to invite her over. This was to attack her confidence and make her think that Zhen Mo Continent's standard of cultivation was really much stronger so as to attract her over to Zhen Mo Continent. That's right, she was indeed interested in heading towards the Zhen Mo Continent but undoubtedly not through means like becoming someone's dao companion so that she could go over.

    "Junior Shuyin, since you already have a dao companion, I shall not say anything else. I am actually curious to know which genius disciple would be able to win junior Shuyin's favour?" Xia Mu laughed coldly as his heart had already formed a killing intent not towards Cen Shuyin but towards her dao companion.

    [1]: Hiding the head and showing the tail is a chinese idiom which means to give a partial account of something; half the truth.
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